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2022-10-04 Farm Running Out Of Money

2022-10-04T02:33:00Z New farming day has started, next is herbicide spraying. Interesting to see if I have enough money for the product and how quickly two separate rubicon 9000s will do these fields while I'm driving semi-truck to refill. Today's goal is to finish planting season, no other goals... but obviously I'd like to get harvest season started and heck finished too. I am just so fucking fed up with fs22 and courseplay again that I'm just pushing through this savegame / day just to finish stuff up, I don't want to leave this soybeans planting season half done before going back to FS19 where I belong.

2022-10-04T02:55:00Z Started herbicide spraying F11, manually GPS.

2022-10-04T02:56:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F11.

2022-10-04T02:59:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-21, courseplay.

2022-10-04T03:05:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-24, courseplay.

2022-10-04T03:41:00Z Finished eating days first meal, forgot to write the start time oh well. First rubicon ran out of herbicide on CP-21.

Refilled rubicon on CP-21.

2022-10-04T03:54:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-24.

Purchased 10k liters of herbicide for 13.2k on farm yard err SW I think. Refilled semi-truck tanker trailer with 30k liters now.

2022-10-04T04:15:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-21.

2022-10-04T04:16:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-24.

Refilled rubicon which finished its field on the way to the next field, semi-truck tanker trailer was straight in his line of sight, easy refill stop.

2022-10-04T04:21:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-25, courseplay.

2022-10-04T04:22:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-24.

2022-10-04T04:26:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-26, courseplay.

Just to recap so there is no illusion; all the herbicide spraying done here is with rubicon 9000s, one vehicle per field, no multi tool convoy bullshit as fs22 courseplay just cant fucking handle that.

Purchased 10k liters of herbicide for 13.2k times two, then refilled tanker trailer to 98% full.

Spray your poison, boy.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Our budget is now 30.4k which is basically nothing. I have plenty of diesel fuel but only 22k liters of liquid fertilizer. So after this herbicide spraying I still need to fertilizer fields one stage, I'm hoping bredals and the UTTS-32000 with solid fertilizer has some product left so I could do at least some fields completely. And of course 22k liters of liquid fert is "not nothing", so we'll see how far that will last.

Overall our money ran out Smiley :)

I had 344k budget and all the southern non-numbered fields to plant... and money ran out. In PMC Super Six 6km size terrain even the about 20% of fields will require at least HALF A MILLION budget for product. Never underestimate how much fert/herb/seed or even diesel you go through on big fields planting season. And then you still need diesel for the harvest season for combines, grain cart tractors and semi-trucks. Planting ain't cheap Smiley :)

When herbicide spraying straight after seeding, field texture color / shade will not change, it is so creepy and uncomfortable to spray these fields without seeing where have you sprayer earlier, you just got to trust courseplay doing its thing without fucking up, only thing possible is to stop for a refill and then continue from the current waypoint. If herbicide runs out in some nasty spot that you cant get rubicon to continue from current waypoint, well then you are truly fucked.

Another option would be to spray when weeds pop up, but then you do damage to the crop, right now I'm getting yield-bonus 95% but I believe if you herbicide spray after crops and weeds pop up, its yield-bonus 85% then, herbicide poison burns 10% yield off from your crops.

As I said, just really uncomfortable to spray like this, but for best yield-bonus, it got to be done...

2022-10-04T04:56:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-25.

2022-10-04T04:59:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-26.

Apr 1st in-game 1540hrs, there is still plenty of daylight left but also plenty of herbicide spraying. This is the first day of april just after seeding, I cannot remember if soybean plants and weeds pop up "tomorrow" or later, but to be on the safe side I would not leave spraying for "tomorrow" in this case, it might be too late then.

Would be interesting to learn how spraying works when you have more fields so you have to skip the night and if weeds pop up in the morning. That would kind of suck. But it would require quite a bit more fields than what I have now, also you could start planting season very early when day breaks, I just like to skip into 0900hrs even number (analog clock "even" heh) so the disgusting morning glow has disappeared mostly.

