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2022-09-23 Millionaire And Over 17 Hour Farming Session

2022-09-23T16:12:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up and did morning computer chores but did not eat yet, gotta get into farming first and wet my apetite heh. This savegame now has 23hrs 21min on it. Installed new mod called FS22 New Moon, it makes moon basically disappear which is great, what is not so great is that this mod adds two (2) lines to F1 menu which is a big no no.

Alright today... well I just want to make some progress, and I do that by making money. I have one about 7k soybeans grain trailer waiting for the high selling price and plenty of contracts through out the year. So I'm going to send our fendt favorit 515c to take the first fertilizing contract with bredal k105 and I'll manually do the smallest hay baling contract, just so that I get some action, get the juices flowing so to speak Smiley :)

But yeah tonight when I end this farming day dead tired eyes sore, I really hope I have increased 304.1k budget and our vehicle fleet and land ownership quite a lot. That is a big ask, but hey gotta have them dreams baby Smiley ;)

2022-09-23T16:24:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F15.

Autodrive sent fendt favorit 515c to the dealership (before realizing F15 is right next to us), so at the dealership refilled solid fertilizer to bredal k105, then headed out to F04 W which is just a road away from F15.

Driving to contract field now pulling that K105 I'm thinking that hmm I really need bredal k165 and some not necessarily powerful but balanced horsepower tractor to pull it, ideally I'd like to have two k165's ready to go as that would give that speed and flexibility on fertilizing contracts.

2022-09-23T16:37:00Z Courseplay did not generate course to F15 as it did not find it, log said:

2022-09-23 16:36 :50 [info lp83905] Scanning field 0 on PMC Super Six 6km, prefer custom fields true

Tested F04 which I know for a fact to be working and nope, same thing, so latest update on courseplay broke it. So saved game and shutdown FS22 to restore previous courseplay version.

2022-09-23T16:42:00Z And courseplay previous version works fine, hoh.

2022-09-23T16:43:00Z Started contract fertilizing F15, courseplay.

And now its my days first meal time...

2022-09-23T17:11:00Z Feeding time is over, back to making some money in PMC Super Six 6km. Plan was to take a baling or harvest contract, to really keep hammering these contracts now to make money, but F15 fertilizing was so close to finish that I'll let it run its course (no pun intended) before moving onto the next one.

I would like to do some own land farming, but with the 3m seeder and 6m combine its going to take DAYS before I get any real progress, one harvest year gives us 27k profit minus fertilize, herbicide and seed cost, so yeah its not much.

I don't necessarily "hate doing contracts" but I have done millions of them in the recent years so I would really want to focus on our own fields farming, for example I am absolutely sick of the single or simple field definitions with contract work, not saying it would be different if field definitions would be detailed, its just the same old song and dance with contract fields, for once I would like to farm my own land.

Enough said I hope Smiley ;)

2022-09-23T17:17:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F15, collected reward 65.5k.

2022-09-23T17:19:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F05 and F01. Okay so these two contracts pay over 100k and 200k, this is serious money we're talking here, but these will take probably two three hours to do, dunno how many bredal k105 refills.

On these both contracts, like its more commonly seen in new better contracts mod, borrowed vehicles have been either manure or slurry spreaders which are useless.

2022-09-23T17:28:00Z Started contract fertilizing F01, courseplay.

And now I'm going to take one of the baling contracts to pass the time because F01 courseplay course was about 9k waypoints, it is going to take a long while to finish.

2022-09-23T17:29:00Z Accepted contract baling hay F07.

Picked up the mower and one of the bale forks, then autodrive sent tractor to F07. This way when I do mower and tedder pickups I can already haul bale forks there one by one in tractors front attachments, saves me one trip to the dealership once baling is done. Its quite long drive from the dealership to F07.

2022-09-23T17:40:00Z Arrived at F07, ready to start rocking I mean mowing.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

My first time using these new vermeer DLC vehicles. Windrower did bug out in dealership yard, it got stuck in the ground and needed sever fiddling to unstuck, bad sign.

2022-09-23T17:42:00Z Started contract mowing grass F07, manually driving.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T17:49:00Z Finished mowing grass F07. Then back to the dealership to pickup the next piece of equipment.

2022-09-23T18:11:00Z Started tedding grass F07, manually GPS.

For this task I used GPS. It was now thunderstorm and raining, guess tedding hay is immune for moisture in FS22 Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T18:18:00Z Finished tedding grass F07.

