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2022-12-30 The End

2022-12-30T12:59:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up and did the morning chores, did not eat days first meal yet. Updated new courseplay git commits and took backups of fs22 savegames. Todays goal is to purchase better combine harvester and harvest our four soybeans fields, honestly don't know what to do after that in the grand scheme of things, maybe this "test" from zero has reached its goal.

This savegame now has 47hrs 43min on it.

Time accelerated to jul in-game 0939hrs, good morning PMC Undefined Farms 20km, how are ya today?

Soybeans are growing, not weeds... except some bizarre patch on F20 N-NW section. This section came when I was planting, field stages changed and it put weeds in, then I sprayed but mapview soil composition remains brown, fully weeded or whatever that is designating. There are DEAD weeds on 3D field. Not sure whats that all about. I think its some sort of glitch in field stages because 3D field has the dead weeds only and additional field info shows NO weed data, its all good fertilizer 100% and everything is OK.

I calculated how much claas lexion 8900 and midwest durus 18.2m header costs... its 688k I believe, more than I have cash right now, so ouch, we STILL cant upgrade our harvester to the best one, heh. Hmm feels kind of silly to buy one of those mid-size ones because budget, hmm hmm.

2022-12-30T13:15:00Z Sold harvester topliner 4090 hts for 95.9k and topliner 4090 header for 19.8k, budget now 784.8k hmm actually now we have money for the lexion 8900.

- harvester 18k liters claas lexion 8900 configuration big and guidancesteering upgrade 511.3k
- header 18.2m midwest durus with pointed guides and color options 176.9k

2022-12-30T13:18:00Z Purchased the above setup, now our combine harvester is "the best" Smiley :)

Budget now 96.5k this leaves enough money for product for the next planting season, but unfortunately not enough to buy more powerful tractor so looks like we are doing one more fendt favorit 515c kverneland optima rs pulling season hehe.

Also another funny dilemma, how to drive that monster midwest durus 18.2m header into our fields as it surely wont fit through roads using autodrive, I had no money to purchase midwest durus header trailer (I think, didn't even check).

Purchased diesel buy point to the dealership building, it was few thousand. Then I nastily drove lexion 8900 over neighbors growing field crops as it just doesn't fit through roads with 18.2m header attached, nobody saw nuthing... Smiley ;)

Fendt favorit 515c diesel refill. Then set it up for F0020 N to Farm Bin Silo E pickup and deliver soybeans autodrive route. We are ready for the next harvest season to begin.

2022-12-30T13:29:00Z Saved game and now its time acceleration until soybeans harvest season. And now I'm going to eat days first meal while casually time accelerating on the side.

2022-12-30T13:56:00Z Feeding time is over, back to time accelerating. With my left hand I time accelerated to soybeans harvest season, crops are ready to go yeehaaw Smiley :)

2022-12-30T13:57:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F20, manually GPS.

Ahh my good old friend, claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.2m monster header, harvesting soybeans in cab view, gotta love it! Smiley :D

That massive wide 18.2m header when it cuts you cant even see the whole width from the cab view in normal 90 degree field of view (I think thats my FOV is setup cant remember). It is such an huge difference to the puny piece of crap topliner 4090 hts Smiley ;)

Its funny that midwest durus 18.2m header is actually difficult to operate as you cannot see it in view all at once, you have to turn left and right to watch heh, also the mid part of the header blocks your view for GPS AB line so its easy to miss and overshoot. Needs some practice to become a professional big equipment operator Smiley :)

Now I'm also using autodrive for the grain trailer tractor, it will automatically unload combine harvester when I put auger pipe out, then it takes trailer load to designated farm bin silo, just awesome. This starts to remind me of the good old Farming Simulator 17 (FS17) days when courseplay actually did a full harvest for you Smiley :D

2022-12-30T14:14:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F20. Opened auger pipe for grain trailer tractor to approach.

On the first approach it overshot, then drove around the combine from the right side (kind of odd) and came around, this time stopping properly. I am very impressed how smoothly or even "fast" the autodrive tractor is driving, its definitely not slow ass "driving miss daisy" annoying sluggish. I am surprised how good it works.

2022-12-30T14:17:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F21, manually GPS.

Ugh messed up on third row, combine got full and I didn't pay attention so I drove into crop, not too long because I was watching the header cutting crop so I immediately hit... what I thought was S key to slow down / stop, unfortunately it was a miss, it was D which just turned combine right off the crop, oh well, mistakes were made Smiley ;)

At this time combine is full but grain trailer 22.5k is still traveling from farm grain bin silo and combine has to wait.

2022-12-30T14:39:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F21. Oh man what a joy it is to harvest in cab view with lexion 8900 + midwest durus 18.2m header, oh my oh my Smiley :)

Before switching to F22 need to wait for grain trailer to return from the bin, this is now a good time to take a restroom break heh. It was funny when I came back from the restroom I just saw grain trailer tractor pulling out from combine which was now empty, autodrive combine unload works really nice, does the job when you're in the can Smiley ;)

2022-12-30T14:48:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F22, manually GPS.

