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2022-06-15 After Almost Three Weeks Break

2022-06-15T08:30:00Z New farming day has started... already close to half an hour ago when I booted PMC Gaming computer up and upgraded windows and FS22. Currently loaded this savegame up, time accelerated to soybeans highest market price day and started to haul grain for sell using autodrive. Honestly my interest is... extremely low, perhaps explains why I didn't start writing this story right when I launched FS22 today.

I'm still undecided about farming game-play when typing this text, its possible I just shut everything down and go back to edit/play ArmA 3 as that was what I was doing previously today.

Going to let autodrive do the soybeans selling now while I'll watch real life farming youtube queue again, just to see if I'm getting into farming mood, somehow I just feel so detached from fs22 currently dunno why, maybe I'm in the ArmA 3 mind-set so deep that farming just ain't a thing for me now...

2022-06-15T09:15:00Z Mood is still kind of "couldn't care less" when autodrive is hauling soybeans to sell in a rain and I'm ALT-TABbed to firefox to watch youtube real life farming videos. Quite bored overall, there is nothing I would love to do right now, I'm just passing time hoping to get excited about something, anything...

Quite terrible feeling actually, kind of shame to play this savegame, I'm here selling grain and haven't written a single line of statistics about the sales yet, hmph. Okay lets write one now.

2022-06-15T09:17:00Z At this timestamp semi-truck just picked up another 40.8k liter load of soybeans, currently farm bin silo still has 1.797m liters left, selling price in PMC Sell 03 selling point is 3814, so pretty good. Autodrive is driving the semi-truck and luckily its completely hands free operation, as said I've been just watching youtube real life farming videos (Farmhand Mike new videos to me).

This single 40k liter semi-truck hauling even as close as PMC Sell 03 location is taking forever, there was 2.1 some million liters when I started and that was ... a long time ago by now, I already ate a lunch and watched couple of Farmhand Mike videos and just now we are barely under two million liters, this is going to take hours.

I could of course buy another semi-truck with grain trailer to speed this thing up and actually that has been kind of the plan for the next harvest season, but well going along with my current mood, I just don't feel like buying anything right now.

I bet after getting a bit more bored I'll just shut everything down and delete this written text like it never happened Smiley ;)

2022-06-15T11:50:00Z Alright this is ridiculous, at this time in real life clock I am not even HALF WAY DONE hauling that grain, still got 1.227m liters in the bin silo, this is nuts. Okay dang it, I'm going to buy three more semi-trucks so we can haul ass! Smiley :)

2022-06-15T12:23:00Z Okay just finished lunch and with 4 semi-trucks hauling looks like we are doing some damage to the farm bin silo contents, currently only 678k liters left. Oh and budget now 4.685m heh.

I have said it million times, farmsim is a time sink... I mean look at todays game-play, how many hours have I already played and its only been watching semi-truck drive in a loop. Oh my. If you would be doing some field work while semi-truck would haul that would be fine, but like this that you just sit here on your hands watching real life farming videos FOR FRIGGING HOURS while trucks haul grain... and the next harvest would probably be at least twice the amount of grain we have now ... uuuh Smiley :o

2022-06-15T13:06:00Z Now farm bin silo is empty, looks like last semi-trucks are hauling, its going to be completely sold off in few moments...

2022-06-15T13:13:00Z That's it, last semi-truck grain trailer dumped its load, all soybeans are now SOLD, budget now 7.580m Smiley :o

Sold off all our land because upcoming terrain upgrade where farmland image has been edited, budget now 10.604m heh cool broke ten million mark.

I have to say that felt really disappointed about this gaming/farming session, felt like it was waste of time, now all I want to do is go back to editing/playing ArmA 3. I am mixing these things up a bit, there is no months long editing cycles going on, but still now I'm going to shutdown fs22 and fire up ArmA 3.

2022-06-15T13:20:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, I'm done playing for now.

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