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2022-09-26 Large Silage Baling Contract Conclusion

2022-09-26T18:34:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up and did morning chores but did not eat yet, taking savegame backups now just in case and then will fire up FS22.

Today's goal is to... well basically finish what I started yesterday, big field planting season is finished, its good to go, now I'll finish collecting and delivering silage bales, finish that contract and then I just time accelerate to soybeans selling day, still got the 170k liters of soybeans to sell before I even get to this big field harvest season.

This savegame now has 72hrs 57min on it.

2022-09-26T18:37:00Z In-game collecting bales, continued just where I left off last night, great Smiley :)

In today's first bale delivery contract said 57% transported. This might still take a while as its kind of slow going to pickup and deliver these bales, contract says that 106 delivered and 79 to go. That is a lot of bales to haul, even with 24 bale trailer.

Once this is done it gives me the satisfaction to know I did 16ha silage baling contract.

2022-09-26T18:54:00Z Gotta say, these kind of 16ha silage baling contracts while they are fun and relaxing at the start, these just last way too long, better contract estimate was something like 3hrs 48min or something (cant recall) and its most likely accurate or perhaps even low estimate. These contracts take forever, be very aware of that if you think you want to do one. If you need money, DON'T DO SILAGE BALING contracts!

Soybeans grain harvests and fertilizing contracts is where the money is.

2022-09-26T19:04:00Z Another silage bale haul delivered, 80% transported now, contract shows 36 more bales to go.

Its interesting to think, as I'm bored watching autodrive drive the tractor back to the field, that I am or was, so excited about adding grass fields to PMC terrains grassFieldMission or what the attribute was, but seeing how they are now, they are quite useless after the initial Start From Zero savegame creation.

Cultivating, baling, harvest, plow and weeding contracts are the only ones you can do in Start From Zero beginning, and I know cultivating and plowing contracts are the worst where you only do those if you absolutely must. If plowing is disabled like american farming should have, then the count is down to three. Baling contracts aka grass fields are good in that sense, harvest season is a short period of time but grass harvest is not available only in the winter, otherwise there is always baling contracts available.

Grass fields should be created only to tiny and small fields, there really is not much point of making them into large fields, anything over 20ha is just crazy.

2022-09-26T19:16:00Z Contract 92% transported only 15 more bales to go for completion, although there is tons of more bales on the field. Not sure how good money these bales make to my own pocket, but I would like to collect and deliver them all just to get them off the field.

I think after I get this gaming day started it will be interesting development in-game, selling 170k soybeans and then starting harvest season on this big field and after that getting to sell that grain next year, I think at that point I have such a serious amount of money... it might be a real "game changer" in this savegame.

What I mean by that is the best equipment and enough land. Basically "unlimited money", that you don't need to think about your budget if you buy something.

Of course at near future field prices are still an issue, I doubt before two or three harvests I get enough money for the best equipment fleet and all the lands, but its coming.

Or who knows maybe I live in fantasy world and the next soybeans selling day and harvest does not give more than "several hundred thousand" of money. I don't have any idea what the good money might be from this field, I doubt additional field info even gives yield probabilities without field definition.

Anyways, good times today for sure.

2022-09-26T19:27:00Z Contract finished and got bunch of thousands from different bales dropped into the trigger, I think its at least 1.7k per bale, so about three or so times the hay bale price. Budget now 557.2k dunno how much I got from this first sale, too bad I didn't write the previous budget down heh.

Now the end is near, just haul few more silage bale loads and then I'm DONE with baling contracts. In fact, this might actually be the very last contract I do on this savegame, unless there is some special circumstance where I need some quick cash after too tight new equipment or land purchase leaves me without money for fertilizer / seed etc.

Its amazing how much new knowledge I gain on all of these farming sessions, obviously the amount of knowledge gained by each savegame is getting smaller because you already know so much, but still great to learn how stuff actually works in practice, its one thing to edit stuff in giants editor but its completely different matter how those things actually generate game-play farming content in-game ...

2022-09-26T19:37:00Z Next trailer full of 24 bales delivered, budget now 601.9k. So I got 44.7k from 24 silage bales. That's not too bad considering. Will be some good money left on that field, better to haul them all.

