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2024-02-17T04:34:00Z Decision time.

Just finished reading through this whole story as its stored in my editing computer as one page, took me early friday morning (like 0100hrs) startup and finish now in fri-sat night (early sat morning). Added 237 screenshots, oh my that feels almost like too much, even though not every sub page will be peppered with screenshots, guess this was just a longer story, dunno.

I enjoyed reading this story, there was good memories of those up sides when farming went well and bad down sides when courseplay-gui garbage failed miserably, repeatedly.

Its extremely disappointing to proof read this story and see that I made that automation tools usage Start From Zero rules violation early in the savegame where I bought only tractor + spreader and then immediately started field working with GPS, because I forgot (it was honest mistake, completely forgot that simple rule) that you have to own LAND + VEHICLE(s), this savegame will now be scheduled for execution and gets deleted, losing all that work I put into it.

When you're stupid, it sucks, eh Smiley :(

Gave some thought of deleting this story and just erasing whole thing from the history, but nah cant do that, there is too much good farming stuff with screenshots and videos going on in this story to let all that go to waste.

It is such a silly thing to delete "massive" savegame such as this just because years later you discover that one simple rule was violated (by accident). But this is my character, I cannot live with myself if I know that this kind of mistake was made and just brushed under the rug that "it's fine, forget 'bout it...", its not what I do.

I'm going to take one last look at this savegame next time I boot up PMC Gaming computer with win10 SSD plugged in, check hours and minutes played maybe, then delete savegame and its backups, I don't have a plan to start a new savegame to fix this mess I caused here, if it happens sometime in the distant future I'm going to enjoy doing it right, but I absolutely will not put any extra pressure on myself about getting it started and done.

Even though this story ended with savegame deletion, I hope you still enjoyed this american farming journey and story Smiley :)

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