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2022-09-19 Money Making Placeables

2022-09-19T14:37:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up, did the long weekly computer chores (its monday morning for me), ate and now switched to PMC Gaming computer and loading Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km savegame up, I am EXCITED! Smiley :)

This savegame now has 10hrs 7min on it.

I am really excited to continue this savegame today, could barely contain myself while doing those morning computer chores, but now its all done and I have 16hrs and 3min of farming time before alarm for been awake 17hrs goes off, so lets make good use of that Smiley ;)

So usual quick new farming day recap; its may in-game 0551hrs, budget now 503.4k.

Todays plan is to make some money, I am not sure how good PMC Super Six 6km is game-play wise, is farmland purchase very accomodating for cheap farmers or do the lands cost millions, are there any other issues that might come up. Not so much about terrain but FS22 itself with place anywhere mod, can I create placeables before purchasing land, etc things like that.

I need to buy a small-ish tractor and fertilizer spreader, budgets half a million is nice but still not enough to purchase whole vehicle fleet not even close.

Well I mean FS22 Equipment And Vehicle Prices page shows that minimum cheapo setup costs 421k so sure we could buy that, but there are 2.5m plow and 3m seeder, you REALLY don't want to mess with little girlie men things like that in 6.1km terrain with huge field sizes Smiley :)

BTW semi unrelated note; I really need to create some small PMC american fictional terrain where fields are tiny where you can do that "back to farmsim orientation" game-play session before switching to mega big large terrains. But anyways that is for another day.

Of course I could just buy seeder + combine + trailer setup, so I could plant and harvest, that is the bare bones money making when you seed soybeans and harvest them, no matter if they are fertilized and sprayed properly, they still make more money than any contracts.

Also in this savegame I want to get production chains going. Grain mill is probably the first production building I'm going to buy, then bakery, then perhaps oil mill, not sure... we'll see when we get to that point. I don't really want to go to the greenhouse and wind turbine cheating mode, but you never know ...

Anyways I'll start today with slight dealership sales and contract monitoring, I want to see if anything nice comes up.

Lets get started, too much typing, too little action Smiley :D

Time acceleration days continues. Jun in-game 0543hrs dealership sale of fendt 500 favorit for -48% off, this is a nice and small tractor to get started... but I wonder if its TOO small for 6.1km terrain with these field sizes. In my temporary Start From Zero Elmcreek I did purchase just this tractor from sale and it was fun to drive around with the small amazone spreader box with 3.2k liter capacity, but that combination is way way too small for these field sizes. Hmm Hmm.

Going to continue time accelerating and monitoring contracts and dealership sales...

Jul in-game 0558hrs contract for wheat harvesting F06, it would be doable... but I really want to buy my own first tractor and fertilizer spreader instead so I can use GPS and courseplay. Edit: as already mentioned, this is against Start From Zero savegame rules.

In-game 1835hrs tractor iseki tjv 985 is on sale for -52% off, but unfortunately this too is way too small only 95hp.

Aug in-game 0625hrs, contract for sorghum harvest for 117k reward. Sep in-game 0701hrs, fendt 1000 vario for -59% off, uuh nice but that is now kind of too large again heh, its never good hehe. But man that would be a sweet ride for sure, it could pull anything and everything I throw at it, if I'd buy it now... it would last me through this whole savegame life time, hmm...

You know what, that is too good deal to miss out on, I'm going to take it.

Purchased on sale -59% off, fendt 1050 vario with guidancesteering for 185.5k. Then purchased bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 88.5k, budget now 191.5k.

Then topped up bredal k165 with solid fertilizer.

Purchased iconik solid fertilizer refilling station for 7.5k at the dealership yard. Then topped up bredal k165 for 11.6k.

Now we are good to go for some serious endurance fertilizing Smiley ;)

Budget now 172.3k and this is where we really start to grow our farm. Cant wait to see how much money and assets we have at the end of today (real life today).

Time accelerated until the next day and in midnight iconik solid fertilizer refilling station property maintenance fee -10 Smiley :(

Oh man I hate those maintenance fees, hmm I need to get some money making placeables going on here so the daily budget is always profits.

