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2022-09-25 Big Combine Harvester Arrives To The Farm

2022-09-25T18:57:00Z New farming day is starting, woke up, did morning computer chores, had no new mods or updates to download, fired up Gaming computer and took backup of FS22 savegame dirs, this savegame now has 55hrs 21min on it.

Today's farming goal... umm well, buy a new combine harvester, harvest our soybean crop and then dunno what next heh. The thing is, I have no clue what combine I should get, been thinking of downloading that john deere X9 mod from giants modhub which has the crazy 27k liter grain tank, but dunno if that harvester works with midwest durus header. So maybe I'll just play it safe and use good old claas lexion 8900.

Savegame daily start recap; jul in-game 0925hrs, budget is now 845.8k.

2022-09-25T19:02:00Z But surprisingly right off the bat my stomach was growling, I'm starving... gotta go grab days first meal right away.

2022-09-25T19:30:00Z Feeding time is over, lets farm.

Time acceleration continues while monitoring dealership sales for any combine harvesters.

Oct in-game 1258hrs it was raining earlier so time accelerated to harvest time. No combine harvester dealership sales so I'll do what I know, buy claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.5m header and be done with it.

- harvester 18k liters claas lexion 8900 configuration big and guidancesteering upgrade 511.3k
- header 18.2m midwest durus with pointed guides and color options 176.9k
- header trailer midwest durus 60ft 22.5k

2022-09-25T19:41:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 134.5k.

It is so great to have a proper harvester on the farm, no more 6m tiny girlie men header action Smiley :)

At this point I'm regretting of not expanding our field sizes or just added more in this years planting season, but oh well we'll do that right after this harvest is done. Cant wait, will probably add some big area, possibly even the whole field not sure yet.

2022-09-25T19:51:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F11, manually GPS.

Yeah buddy! Harvest season with claas lexion 8900 and midwest durus 18.2m header has begun! Smiley :D

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-25T19:56:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F11. This time yield was 7365 liters, hmm I think because I now managed to use 18.2m header to scoop up the outer edge of the field which was blocked by a farmland previously, wasnt the previous yields like 7.2k?

2022-09-25T19:58:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-19, courseplay.

Decided to start with the small grain trailers which are easier to pull with fendt 939, that demco 2200 grain cart is such a pig, I need a bigger tractor or at least a front weight and twin wheels for this 939.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Was already planning what kind of field setup I do here for the next season, simplest and easiest way would be to just delete existing CP-19 and CP-20 field outlines and create one brand new one for the whole field. Its going to be soybeans before I get through this money making phase, I am not going to do grain mill or do I even have a seed maker which could use barley or wheat, so its going to be money making soybeans year after year.

Only thing is that kinze 3665 blue drive and herbicide spraying equipment starts to get a bit small if I do this whole big field as one. But yeah well, gotta get them upgraded as soon as possible.

For next season the welger grain trailer must go, its some silly 8k liters I think, dunno why I still have that heh, it dates back to the very beginning of own harvesting hehe.

I am super excited about increasing our field sizes and getting started on next planting season, that will begin immediately after this harvest season is done and combine parked to the farm yard Smiley :)

Funny how small CP-19 and CP-20 now feels when 18.2m midwest durus is rolling down on them Smiley ;)

2022-09-25T20:26:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-19.

Felt like that field got finished really fast, dunno if its just some morning oozyness or something before getting day fully started heh.

2022-09-25T20:27:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-20, courseplay.

Taking a look at this field while harvesting, if I open the whole thing up for a soybean harvest, wonder if the current unia farm bin silo is enough for the grain I pull out of the field. Also it will take some serious time to harvest it even with claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.2m header.

If? I mean when Smiley :p

Yeah will just delete CP-19 and CP-20 courseplay outlines and do the whole field next.

2022-09-25T21:25:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-20. Aayeah buddy! Harvest season is done! Smiley :)

Then sent both fendt tractors with bredal's into the dealership for diesel fuel and fertilizer refill.

Soybeans harvest season yield was 170k, same as before, very stable production I got going on here. Exact amount was 170,050 liters.

