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2023-01-26 Big Farmland Purchase New Fields

2023-01-26T14:34:00Z New farming day has started, today after computer morning chores and days first meal I just could not get editing started, so decided to come play this savegame. Goal... well I don't have a goal really, just make progress, buy farmland, seed and harvest soybeans, that's it.

This savegame now has 162hrs 25min on it.

Added landoll 7431vt 33ft disc to this mod-set, I highly doubt its getting any use, but at least its there if I feel like wasting time doing some recreational tillage.

I really want to just make progress, by being mean not really caring about anything else, just gimme soybeans money and let me move on.

Purchased farmland IDs: 52 of 36.7ha for 349k, this has F12 on it. 50 of 47.7ha for 453.2k, this has F20 and F51 on it. 38 of 119.2ha for 1.132m, this has F54, F52 and F38 on it. 48 of 79.8ha for 758.2k, this has F49 and F18 on it. 47 of 40ha for 380.1k, this has F17 on it. 45 of 50.3ha for 477.8k, this has F16 on it. 46 of 56.8ha for 539.6k, this has F19 on it.

Our new farmland properties.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Budget now 11.450m, hmm still so much money, hmm, but buying more land is kind of like... how many hectares of land do I actually plan on harvesting next season, I can already tell that these new fields mount up to DAYS of work. Yeah I think this is enough for at least today, there is no need to burn yourself out or maybe even run out of seasons days (I seem to be running 3 day seasons here which is plenty of time but still).

Then I proceeded to create text file copy-paste list of all the fields I have, basic rudimentary fertilizing, seeding, herbicide spraying and harvesting field work tasks. Its then nice to go through that list without having to worry about what do I need to do next and am I forgetting something, you don't want to end up in harvest season with not 100% fertilized or herbicide sprayed fields.

BTW while carefully writing that copy-paste field list I started to get that old school Start From Zero field work feeling again Smiley ;)

With these copy-pastes you do the five p's: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

2023-01-26T15:07:00Z Copy-paste list is done, I'm shocked as its several pages long! Smiley :o

Also there is the wrinkle in my plan, right now this savegame is on brand new terrain upgrade which means AI has planted some fields with crops and actually many of them are harvest ready, I obviously will not touch these crops as they are "fake" from the upgrade, I'll just bring in monster bourgault air drills and direct drill over the existing by then withered crops. But hmm I am actually not sure how fertilizing goes with this method, hmm hmm. Normal procedure after harvest is to fertilize, seed, herbicide spray, wait for a field stage and then once more fertilize using rubicons with narrow wheels, OR you could do fert, cult, fert, seed, herb, if you want to go the longer route but my farming equipment doesn't even have a cultivator not to mention the several tractors to pull a cultivating equipment so it would be anyway time efficient.

But after direct drilling soybeans over the withered last years crop (I think they are last years by then), I can just carefully time accelerate and use rubicon 9000s to do any fertilizing necessary to achieve 100% fertilized state, all it takes is careful observations not to time accelerate leaving some field undone. And of course I need to skip the first step in my field-todo list heh.

I ran into F12 to check it out, lowest number in our copy-paste field-todo list. Its harvested and 0% fertilized. A good start. Next was F16, its growing cotton. F17 and F18 are growing sunflowers. F19 and F20 are ready to harvest canola. F38 is growing cotton. F49 is growing sunflowers. F51 is growing potatoes. F52 is growing corn. F53 is growing grass.

Hmm actually... didn't I already havest F53 because it was previously part of F43 hmm hmm. This is what I hate, I don't want to do overlapping duplicate work, if the goal of this savegame is to buy all the land and harvest all the fields, why would you harvest some of them TWICE, especially early on when you do all the fert-herb preparation work. Hmm yeah no, I need to go back and read this Start From Zero story from editing computer and write down all field numbers I've already harvested on previous farming sessions, say no to duplicate unnecessary work...

Unfortunately that did not help much because many of the fields I already harvested in previous terrain version did not have field numbers, they only had courseplay "CP-24" etc numbers. Its been a while since I played, been doing other terrains and editing so much that I just cant recall every single farmland plot that I have harvested, uuh this is painful. I know from the above read that fields: F11, F39, F41, F42, F43 and F44 have been harvested, none of these numbers appear in my current field-todo list so that's a start at least.

2023-01-26T15:38:00Z Took off F53 from the list because for sure I harvested that as it was part of farmland ID 51. Trying real hard to remember previous terrain versions design and I am pretty sure now, well confident at least, that removing F53 makes the list up to date, no overlap or duplicate work.

