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2023-01-27 Fertilizer And Herbicide Spraying

2023-01-27T09:22:00Z New farming day has started, wont go into details for privacy reasons but I had to wake up too early, slept only just over 4hrs, did morning computer chores not completely but just checked PMC forums and such, did not eat days first meal yet, now ready to launch Start From Zero again.

This savegame has now 175hrs 26min on it.

Don't remember this detail from last night but my fields-todo list shows F52 needs herbicide so I trust the list.

2023-01-27T09:29:00Z Started herbicide spraying F52, courseplay, ETA 5min. Well five minute courseplay field work course is not much, nice quick start for the day.

While that is running I'm already sending another rubicon to unload herbicide and go grab some fertilizer because now my operation switches. Its interesting to see which fields I can spray right away and which need a field stage switch. Wont matter much though, with courseplay and rubicon 9000 narrow wheels, there is all the time in the world to fertilize before these fields are ready to harvest.

2023-01-27T09:36:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F52.

Refilled one of the rubicons from farm yard SW aka F43 W meridian liquid fertilizer tank.

2023-01-27T09:50:00Z Started fertilizing F12, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 13min.

Had to simply mute twitch live stream I was listening to as I wont remember to turn it on/off between OBS video recordings, I already did this fertilizing of F12 beginning two video captures with reclininggamers voice on the videos which I now have to delete heh. Oh well what can you do when not having a sound mixer to solve such audio channel issue.


Good start for a day, two rubicons attacking field with fertilizer, getting it done. While rubicons were doing their thing I cleaned up fields-todo list to actual field work left, was happily surprised that most fields were already fertilized, this part will be a short end for the soybeans planting season, there was only F12 which I'm doing now and F54 which needed full field coverage stage of fertilizer, rest were good, only F19 needed some manual driving on the edges.

And courseplay failed second rubicon on the turn... JUST when I had a happy good morning farming feeling... unbelievable Smiley :(

And my PMC DevSurf network drive is full, cannot robocopy move OBS captured MP4 files there, hehe this morning just keeps getting better and better Smiley ;)

2023-01-27T10:08:00Z Finished fertilizing F12.

And now its my days first meal break, gotta get some food to get this day started...

2023-01-27T10:40:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing our own fields.

Had an autodrive target point issue on the dealership refill point, created another target point which fixed it, now UTTS-32000 liquid fertilizer tanker trailer is full again and on its way to err umm what was the field number. Refilled both rubicons at farm yard F43 W.

2023-01-27T10:55:00Z Started fertilizing F52. This was edges only, so drove it manually.

2023-01-27T10:57:00Z Finished fertilizing F52. Oh my this fertilizing was almost worthless, just a tiny sliver of field got fertilized but because it was done with rubicon 9000 48.5m width and N and S sides were trees, you could not really use the manual boom width feature.

2023-01-27T10:59:00Z Started fertilizing F51. This was edges only, so drove it manually.

2023-01-27T11:04:00Z Finished fertilizing F51.

2023-01-27T11:06:00Z Started fertilizing F54, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 8min.

While rubicons were spraying I manually drove first versatile 4wd 620 with bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill and 71300 air cart into farm yard F39 S. Its now parked for remaining of this season.

Ugh forgot to write down this timestamp; Finished fertilizing F54.

Sent rubicons to F18 N and drove second bourgault air drill to farm yard F39 S, saved game and then it was time to check whats up with PMC DevSurf network drive as robocopy says its full...

2023-01-27T11:26:00Z Started fertilizing F19. This was edges only, so drove it manually.

2023-01-27T11:37:00Z Finished fertilizing F19.

2023-01-27T11:47:00Z Started fertilizing F17. This was edges only, so drove it manually.

2023-01-27T11:54:00Z Finished fertilizing F17.

That is it, soybeans planting season is a wrap! All work has been done, all fields are 100% fertilized and herbicide sprayed, nothing more to do than time accelerating until harvest season begins. Uuh yeah! Smiley :)

Autodrive sent rubicons to farm yard F39 S. While waiting was browsing fields-todo list for the harvest season... man, its a scary long list of harvesting just on this text file... cannot imagine how many gaming hours it takes to harvest all those fields. In the upcoming harvest I'm going to try courseplay for combines and autodrive for semi-trucks and grain carts. Although I don't have four grain carts but at least if two fields go well then I could always buy two more grain carts. Would be kind of cool to see four different fields being harvested with a single combine on the field supported by autodrive driven grain cart and a semi-trucks.

2023-01-27T12:06:00Z All field work done for soybeans planting season and all the vehicles have been parked to farm yards. I'm ready for time acceleration and hoping no weeds pop up on any of our fields, should not be a problem but you never know what courseplay have missed.