Went back to the dealership and picked up windrower, it was long way there and back again. All the joys of medium size 6.1km terrain, guess I'm thankful this is not larger Smiley :)

2022-09-23T18:36:00Z Started windrowing hay F07, manually GPS.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T18:44:00Z Finished windrowing hay F07. And then back to the dealership to pickup baler.

2022-09-23T18:57:00Z Fendt favorit 515c bredal k105 was empty, refill time!

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k times two.

2022-09-23T19:01:00Z All done, bredal k105 is back spreading its fertile pellets.

2022-09-23T19:03:00Z Started baling hay F07, manually driving.


Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

All done.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T19:14:00Z Finished baling hay F07. Then I had a dilemma, shall I drive to the other side of the terrain by F11 and pickup strautmann sek 802 autoloading trailer so I can save time while hauling 6 bales at one go to the animal dealer, or should I just use the idiotic annoying bale forks and haul 4 at the time, hmm hmm. If I only knew from experience how many more minutes such choices would save.

Oh well bale forks are right here, I'll use those now.

2022-09-23T19:21:00Z First four bales on their way to the animal dealer. At this point I have to say that as this hay baling contract is paying 33.4k according to better contracts estimate, it is definitely not worth the time and effort it takes to get it done. Baling is fun and relaxing activity, so do all the HAY baling contracts you want for FUN, but if you're doing them for money you're doing it wrong. Now if a baling contract is for SILAGE, then reward is much higher and the amount you get from the extra bales is as well, so I need to re-evaluate this statement with silage baling contracts. But for hay, just don't do hay contracts, they are waste of time.

2022-09-23T19:31:00Z Arrived at animal dealer, recorded autodrive route and target for it. Delivered these 4 bales and according to better contracts I still have ten (10) bales to deliver, hmm probably should have gone to pickup the strautmann sek 802 autoloading trailer heh. OK next time Smiley :)

2022-09-23T19:38:00Z Piece of shit courseplay bugged out, fendt favorit 515c bredal k105 stopped after traveling to random direction a bit. Beautiful. Why doesn't these automation tools automate, whats the point of using them if they do not work? Smiley :(

2022-09-23T19:46:00Z Four bales collected to forks, autodrive sent tractor back to animal dealer again.

2022-09-23T20:00:00Z Finally arrived to animal dealer, unloaded four bales, contract says 63% transported now.

And here I'll take a short break to stretch my legs a bit.

2022-09-23T20:49:00Z Back, lets continue hauling those bales to animal dealer. Short break took a bit longer than I planned, had a quick chore by one of the linux machines.

2022-09-23T20:50:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F01, collected reward 354.4k. Yikes that is some hefty contract reward Smiley :)

2022-09-23T20:53:00Z Another set of four bales picked with the bale forks, and let me tell ya... this will be the last time I'm ever going to take a bale fork using contract, those fucking things are so bad its sucks giraffe cock. If you are even a micro millimeter off the fucking bale will move/flip and you have to reposition tractor to a new angle, it absolutely sucks ass. No more, never. There are plenty of other contracts to do than bale fork using baling contracts.

Refill time while our baling borrowed tractor is rolling by.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k times two.

2022-09-23T21:03:00Z Dropped off 4 bales in animal dealer, contract is now... umm err was it 93% or something complete, sent tractor back to F07 once again, hopefully last time now.

When fendt favorit 515c bredal k105 was refilled up to the gills I sent it to F01 SW with autodrive which is as close to F05 as I can get with my current routes and targets.

2022-09-23T21:10:00Z Started contract fertilizing F05, courseplay. Better contracts shows approximate fertilizer usage 20k liters, I have 14k liters in bredal k105, lets see if I have to refill and how soon.

Yeah man, valuable lessons learned today; never ever take GRASS / HAY baling contracts they don't pay shit, always go for the SILAGE contracts. Don't take small baling contracts with bale forks as those forks are made by SATAN and he stabs you in the eyes with the forks repeatedly if you use them Smiley :)

Larger silage baling contracts with bale collector trailers or maybe even your own autoloading trailers are just fine.

When I say "never" its easy to dismiss when returning to FS22 after many months of break and you just want to do some small scale farming fun, those elmcreek alike tiny hay baling contracts "wont look that bad..." heh, but stay strong brother, don't take the shit non silage bale fork using contracts, you'll regret it.