I'm not going to change this design anymore, v0.3.1 was already a big eyebrow raising thing, so there should be no more problems. In fact I would be really really happy if any bug fixes could be limited to stuff that does not break old savegames and I could finish this Start From Zero using v0.3.1 (or those non breaking upgrades). Its just way too much work and hassle to get through into proper farming conditions after a big upgrade.

Okay so once more I did dry run through fields-todo to see which field I need to fertilize NOW before beginning time accelerating towards soybeans planting season. Looks like all but F12 has growing stuff which leads to whithered crops in soybeans planting season, at that time I should be able to fertilize spray the fields, actually right after the fields wither in the winter. So lets get to work Smiley ;)

2023-01-26T15:54:00Z Sent rubicons from umm err central farm yard to farm yard SW, but autodrive network waypoint routes were all messed up, they did the scenic route so decided to buy pickup truck for some fast paced autodrive recording.

- pickup truck 120km/h 300hp 2017 45k

2023-01-26T15:55:00Z Purchased the above, budget now 11.405m.

2023-01-26T16:02:00Z Finally managed to get route done and send off rubicons.

2023-01-26T16:07:00Z Purchased 50k liters of liquid fertilizer to FY SW 2023-01-26T16:16 tank for 66k. Heh yeah don't ask me about that meridian liquid fertilizer tank name, hey at least I'm well prepared for the next savegame upgrade! Smiley ;)

Refilled both rubicon 9000s sprayers from the liquid fertilizer tank. All topped up.

2023-01-26T16:13:00Z Started fertilizing F12, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 14min. Finally, my farm is back in business, YEAH! Smiley :D


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Now that big boys are spraying, I'm already thinking ahead, after this is done its time accelerating to soybean planting season because there is nothing else to do. Once I reach winter and fields-todo list growing crops wither, I can start to fertilize all of them, assuming they accept fertilizer which I think they should after withering. That will be perhaps few hours job as there are decent size fields on the list. After that its just time accelerating to the soybean planting season.

2023-01-26T16:30:00Z Finished fertilizing F12.

Saved game and now its just time accelerating until those fields wither Smiley :)

I was briefly thinking about doing some other field work, maybe even contracts on the side... but its like.. WHY, why would I do that, why waste my time for something that does not expedite the progress of this savegame, I need money, to buy all farmlands and after that its just soybeans work until the finish line. So yeah nope, no other misc farming no matter how much I'd like to, stick to the plan, get it done.

Three day seasons is no joke when you have used to the high paced action of one day seasons. But I have to prepare for the long haul, once all these fields are seeded, its going to be good feeling to have that three day powah with me.

Oct 3rd in-game 0954hrs F16 and F17 are now harvest ready (which doesn't matter to me), F19, F20 and F51 are withered, hmm. Ran into F20 and to my surprise it was 100% fertilized, nice. F51 withered potatoes was 0% fertilized.

2023-01-26T16:46:00Z And now its my lunch break, need to continue mulling over those field stages after returning with full belly Smiley ;)

2023-01-26T17:20:00Z Feeding time is over, now whats next...

Used pickup truck to record some autodrive network waypoint routes towards F51, then sent rubicons there with autodrive.

2023-01-26T17:33:00Z Started fertilizing F51, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 8min.

More spraying.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

It feels really nice to be back working on your OWN fields after I've spent over a week, was it two weeks hum, on testing Start From Zero compatibility on other FS22 PMC terrains where I only did contracts. It just has that different type of vibe to work on your own land, feels much more right Smiley :)

Rubicons collided on one turn, naturally. Why does this happen, WHY, its.. its... uuh... Smiley :(

Oh well it is what it is, put only one vehicle per field if you don't want traffic collisions I guess. And to be honest, this field is way too small for two rubicons anyways, I mean ETA 8 minutes, really, for that you need two vehicles (ok single would be 16min but still).

Hmm maybe I should come up with some sort of logic that unless field work lasts 30min you should not use two or more vehicles, because it really is a quick job if its half an hour or less, isn't that some pizza delivery slogan in US as well heh. Perhaps it could already be spotted by number of waypoints, hmm.

2023-01-26T17:43:00Z Finished fertilizing F51.

2023-01-26T17:53:00Z Started fertilizing F19, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 20min. This was 37min something with single vehicle, so did it with two as per my brand new "half an hour rule" idea Smiley ;)

Second rubicon was stuck in a tree. Yup, I am not joking. Oh well sent it on its way, will start to field work course a bit late but no big deal.