On next bale pickup had to turn on tractor lights as night is falling fast.

2022-09-26T19:48:00Z Silage bale load delivered, budget now 645.6k.

I'm not hungry yet for days first meal but wonder if I mess up today's schedule by dragging it to this long.

2022-09-26T19:59:00Z Silage bale load delivered, budget now 689.4k. I'm hoping there is only one load left on the field, it looked like very few bales but still enough not to be able to quickly count them while driving away last time. Oh well I'll haul them all anyways.

Seeing our current budget, then upcoming soybeans selling day, I'm definitely looking at over one million when I go into next harvest season. That means I get to buy another claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus header, possibly grain cart tractor as well. Who knows maybe even our very first semi-truck grain trailer setup, that would be cool.

2022-09-26T20:03:00Z Last 12 bales collected, yes! Now its just about to get so dark it will be pitch black dark in the ground below horizon in few minutes, pretty much perfect timing to finish this contract heh.

2022-09-26T20:07:00Z Delivered last 12 bales, now this contract is completely delivered and silage bales sold for my own pocket money. Finished contract silage baling F10, collected reward 118.1k.

Budget now 828.4k oh my Smiley :)

2022-09-26T20:09:00Z Saved game just in case and now its time to eat days first meal, starting to get hungry a bit heh.

2022-09-26T20:42:00Z Feeding time is over, lets go.

Jun in-game 0929hrs, nothing exciting in contracts or dealership sales, not that I would do anymore contracts in this terrain. Its jun so that means soybeans highest market price day. Now just need to time accelerate about one hour at the time monitoring the prices.

2022-09-26T20:52:00Z As said I have 170k liters of soybeans in farm bin silo, starting to unload that into demco 2200 grain cart which I'll be using to haul it for the sell point that has highest market price when the time comes. This will be the last time I'm hauling with grain cart, next season will be with a semi-truck grain trailer for sure.

At in-game 1837hrs soybeans market price 3790 at PMC Sell 02. Now very carefully time accelerating one hour at the time monitoring the price, would be nice to sell in daylight but most like it will happen at complete darkness.

At 1932hrs 3795. At 2033hrs 3798. At 2139hrs 3796, uh dropping. At 2234hrs 3791 uuh just dropping, okay okay I'll sell with this price at PMC Sell 02.

Autodrive actually had target set for PMC Sell 02 selling point so I don't have to guess while driving in the darkness, very nice.

2022-09-26T21:03:00Z First grain cart 77.5k liter load of soybeans sold for 293.7k. I believe this load was sold with 3790 market price.

Its not necessarily exciting, but its always kind of ... hmm something, interesting or perhaps very very cautiously said "exciting" to sell your harvest grain in the darkness, waiting to see what the final money budget will be after the selling completes.

2022-09-26T21:12:00Z Second soybeans load sold for 293.6k.

Next picked up the remaining 15k liters of soybeans, almost too little to even bother to drive to selling point, but I want to get farm bin silo completely empty for the next harvest season.

2022-09-26T21:22:00Z Sold that remainind 15k liters of soybeans for 57k even.

Budget now 1.472m! Whoah dude! That is some serious coin! Smiley :D

Now comes the never ending dilemma, what to buy next haha. Oh man I need to make some chart that with 100k you can buy XYZ, with 500k you buy ZYX and with 1m you buy YXZ Smiley :)

When you think about it, its that simple, mods and prices are the same, it just depends how much money you have, if you got 500k then you can only buy specific amount of hardware. Of course it also depends on your current situation that what you already have, like right now I have one "the best" combine harvester, smallish planter, perhaps medium sprayers, "the best" spreaders... so yeah new purchases has to supplement my existing stuff. It would be much simpler to have no equipment and begin with 1.5m which I believe is about the same as giants start from scratch game-mode actually.

Sep in-game 0951hrs okay I'm one day away from soybeans harvest season beginning, today I want to do vehicle purchases, basically meaning harvest related. Unfortunately its me, you know how I roll, I have no fucking idea what to buy to maximize efficiency and be smart with the purchases Smiley ;)

We have ONE "the best" combine. I was thinking of downloading the john deere x9 1100 mod from giants modhub which has massive 27k liter grain tank hopper, but I'm not sure if that can hook up to midwest durus header, all that grain tank capacity means jack shit if I have to harvest with some peasant header.