2022-09-23T21:16:00Z Another 4 bales heading to animal dealer and unfortunately there is STILL one more set of 4 bales waiting, honestly not sure if I want to endure that bale crap through to go pick them up, but maybe I will because I'd hate to leave them just laying on the field for years in-game time. Lets finish this crap contract and never ever again take small non silage bale fork using ones, ya hear? Smiley :)

Oh and our budget, its now 661.6k whoah, how did tha thappen!? hehe. Well its the juicy fertilizing contracts, particularly that one which gave massive 350k reward, such payouts sure nudge your balance around heh. Its crazy to think that one such contract pays a large horsepower tractor, from top of my head I'd say you can get what 300-400hp tractor with such money. Very very nice.

So now that I have established that I wont be wasting my precious time with piece of shit hay baling contracts anymore, my focus will be on harvest contracts along side the usual fertilizing ones. Would be so nice to buy a better combine and tractor to pull our sale bought demco 2200 grain cart and do those big harvest contracts. But usually the big ones are SO big that I'd need two combines and for that I don't have enough money yet.

Also the inbalance would start to show, our own land farming operation is with tiny vehicles and if this contractor company side of our farm grows into insane big harvesters type of thing, then heh I'm back just doing big contracts and can leap over any gradual progress in our own land farming. If you quickly get lets say 1 million, whats the point of buying some medium size lets say 6m seeder for example when you can directly go to those mega bourgault air drills...

Anyways, we'll continue one contract at the time, but make no mistake, I'm growing and making money now, no more messing around with 3m seeders...

2022-09-23T21:25:00Z Arrived at animal dealer. Dropped off 4 bales, contract finished and I got something like 2-2.5k reward. I am not sure if the remaining hay bales are worth the drive back and forth... but man I do hate leaving them on the field so lets go grab them, finish this hay shit once and for all.

Rain has ended, didn't even notice.

Ready to start picking the last bale fork bales in my farming simulator life, mark my fucking words.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

That's it, I'm done, never again will I use these stupid fucking useless piece of shit bale forks! Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Experimented with contracts cancelling, I took both of the hay baling contracts then cancelled them and refreshed contracts so they appeared again. Had to do that couple of times but sure enough now they are as silage bales and much larger "profit from harvest" as its silage.

So this is today's tip and lesson to be documented if you get shit hay baling contracts, accept, cancel and refresh them until silage baling contracts appear.

Fertilizing contracts with v1.2.0.4 or whatever the today's version of better contracts mod is, offers very little rubicon vehicles and bredal k165s dont have 6m spreading unit, so do the contracts what you need to get budget over 88.5k so you can buy your own bredal k165, its just the most efficient way doing fertilizing contracts before you jump into big boys league with rubicon 9000 fleet.

2022-09-23T21:51:00Z Arrived at animal dealer and dumped the last four bales, got about 1.4-1.5k per bale or was it front/back side, hmph. Finished contract baling hay F07, collected reward 32.2k.

And now FINALLY am I SO fucking done with HAY baling contracts with bale forks. Now I am happy Smiley :)

Budget now 699.7k oh my.

2022-09-23T21:55:00Z Was about to proceed with further contracts work, but alarm went off just when I needed it, now is my lunch break...

2022-09-23T22:19:00Z Feeding time is over, lets get back to contracts, shall we.

2022-09-23T22:31:00Z Bredal k105 is out of fertilizer, off to the dealership. Contract is 97% complete, wow so close but still had to come to the dealership for another refill. This could have been avoided with bigger bredal k165, I think its time for an upgrade Smiley ;)

2022-09-23T22:37:00Z Arrived to the dealership. Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k.

Refilled bredal k105 with solid fertilizer. Now I'm good to go again, back to F05.

2022-09-23T22:42:00Z Back at F05 and fertilizer is being spread again. Wont be long now before this contract is done.

2022-09-23T22:44:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F05, collected reward 187.5k.

All contracts done, budget now 872.7k, great balls of fire! Smiley :o

2022-09-23T22:48:00Z Drove to the dealership diesel was running low on fendt favorit 515c so I topped it up from the fuel pump. Then refilled bredal k105 and now I'm all good to go again.

Saved game and time accelerated until nov in-game 0951hrs, and now need to take a restroom break.