It would feel like these fields get done faster if you had two vehicles or more in one field, but unfortunately fs22 courseplay is shit with integrated GUI bullshit and multiple tool convoys not working, so I have to do it one vehicle per field, sucks but what can you do, I don't want to untangle courseplay collision mess every few minutes and then have broken field work courses as vehicles cannot find their tracks.

2022-10-04T05:30:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-25.

2022-10-04T05:31:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-26.

2022-10-04T05:34:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-27, courseplay.

2022-10-04T05:37:00Z Rubicon working on CP-26 fell off the terrain as it ran off course by courseplay, fuck this shit, there was 8k liters of herbicide on board, now I have to reset the vehicle to the dealership and lose all that progress and product. FUCK THIS! Smiley :(

Yesterdays rage starts to boil up again, lets see if this day ends up with a complete FS22 Rage Quit, finally... Smiley :?

2022-10-04T05:40:00Z Started herbicide spraying CP-28, courseplay.

Reset the motherfucking rubicon to the dealership, then refilled with 9k liters of herbicide for 10.8k, budget now 19.6k. Then autodrive sent it to CP-28 W target.

I am so fucking sick of this farmsim non working fs22 courseplay bullshit right now that I'm this close to switching into ArmA 3 editing and playing cycle again Smiley :(

Why the fuck cant things just simply work, why is that, tell me why...

2022-10-04T05:48:00Z New start on CP-27... Now I'm going to ride along with this rubicon with my finger on the STOP courseplay button just in case if it tries to run off the terrain again. I started this vehicle from north side of the field unlike the first time on east side, dunno if it makes any difference, I doubt it.

FUCK YOU fs22 courseplay piece of shit garbage! Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

What the fuck is wrong with this fucking scripting automation tool, why the fuck doesn't it work, I am SO fucking sick of this shit! Smiley :(

I fucking hate to adjust terrain to suit some broken ass piece of shit scripting tool mod, but guess I could remove that narrow part on PMC Super Six 6km so courseplay would not fuck up so badly. I mean don't give drugs to kids and you prevent most bad things they could do to their brains with chemicals, at least you did your part then. But it just pisses me off that coursplay sends a vehicle off to a random fucking direction on a tight corner or a turn, this has happened since fucking FS19, when the fuck do these devs fix their shit Smiley :(

And yeah I could re-draw the field outline to skip that narrow part too I guess, but the issue remains.

In a perverted way I'm loving this... I love to hate windows 10 + piece of shit dumbed down conzole peasant fs22. This just fuels my anger to get back into proper farming simulator game which is FS19 with Seasons and other good mods Smiley :)

But honestly, right now... I feel like fuck this, after this harvest season is done I'm going back to ArmA 3 editing and playing, at least its relaxed in the sense that I know exactly what I'm getting at, there is no broken ass scripting modz to fuck up my enjoyment.

Actually exploring large over 40km x 40km polish and german terrains sounds pretty good right about now. Or maybe I could go back to Elite Dangerous, would be nice and relaxing to explore milky way galaxy, do some very relaxing mining and such, being alone among the stars without any of the usual lame idiotic farmsim community bullshit etc.

Mmm, that indeed sounds really, really good...

2022-10-04T06:02:00Z And after herbicide spraying is done, I still need to spray / spread another layer of fertilizer, sigh Smiley :(

Purchased herbicide with the little money I have left, budget now 3.7k haha.

2022-10-04T06:10:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-28.

2022-10-04T06:13:00Z Started fertilizing F11, manually GPS.

2022-10-04T06:15:00Z Finished fertilizing F11.

2022-10-04T06:15:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-28.

2022-10-04T06:16:00Z Started fertilizing CP-21, courseplay 3x tools, bredal.

2022-10-04T06:24:00Z Finished herbicide spraying CP-27.

Refilled rubicon with liquid fertilizer on farm yard CP-24 after first overloading remaining herbicide into the herbicide buy tank.

2022-10-04T06:34:00Z Started fertilizing CP-24, courseplay, rubicon.