There could be some interim john deere harvester, or maybe even case ih not sure, with big grain tank capacity. Claas lexion 8900 is a great base game combine but its grain tank is "only" the biggest in base game 18k liters, that is very low compared to even basic mod combines out there. I definitely remember several harvester mods with 20k+ liter grain tank capacities.

Of course that tank capacity is just fine tuning your fleet, it makes no difference between 18k and 27k if your grain cart tractor is some piece of shit 385hp fendt 939 vario which pulls so slowly its a struggle hehe.

Made a quick vehicle fleet upgrade plan, did NOT buy these yet:

- tractor 517hp fendt 1050 vario with twin wheels engine upgrade and guidancesteering 393.5k
- trailer 40.8k liters wilson pacesetter 59.5k
- truck 500hp 80km/h mack super-liner 6x4 110k
- header 18.2m midwest durus with pointed guides and color options 176.9k
- header trailer midwest durus 60ft 22.5k
- harvester 18k liters claas lexion 8900 configuration big and guidancesteering upgrade 511.3k

Hmm would leave me with a little wiggle room for example if I run out of grain bin silo capacity, plus next years fert/seed/herb.

There is also the option to buy that next farmland, but I just don't see how that would be wise as our equipment is not capable enough even for the current field. It would always be best to have more capable equipment relative to your field sizes, so seasons would go by quickly rather than you waiting for hours and hours when a single kinze 3665 is seeding a huge field.

The quicker you can blaze through a year, the quicker you make money.

So yes at least that is decided; no more land, it has to be equipment upgrade.

Had to add another kinze 3665 blue drive there for that additional seeding capability, now our budget is dangerously low I can barely buy product, most likely have to do some emergency fertilizing contracts for some pocket change with this plan heh. Okay I'm not going to dupe the above list just add kinze 3665 there, final sum is 1.413m yikes.

2022-09-26T22:16:00Z Purchased the above list + kinze 3665, budget now 58.8k Smiley ;)

2022-09-26T22:26:00Z All the vehicles driven to our borrowed farm yard, I'm pretty much good to go for a new harvest season. I haven't recorded semi-truck autodrive route from the field to farm bin silo, but hmm dunno need to check how things develop after headland first, maybe I'll place the route IN the headland so that can only be done after field is opened up.

2022-09-26T22:34:00Z Autodrive route for the farm yard end recorded, now just have to do the field end once headland is opened. Okay its time to skip a day and begin harvest season.

Oct in-game 0743hrs rise and shine, its soybeans harvest season! Lets go to work.

2022-09-26T22:37:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F11, manually GPS.

Brand new combine harvester, 0.0 hours on it Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T22:42:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F11. Yield was this time 7364 liters.

Ready to start rocking this big field Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-26T22:47:00Z Started harvesting soybeans big field, courseplay 2x tools.

Was good to be back in my regular office, Fendt 1050 Vario Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

I have spent hundreds, probably THOUSANDS of hours in this tractors cab (speaking of general driving / use time, not literally in-cab).

2022-09-26T23:05:00Z Grain cart full and headland is not even complete yet Smiley ;)

2022-09-26T23:17:00Z Lead combine just finished its headland.

Unloading grain cart to autodrive controlled semi-truck grain trailer.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Ocean of soybeans ...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

They just keep filling.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

We just got started and already so many truck loads of grain sent to the farm bin silo, I just cant see how the 400k liters would be enough for this field / harvest, heh. Might have to start selling at some point until I'll get enough money to buy silo extension Smiley ;)

Oh my this field is so fucking big that all I have to do is to max out our equipment fleet for most efficient and capable there is and I can hammer out all the money I need using this field. No need to travel far, no need to record new autodrive routes etc little things, just hang out here and hammer some money. Right now as I'm writing this the field is not even half way harvested and I already have 285k liters in farm bin silo which is 71% full already.

This is a massive field hehe.

This field with four planters, two maybe three rubicon 9000 sprayers, four spreaders and four big combines and I'm set for profits.

