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Story of Start From Zero savegame in medium size PMC Super Six 6km american terrain.

This story includes strong language where justified, mainly on various FS22 Courseplay issues. Decision was made to leave strong language in as it tells "story of struggle" with buggy FS22 Courseplay. Considering the amount of pages and words in this story I would say profanity words are very few, however there are definitely some grown up language in here, if you are a baby who gets offended by such things, please stop reading now. You have been warned.

This savegame was created with very early version of PMC Super Six 6km terrain, currently this terrain has gone through many updates and looks much better, more objects, better field definitions etc.

Story started as legitimate Start From Zero, however it unfortunately went off the rails with automation tool (GPS) use before owning land + vehicle(s) which is against Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules and in the end I had to delete it. There are total of 240 nice screenshots and wanted to preserve this story for the history books, so it got released. Its now labeled as "cheat" version.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Cheat

Page 1, 2022-09-21 Savegame Creation.

Page 2, 2022-09-22 Fertilizing Contracts Underway.

Page 3, 2022-09-23 Millionaire And Over 17 Hour Farming Session.

Page 4, 2022-09-24 Soybeans Planting And Selling Season.

Page 5, 2022-09-25 Big Combine Harvester Arrives To The Farm.

Page 6, 2022-09-26 Large Silage Baling Contract Conclusion.

Page 7, 2022-09-27 Day After Massive Grain Sale.

Page 8, 2022-09-28 I Saw Rubicon And I Had To Buy It.

Page 9, 2022-10-01 Courseplay Issues And Grain Selling.

Page 10, 2022-10-02 Terrain v0.2.4 Update.

Page 11, 2022-10-04 Farm Running Out Of Money.

Page 12, 2022-12-20 Return After A Months Break.

Page 13, 2022-12-23 Courseplay Issues Mount Up.

Page 14, 2022-12-24 Soybeans Harvest Happy Holidays.

Page 15, 2023-01-25 Terrain Upgrade v0.3.1.

Page 16, 2023-01-26 Big Farmland Purchase New Fields.

Page 17, 2023-01-27 Fertilizer And Herbicide Spraying.

Page 18, 2023-01-28 Second Day Of Harvest Season.

Page 19, Conclusion.

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