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2023-03-03 Super Detailed Heightmap

2023-03-03T19:00:00Z New editing day has started, today I'm playing around with some heightmap stuff.

USGS 1 meter detail heightmap download from the website, then normal global mapper heightmap_1m.asc ASCII Grid ASC file export.

This download is FRIGGING AMAZING! You get automatic ROAD DITCHES with this level of detail. This is groundbreaking stuff for my FS19 terrain development. If there are 1 meter heightmap resolution data available, it is a MUST HAVE. You do not need to create road elevations and ditches manually in GE etc, they are good to go from 1m heightmap! Smiley :D


Important thing to note is that while the heightmap SOURCE is 1 meter detail, the actual heightmap grid in GE / FS19 is still 4096 x 4096 points and unitsPerPixel is 2, which means two meters, so technically 50% of the details go missing from the source. However this is technical geek speech, nevermind this, the new heightmap data source is AWESOME!

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