Combine got full while grain trailer tractor was still returning from the bin silo. For the next harvest season we need faster tractor or second one heh.

2022-12-30T15:12:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F22.

2022-12-30T15:13:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T15:29:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F23. Harvest season is done! Smiley :)

Still had bunch of work to do, unload remaining 14k liters from the combine, dump that into farm bin silo, then harvest season is officially over. At the same time I'm already firing up Kubota M6-141 + DSX-W Geospread to fertilize these fields for the next planting season.

2022-12-30T15:32:00Z Started fertilizing F20, manually GPS.

Hmm when I was fertilizing I observed fendt favorit 515c not going to unload the combine, hmm why. Could it be because I'm not in the combine anymore, hmm I think the engine is still running though.

2022-12-30T15:36:00Z Finished fertilizing F20.

Apparently the combine was too close to field edge, had to drive it away from the edge a bit and now grain trailer tractor kicked into action. Had to get into the combine and move it a bit for tractor to "wake up", very odd. Even after that tractor felt like his on drugs as he stopped for no reason and then drove a loop again for no reason before ultimately reaching combines auger pipe and unloaded successfully.

I blatantly ignored neighbors privacy and parked big claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.2m header into their field Smiley ;)

2022-12-30T15:41:00Z Started fertilizing F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T15:45:00Z Finished fertilizing F21.

2022-12-30T15:46:00Z Started fertilizing F22, manually GPS. Tractor with grain trailer dumped last of the soybeans, farm bin silo now has 125.4k liters of soybeans.

2022-12-30T15:49:00Z Finished fertilizing F22.

2022-12-30T15:50:00Z Started fertilizing F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T15:54:00Z Finished fertilizing F23. Okay there we go, fields are ready to be planted on the next season. All work for this year has been now done.

Hooked kverneland optima rs to fendt favorit 515c, unloaded 1k liters of seeds, then sent the tractor to the dealership. Purchased 3 big bags of seeds, refilled kverneland optima rs. Recorded some more autodrive network waypoints to our four field area. Then parked fendt favorit 515c to F0020 NW corner and saved game, we are now ready for the planting season time acceleration.

Jan in-game 0938hrs fields are now fully weeded, hopefully this time there wont be any glitch with the mapview soil composition weed page, not that the previous one did any damage I believe the yield was much the same as previously, 125.?k so give or take few hundred liters. Edit: actually it was 125.3k so one hundred liters MORE than previously.

Apr in-game 0916hrs soybeans planting season has arrived... and snow, huh what? Smiley :?

Heh yep as soon as I came out of 5000 speed time acceleration the snow appeared. Now I need to wait patiently for it to switch field stages so this snow disappears, or maybe not, who knows, I have no issues planting to snow, would actually be pretty cool, but just in case there is some field stage changing lag I am giving fs22 good time to synchronize, going to take a restroom break before starting to plant soybeans.

Was a good call, after restroom break all the snow had melted, weeds were still in. Alright its time to do one final soybeans planting using fendt favorit 515c pulling kverneland optima rs planter, next year we have enough money to upgrade planting equipment Smiley :)

2022-12-30T16:32:00Z Started seeding soybeans F20, manually GPS.

I'm actually going to miss this medium size planting setup, kverneland optima rs is fine with its 18km/h speed and 9m width, but bringing such setup to 20km terrain makes the big boys look you with a strange looks that dude what are you doing hehe. Haven't thought about which planter do I upgrade this though, better to sell off the soybeans crop and see how much money we end up, I doubt its enough to more than medium size tractor and kinze 3665 or something, bourgault would definitely be too expensive.

2022-12-30T16:48:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F20.

2022-12-30T16:49:00Z Started seeding soybeans F21, manually GPS.

Refilled the 1k or so liters of seeds that were laying around F0021 SW corner.

2022-12-30T17:08:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F21.

2022-12-30T17:09:00Z Started seeding soybeans F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T17:26:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F22.

2022-12-30T17:27:00Z Started seeding soybeans F23, manually GPS. On this field we run out of seeds, only 370 liters left at the start. Last field, last planting with this tractor and planter setup Smiley :)

2022-12-30T17:32:00Z Kverneland optima rs ran out of seeds, off to the dealership. And I'm taking another restroom break, that water is just running through me Smiley ;)

Purchased 3 big bags of seeds, then refilled kverneland optima rs and sent tractor back towards F0023.

2022-12-30T17:51:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F23. Was listening to some waste of time youtube tutorials on the background, so maybe it felt like this planting season went by really quickly, waste of time video tutorials to the rescue haha!

2022-12-30T17:54:00Z Started spraying herbicide F20, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T17:57:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F20.

2022-12-30T17:58:00Z Started spraying herbicide F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T18:01:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F21.

2022-12-30T18:01:00Z Started spraying herbicide F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T18:04:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F22.

2022-12-30T18:05:00Z Started spraying herbicide F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T18:08:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F23.