Fendt 1050 vario with twin wheels pulls this huge pig demco 2200 grain cart quite sluggishly, yeah it does pull it but I can just feel the weight. Not sure if there even are any tractor which would pull this like 10k liter trailer. Wilson pacesetter semi-truck grain trailer is 20k liters per hopper so 40k total, its annoyingly offset that if you roll up to it with full demco 2200 you are left with a lot of leftover grain, unless of course you run two or more semi-trucks.

I was thinking about more compact and fast solution, some grain cart in 40k liter range so it would fill up one truck trailer, one for one. Hmm wonder if there are any such sizes or close to it. Such compact size would increase the agility of fendt 1050 vario pulling it, I could zip across fields faster (not top speed but acceleration and turning).

I love fendt 1050 vario because its 63km/h top speed. Yes its semi unrealistic to drive with fully laden grain cart on that speed on a field, but such realism is not really what I'm after. Realistic setup could be some about 30-40km/h speed very powerful heavy tractor like a quadtrac or something similar. For example in PMC Grande Gardens 16km the fields are so large that you get bored to death if you would drive 30km/h on them. Back in the FS17 or was it FS19 days I tried big bud as grain cart tractor and it felt completely unnatural to me, always been using fendt 1050 vario.

2022-09-27T00:35:00Z That's it, farm grain bin silo is full Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Unia silo extension farma 250 is 250k liter capacity for 64k price, I'm now going to dump a little bit soybeans to nearest selling point to get that money and then purchase farma 250 silo extension, lets see how long that two-fiddy will last.

It would have been cheaper to buy that close by farm yard with buildings including 8 * meridian auger pipe operated silos, but that's just it, there is the auger pipe mess, I don't even know if autodrive can be configured for such delicate auger pipes.

Yes auger pipes are realistic american stuff, but in farmsim game, it just feels like too much role playing with barbie dolls which break if you're not super careful.

2022-09-27T00:44:00Z Field is roughly half way harvested and I have over 400k liters in the farm bin silo, my estimate is that I break 800k liters total grain when this field is done. And unless my math is incorrect you can calculate 3.8*800 which would be the sum of money I get when selling at highest market price (thats 3.040m) Smiley ;)

Hiiiighwaaaay to the danger zone, err I mean... soybean field Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Semi is emptying at 500k liter mark and I'm emptying a second combine. Day in the big boy farm.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-27T01:13:00Z Uh oh lead combine is out of fuel Smiley :evil:

Err hmm, hell I don't even have money probably to fill these guys up heh. But I have to, so driving combine without a header to the dealership and back to refuel. Both combines.

In game settings changed fuel usage to LOW. Yes using fuel is realistic but its always such a nuisance in the game. For the next season I need to buy some sort of fuel tanker trailer, maybe just the good old LSFM UTTS-32000 I've been using a long time.

Refueled the first combine with 1.3k leaving budget of 668 heh. Luckily second combine still had plenty of fuel so that 668 goes long way to refuel it. Got it 82% full of diesel Smiley :)

Then drove back to the field and harvest work continues. Just reached the field, hooked up headers and was good to go when ...

2022-09-27T01:33:00Z Alarm went off, its lunch time. Okay shut my harvest fleet down, unfortunately I don't know how to automate FS22 courseplay and autodrive to harvest all on its own (I believe they cannot), so its better to shut everything down. Its lunch break in real life and in virtual farmsim savegame Smiley ;)

2022-09-27T02:01:00Z Feeding time is over, harvest continues, those soybeans aren't cutting themselves...

Harvesting with passion.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

And unloading.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

It is quite funny that PMC Super Six 6km terrain was always meant to be small and compact, at least relative to the other PMC terrains for FS22 I have released, however when harvesting there now... I don't really feel that small compact mood heh. This simply feel like a large field to me.

I failed miserably in my attempt to make a small and compact terrain Smiley :p

Maybe I need to make another one, some real small, between 2-4km maybe.

2022-09-27T02:21:00Z Farm grain bin silo is full, again. Its now 650k liters. Okay going to direct sell soybeans at nearest selling point until I have 64k and then purchase another farma 250 silo extension. This is hilarious.

Oops had too little grain in the cart, only got 56.1k money.

