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2022-12-24 Soybeans Harvest Happy Holidays

2022-12-24T05:32:00Z New farming day has started, today's goal is to finish soybeans harvest for F41 and F42 I think they were. This savegame has now 150hrs 58min on it.

Oh, merry xmas btw, not that I would celebrate such hocus pocus things Smiley ;)

Harvesting these last two fields on this fairly large soybeans season, it requires me to sell some grain directly so I can get money to buy more farm grain bin silo extensions.

First things first, its pitch black in-game cant see anything, so going to time accelerate until morning daylight.

Oct 2nd in-game 0755hrs, good moooorning PMC Super Six 6km Smiley :)

2022-12-24T05:43:00Z All combines, semi-trucks and grain cart tractor has been refueled, they are good to go.

Drove lexion 8900s to the field, cut into it, saved game just in case courseplay causes issues, then generated one headland 4 tool field work course... or so I tried, courseplay failed because the stupid ass narrow field tip in SE, argh.

Okay this is no fault of courseplay, its my bad terrain design, you should never create such narrow tip to any field that you cannot field work it with multiple tools, the narrow part is less width than 4*18.2 meters so courseplay fails.

Not much to do other than edit the field outline, or generate course without headland. The course that was generated without headland was complete garbage, I could tell right away that it would have lead to nothing but collisions with anything and everything possible near the field. Had to generate 2 tool field work course Smiley :(

2022-12-24T05:59:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F42, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 46min.

After the headland is done I'll send combines 3 and 4 to start working on the rear end of the field work course, I don't do 2 tool vehicle convoys.

This SE tip is the reason courseplay failed to generate course.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Felt really weird to harvest with 50% less vehicles than normal, heh.

2022-12-24T06:09:00Z Saved game, had to go take a restroom break.

2022-12-24T06:24:00Z Started combines 3 and 4 from the rear end of the field work course. Its better than having them parked by the side of the field.

Forgot from yesterdays game-play, the F43 W silo got full, semi-truck which got sent there was just sitting and waiting there, so sent the semi to F39 S silo which still has a bit room in it.

2022-12-24T06:37:00Z Courseplay combine number 2 got stuck in farm yard trees as it did not respect "stay in field" setting, sigh Smiley :(

Multiple tools vehicle convoy is just simply not working in fs22 courseplay gui garbage Smiley :(

2022-12-24T06:41:00Z And now farm yard F39 S grain bin silo is full. Going to sell next grain cart load straight to PMC Sell 05 selling point, no other option. Market price there right now is 1823 so quite bad.

2022-12-24T06:47:00Z Sold 65.1k liters of soybeans for 118.8k (1823 market price).

2022-12-24T06:50:00Z And now farm yard F11 grain bin silo is full too, ALL the silos are now 100% full Smiley ;)

Purchased two unia farma 250 (250k liters) farm grain bin silo extensions, budget now 43k. Silo capacity now 1.300m liters in farm yard F43 W. Lets haul some grain Smiley ;)

2022-12-24T06:59:00Z Combine number two went berserk, it drove off to random direction and courseplay disengaged itself in middle of the field causing destroyed crops as I switched over to this combine. I was sizzling with hateful anger inside steam coming out of my ears with red face. Well, almost.

2022-12-24T07:11:00Z Courseplay field work course for F42 is on last pass, had to fiddle some combines to finish it.

2022-12-24T07:14:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F42.

2022-12-24T07:16:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F41, courseplay 4x tools, ETA 47min.

This last field gets harvested in no time, today's goal will be achieved, no sweat. However because I have so much of today left I'm going to time accelerate to soybeans highest market price day and semi-truck haul grain for sell, would be really great if I managed to sell all the grain and even the various farm grain bin silos, turn assets into money so I could save the game and be ready for possible future terrain upgrade.


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-12-24T07:43:00Z And then every fields mandatory fs22 courseplay gui CRASH COLLISION. Well in this case I saw it coming so I took preventive action, but it was equally infuriatingly anger inducing frustration shit in all big bowl for me to consume Smiley :(

Last pass of this soybeans harvest season! Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-12-24T08:11:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F41. Soybeans harvest season is over! Smiley :mrgreen:

Recap: soybeans harvest season was F11, F39, F40, F44, F43, F42 and F41.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-12-24T08:21:00Z Last semi-truck wilson pacesetter grain trailer was unloading to farm yard F43 W bin silo when the silo came full, trailer still has 24.9k liters.