Purchased small wind turbine for 155k and placed it on the dealership yard. This generates 13.9k per month, which of course is not true it just makes few hundreds, dunno how these numbers are listed but each month like one day seasons is one day, you wont be getting 13.9k per day that's for sure.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Alright now we are not getting any stupid negative maintenance costs daily, well I mean we are but they are countered by the positive profits from this wind turbine Smiley :)

Guess this is a cheater savegame now with such placeable money makers Smiley ;)

Time accelerated to nov in-game 0853hrs, nightly property income was 3k, so there you have it, no idea what that bogus 13.9k on the shop menu was, its not accurate. But 3k per day as a start is great, also I think it depends on the wind, also that was not even a full day because I bought it in the morning. Todays time acceleration will be first 24hrs wind turbine day.

Dec in-game 0905hrs okay now nightly property income was 4.6k, nice. Property maintenance from iconik refill station and the wind turbine is -40.

Jan in-game 0829hrs daily property income 7.8k oh wow it actually does get quite close to the shop menu promised 13.9k now heh, well close. I have to say, one part of me already feels guilty about such money making placeables, I mean I just press SHIFT-R to time accelerate 6000 speed one day and boom 7k is deposited to our farms account. How is that farming SIMULATOR, eh, what do I simulate there? HEHE

Oh well, its the in-game default giants placeable so it cant be cheating, right? HEHE yeah excuses are like assholes, everyones got one, HAHA!

Smiley :D

Jan in-game 0832hrs a dark day in this "county", nothing good on sale and NO contracts what so ever. Oh well there is always tomorrow...

In-game 1842hrs john deere 9RX for -43% off.

BTW curious, I see a lot of 43 percent values there, just a coincidence or does that have some meaning.

Feb in-game 0734hrs daily property income 5.2k, still no contracts, at all. Spooky.

Mar in-game 0718hrs daily property income 7.5k,

2022-09-19T15:27:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F02 and F04. Finally some fertilizing contracts Smiley :)

Winter fertilizing in PMC Super Six 6km.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-19T15:32:00Z Started fertilizing F02, contract, manually with GPS. Edit: and this is the dreaded timestamp when this Start From Zero violated the (at the time current) rules and became invalid.

Feels SO GOOD to fertilize using guidancesteering! Smiley :)

Checked lands menu for farm yard costs, smallest and cheapest was 15k with biggest most expensive was 62k, so buying our own farm yard is no big deal. Just need to find a good one with nice buildings and farm grain bin silos.

Checked farmlands with fields prices, well they range from special tiny ones with few thousands to millions, there are several fields with few hundred thousand price tag so buying a field for regular grain crop farming should be no problem either. Its the bigger fields which require some serious finances, but at that point, you already have it so its not a problem.

It is so awesome to field work using GPS, it leaves my hands and mind free to write these texts, browse stuff in-game menus, in the mapview etc, just so great.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Courseplay would be the ultimate hands free device obviously, all you have to do is to set the field work course and then wait until vehicle finishes it. Leaves so much time to ALT-TAB and do other things while field is being worked on Smiley :)

With large fields, especially long ones, even GPS gives you so much free time.

Nice heightmap elevations in PMC Super Six 6km terrain, I like it.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Mar in-game 0749hrs snow melted, hello spring Smiley :)

This F02 is not that small, it takes a while to fertilize spread this, its now 68% contract complete. Its starting to be clear now that while PMC Super Six 6km terrain is to me at least FS22 wise a "small" terrain, it really is not one when it comes to field sizes. Hmm. I probably need to create a new terrain which has small fields, maybe some compromise size like 5120 meter terrain or something, very small fields or from tiny to huge, just some terrain design where I can do that small scale american farming I always want to do after returning to farmsim after a long break.

More terrains, oh my! Hehe

2022-09-19T16:10:00Z Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 95.2k.

And now, a long overdue restroom break.

2022-09-19T16:18:00Z Back, and we continue, now off to F04 to fertilize that one. I'm going to use courseplay for that, just for the sake of it. Need to record field definition outline first because this terrain is with single shape field definitions.