Diesel fuel refilled fendt 939 vario for 692, then refilled solid fertilizer for 17.9k. Fendt favorit 515c diesel 221 and fertilizer 14.9k. Budget now 81.2k uuh, budget is getting low.

2022-09-25T21:39:00Z Started fertilizing big field, courseplay 2x tools. Hmm should have somehow recorded courseplay outline or tag it to get the outline name for this field, its now stupid as this farmland / field has no name at all heh, so lets just call it "big field" brilliantly Smiley ;)

Okay fertilizing the whole big farmland big field area at once Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Will be really interesting to see if this field needs a solid fertilizer refill, I don't think it does, but lets find out.

Courseplay got confused at this fields SE tip as there is badly designed narrow spot in the terrain, this has to be fixed in terrain level using design doc tweak, its a known issue but dunno how this somehow slipped into release version of PMC Super Six 6km. I now just manually helped tractor number two to get through the narrow tip and number one did it on its own.

Watching two bredal tractor fertilize this field at the back end of headland it really showed how huge field this is. Once its harvested I have so much soybeans that it will break a bank, I probably get to buy pretty much high end top of the line equipment fleet for the farm at that point. If not, at least on the second harvest that will absolutely happen.

Contracts are pretty much over in this savegame, there is just no need to do those, currently I have 170k liters of soybeans waiting to be sold which extremely roughy translates to 640k profit. Now that alone wont allow you to buy high end vehicle fleet, but put together with the next harvest from this whole field, yeah it does Smiley ;)

I'm already planning to buy next farmland lot, its the next door neighbor without a field on it that has farm yard with buildings right on the side of it. Its price is 869.9k so not that expensive either.

2022-09-25T22:02:00Z Going to do a quick chore, will let bredal spreader tractors do their thing, I have plenty of time to return before these finish, just felt like perfect time for this quick chore.

2022-09-25T22:18:00Z Back. And I should have known, vehicle collided. Well not exactly collided but courseplay stopped the leading vehicle when trailer vehicle got too close, guess to avoid collisions... and therefore made it even worse, a stuck course. Sigh.

I know configured courseplay multi tool settings convoy distance to 300m for both vehicles, should give enough room to breathe even on those odd turns etc. Lets hope so.

I really REALLY hate courseplay collisions or other "brain dead issues" which simply should not happen. But yeah, don't we all.

2022-09-25T22:36:00Z Coming now to approximately half way done fertilizing our big field. For when I get money to do upgrades; buy a new tractor to pull the third bredal, I need more fertilizing capability Smiley ;)

Seeding this field with kinze 3665 will probably take quite a while. Field this size, I would say two kinze 4905 blue drives would fit better.

I said before that I'm done with contracts... but as this own big field fertilizing takes so long time and I am utterly bored... why not take one fertilizing contract with borrowed vehicle so I had something else to watch over to as well. Yeah sure its still watching courseplay run vehicles, what difference does it make if its 1, 2 or 3, you are still sitting and watching... but uuhh dunno, I'll just want to take and make extra 100k money as nothing prevents me from doing it.

2022-09-25T22:41:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F21.

Actually I can now use my OWN bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit! I just use the borrowed tractor to pull this, refill it with my own solid fertilizer, then after contract is done all I have to do is accept the reward after returning bredal to the dealerhip Smiley :)

Refilled bredal k165 with solid fertilizer... except forgot to check how much it cost as I was typing the above paragraph Smiley :p

2022-09-25T22:50:00Z Started contract fertilizing F21, courseplay.

Here I go, plan was not to do contracts but as said, what difference does it make as our vehicles are already busy under courseplay and will be for at least so long that I get bored to death. Lets make some money while being bored Smiley ;)

2022-09-25T22:51:00Z Something went belly up with fendt favorit 515c courseplay course, the vehicle... just stopped slightly off course. I've seen this courseplay behavior several times before, seems to be a bug in courseplay that randomly does this, it usually happens on turns or kind of like nasty ends of passes so to speak.

If our farm had a vehicle of decent speed and handling, it could be now used to record autodrive routes, but nope, don't have extra vehicle to use.

