PMC Tactical Farming Simulator Terrain North Dakota Greendale 4km

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PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km

Farming Simulator 19 Terrain - Greendale, North Dakota, USA

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km google/maps

Our very first attempt of doing real world data terrains and many things were discovered during editing this terrain. This will always be a fond memory and hopefully we get to play a lot in this one over the years :)

Its strange how small this 4km x 4km terrain feels like when its laid out on top of real world location, this only fits one single farm and thats it. Not sure how enjoyable multiplayer can be achieved here as players would have to create make-belief farms somewhere, maybe even existing fields because the real estate is on short supply with everything being fields.

Field size info to be added upon terrain re-creation.

Some old screenshots from 2018-02-20 (now deleted terrain): fields rough foliage layer outline done KvM6Njq.png, first look of real world terrain 4km BtFuP80.jpg and some game-play SI5BzW2.jpg

2019-05-07 Re-created terrain in-game FS19-North-Dakota-Greendale-4km-2019-05-06T2045.png. Gimp painting cultivator_density image FS19-North-Dakota-Greendate-4km-2019-05-06T2201.jpg.