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2021-01-13 Harvesting Corn

2021-01-13T0855 Back at PMC Gaming, lets do some farming even as today is already getting late. This savegame has 904hrs in it.

Todays plan, even though this is a short day as I have about 5-6hrs max of gaming time, is to harvest corn fields. I recall from last farming session that those nice small corn fields are next to go.

The usual harvesting routine started, relocated vehicles from F80 SE to F76 NE, then put combine headers into trailers, hooked trailers up and sent everyone to F74 NE which is our current preparation and refueling point. Refueled all vehicles, recorded courseplay course for semi truck to haul grain, generated combine field work course to harvest F74 corn and then we were ready to continue harvesting.

0948 Started harvesting corn F74, courseplay ETA 1h 8min, 4x tools.
1006 Lunch break...
1032 Burb! sorry, lunch break is over, back to farming
1206 Finished harvesting corn F74
1226 Started harvesting corn F73, courseplay ETA 1h 8min, 4x tools.
143? Finished harvesting corn F73

Then it was time to call it a night, dead tired just yawning here, which is a shame because I still have great enthusiasm to harvest... just cant keep my eyes open anymore.

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