2022-09-19T16:25:00Z Started fertilizing F04, contract, courseplay.

So drove and recorded field definition outline for F04, courseplay did it for "CP-1" name and I could not save it to the courses directory, odd. Now tractor is fertilizing and I have free hands, free time to do some other stuff like writing this text, perhaps google some courseplay info for this field outline recording etc.

I am having a great time playing in PMC Super Six 6km terrain, its rock solid 60FPS performance and I like the open areas, big fields and american style vehicle shed farm yards distributed nicely across the terrain. I love it.

Uuuh I would like to create more of these kind of terrains but heh cannot, need to finish existing terrain projects first Smiley ;)

Spreading some fertilizer...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-19T16:32:00Z New contract appeared, herbicide spraying F05 with 146.6k reward oh nice, its got borrowed vehicle self propelled sprayer. Kind of tempted to take this contract but one step at the time, first I'll finish this F04 contract.

Was browsing farmland areas a bit more and yeah, this terrain is really not "small scale quick fun" type of thing, I definitely need to create some 1km or 1.5km small little girlie men terrain just for that use. All the farmlands with fields in this terrain are hundreds of thousands, so starting your own farm really requires quite a lot of money. There is of course the joke field of 0.8ha which costs only 8.4k but dunno if you can do anything with such a small blip, hmm.

2022-09-19T16:53:00Z Finished fertilizing F04, contract, collected contract reward 55.1k.

Used autodrive to send tractor back to the dealership Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

At the dealership topped up bredal k165 with solid fertilizer for 18.3k, budget now 159.8k.

Apr in-game 0600hrs property income 5.1k. Dealership sale new holland ch7.70 combine for -50% off, hmm.

2022-09-19T17:05:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F05.

Recorded autodrive path from dealership to F05, around it and back to the dealership.

Recorded courseplay field definition outline for F05.

2022-09-19T17:22:00Z Started fertilizing F05, contract, courseplay.

This is another long course 4.6k waypoints, hmm now I'm going to hop out from the tractor and go walk around to explore PMC Super Six 6km, I want to see which would be our first farm yard and field.

Most of the farm yards are empty so players can build whatever they want, also this is farm manager mode so the one new farmer game-mode farm yard has no buildings obviously. Overall there are many big farm yards to choose from, I would say this is a really nice terrain considering players freedom of options.

2022-09-19T17:37:00Z Well here we are, waiting while courseplay does its thing. I checked twitch, no interesting streamers, every stream that had slight bit american looking stuff was some atrocious 240p or 540p garbage quality where I'm wondering what are these people thinking why even stream with such crap below mobile phone quality, makes no frigging sense. Yesterday I removed all farmsim mod site firefox bookmarks so I cant even browse new mods or other related info, its all on PMC Devsurf (editing/surfing) computer now and I feel too much of a cheater if I would get up and go use that computer while courseplay is running this field work course.

Dunno, it just might be that this is what I have to do when these field work courses last this long, I just don't have anything to do while courseplay is running things. Hmm wonder if buying another tractor and hmm dunno, even if I had another tractor and implement now, there is no other contract I could take. Only other contract now are two weeding ones which durations are 2hrs 45min and another 1hrs 15min, sure I could take those and put them under courseplay... but hmm hmm, if my own tractor contract ends before those then its never ending loop always taking one more contract to fill the time hehe.

Dunno leaving computer to run courseplay while I surf news/mods etc, how is it different than going to the kitchen to get a bite to eat or to the restroom to take a leak, heh those arent cheating. Hehe.

Hmm okay I'm going to firefox and check out some youtube videos, maybe I could find some production chains tutorials or something to pass the time.

But for experiment and knowledge, I will take the smaller 1hrs weeding contract and put that borrowed tractor under courseplay.

2022-09-19T17:47:00Z Started weeding F04, contract, courseplay.

Uuh this weeding tractor looked awfully slow, wonder if it can match my own tractors field work duration or even take longer, hmm hmm.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-19T17:50:00Z Had to get up and walk around a bit to stretch my legs, most likely will wander off to PMC DevSurf to check out some news...

Ended up googling and into giants forums, reading few interesting topics there. A lot of folks talking about EX terrain sizes, these people never learn the facts, nothing ever changes.