You don't play chicken with bredal's! Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-25T23:18:00Z Finished fertilizing big field.

Drove bredal tractors to the dealership and refilled them up with fertilizer, k105 cost 19.9k and k165 cost 21.4k, budget now 9.4k heh getting pretty low but luckily that fertilizing contract is done soon and then I get some pocket change Smiley ;)

Drove the borrowed F21 contract tractor to the dealership just because didn't want to leave my bredal k165 behind. Umm didn't write down the exact minute contract actually finished, oh well it was couple of minutes ago heh.

2022-09-25T23:41:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F21, collected reward 94.3k. Budget now 102.3k.

Okay then it was time acceleration until soybeans high market sell price in jun. Hmm hauling that 170k liters of soybeans for sell, will probably going to use demco 2200 even though its such a pig to pull, its less trips instead of using that lousy grain trailer setup which only holds 26.5k liters (demco 77.5k). But eventually when getting some money need to buy semi-truck and wilson pacesetter grain trailer for proper hauling using autodrive.

Kind of scared already about the next planting season, first with only one kinze 3665 planter it will take a while, then two kubota xms218 sprayers, they do have good capacity but the 12km/h snail slow pace scares me to death.

Hopefully I would get a lot of money from soybean sale and had some good dealership sales for equipment I need Smiley :)

Or I could just do all fertilizing contracts and get about half a million again hehe.

2022-09-25T23:49:00Z Started fertilizing F11, manually GPS. Oops just realized forgot to do F11 heh.

2022-09-25T23:50:00Z Finished fertilizing F11.

I was tempted to take soybeans harvest contract, but the time it takes to do those is just so long, even if I brought our own midwest durus header combine to help, I am still scared it would just prolong our overall progress time wise too much. Yes sure it would be crazy good money and I could even save the extra harvest grain into our own bin for jun selling date, but still... one contract is silly 27hrs and another 11hrs duration, those dont mean nothing if I use our own combine to help but still, yup, I better skip those its just not worth the risk, it could eat half of our gaming day so lets not do it.

Oh shoot I got my season dates mixed up again, next is soybeans planting not the market selling price day, ugh. Well I got plenty of money for seeds, all I have to do is endure the waiting time for a single kinze 3665 seed that big field.

I am definitely going to run all the contracts I can while kinze is planting, wont be sitting idle for sure.

Apr in-game 0545hrs rise and shine! Today I am early, I want to get planting season started and then attacking any and all contracts I can.

Refilled kinze 3665 with last remaining seed big bags from strautmann sek 802 autoloading trailer, then sent fendt favorit 515c with the trailer to pickup some more seeds from the dealership while I started to plant soybeans into F11.

2022-09-26T00:06:00Z Started seeding soybeans F11, manually GPS.

2022-09-26T00:10:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F11.

Yikes! Look at that courseplay course for big field kinze 3665 soybeans planting Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T00:13:00Z Started seeding soybeans big field, courseplay. This field work course has 18.7k waypoints, hoho.

Purchased 8 big bags of seeds for 6.4k then 2 more for 1.6k or something. Loaded all of those to strautmann sek 802 autoloading trailer. Then sent fendt favorit 515c to F11 N where our soybeans seeding operation is running. Wonder if these 10k liters of seeds are enough for big field, hmm.

We got full board of fertilizing contracts, so what I'm going to do is to drop off strautmann sek 802 by the big field so kinze tractor can refill itself, then send favorit 515c to do these fertilizing contracts.

Oh man I am truly scared of how massive soybean harvest I'm going to cut off from that field Smiley :o

2022-09-26T00:24:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F15.

2022-09-26T00:25:00Z Started contract fertilizing F15, courseplay.

Boys are working hard at the farm Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T00:29:00Z Alarm went off for a lunch break, good timing as both tractors are working on the fields Smiley :)

2022-09-26T00:43:00Z Ran out of seeds while I was eating Smiley :)

2022-09-26T00:44:00Z Refill complete and I'm back to eating Smiley ;)

2022-09-26T00:57:00Z Feeding time is over, back to nurturing courseplay vehicles.