We are all done here.

Farm grain bin silos have total of 4.100m liters of soybeans, plus that 24.9k liters in that last remaining trailer Smiley :)

Oh man that will take SO LONG to haul for sell, but heh once its done I can bathe in money Smiley ;)

Saved game and then started to time accelerate until jun which is the soybeans highest selling day. This took a long time because its 3 day season. Used 6000 speed time acceleration and did not stop to check the dealership sales or contracts because I simply was not interested on those right now.

Merry Christmas from PMC Super Six 6km Smiley :D

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Hmm now with 3 day seasons I cant remember which day midnight was the highest selling timestamp heh. I know the sell trigger is set for 3800 so I'm getting notifications when market price is over that, but yeah still dunno if I should just sell when the trigger goes off or try to squeeze in few more dollah by playing the waiting game.

Jun 1st in-game 2343hrs soybeans market price is 3562. Jun 2nd in-game 0944hrs its 3648. At 1840hrs its 3713. At 2333hrs its 3786.

Jun 3rd in-game 0831hrs its 3833 which is plenty of good for me, bonus is I can haul grain in daylight. Yes grain is sold at midnight in pitch black darkness, but dunno 3833 sounds pretty good to me.

2022-12-24T08:55:00Z PMC Sell 10 is the highest paying market price selling point, going to record autodrive route there and start hauling.

2022-12-24T09:04:00Z Autodrive route updated, started first semi-truck to haul soybeans for sell. Budget was 43k something and as mentioned I had 4.100m liters + change of soybeans in the bins. This is going to take a while Smiley ;)

This time I'm not going to write play-by-play of these sales, I'll just mention when something worth mentioning happens, otherwise this would be page long boring copy-paste list.

When second semi-truck was departing from farm yard F43 W bin silo, autodrive ETA shows 8min to PMC Sell 10 selling point destination.

2022-12-24T09:18:00Z Saved game as autodrive network is now working to PMC Sell 10 selling point and semi-trucks are rolling, now I'm just going to watch and wait Smiley ;)

I'm actually going to switch over to PMC DevSurf computer to check RSS news ukraine war etc stuff while semi-trucks are hauling, I literally have nothing to do here except watch. Obviously I glance over PMC Gaming monitor every few minutes to see if everything runs OK and once my RSS news check is done, then I come back to sit with autodrive again.

Busy at the farm grain bin silo Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Grain hauler's life.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-12-24T09:34:00Z Well RSS news check done, nothing more to do, guess I'll just watch semi-trucks roll in the roads of PMC Super Six 6km for few hours Smiley ;)

In-game 0925hrs market price 3835 now, so very slowly increasing.

2022-12-24T09:52:00Z The first grain bin silo dropped to 50% now, uuh I think we're gonna need more semi-trucks... Smiley :o

2022-12-24T10:05:00Z I'm yawning like crazy, so going to save the game and take a maybe 30-45min nap as there is nothing to do other than watch in-game right now.

2022-12-24T10:54:00Z Back... and uh oh, all semi-trucks seem to be 0km/h speed and farm bin silo is only 25% level which is surprisingly little, so this means trucks collided on some intersection causing huge traffic jam Smiley :(


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

I should have known that being away from the computer caused some issue. Well now I need to babysit the semi-trucks by just watching them and sorting out any traffic accidents immediately.

2022-12-24T11:17:00Z Lunch break and just when farm yard F43 W silo is emptying, only two truck loads left.

2022-12-24T11:40:00Z Feeding time is over, back to babysitting semi-trucks.

I managed to shuffle while eating so that farm yard F43 W silo got emptied, now hauling grain from farm yard F39 S silo.

Used fendt 515c favorit to go pick up auger pipe from the dealership, this is the smaller one you use to unload from grain bin silo. Set it up next to farm yard F39 S meridian flat bottom bin 3609. Then went to pick up fendt 1050 vario with elmers haulmaster 2000 grain cart and drove it to this farm yard.

Then just unloaded using the auger pipe into grain cart.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

And after that used grain cart to dump 70k liters of soybeans into the big farma obj whatever bin right next to this, from which semi-trucks are currenly hauling grain to sell Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Works as I have nothing else to do Smiley ;)

Been thinking about terrain design and game-play a lot, these auger pipe operated farm bin silos are "nice", yes they are american farming realistic on those smaller farms... but they are just absolutely devastatingly boring and frustrating to use in farming simulator game because everything is courseplay / autodrive operated, you cannot expect a large farming operations use these kind of piece of shit equipment.

