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2022-09-28 I Saw Rubicon And I Had To Buy It

2022-09-28T21:44:00Z New farming day is starting, just finished morning computer chores but have not eat days first meal yet, need to get PMC Super Six 6km Start From Zero running first heh. Took savegame backups as usual, but I need to make unique "savegame1" dir bat because there is no point taking backups of the stuff that has not changed since last backup.

This savegame now has 102hrs 15min on it. Triple digits, huh.

And usual morning recap; oct in-game 1536hrs, budget is 369.5k and I have 900k liters of soybeans in the farm bin silo. I got three active fertilizing contracts, lets go do those just to clear them out.

Sent fertilizing tractors to F08 W using autodrive, that field contract would not need three vehicles, but lets just get it done as fast as possible.

2022-09-28T21:57:00Z Started contract fertilizing F08, courseplay 3x tools.

Hmm F08 is 15.8ha, its so small that its almost not worth to drive all spreader vehicles here as the field work get done in couple of minutes. There comes a point when field is too big for a single vehicle and too small for multiple vehicles. Hmm that would actually be good idea to document "recommended vehicle count vs hectares" or something. F08 is headland + 2 passes and done, yes that is way too small for 3 * 30m implements.

2022-09-28T22:09:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F08, collected reward 43.9k.

Then sent tractors towards F04 W while chatting in twitch live stream, thegrainarcade's channel I met Orion_NL, guy from long time ago.

2022-09-28T22:22:00Z Started contract fertilizing F04, courseplay 3x tools.

F04 is 19.9ha and looks like its got third pass after headland.

2022-09-28T22:34:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F04, collected reward 55.1k.

And with that I have to take a break to eat days first meal, I'm starving.

2022-09-28T23:15:00Z Feeding time is over, back to finishing that last fertilizing contract and then move on to soybeans selling day.

2022-09-28T23:20:00Z Started contract fertilizing F09, courseplay 3x tools.

Had to record field definition outline for F09, apparently I have never used courseplay for this field yet. On other news there is now more fertilizing contracts again even before finishing these existing ones, but I'm not going to take them.

2022-09-28T23:34:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F09, collected reward 62.4k.

Purchased dealership sale -52% off rubicon 9000 for 247.7k. Budget now 259.2k. Well there you have it, I saw rubicon and I had to buy it Smiley ;)

Purchased iconik liquid fertilizer refill station for 7.5k.

Feb in-game 1851hrs dealership had fendt 1000 vario for sale -53% off, was tempted to buy it but I really don't need one right now and don't have too much extra money to spend.

Apr in-game 0829hrs soybeans planting season has arrived, lets start the preparations to seed. Spraying situation is still slow, I got the two kubota sprayers 2 * 28m width and now rubicon 9000, but they are not compatible beause they cant use the same field work course and I cannot see where have I sprayed already, so rubicon cant be used to help, sucks. Oh well next year this is all fixed.

This will be the last planting season I'm using this 2 * 28m kubota sprayer setup, one more year before big upgrade.

2022-09-29T00:26:00Z Started seeding soybeans F11, manually GPS.

2022-09-29T00:28:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F11.

2022-09-29T00:42:00Z Started seeding soybeans CP-21, courseplay 4x tools.

2022-09-29T01:16:00Z Kinze 3665 blue drive planters are empty, its refill time, call up the semi-truck!

When refill was done sent semi-truck to the dealership to buy more seeds, they are not needed in this planting season as kinze's finish this field before running out, but no reason to keep empty-ish tanker trailer. New load of seeds cost something like 23k.

2022-09-29T01:50:00Z Finished seeding soybeans CP-21.

Well that went by what felt like very quick, I was chatting in penalty_box's twitch live stream so maybe thats why, dunno. Hmm it was about 1hrs 25min or so?

2022-09-29T01:55:00Z Started herbicide spraying F11, manually GPS.

2022-09-29T01:57:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F11.

Had to send semi-truck UTTS-32000 tanker trailer for herbicide pickup by the dealership. That refill cost 38.4k.

2022-09-29T02:11:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-21, courseplay 2x tools.

Then again sent semi-truck for herbicide refill, just to be on top of things so to speak.