2022-09-19T18:46:00Z Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected contract reward 187.5k.

Oh this is surprising, my own tractor fertilizing contract DID finish sooner than this "in the mean time..." weeding contract, weeding is still 85% complete heh. Well this is exactly my point I was fearing, if I take "pass the time" contract on the side, it might actually still be going when the primary contract is done, just making a mess of time use.

Yeah need to be careful with that one. But luckily weeding contract is soon done and it pays good over 50k so its all good.

Used autodrive to send fendt 1050 vario back to the dealership, autodrive is pretty sweet in that regard, just choose destination and click "play" heh.

Topped up bredal k165 with solid fertilizer, cost 23.3k ouch.

2022-09-19T19:00:00Z Finished weeding F04, contract, collected contract reward 54.5k.

2022-09-19T19:00:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F04.

2022-09-19T19:05:00Z Started fertilizing F04, contract, courseplay.

Changed better contracts setting file for lazy AI true for all the contract types.

2022-09-19T19:33:00Z Finished fertilizing F04, contract, collected contract reward 55.1k.

Saved game and shutdown FS22, need to grab a bite to eat and then add reduced vehicle maintenance cost mod back on. I took it out in previous update as it gave error, need to check if it works now and if it doesn't, then need to find a new replacement for it. Vehicle maintenance fees are so high now that I need dozen wind turbines to balance the budget heh.

But first, some lunch...

Found FS22 Repair And Paint Settings mod from giants modhub, tested that its got no errors, then installed to my mods dir and savegame.

2022-09-19T20:25:00Z FS22 booted back up, savegame loaded and configured repair and paint settings mod, then used vehicleexplorer to repair fendt 1050 vario, only took few thousands to fix.

Time accelerated over midnight (stopped at midnight) and only got about one thousand for property income, which was odd, it has to be some thing about savegame load... unless that repair and paint settings mod messes up property income heh. Need to time accelerate next day right away to check...

Next night I got 4.8k property income, hmm sounds about right, it changes a lot depending on the wind.

Jun in-game 0723hrs got two hilariously huge barley harvest contracts, put together they pay about one million hehe, but the F03 harvest estimated time is SIXTEEN (16) hours so I'll take a pass on that hehe.

Maybe with four claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18.2m headers, but not with some borrowed single combine heh.

John deere 2623 5-section plow is also on sale for -53% off, but I'm not planning on plowing anything as plowing and lime is disabled, so no need for such tool.

Jul in-game 0036hrs property income 3.7k. Contract for oat harvest on F04, but selling point is another side of the terrain and estimated duration 1hrs 48min so I'll pass.

Aug in-game 0024hrs property income 5.4k.

Autodrive sent tractor to the dealership, then topped up bredal k165 for 7.1k, budget now 436.4k.

Hmm I don't want to be too picky about the contracts I take, the current F04 oats harvest pays over one hundred thousand so guess it wouldnt be too bad of a deal for about two hours of work. Instead now I'm time accelerating and cherry picking what I want to do. Hmm.

Also need to setup greenhouses and warehouse for some additional side business money making. But I think for that a farm yard is required. Hmm.

Sep in-game 0037hrs property income 4.2k.

2022-09-19T20:51:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F06.

Drove to F06 and recorded field definition outline using courseplay.

2022-09-19T20:57:00Z Started fertilizing F06, contract, courseplay.

Purchased Parzival water pump thing for 8k, four large greenhouses 10k each and final storage for factories products for 15k. These got placed one of the central farm yards, it was empty plot of land and I did not buy it heh, I'll just borrow their farm yard Smiley ;)

Then started water delivery placeable, greenhouses in distribute mode and enabled warehouse for products lettuce only.

Now what happens is water delivery placeable distributes water to greenhouses which then grow lettuce and send it to warehouse which stores it until I'll tell it otherwise.

Once enough produce is stored and lettuce market price is high, then I switch warehouse to SELLING mode and rake in the cash Smiley ;)

Budget now 376.5k.