2022-12-30T18:09:00Z Started fertilizing F20, manually GPS. Only 4k liters of solid fertilizer left, wonder if this is enough for our fields, would be bummer to have to do one more dealership run to refill.

2022-12-30T18:13:00Z Finished fertilizing F20.

2022-12-30T18:14:00Z Started fertilizing F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T18:18:00Z Finished fertilizing F21.

2022-12-30T18:18:00Z Started fertilizing F22, manually GPS.

While spreading solid fertilizer using Kubota DSX-W Geospread I googled this vehicle ke.kubota-eu.com homepage for dsx-w and just as I suspected... giants dsx-w is UNREALISTIC with its 10,000 liters hopper capacity! Smiley :(

All other giants made spreader boxes like this have been in the 2-4k liter range, just like in real life that dsx-w is too, that raised suspicion and loy behold... frigging giants made this 10k liters which is twice the realistic size! Heck! I have now played three days with some mickey mouse garbage unrealistic bullcrap addon! Smiley :(

2022-12-30T18:22:00Z Finished fertilizing F22.

2022-12-30T18:23:00Z Started fertilizing F23, manually GPS. Obviously I'm going to finish this planting season using this unrealistic trash, but after F0023 has been fertilized I immediately sell this fictional fantasy dsx-w geospread junk.

Actually I'm going to sell Kubota M6-141 tractor too.

Man I feel betrayed by giants, I thought they were only using realistic numbers Smiley :(

I am so embarrassed of using unrealistic mickey mouse crap equipment for days, but in my defense as I just said above this is giants mess up, not mine.

2022-12-30T18:27:00Z Finished fertilizing F23.

Sold Kubota M6-141 for 69.1k + dsx-w geospread unrealistic crap for 16.4k, budget now 172.9k Smiley :(

Saved game and went to restroom to eat crap (I'm kidding but my mood is just about that bad). Upon return I googled dsx-w and was shocked to see NOBODY in farmsim community had written anything about it being unrealistic capacity, heh wow.

Anyways, moving on.

Next is soybeans selling day on jun late in the evening, so time accelerating and hoping we get a selling point which is on our autodrive network targets already.

Jun in-game 2339hrs soybeans market price in PMC Sell 04 is 3785 which is plenty of enough for me considering SP 4 is on our autodrive network and fairly close too, I'll take it. Lets start to haul.

2022-12-30T18:44:00Z So we got 125.4k liters of soybeans and budget now 172.5k.

And now its my chow time, it could not have been better timing, awesome.

2022-12-30T19:06:00Z Feeding time is over, back to soybeans hauling.

The more I thought abut the Kubota DSX-W Geospread fake issue the more angry and betrayed I felt. This savegame was "Test From Zero" start from zero in the first place but now with this fictional equipment bullcrap discovery... it is clear that this savegame will be deleted. As of right now I'm just trying to figure out what am I going to do TODAY, do I delete this savegame now and do something else for the evening, or do I still finish selling soybeans and maybe buy that planter / solid fertilizer spreader... hmm but even as I'm writing that I realize that "for what? bitch!" hehe. Hmm indeed.

So now I'm just trying to decide what do I do next, like do I create some autodrive network waypoint routes for fs22 PMC terrains, do I switch to windows 7 FS19 and go play some PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Start From Zero or what, hmm hmm.

I went back to dealership menu to check out Kubota DSX-W Geospread, it has "Capacity" option, default is 3.9k liters and "XL" is that 10k liters which I'm using now, so I guess... glass half empty way one could say that giants provides players with the realistic option and then coocooland mickey mouse fictional fantasy extra large option... but I have never seen anything like this for any vehicle or equipment before. This is brand new change in giants policy, yes technically you are still offered realistic equipment by default but if you so choose you can get some mickey mouse version too, this is misleading, what giants default purchased farming simulator game offers should be as close to realistic aka simulation as possible, not some frigging fantasy 10k "XL" crap Smiley :(

The more I thought about it, my options came pretty clear. I am going to save game, shutdown fs22 unrealistic garbage, backup this savegames autodrive, courseplay and guidancesteering config XMLs, then delete this savegame and switch over to windows 7 FS19 gaming with proper farming simulator stuff.

2022-12-30T19:23:00Z Saved game and exited fs22.

2022-12-30T19:28:00Z Took a backup from PMC Undefined Farms 20km "Test from zero" savegame1 dirs autodrive and such XMLs, actually took a full savegames* backup again. Then deleted savegame1 which is this "Test from zero".

I'm done here.


Goal of this savegame was to test if PMC Undefined Farms 20km v0.2.2 works to get actual Start From Zero savegame going, well its now been proven that it was no problem getting such savegame running with your own field harvesting.

Test From Zero savegame spawned the idea to create a real Start From Zero savegame to this and other huge PMC Terrains FS22.

It was fun little savegame for few days, too bad it ended with foul taste in mouth with that unrealistic kubota DSX-W spreader tank capacity, well mistakes were made and lessons learned, one more mistake I wont be make ever again, always learning new stuff.

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