PMC King Corn 45km - Farming Simulator 22 Terrain

2023-01-18T10:01:00Z Updated. Check PMC Terrains page for more FS22 terrains.

PMC King Corn 45km

The largest terrain in the history of Farming Simulator games Smiley :bender-eyes:

Terrain size: 45056 meters x 45056 meters, which is 45 kilometers x 45 kilometers (elmcreek is 2km). Terrain type: american, fictional.

Click map image for more screenshots.

Farming Simulator 22 Terrain - PMC King Corn 45km Satellite Mapview

New Farmer Game-Mode

New Farmer game-mode starter buildings, vehicles and equipment.

Buildings: PMCTODO

Vehicles: Hardi Rubicon 9000 (sprayer), Versatile 4WD 620 (tractor), Case IH Steiger AFS Connect Series 620 (tractor), Fendt 1050 (tractor), Mack Super-Liner 6x4 (semi-truck), Claas Lexion 8900 (combine harvester) + Claas Convio Flex 1380 (header) + Capello Diamant 12 (corn header), Wilson Pacesetter (trailer).

Implements: Kverneland PW 100-12 (plow), Farmet Kompaktomat 1570 Max (cultivator), Amazone Citan 15001-C (seeder), Kinze 4905 Blue Drive (planter), Bredal K165 (spreader), Convey-All 1690 (auger pipe), Walkabout Mother Bins WMB 6000 (auger wagon), Demco 2200 Dual Auger Grain Cart (auger wagon).

Product: Korn-Kali Solid Fertilizer 8k liters, Seeds 8k liters, Lime 16k liters, Corteva liquid fertilizer ?k liters, Corteva Herbicide ?k liters.

Farming Simulator 22 Terrain - PMC King Corn 45km New Farmer Vehicles

Land: you own PMCTODO

This above list of stuff allows you to kickstart your farm without any frustration because you are missing some essential item, you have all basic crop farming aspects covered here. Its now up to you if you can take the these vehicles plus 100,000 of money and conquer the whole terrain Smiley :)


Fields smallest: 9.4ha (field 9), largest 197ha (field 12).

Field 1 (field) : 142.362 ha
Field 2 (field) : 137.462 ha
Field 3 (field) : 120.013 ha
Field 4 (field) : 160.297 ha
Field 5 (field) : 160.016 ha
Field 6 (field) : 130.183 ha
Field 7 (field) : 134.065 ha
Field 8 (field) : 111.860 ha
Field 9 (field) : 9.456 ha
Field 10 (field) : 64.003 ha
Field 11 (field) : 110.476 ha
Field 12 (field) : 197.030 ha
Field 13 (field) : 31.735 ha
Field 14 (field) : 163.506 ha
Field 15 (field) : 164.348 ha

That list was field definition size in hectares, the actual 3D in-game fields are much larger because cultivator_density has been painted to a nice shape where field definition (the part AI uses for contracts) only covers a simple shape area.

Only few fields have field definitions (numbers, AI planting and contracts) to get players started, then it is up to the player to purchase land and farm the actual fields. This is by design, its not a bug, its not lazyness, we wanted it this way. There are plenty enough contracts to do and its challenging and fun to actually farm your own fields instead making money out of contracts when every field offers them.

Placeable Objects

When you start a savegame and not own any land with placeables, nothing shows up in ESC mapview or minimap, once you buy the land with placeables, objects like buildings appear in mapview and then you get to use them, including selling them all if you do not like their placement. No more hardcoded farm yards! Smiley :cool:

Placeable objects appear in farm yards. These building objects are for example vehicle sheds, grain bin silos, fertilizer tanks (liquid/solid), diesel fuel tank, water tank etc.

Land purchase areas are detailed so that you can buy small and cheap farm yards areas. No need to save money for big huge millions costing land area if you only want to get the cool farm yard with buildings on it.


Selling points: total of 12 selling points are distributed around the terrain. Selling points accept all grains and production chain products. Special animal dealer bale selling point is located by the ... the.. umm cant remember where heh.

Contracts: AI does planting on field numbers 1-15, contracts are available. Plenty of money to be made on these contract fields which sizes span from 9 to over 190 hectares.

Remaining fields are just painted cultivator_density without field number or rest of the field definition. Courseplay and hired workers will function on these un-numbered fields.

Farm Manager and Start From Scratch game-modes include the AI owned farm yards with buildings, once you buy the land you own the buildings with ability to sell them all, same as in New Farmer game-mode where player owns one farm yard by default.


Back in Farming Simulator 19 I created terrain called PMC Eternal Sugar Beet Damnation 32km which is the largest ever FS19 terrain. It was 32.7km x 32.7km size using 8192 pixel resolution density and 4096 pixel resolution weight images, this resulted incredibly low resolution crop/fruit accuracy, it was basically unplayable. However it is a crazy terrain thats for sure and so far the largest ever made for FS19.

Once I started studying FS22 terrain editing, I wanted to see if larger terrains are now possible, didn't know at that time but multi core support which I assume includes multi threading access allows us now to use 16384 resolution density images without ANY stutter issues. Back in FS19 you got an hard freeze every few seconds when density images were accessed.

First I created 32.7km terrain (PMC Cereal Region 32km) and it ran great, then week(s) later I wanted to try 40km terrain and that failed with CTD on loading, I gave up. Again some time later the defeat was troubling me and was trying to figure out is there anything I missed, something I could done differently etc. Solution actually was pretty simple, in the game LOG the last error was "Error: AI block info layer has invalid size." which lead me to focus my efforts into infoLayer images. I increased their size to 32678 pixel resolution and boom, it worked Smiley :)

Again few days later, I wanted to push the limits, was wondering if 40km works why not larger. I tried few things and finally ended up what you are seeing now, the 45km x 45km terrain size. You can read the nitty gritty details from dev diary PMC King Corn 45km page.

The reason this terrain exist is to see what is the largest terrain for FS22. The scope of this project was never to develop detailed so called normal terrain which you play on daily. However after putting some effort in GE v9.0.2, this terrain turned out to be actually more or less nice.

However density images are 16384 pixel resolution so crop/fruit accuracy is really low, I would estimate most players do not want to play with such inaccuracy. You have to judge this yourself, download the terrain and try field work.

Besides the above, if you find any bugs or game-breaking issues (not crop accuracy related heh) please report them and who knows maybe we'll get them fixed.

Please contact us for feedback, bug reports, etc.


See Changelog PMC King Corn 45km for all changes since this terrain was initially created. Known issues list is also available in the changelog page.


License: CC BY NC ND, which means you are free to distribute/share the original 7-zip packet but NO commercial use and NO editing, see LICENSE.txt for details.

Required Mods

TrailerParkFarms (TPF) 72x150 and 90x200 vehicle shed packs are used for various farm yards for that authentic American farming look.

Downloads: 4mb fs22-72x150-shed-pack and 5mb fs22-90x200-shed-pack.

Terrain config has no checks if these required mods are present, if you do not start FS22 with these mods active you will not see some building objects, with additional errors in the log.

PMC terrains are error free, as long as player uses required mods.


PMC_King_Corn_45km_v0.1.7z 73.5mb Torrent Magnet, mirror: google drive.

For installing please read how to install FS19 mods and how to install PMC terrain mods. Yes these FS19 tutorials still work with FS22 with the obvious "19" versus "22" changes.