2022-09-29T02:24:00Z Took all fertilizing contracts, did not want to write down each field number, not sure if I do them all, but there is three bredals just sitting there collecting dust so why not make some money when those snail slow pace kubota sprayers are doing their thing.

2022-09-29T02:34:00Z Started contract fertilizing F17, courseplay 3x tools.

Fertilizing contracts in full swing while herbicide is being sprayed to our own field.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-29T02:54:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F17, collected reward 95.4k.

Was struggling a bit with autodrive routes to F20 E, but I think they are now sorted out.

2022-09-29T03:10:00Z Started contract fertilizing F20, courseplay 3x tools.

Herbicide spraying is roughly half way done now. Still plenty of herbicide left in front tanks. This is good time use, our own field is getting worked on and in the mean time contractor department is making money. But guess its a lot of work, more or less, to keep all the balls in the air juggling stuff.

2022-09-29T03:24:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F20, collected reward 56.5k.

2022-09-29T03:35:00Z Herbicide sprayers are empty, sending in the semi-truck to refill.

I never done contract on F25 before as I had to record field definition outline for it.

2022-09-29T03:48:00Z Started contract fertilizing F25, courseplay 3x tools.

2022-09-29T04:11:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-21.

Now was my lunch break, getting quite hungry...

2022-09-29T04:33:00Z Feeding time is over, back to the farm.

Herbicide spraying to our own field ended some time ago, now these "pass the time" fertilizing contracts are still running for, dare I say, hours! Whoah, that is not good. Its a good idea to take a contract while your own tractors are tied to a long field work, but its very bad idea to spam contracts so much that pass the time turns into waste of time. Now I should be fertilizing my own field, not some AI farmers field for money which I don't technically need although of course money is the goal to buy all the land and good vehicles.

On top of that bredal k105 is about to run out of fertilizer, not sure what to do about that, call up semi-truck to refill or borrow a bit from the other bredal's which have plenty, hmm. Just starts to feel like a big mistake right now. Hmm maybe I'll just take k105 to the side of the field and once other vehicles are done I'll come back and finish the contract with one of them, probably best most painless solution now.

And rest of the contracts, there is one big F03 but rest are well below hundred kay payout. I just don't want to waste time, I need to get planting season done and then time accelerate to soybeans selling day, hopefully after that to oct harvest season before this day is over.

Do not operate autodrive while courseplay field work is in progress, just selecting different destination from the drop-down will abort courseplay course.

2022-09-29T04:44:00Z Bredal k105 is empty, sending him to the dealership not for a refill but just "going homebound", he is done here.

Autodrive did not want to cooperate, it sent the tractor off to weird 135 degree heading, no idea where the fuck he was going so I aborted it and drove it myself to nearest autodrive route.

2022-09-29T04:57:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F25, collected reward 420.5k. Well dunno, perhaps this contract was worth the effort, budget now 722.3k Smiley ;)

2022-09-29T05:09:00Z Started fertilizing CP-21, courseplay 3x tools.

This is the last long wait of this planting season, after this and one minute in F11, I'm done. Cant wait to sell soybeans and see how many millions I get, then purchase the fourth combine and dunno what else, most likely second rubicon 9000 so next season I get to spray with 2 * 48.5m width.

If tonight there is enough time to harvest this field, then I will skip one year straight into soybeans selling jun and sell them off to see what big money I have then, because at that point I could buy more land and when tonight is done I'll probably take a break from this savegame as I slowly enter into the phase where here wont be such dramatic progress.

But yeah, one thing at the time and now I'm solid fertilizer spreading CP-21 Smiley ;)

2022-09-29T05:36:00Z A bit bored when watching bredals driving back and forth on the field. Been thinking more and more about tomorrow, maybe doing some chores to organize my notes I've been taking during this savegames timeframe and maybe start testing other FS22 PMC Terrains for Start From Zero feature set compatibility, can you get such savegame going or are the field sizes impossibly large etc.

Overall just chill day not pressuring myself to get gains in this Start From Zero, optimizing time usage etc, I simply just want to chill and relax...

2022-09-29T06:06:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-21.

2022-09-29T06:07:00Z Started fertilizing F11, manually GPS.

