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2022-04-23 Silage Baling Contract

2022-04-23T08:29:40Z New farming day has started, back at PMC Gaming computer after good nights sleep and finishing one web html coding work task I had pending, now I'm feeling like some small scale nice start from zero farming, so lets get back to this savegame as I have nothing else small scale to play Smiley :)

And I kind of want to see how better contracts for FS22 is working in real game-play conditions when you try to make some money fast.

Took a look at contracts, sorted them with profit per hour which in general I hate from Elite Dangerous community, what is this per hour crap, if you have to count per hour then you are not enjoying the game. Yes sure I understand the big picture that its better to make million credits than ten thousand credits per hour, obviously, but blah those idiots who run their mouths about per hour junk. Just enjoy the game, this ain't no spreadsheet you dummie.


Lets see how those profit per hour sorted contracts pan out for me.

First one was baling contract with 7.8k reward, now usually this is something I would not do, but profit per minute ranking is 1.1k, so lets give this a try. I most likely have done this already, its for F14 and have those stupid bale spike things, I've done this couple of times in my New Farmer Elmcreek game-mode savegame.

2022-04-23T08:39:02Z Started mowing F14.

2022-04-23T08:41:25Z Finished mowing F14. Heh that was fast, yeah I remember this field Smiley :)

Then went back to dealership and picked up tedder. While the dealership is very close this is still stupid back and forth nonsense to go drop off and pick up equipment.

2022-04-23T08:44:53Z Started tedding F14.

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-04-23T08:48:23Z Finished tedding F14.

It was relaxing to do solid 60FPS performance small scale field work Smiley :)

Decided to skip the windrowing as I hate these back and forth trips to the dealership. I went and grabbed baler next.

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-04-23T08:58:56Z Finished baling F14, annoyingly last bale was 94% complete so could not ejaculate it out Smiley :)

One last trip to dealership to pickup those bale fork things.

2022-04-23T09:03:04Z Three bales picked up, off to deliver them, where ever that place is...

2022-04-23T09:07:23Z Delivered to johnsons market. First dropped the front bale two bales and with those the contract got complete. Then I obviously dropped the one from back fork except it messed all up, bale got stuck under the fork and I could not push it to the trigger, it actually ended up stuck in the building wall so I decided that enough of farmsim console engines stupid physics, I'll just collect the reward.

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-04-23T09:12:18Z Collected baling F14 contract reward, budget now 202.8k.

Oh btw the bale stuck in the wall, or rather near the wall now when the bale fork disappeared when collecting contract reward, is still there. But without tools I cant move it to sell, oh well would only be couple of hundreds I guess so no big deal.

Alright so lets see profit per minute highest ranked contract. Baling (no silage wrapping) started 0839hrs and sold the bales at 0907hrs and this got me whopping 8k or something like that. So roughly half an hour work for 8k, dunno is that good or not, I mean with proper fertilizing contract you could make tens of thousands in half an hour...

Went back to highest profit sorting, took contract to spray F68 for 18.4k which borrows rubicon 9000. Then accepted contract to spray F31, ... err and all the rest, these are also stupidly small fields which I mentioned yesterday that whats the point of making them as its one pass, not worth to drive to the field. Oh well.

Now with rubicon 9000 I really get to rock this MOFO. Just need to purchase some herbicide to top it up. Purchased corteva herbicide 2k liter tank times five.

2022-04-23T09:28:06Z Finished herbicide spraying F80, contract.

Okay this field was so frigging small that when I tried to spray it from the east to west direction, the sprayer boom was so wide that game registered me attempting to work in non contract field, I had to turn to north south direction so the boom fitted better to the field width, haha.

And now I'll go blast through these fields and only later write them down, as said yesterday it would take more more time to write these stories than to do the actual work in-game, all hail giants 2km piece of crap conzole MAPZ Smiley :D

2022-04-23T09:40:07Z Finished herbicide spraying F68 which was nice and a bit larger field. This is the field for which I borrowed the vehicle so I cannot collect the reward yet.

2022-04-23T09:54:20Z Did few more fields and now its my lunch break.

2022-04-23T10:26:08Z Feeding time is over, back to spraying killer poison to our fields.

2022-04-23T10:38:03Z Finished latest field and then was on last two hundred liters of herbicide, so drove to the dealership and bought four more 2k liter tanks.

2022-04-23T10:47:40Z Finished herbicide spraying last contract field, it was F11 in NW.

Returned to the dealership, unloaded 7k something liters of herbicide, then collected contract reward F68 and returned borrowed vehicles.

Budget now 250.6k oh quite nice.

Was browsing available contracts and now after my spraying many of the fields have fertilizing contract, but it is absolutely waste of time to drive to a field and do contract for something like less than 3-5k. Its just not worth the time.

2022-04-23T10:54:15Z Accepted fertilizing contract for F68 with borrowed vehicles (bredal) for 18.7k.

Then accepted contract to fertilize F31 for 9.2k and another for F30 for 6.1k. Purchased 6k more liters of solid fertilizer, I don't want to run out while out in the boonies (are there boonies in 2km terrain? haha).

2022-04-23T10:59:49Z Started fertilizing F31, contract.

2022-04-23T11:05:49Z Finished fertilizing F31, contract.

2022-04-23T11:10:51Z Finished fertilizing F30, contract.

Accepted fertilizing contract for F42 for 4.3k as it was on my way to F68, heh why not go throw some fert into that field Smiley :)

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-04-23T11:17:08Z Finished fertilizing F42, contract.

2022-04-23T11:18:37Z Started fertilizing F68, contract. Last field.

Start From Zero Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-04-23T11:29:58Z Finished fertilizing F68, contract. Now just drive to the dealership...

2022-04-23T11:39:04Z Collected contract reward and returned vehicles, budget now 276.4k.

Was eyeballing lands to buy, hmm in elmcreek the cheapest land is the one just covering F48, its 49.1k. But I don't really like it as its literally just F48 and nothing around it, there is no room for placeables and parked vehicles, it would literally be owning a small field and parking your vehicles where ever you can heh.

Not sure if I'm ready for the next step in this or any start from zero savegames evolution, to buy my first own land. This kind of starts to bore me again and I'd like to do something more interesting. Regardless, what happens after I buy my first land, then I start to farm it and then what... I already played new farmer game mode through in elmcreek so what is the goal, the point, of me playing it, again? Smiley :?

2022-04-23T11:46:33Z Saved game and exited, not sure what I'm doing next.

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