Looks like courseplay left its usual turn corner patches, nothing out of the ordinary.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Growing Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

A lot of soybeans...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

And more soybeans ...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

While time accelerating, I went to the SE corner and started to walk towards farm yard F39 S along my fields using the three time walking speed, it was just so relaxing and enjoyable to walk among those growing fields Smiley :)

My grave concern is farm grain bin silo capacity, oh I do have the capacity, more than enough with those meridian flat bottom bin 3608s and 3609s, millions and millions of liters... but they are as this story has already painfully told you previously, auger pipe operated which is not working with autodrive Smiley :(

I am eyeballing AGI pack flat bottom bin + neco dryer for 220k which has capacity of 5.432m liters. Biggest giants default option is nuero NL16-22-16000 for 1.245m which has capacity of 16m liters. These are the drive through traditional farmsim grain bins which is no problem for autodrive.

While time accelerating and waiting, I just love to stand here on growing soybeans field with the nice PMC Super Six 6km landscape view in front of me, that's farm yard F39 S on the right Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Was thinking would it work if I was handling the grain unloading at the farm yard while autodrive and courseplay would handle everything else... it still doesn't change the horrible amount of work required to fiddle with semi-truck grain trailers, one trailer is 40k liters and last harvest was 4 MILLION liters... so its hours and hours of stupid kidz games with the grain trailers, yeah how about a hard NO. I have to buy those traditional drive through style big farm grain bin silos so harvest operation is automated.

I just witnessed field stage switch going through field definition corner pieces one by one, every time I updated mapview by changing between growth and soil composition tabs it updated, one by one, very slowly considering this is medium size 6.1km terrain. So there you have it folks, do not create huge number of field definition corner pieces because then you get this kind of long "lag" effect when field stages are updating. I mean FS19/FS22 is nothing as bad as FS17 was where field stages changed when you were still field working it, like seeding a field and one part of the field already starts to grow while you are not even finished. But yeah field definitions should have 1 or as few corner pieces as possible. This shows how crappy and unusable the german sausage eaters lsd mod companys field definitions bitmap script is which creates ridiculous 800 corner pieces per field haha!

Sep 3rd in-game 0937hrs soybeans are growing but I wanted to drive around with pickup truck to check out some semi-truck grain trailer loading points for autodrive network. Not sure if those can be done while crops are growing that do you need to have field headland already done for some loop turning points etc, dunno. But at least I could put in some target points, maybe.

As I thought, I just cant get into the harvest mindset driving a pickup truck along still growing fields, I need to create the final semi-truck grain loading points when combines are actually hitting the field.

Took semi-truck and hooked it up to diesel fuel UTTS-32000 tanker trailer at farm yard F39 S, then sent it to F41 E where my claas lexion 8900 combines are still parked from the last harvest season, lets refuel them up so they are good to go for the first field when the time comes.

Tried to google "autodrive meridian flat bottom bin" and "autodrive auger" but nothing, there are no info how to setup autodrive without knocking auger pipe off alignment when unloading to a grain bin silo like 3608 or 3609, there is just no info, nobody knows, possibly because it cannot be done, I guess.

Guys are good to go Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T13:55:00Z Oct 1st in-game 0737hrs soybeans harvest season has begun! Smiley :D

First I'm going to harvest is F12 using two combines and autodrive driven grain cart, I did harvest with autodrive several times in my other Start From Zero savegames but this is my first time using grain cart, I'm not sure how to do the waypoints from grain cart tractor to the semi-truck which does the long hauling.

2023-01-27T13:57:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F12, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 1hrs something-min.

So I recorded crappy autodrive waypoint route for grain cart, set a target point so it can unload into waiting semi-truck grain trailers, then tried to run the autodrive on grain cart but that did not work because my target point which was synced with combines were F12 W where the semi-trucks were waiting, I got a collision. Then I drove grain cart tractor to the field itself and hit PLAY, then it worked, it started to go after the combines, it unloaded second combine a little bit then went to the lead one, these combines were full and stopped at the time.

After that combines started to cut again and soon after grain cart went chasing them, started to unload second combine on the fly. So far so good.

Autodrive unloading combine to a grain cart Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T14:26:00Z Grain cart collided with combine harvester, uuh this gives me the FS19 courseplay overloader mode creeps Smiley :(

But in all fairness, maybe it was not designed to work with two combines, dunno. It might defeat the purpose if you only used one harvester and grain cart per field, not sure, might need some extensive testing on multiple fields at the same time...

2023-01-27T14:41:00Z So far that I've witnessed close to four combine unloads to grain cart, my feelings are that yes TECHNICALLY autodrive does know how to unload a combine to a grain cart of grain trailer (type doesnt matter), but at the end of the day putting 4 * biggest combines to a field and you driving two grain carts at the same time is the best option, OVERALL across the years since FS17, the best option.

If you have a lot of time and don't mind waiting, just put one combine, one grain trailer into a field and autodrive will handle itself pretty nicely, on my previous tests I had no issues on I think two or three contract harvests. But you simply cannot trust a grain cart not to collide when 2 or more combines are on the field.

