Developer Diary PMC Iowa Garden City 8km FS19 - PMC Farming

2023-02-24 Hello Old Friend

Special note: oh my, the last edits were done in 2021 which is over a year ago! Smiley :o

2023-02-24T15:19:00Z New editing day has started. Last night opened PMC Iowa Garden City 8km in global mapper, brought up ArcGIS world imagery (as US NAIP source is down) and exported satellite texture. Did nothing else.

New 2023 satellite imagery download looks different, it looks... dirtier and not in a bad way, I kind of like this new one it looks more detailed, more busy so to speak with more colors popping up on the fields. I could not spot any landmark features changing like new farm yards appearing etc, roads are all the same so this should work with my existing cultivator_density painting and field definitions just fine.

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