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September 2022

2022-09-18T20:59:00Z New farming day has started after a long break. This savegame now has 3hrs 48min on it.

I'm using the new highly experimental PMC Super Six 6km v0.2 which was just done as the name says, experiment.

And Crash To Desktop (CTD) while loading savegame Smiley :)

2022-09-18 21:01 Error: AI block info layer has invalid size.

Going to take a restroom break and do a quick edit in Giants Editor (GE) v9.0.2, generating those collision things.

2022-09-18T21:14:00Z Go the fix done, generated collision maps, however I got to think that maybe that was not even the issue because I loaded old 4096 pixel resolution heightmap savegame with a new terrain version which is using 2048 pixel resolution heightmap hmm hmm. So I now generated new savegame dir and going to copy over the heightmap etc files from there into the old savegame dir.

Confusing? Good.

2022-09-18T21:19:00Z FS22 restarted after the heightmap PNG copying, now everything is working, my old Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km v0.1 savegame loaded fine with the experimental v0.2.1 Smiley :D

And FPS is rock solid 60FPS, I love it Smiley :)

Yes! heh

Quick recap just for my sake. Its 1 day seasons, currently nov in-game 1247hrs, budget is 104.6k. Unfortunately there are no good contracts, just one single sugarbeet harvesting contract which is way too much for my taste right off the bat.

So I'm going to time accelerate 6000 speed one day at the time and seeing if new contracts will come up.

Dec in-game 1004hrs, cultivating contract appeared but its 19.9ha so way too large. Jan in-game 0840hrs, no changes in contracts.

Hmm I'm getting a gut feeling that PMC Super Six 6km v0.2.1 would need some more field definitions for that enjoyable Start From Zero game-mode, but lets not jump into conclusions and just time accelerate some more...

Feb in-game 0824hrs, cultivating contract disappeared but nothing else shows up yet. Mar in-game 0806hrs okay now we have bunch of contracts, fertilizing F01 for crazy 154.1k and sowing contracts... except the fertilizing contract disappeared before I managed to take it, huh what?

I used better contracts mod X refresh contracts and now new ones popped up, more fertilizing ones.

2022-09-18T21:34:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F03, with borrowed vehicles.

Then accepted fertilizing contract F04 and 01.

Refilled last remaining 1k liter solid fertilizer pallet to bredal k165, then purchased 8 * big bag solid fertilizer for 14.5k, times two as first went all straight to bredal k165 tank.

2022-09-18T21:44:00Z Started fertilizing F04, contract, manually no GPS no courseplay.

I would love to chat aka typing text here, but I cant as have to steer that tractor, no GPS is brutal Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-18T22:12:00Z Finished fertilizing F04, contract, collected contract reward 55.1k.

Oh nice reward. Then drove to the dealership while recording autodrive path. By the dealership topped up bredal k165 again, had to purchase 8 * big bag of solid fertilizer for 14.5k again.

2022-09-18T22:24:00Z Started fertilizing F01, contract, manually no GPS no courseplay.

This is a fairly large field, long passes, now I have a bit more time to type some text for this Start From Zero story but still have to be careful with tractor steering hehe.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

On one of these long passes I had to take a restroom break, was considering should I stop the tractor at the end of the field and just lose that time, or should I risk it and let tractor drive "hands free" all by himself while I'm relieving myself hehe.

Took the risk and it paid off, everything went OK, tractor was still driving quite a bit when I returned from the head.

2022-09-18T22:47:00Z But yeah, it is painful to drive without GPS or courseplay because I'm afraid to ALT-TAB to write these story texts which I enjoy doing. I have so much to say but no time to say it hehe. Cannot wait to buy our own vehicle so I can start to use those tools and then this story takes whole new turn with intensity.

My office.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-18T23:39:00Z Finished fertilizing F01, contract, collected contract reward 154.1k.

Whoah that contract reward Smiley :)

Drove to the dealership which was right next to F01 anyways, refilled all the remaining big bags to bredal k165. Then had to take a restroom break, been drinking water like a dog hehe.

Purchased another 8 * big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k, continued refilling bredal until it was topped up.

Next is F03 and she is a big one. This will be interesting because field shape is diagonal so normal 0/180/90/270 heading driving from minimap is not working, this is hardcore manual driving every moment of every pass, uuh.

