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2022-09-18 Fertilizing And Wheat Harvest Contracts

2022-09-18T15:13:00Z New farming day has started, well not really, just downloaded and updated mod dir with from darius_frost SGA dude, I want to check if that works without errors and how does it increase the contract rewards in elmcreek. As I mentioned yesterday I don't think this is a suitable mod for large terrains because the contract rewards will be crazy high then, dunno.

This savegame now has 12hrs 31min in it (but remember, some hours were lost in some savegame backup restore I believe).

Unfortunately I cant say that there was some "happy times" with contracts using this custom mission rewards mod, yes I do see a slight increase in payouts, but still its quite peanuts by my standards. Guess there is just no escaping the fact that all fields are piece of crap little girlie men sizes in elmcreek.

Better Contracts mod has a feature that it will auto update contracts list. After time accelerating skipping a day to the next morning day break, contracts list updates pretty much every other second or so for quite a while. However you can still hit X and get new contracts on top of the updated ones, so I'm exactly not sure what the updating mean if there is still more contracts to be had, uhm.

But I decided that lets give custom mission rewards mod a full try, going to do a few fertilizing contracts and see how things develop.

2022-09-18T15:28:00Z Accepted contract for fertilizing F70

First had to drive to the dealership to top up solid fertilizer. Purchased big bag of solid fertilizer for 1.8k, times two, topped up.

2022-09-18T15:33:00Z Started fertilizing F70, contract, manually GPS.

Oh forgot to mention, budget now 427.5k, but guess it was already mentioned in yesterdays farming session Smiley :)

2022-09-18T15:40:00Z Finished fertilizing F70, contract, collected contract reward 22.3k.

Well that 22.3k reward is more to my liking, if you would often get such rewards it would definitely be effective and more enjoyable experience to do these contracts. Definitely huge improvement for these 1-3k piece of crap rewards which are not even worth the drive to the field.

2022-09-18T15:42:00Z Accepted contract for fertilizing F31

2022-09-18T15:45:00Z Started fertilizing F31, contract, manually GPS.

2022-09-18T15:48:00Z Finished fertilizing F31, contract, collected contract reward 10.9k.

2022-09-18T15:49:00Z Accepted contract for fertilizing F33

2022-09-18T15:50:00Z Started fertilizing F33, contract, manually GPS.

Okay so this contract already pays only single digit thousands, but its right next to the dealership where I buy solid fertilizer so why not get it done while we're on the neighborhood.

2022-09-18T15:53:00Z Finished fertilizing F33, contract, collected contract reward 8.7k.

Pfft! this kind of single digit thousand rewards, peanuts hehe.

Budget now 469.5k.

Time accelerated to jun in-game 0717hrs. Then to jul in-game 0717hrs. Looks like harvest contracts are the highest paying rewards in elmcreek.

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

I once saw some sugarbeet harvesting which was very high paying but obviously because its crazy to do sugarbeets or potatoes as the equipment sucks so bad.

I was about to exit and go study FS22 Production Chains stuff, but I wanted to give one more thing a try; harvest contracts with courseplay. I want to check out if I can take one contract, set it up with courseplay, then take another contract on different delivery point so there wont be conflicts and set that up... and if its still working, maybe take third one too.

2022-09-18T16:03:00Z Accepted contract for harvesting wheat F68

2022-09-18T16:10:00Z Started harvesting wheat F68, courseplay

First headland going and first combine unload into grain trailer, trailer is full.

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Hmm now I feel like... not sure if I want to get into that hectic hair on fire stuff by taking another harvest contract, it already took me all this time to drive combine and grain trailer tractor here and get first unload done, if we add second set to this... its going to be non stop action and for sure one of the combines has to stop and wait. So yeah until I get bored, I'll just run this one wheat harvest contract for now...

2022-09-18T16:21:00Z Grain trailers full, these are worthless small ones.

The decision not to take additional harvest contracts was a good one, with grain being wheat on this first field and grain trailer so small, I simply have no time to tend to another field, its mere couple of minutes free time as grain trailer / cart driver before combine must be unloaded again. We'll do this contract and then re-evaluate our situation and mood Smiley :)

2022-09-18T16:36:00Z Second grain trailer(s) load dumped to feed & grain delivery point.

2022-09-18T16:43:00Z Started to rain, but courseplay is still going with the combine, hmm interesting.

Few moments later combine stopped, OK unloaded it and then it was time accelerating time until rain stops.

2022-09-18T16:55:00Z Finished harvesting wheat F68, combine finished now just need to haul grain to the delivery point.

Got 8.6k + 3.1k harvest income when contract had finished while dumping grain.

2022-09-18T16:57:00Z Finished harvesting wheat F68, contract, collected contract reward 35.9k.

Budget now 516.9k, broke half a million mark.

Time accelerated to aug in-game 0827hrs to check new contracts. More harvest contracts, but yeah dunno, not interested of doing those now.

I am going to switch to the other savegame now, this Start From Zero Elmcreek is not to my liking.

The End

2023-01-24T10:48:00Z Because this Start From Zero had rules violation at timestamp 2022-09-17T20:26:00Z, I scheduled this savegame to be exterminated the next time I plug in win10 SSD on PMC Gaming computer. Bye.


2024-02-10T20:00:00Z Conclusion, final words.

Making decision to release this story which technically was a failed savegame attempt because I broke the Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules, was quite difficult. This story included a lot of profanity when something went wrong in field work etc, so first decision was made to remove all that which felt bad because it feels so wrong to censor yourself, its my story and I'm telling how I felt at the time, if viewers on the web cannot handle few curse words then maybe they should stay away from the internet. Another reason was how short this story was, only few pages to end unceremoniously with a failure.

However there are several nice screenshots and its still a Farming Simulator 22 game-play story, so decided that its worth to release for everyone to read and enjoy.

I do feel bad for failing this savegame by forgetting Start From Zero rules. I have failed several other very big savegames when I discovered this huge mistake in following these rules, I simply forgot the nuances of "own land + vehicles" from Farming Simulator 17 where Start From Zero was born. But because how expensive elmcreek farmland and how small the fields are, I'm guessing its not very fun to try finishing a proper Start From Zero in this terrain, no matter how fond december 2021 first game-play memories we might have on elmcreek.

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