2022-09-27T02:27:00Z Purchased farma 250k silo extension for 64k, budget now 3k.

Another grain trailer full heading to the farm yard.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

From the office.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Was just thinking about grain cart and semi-truck grain trailer compatibility, well one option of course is the motherbin to buffer the difference. Its not very american thing, in fact I never seen (youtube videos) or heard that american farmers would use field bins or motherbins as they are called in australia. Just in case if you don't know, its the megalodon size "grain cart" which holds over one hundred thousand liters of grain, actually the larger motherbin in FS22 holds 211.4k liters which is insane. The idea is that such beast is driven EMPTY to the field edge, then grain carts empty themselves to it and semi-truck grain trailers unload from it, this way grain carts never have to wait for a semi-truck to arrive or other way around. But as said its not american thing, its australian, if you do that in american farming terrain it looks a bit fishy.

Back in 2019 on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km I did use coolamon motherbins when harvesting corn, it was really good buffer and allowed me to freely run grain cart while semi-truck was pushing hauls with a red face non stop.

Simplest realistic option of course is to just buy more semi-trucks, two will take one demco 2200 load and if the distance from the field to the farm bin silo is far, then just add more semi-trucks to offset the balance.

2022-09-27T02:53:00Z Need to take a restroom break, combines will get full but cant be helped...

2022-09-27T03:15:00Z Ah just noticed, farm bin silo now has 810.2k liters of soybeans hehe. There are still several passes of this field left and bin is 90% full, so yeah I need to purchase one more farma 250k extension to fit everything there.

2022-09-27T03:31:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans big field. Uaah I'm done, soybean harvest is complete!

Just awesome, that was very painless, did not get bored at all while harvesting, even though it took quite a while, looking at the new combines engine hours and its 4.3hrs, which is... a lot, did it really take over four hours, it felt like... nothing Smiley :o

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Dumped remaining soybeans from demco 2200 grain cart into farm bin silo and bin was now full 900k liters, grain cart had leftovers 11.8k liters.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Then overloaded them to semi-truck grain trailer waiting for next years highest selling day. To recap budget now 1.8k haha.

Saved game and took a deep breath of relief, the sense of accomplishment Smiley :D

Now need to do a list of whats going to happen next when time accelerating: obviously some contracts exist now just before winter, especially harvest contracts which I could actually do with my harvest fleet. Apr starts new soybeans planting season, however I have 1.8k budget so I ain't planting nuthin' and then jun soybeans best market price selling day when I get millions of money and again at oct soybeans harvest season.

This is the chicken or the egg syndrome, I have all the money in the world for next planting season... except its stored in our grain bin silo in the form of soybeans, I'll exchange that to money AFTER the planting season. So hmm yup, two things can happen; 1) I do contracts to get money, or 2) I skip this next soybeans season all together.

Obviously as I just finished huge ordeal of work... I'm psychologically leaning towards just skipping the next year, getting the money and then starting year after that with very advanced farming equipment (planters, sprayers, more combines etc).

2022-09-27T03:47:00Z But now immediate restroom break to give me a minute or two to contemplate what I want or can do...

2022-09-27T04:19:00Z Back, had to do a computer chore as well. Hmm it looks like I want to do the fallow skip year here, just time accelerate to the selling day, sell the crops and then marvel how much money I have.

Okay lets begin selling soybeans in next jun ...

Feb in-game 0936hrs weather is heavy snowing, case IH axial-flow 7150 is on sale for -51% off, why wasn't something like this on sale earlier in the savegame Smiley :)

Apr in-game 0943hrs dealership has kinze 3665 blue drive sale for -53% off, aww maaan, why wasn't this too available some time ago or a bit later when I get the soybeans money Smiley :)

F25 has fertilizing contract for staggering 353.9k, that is a big field but it would be doable with three tractors. Unfortunately I'm not even sure how much fertilizer our farm currently has, money is just about running to zero due nightly maintenance fees (refill station, fuel station and farm bin silo) so no chance of buying more. But yeah, I'll wait patiently for the soybeans money, actually who knows maybe that contract is still available I'm not sure how quickly they disappear now with the "lazyAI" config in better contracts, they should never be completed by AI, only players are allowed to take them, so dunno.