2022-09-26T00:59:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F15, collected reward 65.5k.

2022-09-26T01:00:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F16.

2022-09-26T01:03:00Z Started contract fertilizing F16, courseplay.

2022-09-26T01:05:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F13. This was with borrowed vehicles and F13 is on the western side of the terrain, so everything lined up just right to take this contract. I'm going to use my own bredal k165 for this.

Bredal k165 refilled for 12.6k.

2022-09-26T01:13:00Z Started contract fertilizing F13, courseplay.

Tractor horsepower statistics, massey ferguson MF 8S.245 with narrow tires and according to vehicleexplorer had 236 horsepower, when pulling full bredal k165 with extension so 18.9k liters it pulled it fine but on corners and tight turns you could feel that uh oh I am almost like on slippery ice here as the tractor tried to push / steer on the side. Tractor with narrow tires and 236hp would not be my first choice for fully laden k165 (but it can be done if youre tight on money, heck I have fendt favorit 515c with 145hp pulling k105).

2022-09-26T01:21:00Z Accepted contract cultivating F20. Heh why not? Smiley :)

Decided to take this contract as better contracts estimates duration for only 1hrs 10min and it pays 50k, so yeah why not do it while other tractors are busy doing their things. Only thing to consider would be that better contracts is buggy on my system that it only allows the default 3 contracts, so if I have super slow cultivating contract holding up for our next fertilizing one, that would not be smart farming. But I'm sure it will be fine.

At least its a change for usual routine to do some recreational cultivating Smiley :)

2022-09-26T01:27:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F13, collected reward 24.4k a bit later when drove the vehicle to the dealership.

2022-09-26T01:31:00Z Started contract cultivating F20, courseplay.

Cultivating F20, uuh yeah.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T01:38:00Z Kinze ran out of seeds.

Refill time.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T01:40:00Z Finished refilling kinze and she is back seeding.

2022-09-26T01:51:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F16, collected reward 106.8k. Bredal k105 was almost out of product so sent fendt favorit 515c to the dealership.

2022-09-26T01:52:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F24.

2022-09-26T01:55:00Z Started contract fertilizing F24, courseplay.

Hectic pace I got going on here Smiley ;)

For this F24 contract I used our own bredal k165 again as it had 16k liters of product left. McCormick tractor 183hp with narrow tires and without front weight was very flimsy when pulling this big spreader, not recommended.

Fendt favorit 515c arrived to the dealership, refilled bredal k105 for 22.1k. Then refueled diesel for the tractor even though it was not even near 50% yet, but hey while I'm at the pump.

2022-09-26T02:12:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F18. Oops forgot to write this down, so: Started contract fertilizing F18, courseplay.

This is another pretty big field, hmm wonder if 14k liters of solid fertilizer is enough. According to better contracts estimate its 11.5k so hopefully don't need to refill before finishing this.

Windows 10 sucks, FS22 sucks, yes. But having said that, you gotta love the multi core threading CPU usage in FS22, got four courseplay field work courses running of various types and performance is rock solid 60FPS. Wish I had this in FS19 Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T02:18:00Z Aaand.. kinze ran out of seeds Smiley :p

Strautmann sek 802 autoloading trailer ran out of seeds, kinze 3665 got only 57% load now.

2022-09-26T02:23:00Z Kinze is back seeding soybeans, however now it runs out again very soon and then he has nothing to refill, might have to drive him to the dealership for diesel fuel and seed refill. Dunno, we'll see when he runs out.

2022-09-26T02:24:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F24.

Drove borrowed mccormick tractor back to the dealership, then collected F24 contract reward 45.6k.

2022-09-26T02:45:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds and now, well just need to drive it to the dealership where I refuel diesel on the tractor and refill the seeder. Hopefully after this seed batch is ran out then other tractor is free to do some more seed hauling work.

Purchased 8 big bags of seeds for 6.4k.

For next year I got valuable info, one strautmann trailer is not enough seeds for our big field. Need to come up with more capable transport system or seed tender maybe. This is somewhat frustrating that tractor has to go refill itself in the middle of a field work, there should be all products by the field for quick access, these kinds of trips with a seeder to the dealership are stupid. But as said, next year I'm not going to repeat this mistake.

