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September 2022

2022-09-15T19:22:00Z Searched for start from zero elmcreek savegame from earlier in 2022 but it was nowhere to be found...

Went back to PMC DevSurf to search this story page and there I see that one savegame backup copy was done in 2022-04-22, then the next day I continued playing... and apparently in that day I chose to delete the savegame without writing it down to this story page.

So I restored the 7-zip savegame backup which filename is FS22.Start.From.Zero.Elmcreek.savegame.2022-04-22T1508.7z

Edited savegame farms.xml and updated money on it to the 276.4k what I had on the next day when last entry to this story was written before this.

2022-09-15T19:48:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F70 with borrowed vehicles. Vehicles were massey ferguson 8s.245 and bredal k165. From previous gaming session I had several solid fertilizer pallets by the dealership so I filled them to this spreader.

2022-09-15T19:53:00Z Started fertilizing F70 contract.

After finishing headland... I didn't feel like it was stupid, I just didn't feel... anything Smiley :?

Hmm I had zero interest of really putting effort into start from zero elmcreek, to start a farm etc.

Somehow I feel like the IDEA in your head about playing small scale fs22 farming was cool, but once you got the win10 SSD plugged in and fs22 playing, the actual game-play, the farming, was crap, just completely uninteresting had no passion or motivation for it.

2022-09-15T20:08:00Z Finished fertilizing F70 contract.

Drove vehicles back to the dealership and unloaded solid fertilizer, its mine.

2022-09-15T20:12:00Z Collected contract reward for F70, 15.1k - 1.6k lease == 13.5k, budget now 289.6k.

And yeah as written above I have zero feelings one way or the other to this farming session right now. I guess if I take the glass is half empty attitude then yeah "this sux, thiz is boring." heh. I simply have no desire to dig deep into FS22 right now especially as its this kind of useless game-play in elmcreek where I already finished a savegame (New Farmer Elmcreek).

On the other hand, continuing PMC Undefined Farms 20km Start From Zero is so massive undertaking with field work taking days instead of hours, yeah I am definitely not going to do that.

2022-09-15T20:17:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, I'm not going to continue now, today, not like this.

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