Got the second rubicon into right track.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Now if I had some tillage tools I could put tractors working on those crop growing fields, but they'll wither over the winter and then I'll continue fertilizing, just saves the time of doing extra cultivating work.

2023-01-26T18:18:00Z Finished fertilizing F19.

Them time accelerating until next fields wither.

Dec 2nd in-game 0940hrs all the southern fields are now withered, so now its very easy; if field doesn't have fertilizing stage, go spray.

2023-01-26T18:30:00Z Started fertilizing F17, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 14min. Rubicons were at 30% tank capacity so put them both into this field even though this is 30min or less.

2023-01-26T18:40:00Z Lead rubicon ran out of fertilizer, second still have few hundred liters left but its going to be dry in few minutes as well.

Picked up semi-truck, hooked it up to first nearby UTTS-32000 liquid tanker trailer but it was diesel, then drove to farm yard F39 S and there found empty white painted tanker trailer which I hooked up and drove it to farm yard SW where my liquid fertilizer meridian tank is located. Should be enough left there for this fertilization.

Attempted to refill UTTS-32000 from meridian liquid fertilizer tank but no go, it will not refill. So I did a deep sigh because those meridians are now worthless to me if they cannot be linked with my semi-truck liquid tanker trailers. Sent semi-truck to the dealership to buy liquid fertilizer directly from the tap. This sucks.

2023-01-26T18:59:00Z Ah, I see. Turns out the white colored UTTS-32000 tanker trailer was in "solids" configuration, meaning it accepts solid fertilizer and seeds and I assume all kinds of grain. Well shit. Now I need to find an empty liquid tanker trailer, the one in farm yard F11 had diesel in it, the green one at farm yard F39 S had herbicide... hmm there should be one more somewhere, heh I don't even know where my stuff is Smiley :)

I'm going to cut my losses and save time, going to hook up diesel tanker, empty it to nearest meridian (or whatever it was) diesel fuel placeable tank, then refill from farm yard SW's meridian liquid fertilizer tank, uuh.

Within all this time rubicons would have gone to refill THEMSELVES twice over, haha!

2023-01-26T19:16:00Z Uuuh starting to get angry, that fucking UTTS-32000 *LIQUID* tanker fill with diesel fuel refused to unload / overload into meridian diesel fuel tank which was empty and yes I owned it had the use icons visible, I tried every which way possible to open and close cover, unfold and fold, nothing works, when pressing key "i" it immediately shuts the "fold" pipe cover in the back and nothing happens. Extremely frustrating all this time wasted for this bullshit back and forth with simple liquid fertilizer refill. So I purchased ANOTHER UTTS-32000 liquid tanker trailer.

Drove to the dealership, hooked up with ANOTHER UTTS-32000, drove it to the iconik's liquid fertilizer refill placeable.

2023-01-26T19:20:00Z And fucking FINALLY refilling into the liquid tanker trailer Smiley :(

I love american farming and playing FS19... but man, there are times when smoke comes out of my ears and nose while just about ready to explode with all the frustration these bullshit game mechanics or bugs cause.

2023-01-26T19:28:00Z And rubicons refilled, lead is continuing his spraying, oddly enough second one had reached final waypoint and had 0 liters left, talking about timing huh.

BTW I did try to google fs22 utts-32000 and meridian diesel tank but nothing came up, without diesel word just endless spam about the mod downloads / news and with diesel, nothing (useful). So guess its just me who does something wrong because nobody else is writing about it, I just could not get it to work.

2023-01-26T19:33:00Z Finished fertilizing F17.

2023-01-26T19:38:00Z Started fertilizing F52, courseplay, ETA 7min. This field was done with a single vehicle.

Done working.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-26T19:45:00Z Finished fertilizing F52.

Now begins time acceleration to soybean planting season, I don't see any field work to be done here at the moment.

Ready to refill...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-26T20:06:00Z But no idea how to refill these beasts, I mean yes of course I know how to refill by end dump semi-truck grain trailer or auger wagon, but why do I have thousand UTTS-32000 liquid / solid tanker trailers if they cant be used for shit!? Only thing that works now is refilling rubicons. How come? Have some fs22 patch broken them or what is going on, I know for sure that seed tanker I bought so I can haul seeds to the field, why on EARTH would I have bought it otherwise, why doesn't it work now.