2022-09-26T02:51:00Z Refueled fendt 939 vario for 416, then refilled it with seeds and send her back to the big field.

This game-play pace is very enjoyable as its kind of hectic but not yet stress inducing slugfest, I really really enjoy myself farming right now, this is cool stuff Smiley :)

2022-09-26T02:55:00Z Kinze 3665 air drill just hit the field again, we're back seeding.

2022-09-26T03:00:00Z Finished contract cultivating F20, collected reward 46.1k.

2022-09-26T03:13:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F18, collected reward 136.8k.

Now fendt favorit 515c is off to get some seeds. Purchased 8 big bags of seeds for 6.4k.

2022-09-26T03:22:00Z 515c at the dealership and 10 big bags of seeds loaded to strautmann. Heading back out to the field.

Hmm I'm thinking of doing some overkill here, going to drop off this 10 seed bags to the field, then go pick up another 10 on the trailer, now 20k liters surely should last for the remaining field.

Kinze 3665 had 13% seeds left so decided to go refill it now while driving this strautmann trailer around.

2022-09-26T03:30:00Z Kinze refilled, back to seeing soybeans.

2022-09-26T03:33:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F04, F08 and F19.

Purchased 7 big bags of seeds, then loaded them to strautmann and back to the field again.

2022-09-26T03:42:00Z Started contract fertilizing F04, courseplay. Only got 3k liters of solid fertilizer in k105 so need to go refill, but thats the whole point, I was already going to refill when I took this contract, so this is just a small speed bump on my way to the dealership Smiley ;)

Thinking about this product hustle with fertilizer and seeds, its constant back and forth with the dealership. I wish there was some automated way to "order product" to your own farm yard like minnesota millennial farmer orders herbicide etc, atrippyfarmer I think orders seeds to their farm (or did he go pick it up by himself with a pickup truck, forgot already). Or simply to get larger scale transport, maybe a semi-truck with wilson pacesetter grain trailer, fill one hopper 20k liters with fertilizer and another 20k liters with seeds. Then of course you need some sort of auger system to offload it, if you used bourgault or seedhawk air drills those have the "spoon" to load stuff, but hmm yeah.

Buying these pallets or big bags is kind of boring, so many keystrokes to hit through before 8 big bags is purchased. Then the physical 3d objects of the big bags. Hmm.

2022-09-26T04:00:00Z Fendt favorit 515c bredal k105 is out of fertilizer, okay off to the shop.

Back in the day and still in FS19 PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero I'm using bsm tipper/6 loaded 70k liters of seed and then just tip-dump from it directly to bourgault air cart refilling spoon, how I understand this... is not realistic because the tipper/6 is unrealistic trailer. Welker farms use those dump trucks to haul seeds, dunno how many liters they can carry in one load, it looks like a lot in their videos but wonder how that would translate into farming simulator.

Drove favorit 515c to the dealership and refilled bredal k105 for 22.4k, then back to F04 to finish the fertilizing contract.

2022-09-26T04:10:00Z Fendt 939 vario kinze 3665 finished skip rows step of the field work course, now its "coming back" from the other end of the field filling those skipped rows. Guess besides headland now I'm half way done, or something.

2022-09-26T04:17:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F04, collected reward 55.1k.

2022-09-26T04:19:00Z Kinze ran out of seeds, another refill time.

2022-09-26T04:23:00Z Refilled, back in the right pass and seeding soybeans again.

2022-09-26T04:25:00Z Started contract fertilizing F08, courseplay.

2022-09-26T04:46:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F08, collected reward 43.9k.

2022-09-26T04:52:00Z Drove favorit 515c to the dealership and bredal k105 refill for 7.8k, then off to last contract field.

2022-09-26T05:02:00Z Started contract fertilizing F19, courseplay.

2022-09-26T05:13:00Z Kinze out of seeds, again heh.

2022-09-26T05:16:00Z Refilled kinze, now back seeding. Wonder how many more refills this guy requires. For next year I'm so going to buy another or perhaps two of the bigger kinzes or maybe even switch to bourgaults directly, who knows depends on our budget.