I'm kind of tempted to purchase two more small wind turbines heh, but nah lets save up some money first Smiley :)

My fear is that once the money starts to come in just by time accelerating, what would be the motivation to do field work anymore? I mean why would I work the fields in FARMING game, right? hehe just joking.

That is the dilemma, why use placeable money making piece of crap stuff in farming game / simulation where the goal is to drive all kinds of vehicles when working the field in order to grow some crops.

I ruined TWO savegames in FS19 by using giants modhub solar panels, they just completely threw the finances out of the window because I was making like 10 million per day or some other completely silly number. In my New Farmer Elmcreek game mode I had similar setup as I have here now, large greenhouses with lettuce and warehouse to store them until high market price.

Its a "philosophical debate" if these are game-play experience ruining placeables, in my opinion they are... yet here I am using them, again. Dunno man, its just... dunno what to say, they are so frigging easy and the temptation to use them, the lure of easy money is too great Smiley :)

The thing is that whats the point, what is the fun in farming game if all you have to do is time accelerate to make money?

Of course Start From Zero "buy all the land and harvest all the fields" benefits only half from such money cheat, no amount of billions in your bank account will harvest those fields, you still have to do it yourself.

The satisfaction of growing your farm yard through hard contracts and own field work is much greater than if you just cheat by spamming money making placeables and then purchase dozen best seeders and combines for the harvest work.

That is not what I signed up for in october 2018 when I came up with FS17 Cornbelt Start From Scratch savegame game-mode (start from zero).

2022-09-19T21:20:00Z Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected contract reward 46.4k.

Sent tractor to the dealership using autodrive and then topped up bredal k165 with solid fertilizer for 6k.

2022-09-19T21:29:00Z Now our production chains is running, water is going to large greenhouses and lettuce is growing. Now my only question is, does production chain freeze if I time accelerate 6000 speed, that game or these placeable "cycles" cannot keep up with that speed.

Tested with my regular SHIFT-R 6000 speed time acceleration, unfortunately it does look like its not working, I had 2 liters of lettuce when I started one quick hour of skipping and those disappeared and it reset the value to 0 without adding anything to warehouse. I think.

Then when I used 1000 speed (some mod cant remember which, regular 7 and 8 keys) it worked fine, a lot of lettuce appeared and water was flowing.

I simply cannot remember how this worked back in december 2021 when I played my new farmer elmcreek game mode and I didn't document it anywhere except the story which I cannot access now.

Oct in-game 0133hrs property income 5.7k and production cost... uuh I saw the number but forgot, something like 1.7k maybe heh.

So 5000 speed time acceleration still works, but 6000 is too much and the "cycles" just freeze, meaning with 5000 speed I can see numbers wildly scrolling in greenhouse umm err status bar (the one that pops up when you walk up to a placeable) in bottom right corner.

Nov in-game property income 9.7k and production costs -4.7k. And here you can see our warehouse which is in lettuce STORING mode, it will put all 1k liters of lettuce pallets in the outside because there is no virtual "store inside" mode, storing always starts to stack in the backyard output point.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

So basically these lettuce pallets most likely will stay here now forever as there is no point in picking them up and selling as more would be created heh. In my new farmer elmcreek savegame I had bunch of bread pallets same as this.

2022-09-19T21:51:00Z Purchased four more large greenhouses and set them up for lettuce production.

Dec in-game 0000hrs property income 4.9k production cost -4.9k.

Hmm thats bad, went about even. Heh maybe I do need to buy two more small wind turbines Smiley ;)

2022-09-19T22:04:00Z Purchased second small wind turbine for 155k, the daily costs were about even so had to bump our production up a bit Smiley :)

Mar in-game 0709hrs property income 11.7k, nice heh.

2022-09-19T22:06:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F04.

2022-09-19T22:10:00Z Started fertilizing F04, contract, courseplay.

Production for water is much more than the eight greenhouses use, so I purchased two more and now we have 10 of them.

PMC Super Six 6km would definitely need more field definitions that AI would plant them and give out contracts, these existing fields get you started just fine, but honestly right now as I'm fertilizing F04 for ... second? third? time today, it starts to get a bit boring. More fields would be better.

