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2021-01-09 Four Hours Soybeans Harvest

2021-01-09T0233 Back at PMC Gaming, lets see what is our next harvest field. This savegame now has 887hrs in it.

0315 Started harvesting soybeans F76, courseplay ETA 4h 37min, 4x tools.
0505 Lunch break, shut down the whole operation so I can eat without hurry...
0537 Feeding time is over, back to harvesting

Decided to live stream to twitch and youtube, I'm not recording that much of video so why not, also I want to do a bit more live streams again so lets start now.

1008 Finished harvesting soybeans F76

Twitch had no viewers but youtube was quiet at first then over the whole what hmm 4hrs of stream there was peak moment 6 viewers, in the end it remained steady at 4 viewers for quite a while. Couple of guys said hello in the chat, was overall surprising activity considering there was nothing in twitch.

At the end I did terrain tour fly over camera thing, then shut everything down and said goodnight in youtube live stream. I was dead tired as it has been a long day already.

1035 Time to call it a night, was a great harvest day today!

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