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This is a Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) game-play story where I play Start From Zero savegame. See Farming Simulator 22 PMC Stories page for more background info and other stories.

I have already played and finished savegame in Elmcreek so there is/was really no reason for me to play another savegame here, however for pure boredom I decided to create savegame to pass the time just chilling on small little girlie men 2km Elmcreek terrain. I do have several other large FS22 American terrains (PMC Terrains) to play with but this time my mood was for something small made by others, Elmcreek was the stock standard FS22 thing with fond memories from december 2021 game-play.

Start From Zero Elmcreek

Page 1, 2022-04-20 Getting Started.

Page 2, 2022-04-22 Fertilizing Contracts.

Page 3, 2022-04-23 Silage Baling Contract.

Page 4, September 2022.

Page 5, 2022-09-17 Hay Baling Fertilizing And Canola Harvest Contracts.

Page 6, 2022-09-18 Fertilizing And Wheat Harvest Contracts.

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