While writing that text more fertilizing contracts appeared, on quick ballbark visual count its over half a million in rewards on the board right now, good money to be made if one was in a fertilizing mood.

Jun in-game 0939hrs soybeans high market day has arrived. Interestingly F25 which had the huge fertilizing contract now has spraying contract equally huge, 344.1k reward, unfortunately borrowed vehicles is some odd tow behind sprayer 12km/h so pure torture for the money.

But the point was that AI did fertilize the field and now is offering another contract, hmm I am seriously wondering if my better contracts mod is working properly, its like the config file is not read because NONE of the settings work. Hmm I might have to save game, exit and umm well, try some of the different settings like the debug option, if that doesn't print anything in the game log then something definitely is not right.

Anyways not that it matters, I've said I'm done with contracts on this savegame so what do I care, huh.

At in-game 1935hrs soybeans highest market price is 3798. At 2035hrs its 3791 so dropping ugh. At 2138hrs its 3803 nice.

I now set sell price trigger mods config to soybeans 3800 even, lets not sell below that anymore. There can be years when it doesn't reach that, but hey then you wont sell in those years.

At in-game 2236hrs its 3822. At 2330hrs its 3821. Okay its time to start selling, it ain't getting higher than that. Now its pitch black dark again so hopefully its a selling point I already have autodrive route for Smiley ;)

Its PMC Sell 11 which is actually, the farthest selling point from our borrowed farm yard and F11 hehe, oh well, lets get it done.

So to recap, semi-truck grain trailer has 11.8k liters of soybeans and farm bin silo has 900k. Oh shit I should not have calculated... but 900k liters with 40k liter semi takes fucking TWENTY TWO trips Smiley :o

2022-09-27T04:49:00Z Started hauling, first load filled up 40k liters.

2022-09-27T04:56:00Z First load sold for 77.7k * 2, budget now 155.4k.

Then did small autodrive route recordings and tweaks to existing intersection and send semi-truck back to "Farm Yard F11". Its easy to sit here and just watch as autodrive sells the grain in the darkness, but still its very painful and frustrating to just do that, sit and watch because it takes so long time, 22 trips to sell all that grain, dunno how many minutes one way but let me tell you it is a WHILE.

This will take a long time, will be hilarious to see when its finally done.

I could buy another semi-truck as soon as I have money but I would really like to just sell all the grain and then tomorrow in daybreak start to think about the future, I don't want to be all sneaky and shit and buy semi in middle of the night. Makes no sense, but that's how I feel right about now Smiley ;)

In Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Unofficial savegame I sold couple of million liters, in fact as I'm typing this that savegame has semi-trucks selling stuff as I got bored and exited some months back when I last played it. So even with several trucks selling hundreds of thousands of liters 40k liters per semi-truck load takes a long long time.

One good thing about this is that autodrive handles all that automatically, I am completely hands free just monitoring the situation. I can now watch twitch, youtube, google stuff, browse mod sites, etc you name it. And in fact that is exactly what I'm going to do, I sure as hell wont sit here and watch semi-truck driving loops in the darkness Smiley :)

2022-09-27T05:13:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.6k * 2, budget now 310.7k.

2022-09-27T05:28:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.5k * 2, budget now 465.6k.

2022-09-27T05:42:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.4k * 2, budget now 620.6k. Market price was 3808.

I went and did the math. According to autodrive ETA timer one trip meaning one way is about 8 minutes, so one selling loop there and back would be 16 min. Now if the 900/40 == 22.5 is accurate, it means 16 * 22 == 360 / 60 == 6 HOURS Smiley :o

Umm, fuck no to that man! Smiley :)

As I now have over half a million budget, I'm going to purchase THREE semi-trucks with wilson pacesetter grain trailers. Four total semi-trucks for our farm is pretty decent setup even though they definitely are not necessary during harvest, but this kind of six hours is complete horse shit, nobody in their right mind plays video game for that long just doing nothing but watching cars driving loops Smiley :)

2022-09-27T05:53:00Z First semi-truck + wilson pacesetter bought and send to the autodrive PMC Sell 11 selling loop.

2022-09-27T05:55:00Z Second bought and sent.