2022-09-18T23:48:00Z Started fertilizing F03, contract, manually no GPS no courseplay.

Wow this field is massive heh, goodness gracious it takes a long time to fertilize this one, all done manually, geez Smiley :)

2022-09-19T00:36:00Z Lunch break, parked tractor on the field, will continue after eating is done...

2022-09-19T01:04:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing this big field.

Oh man this field is huge. When this contract is done I am SO going to buy a tractor + fertilizer spreader, ANY will do, just so I can start to use GPS, courseplay and autodrive Smiley ;)

Edit: of course you have to buy LAND + vehicle in order to be allowed using automation tools (autodrive, courseplay and GPS).

2022-09-19T01:29:00Z Got notification that contract is 50% complete, uuh Smiley ;)

2022-09-19T01:48:00Z This is numbing effect to drive tractor this accurately for this long, I need to take a quick shower break to refreshen myself a bit.

2022-09-19T02:06:00Z Back, we continue.

2022-09-19T02:15:00Z Bredal K165 is out of fertilizer (255 liters left at end of the pass), okay back to the dealership for a top up.

Purchased 8 * big bag of solid fertilizer for 14.5k times two.

2022-09-19T02:20:00Z Back on the field, next pass. Lets get this thing done.

Its really mind numbing to drive this tractor manually and constantly scan the already fertilized edge, tractor and the actual fertilizer product which is thrown from the spreader.

For example just writing the above paragraph and tractor already veered off course.

Maybe the mind numbing part comes from the field size, one pass is dunno what, over 5 min straight driving hehe.

I'm going to love and appreciate GPS/courseplay SO much after this contract! Smiley :)

Not much left ...

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-09-19T03:04:00Z Finished fertilizing F03, whohoo! Smiley :)

Drove to the dealership and unloaded 8.9k liters of solid fertilizer from bredal k165.

2022-09-19T03:05:00Z Collected contract F03 reward 281.2k and returned borrowed vehicles.

Budget now 503.4k oh my Smiley :o

F01 was a big and long field, it really felt not exhausting but just mind numbing like almost starting to "see things" on the field that arent there when your eyes constantly scan between tractor, fertilizer edge and the spread fertilizer contact point, started to be very uncomfortable. Really glad its over now.

Actually I didn't even give any thought about how long of a contract that was, all I saw was dollar signs in my eyes when seeing such over 200k paying contract. Should have considered how nasty and long it will be.

Oh well its now done and following contracts will be done with own vehicle using GPS or maybe even courseplay, cant wait! Smiley :)

Going to time accelerate, monitor contracts as always but also dealership sales, maybe I could find a cheap tractor and fertilizer spreader.

Apr in-game 0722hrs herbicide spraying contract appeared with rubicon 9000 as borrow vehicle, but somehow I just don't feel like taking it, I am SO done with manual driving now heh. This contract was 72k reward.

May in-game 0619hrs dealership sale for kinze 4905 blue drive -43% off, but its not exactly the equipment I'm looking for. Jun in-game 0552hrs mack superliner 6x4 is on sale for -43% off. Jul in-game 0701hrs claas lexion 8900 -47% off. Sep in-game 0803hrs case ih speed-tiller 475 -64% off, nice.

Oct in-game 1145hrs case ih steiger quadtrac afs connect series -45% off, pretty nice deals but I'm still looking for something smaller. Hilarious contract, harvest sunflowers from F05, estimated duration 7hrs 24min and reward is juicy 428k heh. Maybe some other time Smiley ;)

Nov in-game 1004hrs versatile 4wd -59% off, quite heavy deals we got here, almost if the game checks field sizes and takes that into consideration hehe. Feb in-game 0837hrs landini serie 7 robo-mix -43% off, pretty OK but not exactly the small tractor I'd buy.

Hmm I'm actually going to call it a night here, seems like this will take a while and I still have couple of computer chores to do before bed time so better get started. I did not plan for this earlier today, but now that PMC Super Six 6km performance bug is fixed and I'm getting enjoyable rock solid 60FPS, I'd be amazed if I didn't continue this Start From Zero bright and early tomorrow...

2022-09-19T03:38:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, good night.

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