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This savegame was created with very early version of PMC Super Six 6km terrain, currently this terrain has gone through many updates and looks much better, more objects, better field definitions etc.

This savegame started as legitimate Start From Zero, however it unfortunately went off the rails with money making placeable use which is cheating and in the end I had to delete it. There are some nice screenshots and wanted to preserve this story for the history books, so it got released.

Name of this story has been tagged with "Placeables" which helps to identify it, in 2024-02-11 there is a real proper Start From Zero savegame for PMC Super Six 6km terrain and that story will be released sometime in the future.

Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km (placeables)

Page 1, 2022-04-21 Sunflower Harvest Contract.

Page 2, September 2022.

Page 3, 2022-09-19 Money Making Placeables.

Page 4, 2022-09-20 It All Ends Tonight.

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