Grass fields are definitely needed, those silage baling contracts, those are fun to do and pay good money too, not that it beats soybeans harvest money but still.

2022-09-19T22:23:00Z We got 21,005 liters of lettuce in the warehouse. Current highest market price is 3212.

2022-09-19T22:38:00Z Finished fertilizing F04, contract, collected contract reward 55.1k.

Again the usual, autodrive to dealership and bredal topup for 7.3k.

2022-09-19T22:45:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22 for a mod update, well I'm adding JTSages FS22 Production Inspector.

2022-09-19T23:02:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F02.

Had to record courseplay outline for this field definition again.

2022-09-19T23:07:00Z Started fertilizing F02, contract, courseplay.

And now we wait again, this is pretty decent size field, hopefully wont bore me to death heh. Oh well I'll continue reading giants forums or something.

Busy screen with JTSage's FS22 Simple Inspector and Production Inspector outputs Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-19T23:52:00Z Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 95.2k.

Usual tractor to bredal topup 12.4k Smiley ;)

May in-game 0616hrs property income 18k. Lettuce in warehouse 36k liters.

2022-09-20T00:02:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F05.

2022-09-20T00:05:00Z Started fertilizing F05, contract, courseplay.

And this again will take a while. Still don't have enough money for rubicon 9000, but we are getting close to that point that it will be our next upgrade heh. Or maybe fendt 939 tractor with another bredal k165 would do pretty nice too.

Dealership has versatile 4wd on sale for -45% off, nice offer but don't really need one right now, put the above mentioned items on sale and I'm there Smiley ;)

Production chains water delivery placeable is full of water, it produces more than my ten large greenhouses consume. Should probably buy few more greenhouses heh.

2022-09-20T00:13:00Z Purchased two more large greenhouses, that makes the count 12. Activated them and they are running. Now over time lets see if water delivery placeable can still keep up.

2022-09-20T00:30:00Z Contract 30% complete, yawn ... heh. Okay that is it, we are now looking for a new small / medium size tractor and another bredal k165 for that improved fertilizing capability. Bredal was 88.5k and hmm what sort of tractor should we get ...

Hmm I actually have no idea how much horsepower you need to pull bredal k165 spreader, hmm hmm. Not sure if fendt 724 vario with 246hp would pull it, hmm, I think it should I mean almost two fifty horsepower is quite a lot. This would cost 224.5k, hmm.

2022-09-20T00:50:00Z The two new large greenhouses sucked off the whole 30k liters of water from water delivery placeable, nice.

2022-09-20T01:28:00Z Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected contract reward 187.5k.

And with that its my lunch break ...

2022-09-20T01:48:00Z Feeding time is over, back to Start From Zero.

Decided while eating that now I have to start crushing skullz, I need to buy that second bredal k165 so we can get some power behind these fertilizing contracts.

Topped up bredal k165 with solid fertilizer for 23.3k.

2022-09-20T02:25:00Z Purchased bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 88.5k and fendt 724 vario with engine upgrade and guidancesteering for 224.5k.

Topped up second bredal k165 with solid fertilizer for 30.3k. Budget now 214.5k.

2022-09-20T02:27:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F02 and F06.

2022-09-20T02:30:00Z Started fertilizing F02, contract, courseplay 2x tools.

Rocking with two tools Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-20T02:56:00Z Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 95.2k.

2022-09-20T03:01:00Z Started fertilizing F06, contract, courseplay 2x tools.

2022-09-20T03:02:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F05.

And new contract appeared, good one too, had to take it. However after these remaining two fields have been fertilized, I'm going to switch into time accelerating mode, most likely purchase one or two more wind turbines, lets cheat properly Smiley ;)

2022-09-20T03:08:00Z Purchased four more large greenhouses, we now got like what, 16 of them(?).

2022-09-20T03:14:00Z Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected contract reward 46.4k.

2022-09-20T03:17:00Z Started fertilizing F05, contract, courseplay 2x tools.

2022-09-20T03:18:00Z Purchased TWO more small wind turbines, placed them by our large greenhouse + warehouse farm yard (borrowed), budget now 5.3k Smiley ;)

Looks like production chain buildings like large greenhouses get started in top of the hour, because its now been over 15min ago when those got started and they still show up in product inspector as "not running" basically.