Have to admit, I'm slightly bored at this point, kinze has been doing its thing for what feels like eternity and bredal is on the last contract field so after this is done dunno what else can I keep myself occupied while kinze seeds. There are the silage baling contracts sure, but two are HUGE and one is the piece of shit bale fork thing I swore never to do again.

Haven't been watching twitch live streams or youtube videos, all the twitch channels sort of suck and dunno why youtube wont appeal to me right now.

Hopefully this is just temporary thing at this hour and soon after we're back in action again. Seeing how long time kinze seeds that big field, I doubt I get to harvest it tonight, hmm well start yes but finish probably not, unless I purchase another combine harvester heh.

Dunno man, maybe I'll just take one of the big silage baling contracts for fun, if its not complete by the time kinze is just cancel it, who cares, or something... well anyways my days third meal is coming up in about 20min so maybe that is a nice break.

2022-09-26T05:33:00Z Have to start my lunch break a bit early, just so bored...

2022-09-26T05:50:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F19, collected reward 92.9k.

2022-09-26T05:59:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming, lets try to focus now.

Okay shit, I don't know what else to do so I'm going to accept that silage baling contract for F10 which is right next to our borrowed farm yard. Its estimated duration is 3hrs 48min which sounds really bad, but as I said earlier I'll take it and cancel it if time wont match with kinze finishing its task. I simply don't know what the hell else I could do now, I cant stand just watching kinze driving back and forth on the field.

2022-09-26T06:02:00Z Speak of the devil, kinze ran out of seeds haha!

2022-09-26T06:04:00Z Okay kinze refilled once again and that all so familiar air drill whine keeps ringing in my ears, gotta love it.

Well before I do anything else I'll go grab TWO more loads of seeds from the dealership, I don't want to get caught with my pants down when I ran out of seeds in strautmann trailer.

Unloaded the last seed big bags to the ground from strautmann trailer and then headed over to the dealership to pick up some more.

Oh right after the last fertilizing contract finished, budget now 624.2k. Now that is pretty nice budget just by (soon) finishing a planting season, imagine what it will be when I havest & sell soybeans from that "big field" hehe.

Purchased 8 big bags of seeds for 6.4k + 2 more for 1.6k. This way I get trailer full. Yeah sure I could just buy 8 and 8 if I know I'm going to do two trips, but yeah.

Loaded 10 big bags to the trailer and off I go, to our friend Mr Kinze. Arrived there, dropped off 10 big bags and then guess what, back to the dealership, hi-ho silver! Smiley ;)

Purchased 8 big bags of seeds for 6.4k + 2 more for 1.6k.

2022-09-26T06:25:00Z Okay all seed big bags hauled to big field, uuh. Now what. Luckily kinze is on the last part of the field now, its still got plenty to go so don't hold your breath, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now I'm thinking that wont be taking that silage baling contract, I'll just wait kinze out, watch youtube or google something in the mean while.

Oh actually I'll herbicide spray F11, its a short job but keeps me busy at least a few minutes.

2022-09-26T06:30:00Z Started herbicide spraying F11, manually GPS.

2022-09-26T06:32:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F11.

2022-09-26T06:34:00Z Started fertilizing F11, manually GPS.

2022-09-26T06:35:00Z Finished fertilizing F11.

Tested big bredal k165 with extension now on fendt favorit 515c and yeah, this tractor is way underpowered for this beast of a spreader. A huge difference between k105 and this bigger one.

2022-09-26T06:48:00Z Kinze was just passing my seed refill "station" as it was only 150 liters left so I stopped it and went for a refill before it drives too far out, not that it would get very far with 150 liters but anyways.

2022-09-26T06:50:00Z And kinze is continuing its seeding operation. Not many refills left I take it, this field looks quite much done.

2022-09-26T06:57:00Z Finished seeding soybeans big field. Whoah dude, I was browsing dealership menu and when I came out kinze 3665 blue drive had finished seeding soybean! Wohoo! Smiley :)

Hooked kubota sprayer things to tractors and sent them to the dealership for a herbicide refill. Was making plans of buying two new kubota row crop tire tractors with sprayers so I would have four herbicide spraying tractors then, but dunno kind of chickening out again heh, I'm thinking courseplay would just make one stinking pile of a mess from such four tractor convoy.