Same rubicon herb overload and fert refill to the second vehicle.

2022-10-04T06:38:00Z Started fertilizing CP-25, courseplay, rubicon.

Semi-truck refilled herbicide tanker trailer, then unhooked it and took liquid fertilizer tanker trailer, autodrive sent semi-truck to farm yard F11 as I need to pickup something there.

Now its interesting to see how far our existing fertilizer product will last, as said I don't recall how much I have so I'm scared I might not be able to finish all these fields. But I'm counting on the endurance of bredal's.

Semi-truck tanker trailer at farm yard F11 refilled from several liquid fertilizer tanks. Tanker now has 13.6k liters which ain't much in grand scheme of things.

2022-10-04T07:13:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-21.

2022-10-04T07:16:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-25.

2022-10-04T07:20:00Z Refilled rubicon on CP-24, this was partial fill, only got it 74% full.

2022-10-04T07:22:00Z Started fertilizing CP-27, courseplay, bredal.

2022-10-04T07:23:00Z Started fertilizing CP-28, courseplay 2x tools, bredal.

Now I'm running on fumes, tanker trailer is picking up last 2k liters from farm yard SW, then liquid fertilizer is out. Bredals are on mere few thousand liters per vehicle, its still above 10k total though, not sure how much are on the one UTTS-32000 solid fertilizer hauler tanker trailer.

Its unsure if I can finish this fertilizing round.

2022-10-04T07:27:00Z Its now apr 1st in-game 1804hrs, the disgusting SW sunset glow is so bad I cant even look at SW anymore. Night is falling quick.

Refilled tanker trailer with 2.5k liters of liquid fertilizer, this is now all I got, rubicons are in 5.7k and 4.5k liters now and I still have that massive CP-26 field to do, yeah its pretty clear that I will run out of fertilizer, for sure. I can fill in possibly with bredals driving manually with GPS, but... its not much help though.

Checked out contracts, I have plenty of seeds (I think) and there is sunflower seeding contract for about 30k on 10ha field, that might be doable if I are in such a tight squeeze. But honestly, at this point... I've done what I could and I simply ran out of money / product, so what has been fertilized is good to go for harvest season, its not end of the world if some field parts (or CP-26 as whole) is only one layer of fertilization.

On future planting seasons I'll try to keep cool million as our base product money, I just don't want to run out of product anymore, its so frustrating when you put a lot of effort to the fields but have to cut short because of money.

But anyways after this massive soybeans harvest season I doubt I have any issue with money anymore, I am utterly disappointed if I get less than 10 million money from the harvest.

2022-10-04T07:46:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-24. This rubicon has 655 liters left, so going to park it at farm yard CP-24, its not even worth to drive into the next field with that amount.

2022-10-04T07:50:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-25. This rubicon has 710 liters left.

Overloaded from rubicon two to one, now its got 1.3k liters which is not much, but maybe it could touch up some leftover spots from bredals if I get to that point.

2022-10-04T07:54:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-28.

Then put two bredal k165s who just finished into CP-27 field work course on the rear end, to help out the k105 which will soon run out of fertilizer. We'll probably get to do headland or so on CP-26 with the remaining product after CP-27 is done, but it probably wont last very far.

Last fucking passes.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-10-04T08:09:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-27.

Just below 10k total liters of solid fertilizer on two bredals.

2022-10-04T08:12:00Z Started fertilizing CP-26, courseplay 2x tools, bredal... which will run out of solid fertilizer soon. Once these two bredals run out, then I'll do one finishing pass with rubicon.

Refilled rubicon from tanker trailer, its now got 3.9k liters. Drove it to CP-26 E side waiting for bredals to run out of fertilizer, then I do what I can with the rubicon before its all over.

I'm actually not sure how many more liters per hectare you get yield when fertilizing between first and second stages, who knows maybe all this work is for "peanuts", no idea.

2022-10-04T08:44:00Z Oops forgot to write down, just stood up and went to restroom but coming back I realized its time to lunch, so ate lunch and just now finished. Burb. Bredal's endurance is amazing, these guys are still going, 2.4k and 1.9k liters status currently.