In real life from top of my head american farmers in youtube who are NOT using auger pipes are millennial farmer and larson farms, both of these guys has that kind of big grain silo complex with the dump grill / grate (whatever its called) on the ground plus the overhead unloading thing.

Aaand second load coming up.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

So yeah my savegames will have those drive through courseplay / autodrive compatible placeables, my farming operations are way too large for these kiddie auger pipe things as they cannot be used automatically.


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Everybody's busy...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Was moving soybeans from flat bottom bin to farma obj and while loading and unloading I wrote backup bat file to 7-zip autodrive_config.xml file from savegame1 dir.

2022-12-24T12:55:00Z Farm yard F39 S meridian flat bottom bin 3609 is now empty, last 50k load in elmers haulmaster is going to the unia farma obj thingy.

2022-12-24T13:00:00Z Saved game, this starts to feel like I've spent more time SELLING grain than harvesting it today Smiley :rolleyes:

Every PMC terrain has to have a train tracks with few huge grain elevator railroad depots where grain can be dumped using semi-trucks and then picked up for sell using train, perhaps the "sell to ravenport" elmcreek style or just railroad tracks to some selling point. This kind of 4+ million liter grain sales using four wilson pacesetter (and one lode king super-b) is just insane.

I remember starting this hauling in-game 0830hrs and now its 1245hrs, heh, uuh Smiley :o

Convoy. But where is Rubber Duck?

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Aerial view.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-12-24T13:51:00Z Farm yard F39 S bin silo is now empty, two trucks are hauling last loads from this and two are already traveling to farm yard F11 to start emptying that grain bin silo, there are 900k liters stored.

2022-12-24T13:55:00Z First trailer load picked up from farm bin silo 1, hopefully this circus ends one day Smiley ;)

2022-12-24T14:18:00Z Quick restroom break and RSS news check, nothing new in the world, I'll continue hauling soybeans.

While being bored watching semi-trucks hauling grain, started to calculate the upcoming terrain upgrade regarding those meridian bins I sold. There was 8 meridian flat bottom bin 3608s and 7 meridian flat bottom bin 3609s (did not sell the last one which was full at the time). This makes 8 * 21.5k + 7 * 25.1k == 347.7k total.

Plan was to sell all the existing placeables to make my terrain upgrade savegame porting that much easier (just copy over vehicles.xml basically). Also currently farm yard F43 W farma obj is where the actual terrains meridians are, so if I don't sell that before upgrading then I have a nasty geometry collision with placeables.

On the other hand farm yard F39 S that middle farma obj and farm yard F11 farma obj are just fine, there is no need to sell those.

But, overall its just easier to do kind of this clean slate type of thing to sell all placeables off and not worry about porting any of them over. Dunno, we'll see when I even get a new terrain upgrade ready.

For now, I'll sit and watch semi-trucks haul soybeans Smiley ;)

2022-12-24T14:55:00Z Zzz ... yawn... no, I'm not tired, but this is SO BORING uah. Well I'm almost done, in grand scheme of things I'm possibly one 5 semi-truck trailer load away from being done.

I think this has to be my last 4+ million liter grain haul, this is just insane to just sit here and watch semi-trucks do their hauling work for hours and hours... there has to be some realistic faster way to deal with sold grain. I'm thinking its the train, railroad depots with huge capacities and straight access using big train cars into selling points or "ravenport".

Its... its just plain and simple crazy to spend this much time selling grain. No more, no way.

2022-12-24T15:03:00Z Okay last soybeans grain is now being hauled to PMC Sell 10, did not even fill more than 3 trucks, 4th one was only partially full and fifth I just parked at farm yard F11, she is done for this harvest season Smiley :)

2022-12-24T15:13:00Z That's it, all the 4.100m liters soybeans grain has been sold! Budget now 15.868m Smiley :D

2022-12-24T15:20:00Z Parked semi-trucks, saved game.. and... well yeah I'm going to shutdown fs22 right here.

Message to myself mostly for terrain upgrade savegame porting: just sell all placeables, deduct 347.7k from budget, save game and then port it over to new terrain version with just career, vehicles and farms/fields dunno what else, no placeables stuff.

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