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2022-10-01 Courseplay Issues And Grain Selling

2022-10-01T23:52:00Z New farming day has started, yesterday I spent all day staring empty screen and watching youtube recommended videos as I could not get any editing going on in FS22 PMC Terrains, now I just woke up and finished computer chores, continued to stare at empty screen ... but decided that nope, not going to happen today I am now going to play FS22 a bit to just enjoy myself. I should be editing but playing is better than just watching youtube recommended videos.

So here I am, lets continue this savegame, its on interesting spot, 4 million in cash and soybeans harvest season just about to start.

This savegame now has 112hrs 11min on it.

Decided to go this next harvest still with 3 combines, guess the plan was to buy the fourth one but honestly I'm so mentally lazy right now that I don't want to do all the buying hassle, it goes just fine by three combines.

Oct in-game 0928hrs soybeans harvest season is here, dealership has elmers haulmaster on sale for -53% off, will buy that for a bit more agile grain cart operations. With 2000 configurations it cost 69.7k.

2022-10-02T00:09:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F11, manually GPS.

Alright I have started. While harvesting noticed that lexion 8900 is about 40% fuel, that reminded me that uh oh yeah need to refuel these beasts.

2022-10-02T00:14:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F11.

Purchased AGCO 650kg front weight for Fendt 1050 vario grain cart tractor, I felt like she was pushing a bit on steering when pulling that heavy demco 2200 grain cart. Hopefully this weight is a good balance between too much weight and no weight.

Purchased diesel fuel buy point for 2.5k and placed it to our F11 farm yard. I'm not going to drive combines all the way to the dealership and back just to refuel them. At some point I need to buy a diesel fuel tanker trailer but I'm not exactly there yet.

2022-10-02T00:19:00Z Time for days first meal, getting late and so hungry...

2022-10-02T00:43:00Z Feeding time is over, lets get the big field started.

Refueled all claas lexion 8900s, combine number two was on 10% fuel so it was about time.

2022-10-02T00:51:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-21, courseplay 3x tools.

Here I go! Smiley :)

For some reason simple inspector display looked to be very small, then I noticed production inspector was not showing our farm bin silo display, so went to FS22 options and enabled them, odd where the config disappeared like that. Once I did that... production inspector started to spam error log with constant stream of error. Had to disable it to stop the error log spam. Wonder what the fuck is going on with those two mods configs now, I did nothing to my game settings and mods.

2022-10-02T01:17:00Z I was not feeling the farming passion at all, I was just going through the motions of farming, driving a grain cart. I wonder how much further this goes today, I'll finish the harvest for sure, but we'll see how bored I'm at that point...

For the next season I'm going to buy fourth lexion 8900, second rubicon 9000 and most likely two bourgault 3420-100 air drills. Then have to see how much money I have left and buy whatever new farmland I can afford. Not sure if that would peak my interest to FS22 and this savegame again.

All I hope is that I wont end up watching youtube recommended videos tonight ...

And another courseplay frustration, combines after finishing headland did that idiotic victory lap around the whole field. I never understood why the fuck that is happening, its always extremely frustrating.

Fendt 1050 vario with twin wheels and 650kg front weight pulling elmers haulmaster with 2000 extension is still steering pushing if you turn too hard with fast speed. Actually it feels like this combination slides / pushes much easier than without a weight with demco 2200, hmm really odd. Elmers haulermaster slides itself quite a lot.

2022-10-02T01:37:00Z I'm so bored that now thinking about finishing this harvest, perhaps the selling of soybeans next year, then switching windows 7 samsung evo SSD into Gaming computer and going back to FS19 playing. Continuing PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero or even just for fun some unofficial PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Start From Zero, dunno. Just back to FS19 and continuing my editing and playing there.

Only reason I'm playing FS22 in fall of 2022 was because I got that production chains enthusiasm from Cities Skylines farming industry.

It's my boredom talking, but man does FS19 farming sound like a really good idea right about now, heh cant wait to get this harvest season finished and switch SSD's Smiley ;)

2022-10-02T02:22:00Z Combines acted up again, fucking piece of shit courseplay field work course. Courseplay simply fails to generate proper course for this field at that starting location with one headland and 3 combines. It happened exactly the same on previous harvest Smiley :(

I don't need this shit, I'm tired and bored, it doesn't take much for me to just save and exit this piece of shit win10 fs22 garbage combo Smiley :(

(screenshot not related to the above courseplay fuckup, it happened several minutes ago).

