PMC Terrains Farming Simulator 22

PMC Terrain News

2023-03-11T00:15:00Z PMC Ohio Alger 10km Announced!

Older News:
2022-02-13T18:06:00Z PMC Undefined Farms 20km v0.1.3 released!
2022-02-12T23:14:00Z PMC Korkscrew 40km v0.1 released!
2022-02-12T01:07:00Z PMC Cereal Region 32km v0.1.3 released!
2022-02-09T23:06:00Z PMC King Corn 45km v0.1 released!
2022-02-08T18:35:00Z PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km v0.1.2 released!
2022-02-06T19:21:00Z PMC Super Six 6km v0.1 released!
2022-01-08T15:07:00Z PMC Cereal Region 32km v0.1.1 terrain released!
2022-01-08T14:51:00Z PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km v0.1.1 terrain released!
2022-01-01T06:50:00Z PMC Cereal Region 32km terrain released!
2022-01-01T05:11:00Z Dedicated PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km terrain page created.
2021-12-25T20:56:00Z FS22 PMC Terrains page created, PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km example terrain uploaded.

See also current FS19 PMC terrains news page.

Terrains - Real World Data

These are real world data created terrains, american style.

PMC Ohio Alger 10km

Terrains - Fictional

These are fictional free hand created terrains, not based on any real world location, but they have american style.

Do you like big maps with big fields? Map is not large enough for you unless it takes hours to do field work? Then we got some nice goodies for you :)

PMC Cereal Region 32km

PMC King Corn 45km

PMC Korkscrew 40km

PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km

PMC Super Six 6km

PMC Undefined Farms 20km