2022-09-23T22:59:00Z Back and I'm good to go for a long time now, lets make some money and grow our farm.

Dealership has kinze 3665 blue drive on sale for -63% off, that again sounds so good but don't have tractor to pull it and I am not an expert would the bigger kinze be better hmm. This one requires 300hp and I am actually planning on buying such tractor to pull bredal k165 so hmm they would match nicely. Hmm hmm.

Since I just recently spoke about how hard it is for me to make decision, so fuck it lets make one now, lets buy this so I can regret later and learn from it, right? Smiley :D

- seeder 3.8k liters 12m 18km/h kinze 3665 blue drive 139.5k, but on sale for -63% off so 51.5k.
- tractor 385hp fendt 939 vario with engine ugrade wide tires and guidancesteering 341.5k
- spreader 18m 18km/h 18.9k liters bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 88.5k

Purchased the above, budget now 390.9k.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k times two.

2022-09-23T23:12:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F18. And right away to celebrate our new fertilizing tractor and spreader, I got a nice juicy contract Smiley :)

2022-09-23T23:14:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F15.

Boys heading out to make some money Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T23:25:00Z Started contract fertilizing F18, courseplay.

2022-09-23T23:27:00Z Started contract fertilizing F15, courseplay.

Now I'm rocking, two bredal's rolling down the fields Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T23:32:00Z Accepted contract harvesting soybeans F17.

So I have been fantasizing about taking one of these harvest contracts which have been regularly appearing, now I finally did it. There was two other soybeans ones but those estimated durations were above 3hrs and 16hrs so decided not to take them Smiley :)

F17 is located at terrains SE tip, far away but still right in the F11 neighborhood.

Its very interesting to learn how long this soybeans harvest contract lasts, field is 34.4ha so decent size. Obviously those fertilizing contracts finish earlier, hopefully I could find some more by the time those tractors free up.

Harvest contract convoy driving towards SE where F17 is.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

This is my first time with kubota DLC tractor as well.

2022-09-23T23:50:00Z Started contract harvesting soybeans F17, courseplay.

Lets cut some soybeans Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-23T23:59:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F15, collected reward 65.5k.

2022-09-24T00:08:00Z Purchased iconik solid fertilizer refill station for 7.5k, placed it to the dealership yard.

Refilled bredal k105 for 8.4k.

2022-09-24T00:18:00Z First grain trailer unloading into PMC Sell 12 which is the delivery selling point.

Back to unloading the combine.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

And our fendt 939 vario with bredal k165 is almost done fertilizing F15.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-24T00:28:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F18, collected reward 136.8k.

Fendt 939 vario with bredal k165 was at the dealership, refilled it for 20.4k. Unhooked bredal and hooked demco 2200 dual auger grain cart, then sent the tractor to F17 N. I need this beast demco grain cart on that field with the soybeans harvest contract.

2022-09-24T00:40:00Z Second grain trailer unload from harvest contract to PMC Sell 12.

Demco 2200 has arrived.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Fendt 939 vario pulled that empty demco 2200 grain cart pretty easily, now lets see what happens when I dump bunch of grain in it Smiley :)

2022-09-24T00:56:00Z Only have 32k liters in it now and you really start to feel the weight, not sure if the tractor needs twin wheels and front weight, or is it simply an horsepower issue because steering "pushes" (dunno whats the proper english term, understeer maybe) and well yeah just feels so underpowered. Guess cart like this needs well over 400hp like fendt 1050 vario or similar.

2022-09-24T01:11:00Z Got 79% in demco, going to dump it.

2022-09-24T01:14:00Z Dumped into PMC Sell 12 delivery / selling point, said transport 49% complete.

Its funny to think that field like F17 were harvesting now for contract, is so big that one yield-bonus 95% soybeans harvest would be worth ... dunno hundreds of thousands for sure, not sure if it would top one million, maybe. This is now my second demco 2200 grain cart load filling up and there is still at least 30-40% of the field left to harvest.

Oh looks like AI did pretty good job, yield-bonus 98% on this one.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

My point being that it might be worth to invest into a big field very soon and then go back to low budget sort of while saving money and doing contracts until you get efficient vehicles to harvest the big field. You could only harvest small part of the field using 3m seeder and topliner 6m combine, a big field doesn't require by law that you absolutely must use all of it, courseplay outline is easy to do for a field the size which will match your equipment and mostly patience. Of course you can harvest 100ha field with 6m combine, but you would be pretty crazy haha.