2022-09-20T04:05:00Z Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected contract reward 187.5k.

And in-game 1100hrs production chain buildings updated, now all the four new large greenhouses are running OK. Alright, learned something new today, nice.

Sent both tractors to the dealership and in there topped up first bredal k165 with solid fertilizer for 23.4k. Then did the same for second for 21.3k.

2022-09-20T04:14:00Z Alright now begins shameless blatant abusing of farmsim game, going to just time accelerate and buy more wind turbines to get more money... to buy more wind turbines HEHE.

I mean this savegame is ruined with cheating, there is no frigging denying that, so lets milk it dry, gimme all ya got biatch! Smiley ;)

May in-game 0944hrs property income was 22.2k, nice.

Midwest durus 60ft grain header was on sale for -57% so had to buy that, cost 72.7k. Budget now 98.4k.

Jun in-game 0532hrs property income 33.5k, really nice.

Jul in-game 0615hrs property income 23.9k. Hmm I don't think this will take a long time to time accelerate until I get to buy one of those big wind turbines Smiley :)

We also have 173.5k liters of lettuce in the warehouse. That makes crazy money when high lettuce market price day arrives.

Aug in-game 0943hrs property income 8.6k, well there must have been very little wind yesterday with that kind of income. I'm going to stop writing these play-by-play property incomes now, takes too long, I'll just usually write when something interesting happens.

Jan in-game 1400hrs lettuce market price is 3406 which is good enough for now, I'm going to set warehouse to SELLING mode and time accelerate to top of the hour. We have 251.2k liters of lettuce in the warehouse. Set warehouse to selling mode as budget is 199.8k.

2022-09-20T04:36:00Z At top of the hour finances sold products shows 753.3k Smiley :D

Feb in-game 0606hrs lettuce market price dropped just below 3.4k so I'm shutting the selling down, warehouse back to STORING mode.

Budget now 986.6k oh wow look at that amount of money Smiley :)

Purchased large wind turbine for 750k, placed it by the dealership. Budget now 237.4k. Really interesting to see how much property income we get now hehe.

Mar in-game 0657hrs property income 46.2k Smiley ;)

Jun in-game 0551hrs property income 58.5k, geez hehe.

Nov in-game 0822hrs property income 65.8k, whoah. Few more time accelerations and we get to buy another large windmill heh.

2022-09-20T05:01:00Z We have 144.9k liters of lettuce in the warehouse and its 3.4k market price again, setting it to SELLING mode. This is actually now past midnight and price is dropping, so dunno how many hours of good price we get.

I should probably buy some more greenhouses hehe.

Feb in-game 0102hrs and lettuce sold for 437.4k, our budget now 1.064m we broke magical million limit! Whohoo! Smiley ;)

In-game 0652hrs lettuce market price dropped below 3.4k so I set warehouse to STORING mode again. Budget now 1.084m.

2022-09-20T05:07:00Z Purchased large wind turbine for 750k, this is now our second, budget now 344.4k. Now time acceleration continues, gimme my money Smiley ;)

Next wind turbine will be one of the big boys from mod, enercon EP4 or something which costs whopping 2.710m uuh.

2022-09-20T05:14:00Z Purchased four large solar collectors 93.5k each, budget now 193.1k. Hopefully this now gives us more profits and more stable as well, if some day there is not much wind it could well mean there is sunshine so we get plenty of money from the solar panels.

2022-09-20T05:23:00Z Its jan in-game 2342hrs and lettuce market price is 3451, pretty cool, going to switch warehouse with 144.4k liters of lettuce into SELLING mode.

Feb in-game 0751hrs lettuce market price dropped below 3.4k, setting warehouse to STORING mode.

2022-09-20T05:38:00Z Jan in-game 2353hrs lettuce market price 3463, its time to sell again, same as before. Now if everything would go same as before, we get to sell all the way up to february "morning", lets see if that holds true...

Oops feb in-game 0645hrs checked the first time and now its 3373 which is well below 3.4k mark, ok shutting it down, warehouse back to STORING mode. Budget now 2.357m still fair bit to go for that big mega enercon EP4 wind turbine, more time accelerating.