And currently I still haven't figured out how to make grain cart auger wagon to unload into waiting semi-truck grain trailer, not sure where to put the waypoint target point.

2023-01-27T14:47:00Z Switched back to good old manual auger wagon driving, its just works...

2023-01-27T15:28:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F12.

Well first one down, too many left! Smiley :)

Yeah back to the roots, 4 * 18.2m headers cutting the field and me driving grain cart manually, its the best way.

2023-01-27T15:32:00Z Unloaded grain cart, saved game and now its my lunch break...

2023-01-27T15:52:00Z Feeding time is over, lets go find some soybeans to harvest.

Brought in two more semi-trucks to haul grain, one with wilson pacesetter and another lodeking super-b or whatever its name was. Should be able to keep up with four lexion 8900s. Also the super-b will haul to farm bin silo 1 which is by F11 and had more capacity.

2023-01-27T16:05:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F54, courseplay 4x tools, forgot to write ETA down, at midway through headland it was 22min.

Yeah buddy! Smiley :D

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T16:37:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F54.

This field went pretty well and quick, it was not that large.

2023-01-27T16:55:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F20, courseplay 4x tools, ETA 35min.

Auger not fitting?

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T17:32:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F20.

2023-01-27T17:37:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F52, courseplay, ETA 35min. Decided to do this with a single harvester, this is such a small field, but oh well ETA was just over half an hour.

2023-01-27T17:38:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F51, courseplay 3x tools, ETA 31min.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T18:14:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F51.

2023-01-27T18:14:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F52.

Not sure when these finished, I was in the head Smiley :)

2023-01-27T18:35:00Z Had a big diesel fuel refuel operation, all vehicles are now topped up.

2023-01-27T18:37:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F38, courseplay 4x tools, ETA 2hrs 21min.

First unload of this field.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-27T19:20:00Z Farm yard F39 S grain bin silo came full (800k liters), purchased couple silo extensions, capacity now 1.550m liters, that should last a moment.

2023-01-27T20:05:00Z Courseplay fucked up, 3 combines traffic jam Smiley :(

Win10 + fs22 + courseplay-gui is garbage, that will never change. But in this case got to admit that this field shape was really difficult to generate working field work course. End result is still the same, players extreme frustration, not sure how many guys can avoid rage quitting in situations like this.

2023-01-27T20:38:00Z Saved game and now its my lunch break, harvest of F38 is underway but... nutrition comes first, I gotta eat...

2023-01-27T21:08:00Z Feeding time is over, lets finish F38 soybeans harvest. Oh geez, courseplay kept combines running full throttle all this time, hehe, oh well. Hmm I think only the lead vehicle shut off engine during waiting.

2023-01-27T21:15:00Z Still got about 4hrs 45min left on my 17hrs been awake alarm, this field is getting done somewhat soon, it will take a moment but not terribly thick chunks left anymore, so after that... dunno if I go for the next field or call it a night, not sure why but later part of today (was it from the courseplay collision?) been feeling like "blah" on this gaming farming session. Guess I have played a lot, well all day today without even fully finishing morning chores and yesterday was hmm was it full day too, cant remember this stuff is already one big blurr, I feel like endless time has been spent on PMC Super Six 6km now, even though its not heh. Anyways, just wondering what happens when this field is finished.

While writing the above paragraph, courseplay took harvesters to some bizarre joyride on the NE tip of F38, was looking at that and just had to roll my eyes that what he hell dude... Smiley :rolleyes:

Hmm my best guess based on past experience is that these vehicles are now in the wrong part of the course, they skipped a big part of the field on the middle, maybe... we'll see after they continue.

Watching those combines zig zagging like headless chickens reminded me of The Benny Hill Show, a very funny tv show but I don't want my fs22 courseplay vehicles to imitate it...

2023-01-27T21:27:00Z Aborted this fucking mickey mouse show, going to take a lead combine to the southern part with soybeans still on the field and start him there again.

Seeing how shitty courseplay is with irregular shape fields, I will NEVER create these fs22 style terrains with distorted road grids, never.

2023-01-27T21:35:00Z All combine harvesters are back on the field work course, fourth vehicles waypoint is 1735/2674.

2023-01-27T21:52:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F38. Finally. Now I'm going to take a stretching my legs break and visit the head too, trying to decide if I still keep going for the last part of today or shall I call it and just watch tv, do computer chores, catch up, for the rest of the night... hmm...

2023-01-27T22:02:00Z Yep decided to call it a night, if you have to think if you want to farm some more the answer is no you don't want to, so here I go. I'm in fairly good mood but I bet if I would press on tonight it would end up with foul mood, so better to quit now while I'm ahead. Maybe tomorrow I could continue with new enthusiasm. Need to sort out editing computer HDD space so can copy today's captured videos which is 32.4gb in total. Saved game and shutdown fs22, later.

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