A big soybeans field beats ANY contract out there, hands down Smiley :)

As said, hmm yeah that sounds like a pretty good idea now that I have hundreds of thousands budget, buy a big land / field and start to slowly work on it while building your proper big vehicle fleet.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Working your own land is always the best.

2022-09-24T01:50:00Z Demco 2200 is 92% full at the end of lands-row, okay lets haul it for sale.

Contract shows 74% transported.

Combine was 84% full when I got to it, plenty of time Smiley ;)

2022-09-24T02:02:00Z Was ALT-TABbed while driving grain cart using GPS, there was plenty of field left but when I tabbed back into the game... well I'm sure you guess by now, grain cart was at terrain edge and fendt 939 vario was hanging "off the map" haha.

Well not really "ha-ha" so much, pissed me off to do such idotic mistake, never ever ALT-TAB if you are moving with GPS (on a terrain without edge geometry blocks in place). Lets not repeat that mistake ever again.

Was really lucky that the contract crop grain cart did not fall off the terrain, that would have been a bummer.

Then I just used fendt 939 vario to push grain cart straight, hooked it up and off I go again. Best part was that this mistake didn't even cost any combine downtime Smiley ;)

My office.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Been driving in-cab a lot not, dunno why I just enjoy it so much, usually my farmsim gaming is zoomed out 3rd person view running under courseplay. Sure even now when autodrive route running and courseplay field work course, so I do use those, but almost always I switch into cab view where I don't absolutely need 3rd person view (like hmm some situations with hooking up equipment or similar).

Just out of curiosity I checked how much the land lot with F17 (which I'm harvesting now) costs and I was shocked to see how cheap it was, only 380k! Whoah dude, I could SO buy that price range field.

Of course I wont be buying these AI field definition lands / fields because I want to build my farm on those non AI lands which get no contracts, this way I can maximize my crop harvests by myself and for money or boredom do contracts, well heh perhaps not boredom but you get the idea.

I believe thats the power of these terrains with no field definitions other than few selected fields.

Once this soybeans harvest contract has been completely transported into PMC Sell 12 and I start to receive money to my own pocket, then I need to STOP dumping, try to fill in grain cart as much as possible from the remaining harvest, hopefully remaining field would fit into the cart at that time. Then I would save the grain and once regular highest market price for soybeans day arrives, I take my own grain and this contract grain for sell getting the max profits.

Hopefully I can manage all the remaining grain in demco 2200, it was what, 74% transported on last dump and now as I'm typing this cart is 79% full and still plenty to harvest on the field.

2022-09-24T02:32:00Z Grain cart full, alright lets haul to PMC Sell 12 where it surely will complete this contract transported value.

2022-09-24T02:36:00Z Contract finished transporting soybeans to PMC Sell 12, got 1.2k profit before managing to turn off auger pipe, remaining in grain cart 15.1k liters, oh nice. Now back to the field and lets hope I can fit remaining soybeans into the cart Smiley ;)

2022-09-24T02:41:00Z Finished contract harvesting soybeans F17, yeah got back to the field and combine had already finished, heh go figure.

Combine had only 13.2k liters for me to unload. Did that to the grain cart. Original contract kubota tractor and trailers are empty I checked.

2022-09-24T02:43:00Z Contract harvesting soybeans F17, collected reward 154.4k. Budget now 675.2k Smiley :)

Saved game and then was checking time, I want to eat days 3rd meal as this would be the perfect time... but nah it was too soon, need to continue farming.

Going to time accelerate monitoring dealership sales and contracts until hmm actually soybeans planting season is the next step, but maybe I'll skip it this year and just sell the existing grain and then we'll see how much budget I have, maybe then buy new land and think about new seeder, maybe.

Mar in-game 0928hrs new year spring is upon us, fertilizing contracts appeared, I tried to take them all but only could take three as better contracts mod somehow doesn't work for number of contracts. Accepted contract fertilizing F04, F20, F23.

These three contracts were for F04, F20 and F23, all exact opposite terrain edges heh, talking about dispersion Smiley ;)

These contracts are small time, they all pay less than 50k each. But oh well, lets get them done, its money, I'll take it.

2022-09-24T03:07:00Z Started contract fertilizing F04, courseplay.

