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2021-01-11 Harvesting Wheat

2021-01-11T0119 New farming day has started, I want to harvest one field. This savegame now has 895hrs in it.

0142 Started harvesting wheat F80, courseplay ETA 2h 48min, 4x tools.
0533 Lunch break...
0637 Feeding time over, lets cut some wheat

Night has fallen, its 13/mid-autumn in-game 2136hrs and pitch black dark. So time accelerating until morning daylight 14/mid-autumn ingame 0920hrs. Now we are ready to proceed with second half of this field.

0921 Finished harvesting wheat F80

Okay another field harvested, good stuff, always great feeling when you get a big field done.

During this harvest I watched flyersfan82 twitch live stream as he played on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain which was just released yesterday. Its funny thing that flyersfan82 said he read THIS start from zero story through (what was online at this date), he said to have enjoyed it heh, I never thought that anyone really reads these stories but was nice to hear someone did Smiley :)

Edit: 2024-01-29T10:12:00Z, flyersfan82 changed his name to penalty_box sometime later.

0936 It was time to call it a night, had a great farming day today all around, really enjoyed it.

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