2022-09-29T06:09:00Z Finished fertilizing F11. That's it, its a wrap! Current planting season is DONE! Smiley :)

Jun in-game 1835hrs soybeans highest market price 3749. At 1938hrs its 3763. At 2033hrs its 3779. At 2131hrs its 3787. At 2235hrs its 3787. At 2312hrs its 3786. At 2331hrs its 3785, argh its decreasing Smiley :(

Alright lets start to sell jun in-game 2332hrs to PMC Sell 01, roll up the semi-trucks with grain trailers!

2022-09-29T06:29:00Z Finished recording new autodrive route for PMC Sell 01 target. Budget now 641k.

2022-09-29T06:34:00Z Now all semi-trucks are driving, soon we'll see first sell.

2022-09-29T06:35:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 795k. Market price was 3782.

2022-09-29T06:37:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 948.9k. Market price was 3782.

2022-09-29T06:38:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 1.102m. Market price was 3782.

2022-09-29T06:39:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 1.256m. Market price was 3782.

While waiting for the next semi-truck to arrive, was thinking... I'm not tired yet, still have one more meal left today, but I just don't feel like continuing this savegame to the next harvest season, that would it be cool to leave that for the next time when I return to this savegame so I could jump straight into harvesting instead of starting with planting season. In short, I just don't see what difference that harvest season would make TODAY.

When this grain selling night is over, I'm going to stop playing this avegame for now, going to do some chores and who knows maybe I even fire up Gaming computer back up again and try one of those big FS22 PMC Terrains and start to make a list of whats not working in Start From Zero game-mode.

So I'm now living in borrowed time, end is coming Smiley ;)

Argh, WHY!? Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Okay sorted that autodrive mess and now I'm rolling again.

Just after I decided and wrote the above calling it end text I started to feel, umm not exactly nostalgia because I'm just ending stuff but err what do you call it, emotional or like some fucking shit dunno what it is Smiley :)

Nice feeling to wrap this savegame up for now in such juicy spot with plenty of money and soybeans harvest season waiting for me when I return. Also cant wait to get into those chores with notes taken during this start from zero.

2022-09-29T06:50:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 1.410m. Market price was 3779.

2022-09-29T06:51:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 1.564m. Market price was 3779.

2022-09-29T06:52:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.9k, budget now 1.718m. Market price was 3779.

2022-09-29T06:53:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.8k, budget now 1.871m. Market price was 3778.

It was relaxing hanging out by the selling point watching semi-trucks haul soybeans for sell, all the hard work I put to growing that crop now pays off, literally Smiley :)

2022-09-29T07:00:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.8k, budget now 2.025m. Market price was 3777.

And again there was traffic jam by the farm yard, argh please don't let me get frustrated at the eve of ending this savegame for now Smiley :(

2022-09-29T07:05:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.8k, budget now 2.179m. Market price was 3776.

2022-09-29T07:06:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.8k, budget now 2.332m. Market price was 3776.

2022-09-29T07:07:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.8k, budget now 2.486m. Market price was 3775.

2022-09-29T07:11:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.8k, budget now 2.640m. Market price was 3774.

2022-09-29T07:15:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 2.793m. Market price was 3773.

2022-09-29T07:16:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 2.947m. Market price was 3772.

2022-09-29T07:18:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 3.100m. Market price was 3772.

2022-09-29T07:22:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 3.254m. Market price was 3771.

2022-09-29T07:26:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 3.407m. Market price was 3770.

2022-09-29T07:27:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 3.561m. Market price was 3769.

2022-09-29T07:28:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.7k, budget now 3.714m. Market price was 3769.

2022-09-29T07:32:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.6k, budget now 3.867m. Market price was 3768.

2022-09-29T07:35:00Z Farm bin silo is now empty.

2022-09-29T07:37:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.6k, budget now 4.021m. Market price was 3767.

2022-09-29T07:38:00Z Sold 40.7k liters of soybeans for 2 * 76.6k, budget now 4.174m. Market price was 3766.

2022-09-29T07:38:00Z Sold 10k liters of soybeans for 40.5k, budget now 4.215m. Market price was 3766.

All soybeans have now been sold! Whohoo! Smiley :D

Time accelerated to jul in-game 0921hrs, good morning PMC Super Six 6km v0.2.3 heh. And with that its time for me to call it an end for this savegame for now.

2022-09-29T07:46:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, time to relax.

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