Now I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow I'll add few more fields with field definitions so I can get more contracts heh. Well dunno, there has got to be some of those fields that don't get contracts so players can buy them while still doing other field contracts, umm err did I explain that weirdly.

For F23 had to record courseplay field definition outline before generating field work course.

2022-09-24T03:18:00Z Started contract fertilizing F23, courseplay.

Well here I am, two bredal spreaders working the fields... I need more equipment Smiley ;)

With budget of 675.1k it would be easy to buy another k165 spreader or maybe even our first rubicon 9000, but it would set us so much back on the goal of buying that second land with big field on it. I really think big field with soybeans is the magic wand that catapults us to millions more than grinding these contracts.

2022-09-24T03:33:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F04, collected reward 55.1k.

Accepted contract fertilizing F12.

2022-09-24T03:34:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F23, collected reward 30.4k.

Then sent both tractors to the dealership, lets top them up even though its most likely is unnecessary.

2022-09-24T03:38:00Z Going to take a lunch break here even though I'd really want to do it while contract courseplay is running, but I'm starving, its time and it would take a lot of time to get these tractors both running, so yeah I gotta do some eating now.

2022-09-24T04:01:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing contracts, lets make this last part of the day count.

Refilled bredal k105 for 7k and k165 for 4.2k. Wonder if it was worth the stop at the dealership.

Fendt 939 vario with twin wheels does slip when pulling full bredal k165 which is 18.9k liters.

2022-09-24T04:12:00Z Started contract fertilizing F20, courseplay.

Had to record courseplay outline for field definition with F12 too.

2022-09-24T04:23:00Z Started contract fertilizing F12, courseplay.

Man that fendt favorit 515c is exruciatingly slow, just realized it now after enjoying that 939 a bit, wow, that slow ass tractor needs to be replaced, or moved to the F11 vehicle fleet where it belongs, I need to get another 939 for some proper speed and power.

Now I'm kind of hoping no more luring contracts appear after these so I get to time accelerate to jun (was it?) for soybeans highest market price day and then sell all our stock. Then I'm ready to check if budget is good enough for a nice size field and possibly at least combine update (just remembered I had the kinze 3665 from sales some time back).

If everything goes well, I doubt I'll get to do much today, only precisely (heh) 4hrs left in my day before 17hrs been awake alarm goes off. Sure if I have sudden insomnia feeling like sometimes happens, then I'll push on to the twilight hours, but most likely eyes start to get tired in few hours and mind goes numb few hours after hehe.

But man, tomorrow will be SO glorious with all the money I have and whatever I can buy today already. Always nice to look forward to the next day like its christmas Smiley ;)

Was browsing farmland prices, in SW tip and north central area there are four fields which are all less than 400k each, in north one is 264k. All the rest of the farmlands are more expensive or have field definitions on them. As said I wont touch those AI planting fields for now. The big farmland right next to our F11 and the farm yard is over million.

That would be cool to buy, I could courseplay outline it to several sections like maybe oats, soybeans, canola, grass, corn etc Smiley ;)

2022-09-24T04:39:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F20, collected reward 56.5k.

2022-09-24T04:52:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F12, collected reward 58.8k.

Recording autodrive route.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Heading to the dealership for farmers meeting and top-up.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Fendt 939 vario with bredal k165 was at the dealership, refilled it for 7.6k. There is only one cultivating contract now on the board, hmm, what do I do now? Smiley ;)

2022-09-24T05:03:00Z Fendt favorit 515c with bredal k105 arrived to the dealership, refilled it up for 7.7k, budget now 849.2k.

2022-09-24T05:05:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F09... but few moments later it disappeared, huh? Smiley :?

Then more contracts appeared and I took three, F03 with borrowed vehicles (bredal), F16 and F22.

Refilled the borrowed bredal k165 without extension or 6m spreading unit for 24.9k. Hmm this guy is now too narrow to match our two other bredals, man what a mess. Also this is a huge contract 109.4ha F03, I wont drive this with alone tractor thats for sure. Wonder how messy would it get if I put two 30m implements and one 24m one, it would leave bad streaks but wonder if the contract would still complete hmm.

Okay lets think about more the next time taking these borrowed vehicles, it always comes as 24m without spreading unit so it throws multiple tools setup off the whack. I am now thinking that I'll simply put my two 30m tractors on courseplay course and I drive manually at the back end of that course. I mean this is a huge fucking field.

