PMC Cereal Region 32km Terrain Farming Simulator 22

2022-02-12T01:07:00Z Updated. Check PMC Terrains page for more FS22 terrains.

PMC Cereal Region 32km

Terrain size: 32768 meters x 32768 meters, which is 32.7 kilometers x 32.7 kilometers (elmcreek is 2km). Terrain type: american, fictional.

Click map image for more screenshots.

Farming Simulator 22 Terrain - PMC Cereal Region 32km Satellite Mapview

New Farmer Game-Mode

New Farmer game-mode starter includes good set of large equipment, big vehicle sheds, several grain bins and fertilizer bins.

Vehicles: Versatile 4WD 620 (tractor), Case IH Steiger AFS Connect Series 620 (tractor), Mack Super-Liner 6x4 (semi-truck), John Deere X9 1100 (combine harvester) + HD50F (header) + C16F (corn header), Rubicon 9000 (sprayer).

Implements: Kverneland PW100-12 (plow), Farmet Kompaktomat 1570 Max (cultivator), Amazone Citan 15001-C (seeder), Kinze 4905 Blue Drive (planter), Bredal K165 (fert/lime spreader), Convey-All 1690 (auger pipe), Walkabout Mother Bins WMB 6000 (auger wagon), Demco 2200 Dual Auger Grain Cart (auger wagon), Wilson Pacesetter (trailer).

Product: Korn-Kali Solid Fertilizer 8k liters, Seeds 8k liters, Lime 16k liters, Corteva Herbicide 10k liters.

PMC Cereal Region 32km Screenshot

Land: New Farmer game-mode player owns the farm yard which includes placeables by the vehicle shop. These can be used and sold.


Fields smallest: 38.9 ha, largest 213.4 ha.

Please note that most of the 441 fields are 213ha in size, all boring identical squares, only the east and south terrain edge fields are smaller but that is only because they are sort of cut off by the terrain edge.

Placeable Objects

New Farmer game-mode has big vehicle sheds, several grain bins and fertilizer bins by the vehicle shop. These can be used and sold.


Selling points: total of 12 selling points are distributed around the terrain. Selling points accept all grains and production chain products. Special animal dealer bale selling point is located by the vehicle shop area.

Contracts: AI does planting on numbered fields, contracts are available.


A very bad big map, with big square boring fields Smiley :)

This terrain was not meant for playing as its a simply testing version for 32.7km x 32.7km terrain size, however it sort of developed on itself into quite nice big map with basic functionality. I find these completely square identical size fields extremely boring, but maybe someone who really likes LARGE HUGE fields farming finds some enjoyment from this terrain, thats why it got released. I really wish to have put some more irregular shapes and sizes of fields in, but oh well.

Heightmap is nice smooth rolling hills type elevations. There are over 400 square fields all the same size except on east and south edges, these fields have proper field definitions so contracts will work just fine as can be seen from screenshots.

There is a vehicle shop with sell/repair point. Farmland image is ... well there is some detail, I believe 36 individual land lot areas to purchase, but these are mostly 3000 hectares a piece costing whopping 29 million in average, so better save some money heh.

This terrain at the time of creation was the largest ever done for FS22, now obviously FS22 had been out just few weeks so it doesn't mean much. Goal of this terrain was to be the biggest one available, little did I know there would be something much more bigger and scarier in the horizon ... Smiley :D

More editing details and thoughts from Developer Diary PMC Cereal Region 32km.

The following paragraph was written in december 2021 and has now been outdated by PMC Korkscrew 40km and PMC King Corn 45km terrain releases, but was left in-place as historical note:

PMC Cereal Region 32km is absolutely megalodon gigantic size terrain, our previous historical high score terrain size was PMC Eternal Sugar Beet Damnation 32km (FS19) which did not work very well with low density image resolutions. Now FS22 has multi core and multi thread support which allow us to run huge density images and multiple vehicles (tested 4 tractors under Courseplay so far) at the same time without any freezes or even stutter, performance was 60FPS solid. What was a mere joke in FS19 is now pretty much the largest possible maybe even playable terrain in FS22. And that farmers, is a very good news Smiley :)


PMC Cereal Region 32km terrain has basic buildings, utility poles and trees placed. Basic object placement is complete, more tweaks follow after game-play testing has produced results. If you find bugs, missing features or other issues of any kind, please send feedback so we can investigate.

Player feedback is very important to us, please feel free to share any feedback you think of while farming on this terrain.

Please contact us for feedback, bug reports, etc.


See Changelog PMC Cereal Region 32km for all changes since this terrain was initially created. Known issues list is also available in the changelog page.


License: CC BY NC ND, which means you are free to distribute/share the original 7-zip packet but NO commercial use and NO editing, see LICENSE.txt for details.

Required Mods

TrailerParkFarms (TPF) 72x150 and 90x200 vehicle shed packs are used for various farm yards for that authentic American farming look.

Downloads: 4mb fs22-72x150-shed-pack and 5mb fs22-90x200-shed-pack.

Terrain config has no checks if these required mods are present, if you do not start FS22 with these mods active you will not see some building objects, with additional errors in the log.

PMC terrains are error free, as long as player uses required mods.


PMC_Cereal_Region_32km_v0.1.3.7z 54.9mb Torrent Magnet, mirror: google drive.

For installing please read how to install FS19 mods and how to install PMC terrain mods. Yes these FS19 tutorials still work with FS22 with the obvious "19" versus "22" changes.