Drove fendt favorit 515c to farm yard CP-24, refilled fertilizer from parked UTTS-32000 tanker trailer, got 5.4k liters oh nice. Then started to fertilize CP-26 from the end of the field work course. With all these vehicles collecting scraps and filling in... it just might be, just barely, possible that I could finish fertilizing CP-26. This is getting exciting.

Its also very dark now, ground is pitch black dark but can still see a bit horizon, but yeah cant see shit, this is terrible way to use mapview to check where is the next pass off non fertilized field.

2022-10-04T09:08:00Z Refilled from fendt favorit 515c bredal k105 into fendt 939 vario bredal k165, got 4.4k liters.

2022-10-04T09:09:00Z Its apr 1st in-game 1946hrs and now its pitch black dark, cant see absolutely nothing but tractors lights and courseplay course waypoint lines.

2022-10-04T09:15:00Z Fendt 1050 vario bredal k165 ran out of fertilizer. Now I only have the fendt 939 vario going, she will finish the job.

Its wicked how much endurance you get from bredal k165 solid fertilizer spreader, if you want care free fertilizing operation there is no substitute. If you want fast and most efficient overall best, its still rubicon 9000.

2022-10-04T09:32:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-26. Whoah I did it, had enough product after all Smiley :)

After this massive herbicide spraying its interesting to find out if courseplay missed any spots, or lets say many spots. Should be pretty OK, even a medium size missed spot wont show up in the conzole peasant PDA mapview.

2022-10-04T09:36:00Z Saved game just in case, then it was time accelerating until soybeans harvest season Smiley :)

2022-10-04T09:48:00Z Uuuh maaan it takes a long time to time accelerate with 3 day seasons, its now aug 3rd. Almost there.

2022-10-04T09:51:00Z Its oct 1st in-game 0658hrs, soybeans harvest season has arrived. Going to take a restroom break and then start to assemble combines to CP-21 Smiley ;)

2022-10-04T09:59:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F11, manually GPS.

2022-10-04T10:03:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F11. Got 7257 liters.

2022-10-04T10:07:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-24, courseplay 4x tools.

Here I go.

Ran out of money while diesel refueling the combines, so now sent semi-truck to farm yard CP-24 to pickup UTTS-32000, fill it with diesel and then come back to CP-21 so I can refuel combines if they run out of fuel.

4 * 18.2m

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

First cut.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Courseplay, you motherfucker you! Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

I had to be sneaky, I used my grain cart tractor to BLOCK one of the combines when he was trying to ram and collide with another Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Hmm, I think this might be my last fs22 gaming session for a very very long time ... I am just so fucking had it with this bullshit windows 10 fs22 courseplay integrated gui garbage, no more, no thanks.

Going to try play as late as possible today and tomorrow, well dunno what I do but it as sure ain't piece of trash fs22.

2022-10-04T11:35:00Z Courseplay failed, lead combine started to turn like dog sniffing its own butt, went off the field and collided, get this, my diesel refuel semi-truck which just happened to be there, haha. Fuck.

And here you are thinking that "this dude is just acting like a child, overreacting to little things!" hah, you wish.

All the combines got stopped by courseplay, I had to drive them half across the field to their actual position. When I was setting this fuckers up, I was just boiling inside with anger.

2022-10-04T11:43:00Z Hmm I was thinking ... I'm going to stop playing fs22 garbage after this gaming session, it just feels right, why do something that makes you ashamed and furiously angry.

I just simply do not like windows 10 + fs22 + courseplay intergrated gui, I just fucking don't...

After writing the above, next thing I see is combines turning left and right in the field like headless chickens, awesome.

2022-10-04T12:36:00Z While driving grain cart, all I could think of all the cool things I'm going to do after this fs22 shit is over.

2022-10-04T12:46:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-24. Fucking finally.

2022-10-04T12:47:00Z Saved game and shutdown fs22, bye bitch.

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