When recording field definition outline for F03 using courseplay, I kidd you not, I got bored on the longest edge haha.

2022-09-24T05:21:00Z Started contract fertilizing F03, courseplay, 2x tools + 1 manual Smiley ;)

Can barely see second vehicle Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Now I'm waiting for these guys to reach headland in the other side, then as I see where the fertilized field ends I'll start to drive that borrowed bredal k165 without spreading unit manually using GPS, I think that is the most efficient way of doing it without wasting time or fertilizer.

Man this is one big field heh, its been a while since I saw fields this big Smiley :)

On the field I do have three vehicles, but now seeing the sheer size of the field I'm starting to wonder if I manage to finish this today... hmm I should as its still 2 * 30 + 24 meter spreading power on the field.

Let this be the last time for courseplay multiple tools with this kind of mashup vehicle types and sizes, I got all the possibilities of bredals now; k105 with spreading unit, k165's with and without spreading unit Smiley ;)

Leading vehicle reached back end of headland heh.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-24T05:37:00Z Now starting with the third vehicle, manually driving with GPS, from the end of the courseplay course.

Racing with the boys.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-24T05:58:00Z These three vehicles do amazing good work on this field, contract is now already 63% done.

Getting closer ...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-24T06:15:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F03.

Borrowed vehicle has 10k liters of fertilizer so I unloaded that and refilled the others.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Contract F03 collected reward 281.2k. Still decided to go refill both spreaders, I don't want to go out in the boonies half cocked, don't want to come back to refill that's for sure.

Refilled k165 for 9.6k and k105 for 2.7k, not much heh.

Oh yeah budget now 1.088m, I broke the magical one million mark, I am a millionaire! Smiley :mrgreen:

2022-09-24T06:29:00Z Started contract fertilizing F22, courseplay, 2x tools.

Was again looking at the map of farmlands, basically the big land next to our F11 what I'd want to buy is so expensive 1.046m it would eat all our money basically and what do I do then, seed it with 3m seeder? Are you trying to be funny are you fucking with me, huh? PUNK! Smiley ;)

Hmm if I would buy the SW tip field then I'd still have plenty of money left over half a million, but its so odd to have properties spread out so wildly, F11 in SE area and the other field in SW tip, make no sense to zig zag between those with your vehicles.

Of course if I'd buy the large field next to F11 and only seeded a very small area with the puny 3m seeder, or possibly what leftover money I have from these contracts and the field purchase, maybe I could buy some slightly bigger seeder.

Another option would be F10 it would be ideal in every way... except that its one of the three grass baling fields and I'd definitely want to preserve that for the contracts.

Decisions are hard.

Anyways lets finish these existing fertilizing contracts first and then see how much money I have, who knows maybe its enough for large field + medium size seeder.

Of course then our sprayer and combine is quite small, but hey one problem at the time hehe.

2022-09-24T06:50:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F22, collected reward 87.5k.

2022-09-24T06:51:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F13. More contracts, lets do it.

2022-09-24T06:55:00Z Started contract fertilizing F13, courseplay, 2x tools.

2022-09-24T07:05:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F13, collected reward 26.3k.

Sent both tractors to the dealership, F12 is way down in SW area and I don't feel comfortable sending these guys not topped up down there. Dealership, then F16 and then I see how empty it gets.

Autodrive glitched, fendt favorit 515c blasted straight line towards the dealership across fields, oh well if autodrive does it its not my fault Smiley :)

Refilled bredal k105 for 7k and k165 for 7.8k, then sent both tractors to F07 N, right south of F16.

2022-09-24T07:24:00Z Started contract fertilizing F16, courseplay 2x tools.

Not tired yet or even eyes sore, but decided to take some caffeine in the form of coke zero as it would be cool to push tonight some kind of insomnia gaming session Smiley ;)

Grabbed 600 millilitre of coke zero, that should zap some energy to this dude Smiley ;)

(not really, caffeine is for the weak, it has no effect on me, proven many times). Its all psychological thriller effect Smiley ;)

Kidding aside, hopefully I could push hour or maybe two on top of my regular 17hrs been awake time. I would like to see our farm land expanded tonight before going to bed, maybe even seed some soybeans.

Hah oh man, completely forgot the sale bought kinze 3665 blue drive in dealership yard hehe, that requires 300hp so fendt 939 vario will pull it just fine, so our seeder or planter is all SET, now I'll just would need a slightly larger combine, hmm hmm.