But then again, doing that field with two tractors, takes so long...

Diesel refueled favorit 515c, then herbicide refilled it. Didn't write down the individual herbicide tanks I bought, it doesn't really matter in grand scheme of things.

Decided to just spray the field with these two existing tractors, maybe that is too long, dunno, but just don't feel like purchasing those new herbicide equipment now.

2022-09-26T07:16:00Z Started herbicide spraying big field, courseplay 2x tools.

Set vehicle distance in the convoy to 400m now which is the max, hopefully that avoids any turn collisions. But man how slow these sprayers are, 12km/h is dead slow heh. Budget is over half a million, wonder why I didn't buy my first rubicon already.

Did some calculations for two kubota spraying tractor (before decided not to buy them).

- tractor 168hp kubota m7 series with narrow twin wheels m7-172 engine upgrade and guidancesteering 167.5
- sprayer 7.5k liters 28m 12km/h kubota xms218 with working width and capacity upgrade 43.8k
- sprayer 5k liters (front tank) kubota xft211 with capacity xl 6.4k
217.7k * 2 == 435.4k

That setup is cheaper and slower than rubicon, but its tank capacity far exceeds rubicon, and its slighly wider but not much in grand scheme of things. Dunno if you can compare one rubicon to the above setup, hmm, they feel and are so different.

Hmm I think if you compare everything together... that is slightly better maybe, but the more you use it and larger your fields are, then rubicon still shines with its speed. Hmm.

I just cant get over that piece of shit 12km/h speed its like watching paint dry in a monastery.

Another interesting option would be the tow behind sprayer from kubota, its capacity is whopping 15k liters, but its the same 12km/h snail pace speed. Maybe the endurance would help on large fields, less refills is always good.

Seeing how slow these things go I am going to take that F10 silage baling contract just to see how far I can get with it.

2022-09-26T07:41:00Z Accepted contract silage baling F10.

Hmm took the contract and then realized they didn't give me windrower, what the fuck? Smiley :o

2022-09-26T07:51:00Z Started contract mowing grass F10, courseplay

Ah nevermind, I need no windrower, this mower already has one built in, it drops a swath.

Silage baling contract gave me claas axion 920 tractor, I'll use that to haul herbicide tanks with strautmann sek 802 autoloading trailer. Those spraying tractors are about 40% tanks left.

Unfortunately this trailer only hauls three(3) liquid tanks at once, argh. Hmm wonder if its more efficient in the grand scheme of things to just run those sprayers to the shop and back than haul only 3 tanks at the time. But I'm hoping that once sprayers run out I'll use strautmann to refill the so sprayers don't have to move as I cannot see where they already sprayed, they have to continue from the original course and exact location, so yeah... I have to haul herbicide tanks TO them Smiley :(

Mowe that grass.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T08:30:00Z Third load of herbicide tanks left the dealership, wonder if I manage that fourth load before sprayers run dry...

One really bad thing about FS22 courseplay is that in multiple tool convoy if lead vehicle runs out of product (herbicide), courseplay just shut itself off and turns of the vehicles engine, now all the follow up vehicles dont see anything in front of them and just by-passes that previously being lead vehicle. This will result in a complete shit show, especially with herbicide right after seeding where you cannot see where its already been sprayed at.

2022-09-26T08:41:00Z Lead herbicide sprayer ran out of product, luckily I was monitoring the situation and took over the trailer vehicle, so it wont by-pass the previously lead.

As just said, what a mess.

2022-09-26T08:43:00Z Second herbicide sprayer reached the first, so now stopped that and sending strautmann with 6k liters of herbicide tanks to these guys, refilling begins.

2022-09-26T08:49:00Z Lead herbicide sprayer vehicle refilled 95% so I sent him on its way while I take my time refilling the trailer vehicle.