2022-09-20T05:47:00Z Purchased enercon E-115 EP2 149M for 2.710m, placed it by the large greenhouses farm yard.

First half day of wind turbine work at aug in-game 0629hrs property income 148.4k. Uuuh Smiley ;)

2022-09-20T05:54:00Z Jan in-game 2349hrs lettuce market price 3439, time to sell. Same as before.

Feb in-game 0506hrs lettuce market price 3397, warehouse back to STORING mode, see ya next year.

BTW now that I've sat here time accelerating, checking contracts and dealership sales list like crazy, its so clear to me that this terrain needs more field definitions, couple of grass fields so there can be variation for the contracts list.

2022-09-20T06:05:00Z Purchased second enercon E-115 EP2 149M for 2.710m, placed it by the large greenhouses farm yard. Budget now 89.1k.

Goodness gracious, dec in-game 0848hrs property income 325.5k Smiley :o

When or where does this madness end? Smiley :?

2022-09-20T06:10:00Z Purchased four more large greenhouses, uuh my...

Jan in-game 2350hrs, lettuce for our yearly sale, gimme your money. Feb in-game 0750hrs set warehouse back to STORING mode.

Apr in-game 0630hrs property income 365.3k ... heck that, I want to get it up to half a million!

Smiley ;)

Argh, after writing down the line above that will set warehouse back to storing mode... I apparently forgot, just noticed now at MAY in-game 0530hrs that it was still selling, oh well, few thousands here and there, pfft, the hell do I care Smiley ;)

2022-09-20T06:23:00Z Jul in-game 0705hrs purchased third enercon EP2 ... budget now 31k.

There it is, uuuaah!

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

The Horror... The Horror ...

2022-09-20T06:29:00Z Jan in-game 2353hrs, its time to sell lettuce, you know how that goes, lets get it done.

Feb in-game 0350hrs lettuce market price below 3.4k, lets shut it down.

2022-09-20T06:32:00Z Purchased ... umm how many enercon wind turbine this is now, dunno I'm too tired, too numb for all this craziness... budget now 408.9k.

Still mentioning about the field definitions, its getting extremely boring to check that contracts list as its almost the same every time, well more or less. So few fields so its easy to memorize how individual contracts look like. This terrain is SO going to get more field definitions as soon as I muster some editing energy.

2022-09-20T06:42:00Z Sep in-game 0748hrs hey, guess what, I purchased... what was it, some stick to the ground, umm the name escapes me.. something, kong, something... oh right, enercon EP2 megalodon wind turbine, uuuuuuh Smiley :twisted:

Next night property income was 645.7k hehe.

2022-09-20T06:49:00Z Jan in-game 2355hrs its lettuce selling time, now we got 182.3k liters.

Feb in-game 0752hrs lettuce price still 3411, highest its ever been this late, cool, get to sell one more time at least.

2022-09-20T06:53:00Z Purchased another enercon wind turbine, just because I'm tired and I don't care, gimme that farming money now.

Heh budget even after purchasing that megalodon placeable is 1.340m hah.

2022-09-20T06:56:00Z Purchased another enercon EP2, I want to see one million property income per month before I go to sleep tonight...

2022-09-20T06:59:00Z Purchased four more large greenhouses, now that simple production inspector display wont even fit to screen anymore, hoho.

Dealership had demco 2200 dual auger grain cart for sale -49% off, I bought it for... well who cares, I have gazillion millionz Smiley ;)

2022-09-20T07:08:00Z Highest lettuce market price on jan in-game 2353 at 3505, lets start selling, btw we have 199.8k liters and bugets is now 5.521m heh.

Still at feb in-game 1050hrs lettuce market price is 3409, highest I've ever seen, this has been a great year.

2022-09-20T07:12:00Z Switched warehouse back to STORING mode, budget now hilarious 6.532m.

Wonder why I even bother with this selling stuff, one million there, another somewhere else... uuh aah... hoh.

2022-09-20T07:14:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, I am so tired I don't know which way is up, Zzz ...

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