THIS is so extremely frustrating, I was having a good time, enjoying farming... until mods break down and ruin everything, NNNNGGGHH! Smiley :(

I need to switch back to editing computer to re-read (search through) this story because I want to go through every single "UTTS-32000" keyword to see where the hell have those been used.

2023-01-26T20:15:00Z Read through this story above (yes sounds weird, its not in the same computer so have to jump around) and figured it out, tanker wont overload INTO a seeder, but seeder can refill from TANKER Smiley ;)

The hell if I remember these things from how many months back and how many hours spent in other savegames just doing fertilizing stuff Smiley :)

Refilled first bourgault air drill air cart, 20.5k liters of seeds... except I am dumb, maybe its just getting frustrated with this crap that made me not noticed that its only 80% full that tanker trailer is actually empty now, then I spent couple of minutes trying to figure out why the second air cart is not refilling before realizing that gee wiz, tanker trailer is empty. Haha. Oh well, I'll get through this, one day, maybe.. if I'm lucky... Smiley :D

So autodrive sent tanker trailer to the dealership for a refill of its own. Guess it would be nice to have that GtX Seed Cleaner running here now that I could go pickup my own seeds instead of buying them from refill station. But yeah, that would be another time using step in this savegame.

This is still a bit frustrating, although nothing has gone wrong, this is just how the game plays and its not a time sensitive issue because I'm in the late winter early spring now, its not planting season yet, nothing is waiting for us in the fields TODAY, so whatever time I use to hustle some seeds is just fine, its just real life time usage.

At the dealership refilled UTTS-32000 solids tanker full 32k liters of seeds.

2023-01-26T20:31:00Z Back at farm yard F39 S and refilling both bourgault air drills. Was just thinking that this UTTS-32000 is euro trash make belief bogus fake crap and only 32k liter capacity, that conveyall cst 1550 is realistic american seed tender which holds 43.8k liters, yeah it also cannot refill two completely empty bourgault air carts but at least it would be realistic and a bit better than this "LS" FM innovation thing.

Autodrive sent tanker trailer back to the dealership in just to get ready for another refill. Next is more time accelerating until I can start to seed soybeans, cant wait to unleash those bourgault beasts to the fields again Smiley :)

Apr 1st in-game 0645hrs, soybean planting season has arrived. Lets get to work Smiley :)

2023-01-26T20:49:00Z Started seeding soybeans F19, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 15min. Yeah just a one bourgault, I felt like I don't need any extra frustration anymore today, also 3 headlands just to make sure it wont collide any trees nearby.

2023-01-26T20:52:00Z Started seeding soybeans F18, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 23min.

Big boys are seeding again Smiley :D

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

When a big bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill with 71300 air cart rolls down the field, its a beautiful thing...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-26T21:37:00Z Recorded a bit of autodrive network waypoint routes. Just a fill here and there while waiting for bourgault air drills to finish their field work.

2023-01-26T22:05:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F19.


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-26T22:13:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F18.

2023-01-26T22:15:00Z Started seeding soybeans F16, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 10min.

Refilled second bourgault air cart, luckily had enough seeds.

2023-01-26T22:21:00Z Started seeding soybeans F17, courseplay, ETA 52min. Oh this field was not even one hour.

And with that its my lunch break, plenty of time enjoying a meal while bourgaults are seeding soybeans Smiley :)

2023-01-26T22:46:00Z Feeding time is over, lets get back to monitor air drills.

Working hard to put soybeans into the ground...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-26T23:06:00Z More autodrive network waypoint routes recorded, starting to thicken the network. Back to monitoring bourgaults a bit, this one bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill per medium size field is not that bad idea, it doesn't take too long, well if one hour is not considered long heh, and because another bourgault is doing the other field I'm still making pretty nice progress.

2023-01-26T23:14:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F17.

2023-01-26T23:16:00Z Started seeding soybeans F49, courseplay, ETA 34min. Did not refill this bourgault air cart, its still got 13.7k liters left so lets see if it lasts.

Refilled UTTS-32000 solid tanker, then send semi-truck back to F39 SE in preparations for next bourgault to finish his field work course.

2023-01-26T23:25:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F16.

Everyone's rolling'...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Another refill of seeds.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-26T23:41:00Z Started seeding soybeans F38, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 11min. Back to two tools, this is such a big field, over an hour with 2 * 30.5m implements heh, nice. This also was started with lead vehicle when second was still seeding F49, but it doesn't matter, they'll get it done.

2023-01-26T23:51:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F49.

Refilled second bourdault 71300 air cart on the way to F38.

