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Commentary Edit September 2022

2022-09-29T22:39:00Z Not a game-play but just commentary edit: just mere days ago I returned to FS22 after my over one month Cities Skylines terrain savegame marathon, I wanted to try production chains one more time, that lead me to PMC Super Six 6km v0.2.3 fixes and one Start From Zero savegame ruined by money making placeable cheating, then creating brand new Start From Zero savegame with legit FS17 Cornbelt old school rules, this progressed very far yesterday. Right now I finished reading this page and I am very disappointed to my own behavior, ashamed of this money making placeable cheating. I want to correct this, once and for all rehabilitate myself from this issue.

To simplify it looks like the new equipment bought with cheat money was versatile 4wd 620, bourgault 3420-100 air drill and 71300 air cart and two claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.2m headers + trailers. First thing to repent would be to sell those off, it might be difficult to spot which specific vehicles these dirty drug money bought vehicles are but engine hours should indicate that.

After that obviously sell the frigging money making placeable cheating wind turbine mods off, do savegame and delete the mod.

Finally comes money budget. Its murky as I'm already selling the soybeans which I legitimately harvested from our fields (well with drug money combines but yeah). I am not sure what would be the best course of action. Last note was "Budget now 2.820m" before finishing playing the last time, no idea how much grain in the farm bin silo. As said its impossible to separate cheat money and soybeans money at this point.

I'm thinking of bulk penalty... kind of scenario; purchase enough fuel, fertilizer, herbicide (if I use it?) and seeds so I can keep my farm fully running for another harvest season. And then adjust budget to lets say -5,000,000 sum of money, minus five million. Who knows maybe even 10m would be better but I'm not sure if these cheater wind turbines made that much money for me yet and what if the first harvest season is not producing that much revenue and I'm left with negative money on the second planting season, that would not be fair penalty anymore.

Perhaps set the money penalty to -10m budget and if the money is still negative after selling the soybeans from the next / first harvest season, then buy small amount of fert/fuel/herb/seed and reset money budget to 0.

I believe that would be balanced but still harsh penalty which would allow me to continue this Start From Zero savegame and still keep a chin up while looking at myself in the mirror.

Simplest way would be to just delete this Start From Zero savegame, but that would be too harsh, I have done way too many of those "Unofficial" savegames which got deleted that it begins to become a trend, I cant keep deleting savegames whats the point of starting one if you delete it a bit later.

So in short: sell/delete wind turbines, versatile 4wd 620, bourgault air drill + air cart and two lexion 8900s with midwest durus headers + trailers. Buy fertilizer, fuel, herbicide and seeds. Set money to -10,000,000.

2022-09-30T02:25:00Z After thorough consideration I have decided to do the bold move and DELETE this savegame so I can maybe, someday, create brand new Start From Zero using FS17 Cornbelt old school rules.

Setup FS22 with my "PMC" mods dir, checked this savegame for the one last time, its got 159hrs 3min on it.

It was great that I decided to check one last goodbye to this savegame in-game because now realized that there is valuable autodrive, courseplay and GPS xml config files I need to save first Smiley :)

2022-09-30T02:45:00Z Copied XMLs to safety and then deleted savegame, The End Smiley :)

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