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2022-09-20 It All Ends Tonight

2022-09-20T15:32:00Z New farming day has started, this savegame now has 25hrs 40min on it. Last night was wild oh my, just pure craziness with the money making placeables which are 100% cheating.

But today I want to finish off this savegame, today this will end one way or the other, I want to end this story.

Quick recap mostly for myself: our farm has no land, we are just borrowing the one farm yard. We have two fendt tractors and bredal k165 spreaders, midwest durus 18.2m combine grain header and demco 2200 dual auger grain cart. These are all our vehicles.

Our cheating money making placeables, solar panels and wind turbines of various sizes, mostly the biggest ones now, generate on a windy and sunny day over 900k which is just beyond ridiculous.

Currently our budget is 6.876m so money is really not an issue anymore.

What I remember from last nights crazy plans was that I want to keep monitoring dealership sales to buy cheap stuff, now this of course makes no sense because we have frigging SIX MILLION in cash, but its just somehow so fun to buy stuff on sale hehe. Next big thing is to start buying farmland, I wanted to buy everything except the fields with contracts just in case if I want to do them, not for money I guess because six million budget, but hmm yeah, maybe my thinking was too fuzzy of being dead tired and in that crazy mode with cheating money making placeables.

One option would be just start buying stuff and time accelerating if I run out of money, buy until all farmland is owned and I have bourgault big seeder and four large combines, then start to work on the fields for soybeans harvest. Dunno if how many harvests I could do today hmm.

2022-09-20T15:47:00Z Okay lets get things going, now I'll purchase basic seeding and harvesting fleet of vehicles.

Purchased: bourgault 71300 air cart for 331.5k, bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill for 430.5k, versatile 4wd 620 with guidancesteering for 413.5k. Times two, that should be enough for these field sizes.

Purchased: claas lexion 8900s with big configurationa and guidancesteering for 511.3k, times FOUR. Midwest durus 18.2m header times three (we already had one).

Budget now 2.435m.

Purchased iconik seed refill station to the dealership so bourgault air carts can refill.

2022-09-20T16:05:00Z Started to purchase farmland, obviously cant buy them all right now, but time accelerating when I'll run out of money and then buy some more. Its now may in-game 0635hrs and budget is 3.068m.

2022-09-20T16:12:00Z Now I've had to time accelerate several days as ran out of money quickly buying those farmlands. Its interesting how much money it takes to buy them. Maybe I should have counted them individually to get good stats, needless to say it takes a huge amounts of money to buy all farmland in 6.1km terrain with default american dollars per hectare price tag.

Lettuce high market price day arrived, time to sell, our warehouse has 213k liters now, setting it to SELLING mode.

Feb in-game 0651hrs lettuce market price is dropping near 3.4k, warehouse going to STORING mode again, it was nice to sell. Budget now 1.627m.

Looks like its roughly two-three days of time accelerating to buy one farmland property, they are so expensive over one million each in general overview.

Got an idea for PMC Farming websites to list all farmland prices, cheapest, most expensive, each individually and all combined like how much money does it take to purchase the whole terrains farmlands. Good stuff.

Just to recap the obvious techniques, when I'm time accelerating its done usually with the 6k speed mod SHIFT-R as 6000 speed, however FS22 production chains buildings "cycles" will freeze on 6000 speed, so I'm using some other time acceleration mod not sure what its name but it allows me to use 7 and 8 keys normally and go for 5000 speed which is the normal giants farmhouse sleep speed, except now I don't have to be at the stupid farmhouse and look at the stupid sky being locked in that neck cranked mode until done. So using 5000 speed takes a few button presses but its fine, maybe in the future I re-configure that 6k speed mod so it just simply uses 5000 speed.

I time accelerate usually to the morning daylight, this time of course depends on which month it is, its very early in the summer and late in the winter. I just simply feel more comfortable in the daylight. When one day has been time accelerated then I check dealership sales with P key and contracts, refresh them with X key. Except now on farmland buying mode I'm not checking contracts anymore, been there and done that, we don't do contracts anymore in this savegame.

So now its just a lot of time accelerating when milking money from those cheating money making placeables and in january / february midnight its lettuce selling time from our warehouse.

As said its about 2-3 days skipping to buy one farmland, so its kind of slow going... relatively speaking, imagine how many legit soybeans harvest seasons would it take to make this kind of money Smiley :o

There you have it, ONE MILLION property income in a month (3d day with 1 day seasons) Smiley :D

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Goodness gracious haha!

2022-09-20T16:35:00Z Restroom break, saved game and I'll leave it running on 120 speed just to see how it runs. Its now oct in-game 0823hrs with budget 109.8k, interesting to see what it is when I come back.

2022-09-20T16:43:00Z Back and now its oct in-game 2306hrs with budget 529.1k. Umm err so yeah that was a brain fart, 120 speed is for kidz, hehe it had literally no effect in my extended restroom break Smiley :)

Oh well, now we continue with 5000 speed again.

Tested time accelerating two days at once, its now dec in-game 0854hrs, everything seems to be running OK.

Jan in-game 2332hrs, lettuce selling day is here, setting warehouse to SELLING mode. Feb in-game 0652hrs setting warehouse back to STORING mode.

Jan in-game 2352hrs, lettuce thing, you know the drill. Feb in-game 0350hrs lettuce price already dropped below 3.4k, setting warehouse to STORING mode.

Okay now I have purchased all farmland without field definitions aka fields, next is to purchase the fields...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-20T17:05:00Z That's it, all the farmland purchased, no more contracts, no more AI fields.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Budget now 184.3k.

So... umm... now what? Smiley :?

One more wintery january screenshot from PMC Super Six 6km Start From Zero ruined by cheating money making placebles savegame...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

What I'm going to do now is to delete this savegame, store this story text with screenshots, we are so done with this one, it will be archived to our website as proof for money making placeables being cheat which will destroy your savegames and good farming mood.

Nothing more to say here than kidz; don't do drugs and use money making placeables because they are CHEATING.

2022-09-20T17:10:00Z Goodbye.


It was timestamp of 2022-09-19T15:32:00Z when I first used my own vehicle with GPS WITHOUT owning a land, which made this savegame violate Start From Zero rules.

This savegame shows how easy it is to destroy perfectly nice farming mood by using cheat money making placeables. At the moment of releasing this FS22 farming story I have updated Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules with addenum about money making placebles, in fact it was reading this story that made me add that info there.

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