Harvester new holland ch7.70 would have larger grain tank and 8.5m header. Anything better than ch7.70 and the prices go sky high hundreds of thousands more.

2022-09-24T07:50:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F16, collected reward 106.8k.

Accepted contract fertilizing F04. More contracts keep coming heh.

2022-09-24T07:58:00Z Started contract fertilizing F04, courseplay 2x tools.

Hmm still looking through vehicles, equipment and farmland, hmm one option would be to invest all the money to equipment, like lets say two good size combines, I could then do those massive harvest contracts which pay hundreds of thousands, I think highest paying contract was like some crazy 800k soybeans one earlier today.

Interesting idea would be to go for the baling equipment, start doing silage bales, but dunno if that would actually be time use wise profitable, I think grass stuff takes way too long as there is so many steps in the way, mowing, windrowing, baling, collecting bales... hmm dunno. I said earlier that baling is fun and relaxing but I would not do it for the money as its not that good, or that soybean harvesting from a big field is much better time and money, hmm.

2022-09-24T08:17:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F04, collected reward 55.1k.

Then sent tractors to SW area to F12, hopefully I have enough fertilizer left for that field. While doing so autodrive went nuts, first tractor started to race towards... no idea what, it went by the closest route and at that point I stopped and steered it to right direction and tried again when it worked. Hmm hmm.

Been doing these plans and completely forgot ... that I still have a little bit of soybeans to sell, I don't think it really moves our budget, but it wont hurt either Smiley :)

2022-09-24T08:26:00Z Started contract fertilizing F12, courseplay 2x tools.

Rolling just nice.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-24T08:30:00Z Alarm went off been awake 17hrs, most of it playing FS22. Okay, don't feel tired yet so I keep going Smiley ;)

2022-09-24T08:42:00Z This fertilizing contract stuff is getting SO OLD now all of the sudden, well guess not really sudden but I'm feeling quite exhausted of doing contracts. Yeah that's how you make money without farming your own land, but in my farmsim lifetime I have done so countless number of contracts, spent hundreds of hours doing them... that it just feels like too much. Farming is farming, what difference does it make if its your or someone elses field, uhh but no still these contracts just arent the same as your own land.

2022-09-24T08:44:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F12, collected reward 58.8k.

That is it, I am DONE with contracts for today, no more, not even one. Sent both tractors to the dealership. Budget now 1.408m heh very nice Smiley :)

At dealership refilled k165 for 15.5k and k105 for 14.7k, then sent both tractors to F11 N.

Its apr in-game 0948hrs soybeans planting season, hmm have lost track of the plan, no recollection if I had planned on seeding this season, guess the new farmland buying was top priority, uuh its been a long day, everything starts to become a blur Smiley ;)

Next I want to time accelerate and sell those soybeans, then I see what the final budget is.

2022-09-24T09:02:00Z Soybeans highest market price day has arrived, jun in-game 2336hrs actually the price is already dropping from 3762, but its good enough, sending fendt 939 vario with the small grain trailer road train to sell 7250 liters.

Its a long way and pitch black dark now with "new moon" mod... selling crops in the darkness, heh.

2022-09-24T09:12:00Z Dumped to selling point, err what was the name, got 27.2k from this small load. Now back to F11 N to pickup the big beast demco 2200 grain cart which had something like 15k I think.

Reached F11 N, unhooked small grain trailers and hooked up demco 2200, oh its got 28.3k liters of soybeans, very nice. Then headed off to the highest selling point, in darkness.

2022-09-24T09:27:00Z Sold soybeans for 106.6k, budget now 1.512m aayeah one and a half million, yeah baby! Smiley :D

Drove fendt 939 vario to the dealership, refueled it as diesel was getting low, then sent it to F11 N which is kind of like our home farm yard now.

I am still not really tired, but kind of lacking motivation to push myself for the next farm upgrade, I'll leave that for tomorrow. What a glorious farming day it will be as budget is 1.511m Smiley :)

Parked fendt 939 vario to F11 N farm yard and shut everything down, what a beautiful symbolic time to call it a night when all vehicles are parked in the darkness, heh cant wait for tomorrow.

It was an awesome farming day, huge amounts of progress (1.5m baby!) done, could have not asked for more. Now I'm off to a well earned sleep. Nites Smiley :)

2022-09-24T09:37:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, Zzz ...

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