Second bourgault joined F38 seeding.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Rubicon 9000s unloaded remaining fertilizer to farm yard F39 S one of the liquid fertilizer tanks. BTW I could not rename this tank as it only allowed a very short string, it was weird. Then diesel refueled them.

Then refilled rubicons with herbicide from the nearby green colored UTTS-32000 liquid tanker trailer which was not hooked up to a semi-truck. Except second rubicon only got 4.8k liters, okay it has to be refilled on the field then.

2023-01-27T00:22:00Z Started herbicide spraying F19, courseplay, ETA 36min.

2023-01-27T00:24:00Z Started herbicide spraying F18, courseplay, ETA 42min.

Herbicide spraying under way...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Lead bourgault air drill got caught in utility pole, yikes.

2023-01-27T00:58:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F19. Had to refill rubicon 100m before it reached last waypoint Smiley ;)

2023-01-27T01:04:00Z Started seeding soybeans F51, courseplay, ETA 27min.

2023-01-27T01:05:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F18.

Refilled second rubicon before driving it to F17.

2023-01-27T01:09:00Z Started herbicide spraying F17, courseplay, ETA 25min.

2023-01-27T01:10:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F38.

Second bourgault air cart got seed refill, then drove it to F20.

2023-01-27T01:16:00Z Started seeding soybeans F20, courseplay, ETA 40min.

2023-01-27T01:20:00Z Started herbicide spraying F16, courseplay, ETA 33min.

Pull, Pull!

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T01:32:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F51.

2023-01-27T01:34:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F17.

2023-01-27T01:36:00Z Started seeding soybeans F12, courseplay, ETA 53min.

2023-01-27T01:39:00Z Started herbicide spraying F49, courseplay, ETA 17min.

Had to refill second rubicon on F49.

2023-01-27T01:52:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F16.

2023-01-27T01:57:00Z Started herbicide spraying F51, courseplay, ETA 13min.

2023-01-27T01:57:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F20.

2023-01-27T02:00:00Z Started seeding soybeans F52, courseplay, ETA 11min.

2023-01-27T02:02:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F49.

2023-01-27T02:08:00Z Started herbicide spraying F38, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 3min.

2023-01-27T02:12:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F52.

2023-01-27T02:16:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F51.

2023-01-27T02:24:00Z Started herbicide spraying F20, courseplay, ETA 20min.

2023-01-27T02:29:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F12.

Hmm I'm starting to get a feeling that F54 should have seeded as well, it just looks odd its not on the list "geography" wise. Wonder if I just missed it hmm. Searched today's story through there is no mentioning of field fifty four other than the one in this paragraph heh.

2023-01-27T02:41:00Z Rubicon ran out of juice, refill time.

2023-01-27T02:44:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F20.

2023-01-27T02:46:00Z Started herbicide spraying F12, courseplay, ETA 25min.

Story is again narrowing a bit into timestamp log, its late in the night for me, eyes start to get strained/sore whatever from a long day of being up and well, not much to say I guess heh. I always hate to read these kind of dry log entries of start/finish copy-paste, I actually don't even read that stuff in my own stories unless needing to check some actual time for context.

Thinking more about F54... all logic tells me that I just forgot to put it on fields-todo list, maybe at the time when purchasing farmlands. Oohh checked out farmland image and I mistyped it on the part where farmland was bought, put it down as "F53" but its really F54. Not that it matters though, "F53" was not on the list either, hmph.

2023-01-27T02:54:00Z Still got one hour left on my 17hrs alarm which indicates bed time, have to leave that F54 for tomorrow and whatever other herbicide spraying I cant finish tonight. But still one more hour to go.

Wrote F54 to fields-todo list now, so tomorrow its good to go.

2023-01-27T03:05:00Z Started seeding soybeans F54, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 16min. Yeah 2 tools heh.

2023-01-27T03:09:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F38.

2023-01-27T03:10:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F12.

Double time.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T03:26:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F54.

2023-01-27T03:28:00Z Started herbicide spraying F54, courseplay, ETA 15min.

When this herbicide field work is done then I'm calling it a night, start to be in full zombi mode already. Hmm looking at how much I seeded today... its quite crazy amount of hectares, several fields... this will take a WHILE to harvest and amount of grain it accumulates... whoah, I will need some grain bin silo space for sure Smiley :)

2023-01-27T03:43:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F54.

2023-01-27T03:44:00Z Saved game and shutdown fs22, time to call it a night, tomorrow I'll finish planting season and start to wait for harvest season Smiley :)

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