This is the kind of "small scale fun" I was talking about and needing when returning to farmsim after a long break, however... this playing with pallets... I am not going to do this in next season, I need to big autoloading trailer which will do ONE (1) load to refill perhaps both sprayers, preferrably that 32k liter LFSM liquid tanker trailer pulled by semi-truck.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T08:56:00Z And finally the trailer or second sprayer vehicle is on its way, uuh.

2022-09-26T08:59:00Z Started baling grass F10, courseplay.

I used the same courseplay course as the mower, works good. Mower is not done yet, but its on the last few passes so I decided to start this baler already.

2022-09-26T09:00:00Z Started wrapping grass bales F10, manually driving.

2022-09-26T09:01:00Z Finished mowing grass F10.

This is fun Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

And relaxing.

2022-09-26T09:25:00Z Finished herbicide spraying big field. Finally, uuh hehe.

2022-09-26T09:31:00Z Started fertilizing big field, courseplay 2x tools.

Baling and wrapping...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T10:14:00Z Fendt favorit 515c with bredal k105 is empty, need to send it to the dealership to pickup more product.

Drove it to the dealership and refilled fertilizer, then back to the big field.

2022-09-26T10:26:00Z And k105 is back on fertilizing duty. I continue.

2022-09-26T10:33:00Z Now reached 184 bales done which is the amount I need to deliver to complete this contract, but there is still plenty of this field left so I'll keep pushing on, also because tractors are fertilizing big field, so I'm not done yet.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T10:39:00Z Hmm I have a mini goal now for tonight to finish strong; I wont go to sleep before fertilizing and silage baling contract is complete, not necessarily all bales delivered but at least baling and wrapping is done Smiley :)

2022-09-26T10:49:00Z Lead vehicle fertilizing big field just finished its work, trailer wont be far behind even though its somewhat because of the refill.

2022-09-26T11:03:00Z Finished fertilizing big field. Uuaah finally! Smiley :)

But yeah now that dumb silage baling contract is still going and I set that "mini goal" to finish it, hrr, oh well lets keep pushing on...

Also need to finish this big silage baling contract because otherwise it bothers me to the worlds end that never got to try and finish this contract.

Have to say, this contract is... big and complex, for sure. It pays good too for the trouble, better contracts estimates 163k reward total when counting the extra silage I can sell, so heh not bad.

2022-09-26T11:19:00Z Alarm went off been awake 17hrs, but no worries, I'll keep going as long as eyes stay open haha.

That vermeer bizarre looking baler has gotten stuck to bales for like 50 times in this contract, its extremely frustrating.

Looks like two more passes and baling is done, but that vermeer baler is driving me NUTS as it constantly keeps getting stuck behind a bale object, I might as well drive it myself to get it all baled faster, sigh. Dunno maybe I'm just tired as its been a long over 17hrs day already, this contract will be finished tonight.

2022-09-26T11:46:00Z Finished baling grass F10. Aah finally this dumb baler finished, awesome.

I already sent fendt 939 vario to pickup the bale loading trailer from the dealership, saving that time once I've done wrapping grass bales.

Last bale wrap! Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T11:48:00Z Finished wrapping grass bales F10.

Exactly 300 bales, oh wow.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Then actually had to wait a bit for 939 to arrive with the bale collecting trailer. I still got some energy left and a lot of motivation so I'm going to start collecting bales and delivering them to the animal dealer, lets see how many of these 300 I can manage tonight before I snooze off. Would be glorious to get all of them done Smiley ;)

2022-09-26T11:51:00Z Claas axion 920 hooked up to the bale loading trailer, lets get this contract done, finish tonight with a victory.

This is 24 bale loader.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

First trailer full collected, lets take them to the animal dealer.

2022-09-26T12:00:00Z First load delivered to animal dealer, said very low like less than 10% transported. Okay wont be doing play-by-play, just mentioning if something important happens.

2022-09-26T12:39:00Z Okay I'm dead tired, cant keep eyes open, in full zombi mode... I have to call it a night here, there is still endless ocean of white silage bales in the field, no way no how I would be able to stay awake to collect them all. Tired.. gotta get some sleep... saved game and shutdown FS22, nites.

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