2022-09-27T05:56:00Z Third, the same.

2022-09-27T05:57:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.4k * 2, budget now 266.9k. Market price was 3803.

I jumped out of the vehicle and walked into PMC Sell 11 selling point with a flash light on. Simple Inspector and Production Inspector was showing me statistics of whats going on in the background and from minimap (9) I can monitor semi-truck locations. I'll be chilling here waiting for trucks to arrive and sell, then write down the info. Heh man this is useless farming simulation to play like this, I want to work on fields not sell grain, umm err dunno Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km CHEAT Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Kewl Smiley ;)

2022-09-27T06:07:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.3k * 2, budget now 421.6k. Market price was 3800.

2022-09-27T06:08:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.3k * 2, budget now 576.2k. Market price was 3800.

2022-09-27T06:09:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.3k * 2, budget now 730.9k. Market price was 3800.

2022-09-27T06:12:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 77.3k * 2, budget now 885.5k. Market price was 3799.

And now its time for me to cook some food and eat, unfortunately I'm going to be missing several of these grain sales in the mean time, but... maybe its a good thing, eh? Smiley :)

2022-09-27T06:36:00Z Food has been cooked, part of it is still sizzling in kitchen, in-game right now I have 260.6k liters of soybeans in farm bin silo and budget is 1.811m as one truck just dumped its load.

That 260k is still a lot, but I am pleasantly surprised how quickly it has gone, I just cooked some food and most of the grain has already been hauled, it might be completely done before I finish eating heh. At first I felt like purchasing these extra three semi-trucks was dumb hasty childish alike decision, but now it looks like it pays off very well, my gaming time is far more valubale than three (or four) semi-trucks cost in this Start From Zero savegame, time is money, it cannot be spent waiting for one truck hauling for six hours heh.

Market price now 3789.

2022-09-27T07:06:00Z Feeding time is over, now lets check how much money and soybeans I got Smiley :)

Semi-trucks got mangled together again in the same tight intersection as before Smiley :(

But surprisingly they managed to free themselves by ramming just as I started to see what is happening.

2022-09-27T07:09:00Z Farm bin silo is empty, 0 liters of soybeans Smiley :)

2022-09-27T07:14:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 76.8k * 2, budget now 2.581m. Market price was 3776.

2022-09-27T07:17:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 76.8k * 2, budget now 2.735. Market price was 3775.

2022-09-27T07:17:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 76.8k * 2, budget now 2.888m. Market price was 3774.

2022-09-27T07:18:00Z Soybeans trailer load sold for 61.9k, budget now 2.950m. Market price was 3774.

And that was the last load, now all 900k liters of soybeans have been sold Smiley :)

It got pretty hectic there with four trucks running after my meal was done, had to stay alert to keep up. Final budget was just below three million, that should allow me to upgrade our equipment pretty nicely, now the usual question comes that which vehicles to buy heh. Usually I have big powerful tractor and bourgault air drills, rubicon sprayer and hmm what else.

2022-09-27T07:23:00Z All semi-trucks returned to the borrowed farm yard F11 N, now time accelerating to morning daylight I feel claustrophobic and lost in this pitch black dark night.

Jul in-game 0943hrs ahh that's better Smiley :)

And now... not exactly sure what to do, in real life just had days third meal so I have about four and a half hours left of good gaming time unless I get real tired. But starting a new planting season just doesn't feel that interesting, honestly I'm a bit mixure of bored and exhausted, as said about that huge harvest earlier it was such an achievement in this savegame that now anything else would feel quite boring / exhausting.

Actually I am going to call it a night here, will check better contracts config file if its really used or not and after that shut down Gaming computer. I'm hoping that if I chill rest of the evening and have a good night sleep, then maybe tomorrow I have rejuvenated energy to continue... or maybe not, dunno, at some point this savegame comes to an end because this was matter of principle to prove myself that I'm not a cheater (previous savegame failure) and I'm thinking that is now well established already. Who knows maybe I'll put this savegame to very very far back burner just in case I'll return to it. I wont be making any decisions now.

2022-09-27T07:30:00Z So that's it for today, going to save game and shutdown FS22 for some chilling rest of the night, adios Smiley :)

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