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-10-02T03:03:00Z Hmm was even thinking if I should start my 2022 Elite Dangerous gaming sessions, gotta get that done this year because it might be my last with win7 support ended.

2022-10-02T03:52:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-21.

Uuh done. Was going to say "finally done" but nah, it actually went by fairly quickly, I can imagine with fourth combine this field is a breeze. Edit: 3hrs 1min to be exact, I would not say that is any "casual harvest" by mainstream standards, but for some reason it felt like it went by quickly for me (I'm writing this later the same day).

Lead claas lexion 8900s diesel fuel tank is 51% full now, half a tank for this field hoh. Drove and parked all combines into farm yard F11. Then parked semi-trucks, one truck to the normal "truckstop" and another is waiting by the farm bin silo as silo got full and trailer still has some soybeans. Finally drove fendt 1050 vario with elmers haulmaster to farm bin silo and emptied grain cart all that fit into the semi-truck there, not all of it fit, still 6.1k liters remain so will have to fill the next truck when selling day comes.

I'm not going to quit yet, first need to time accelerate to next years june, I want to sell this soybeans crop to leave a clean and fresh savegame with nothing but money in it (plus vehicles and land of course).

Dec in-game 0941hrs dealership had a sale midwest durus 18.2m header for -60% off, yeah purchased that for 69k with the wingtip things and design paint. Good deal.

Apr in-game 0929hrs lode king distinction super-b is on sale for -64% off, purchased that for 48.9k. Sent semi-truck to pick that up from the dealership so I can test drive it on the upcoming soybeans grain selling.

Diesel fuel refueled semi-truck and that dropped us below four million, budget now 3.999m ouuch! heh. Drove the semi-truck back to farm yard F11 and then time acceleration towards soybeans best market price day continued.

2022-10-02T04:21:00Z Its now jun in-game 0936hrs, soybeans highest market price day has arrived. Now careful time accelerating monitoring the price, then hoping selling point is one in our autodrive route network and then I just start to haul grain for sell.

At in-game 1713hrs PMC Sell 08 pays 3805, that is pretty good deal but since its this early in the late afternoon, I bet the price will go much higher. Unfortunately PMC Sell 08 is not in our autodrive route network, so hopefully some other selling point which is, becomes the highest price joint.

Ugh fuck this, in-game 2330hrs price is already dropping its now 3796, almost 30 less than its highest peak Smiley :(

A little wicked game-play, I saved game previously after parking the truck, so now I'm going to reload the savegame and around in-game 1800hrs start to sell as that was when price was the highest. Call this insider info within farming market prices Smiley :p

Oh wow, after the reload market price peak did not even break 3800, that is interesting, so market prices are randomized per game start, well that is cool, of course now I fell into the "savegame scum" situation that hopefully I don't have to do many reloads to reach that 3.8k price again.

Jun in-game 1835hrs soybeans market price 3819 in PMC Sell 09, I'll take it. However that is one of the furthest out selling points to farm yard F11, PMC Sell 03 is paying 3802 and is literally across the road from our farm yard, so definitely going to take stuff there, heck I can even dump straight from the grain cart.

2022-10-02T04:43:00Z Sold first load 40.7k liters when I was setting all semi-trucks for autodrive route.

Traffic jam at the bin Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

This definitely feels like "too many chefs in the kitchen" now haha.

And of course that lode king distinction super-b bitch got stuck in the selling point (autodrive).

Hehe this traffic jam, but should not take no time to finish selling one 900k liters of grain Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

With this setup I cant keep up with the sales and well in the end, who cares even. I'll write up the final sum of budget I have once all selling is completed.

I switched to demco 2200 grain cart so I can fit more grain, 77.5k liters.

2022-10-02T05:06:00Z Farm bin silo is empty.

2022-10-02T05:08:00Z Last soybeans load sold, budget now 7.600m aayeah nice number for sure Smiley :)

2022-10-02T05:10:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, then took backups of savegame dir. I'm done here.

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