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2022-12-29 Own Land Soybeans

2022-12-29T11:18:00Z New farming day has started, woke up, did computer chores, did not care about cooking food yet just fired up PMC Gaming computer and now I'm ready to continue farming Smiley :)

Todays plan is to finally, FINALLY, get our own farmland being worked on, plant soybeans and harvest them. Cant wait to see how it turns out.

This savegame now has 30hrs 14min on it.

Well this sucks, my research notes I did from yesterday are now in PMC DevSurf computer text file, I have nothing in here and cant remember which specific equipment I planned on buying hehe.

Refreshed contracts, there was F41 fertilizing for over 15k, but from top of my head F41 is on the NW section so definitely not going to drive there and besides, I am SO done wit contracts for now, its time to start working our own land.

Once I purchase combine I could harvest that sorghum.

I know from previous savegames how frustrating it is to farm when you run out of farm grain bin silo capacity, so very oddly my todays first big buy is farma 800 + obi 1000 bin silo setup, I placed it at the same location as I had it previously in this terrain so autodrive network unloading/loading target waypoints are still working.

- farm bin silo 880k liters farma 800 + obj 1000 for 147k

2022-12-29T11:31:00Z Purchased the above. Budget now 580k.

Then I recalculated some yesterdays style equipment, grabbed the medium size vehicle fleet from PMC Farming website, stripped off spreader and sprayer as I already have those, but uh oh the list is (as it was yesterday) 702k, but now I only have 580k after buying that farm bin silo (which we absolutely need). Oh man this stress of buying new stuff, investing your hard earned money is so difficult! Smiley :D

I don't see there any point of incrementally purchasing equipment like starting from the seeder and working your way up to harvester / grain trailer, once you run out of money then you have incomplete vehicle fleet sitting at the dealership while you go back doing contracts to get more money, that sucks. No, I have to buy the full planting + harvest fleet at one go and our current budget is 580k. Lets re-calculate.

First re-calculation was (I did NOT buy these):

- tractor 175hp new holland t6.175 with guidancesteering 142k
- seeder 180hp 9m 18km/h 2.6k liters kverneland optima rs 89.5k
- harvester 9.3k liters new holland ch7.70 with guidancesteering 282.5k
- header 8.5m new holland varifeed 28ft 48k
- trailer 18.5k liters brantner z 18051/2 xxl power flex 23k

So just 5k over my budget not to mention leaving me no money for seeds. Sigh Smiley :(

Next re-calc was:

- tractor 150hp fendt favorit 515c with guidancesteering 108.5k
- seeder 180hp 9m 18km/h 2.6k liters kverneland optima rs 89.5k
- harvester 8.2k liters deutz fahr topliner 4090 hts with guidancesteering 144.5k
- header 6m deutz fahr topliner 4090 header 30k
- trailer 8k liters welger dk 115 no cover 11.5k

Oh man that sucks so bad, embarrassing to roll out such vehicles on 20.4km x 20.4km terrain... dude, what the hell? Smiley :?

But I DON'T want to do any more contracts, been doing contracts for the past two frigging days already, now its time to work on our own land Smiley :(

2022-12-29T11:52:00Z Purchased the "next re-calc" list of equipment, sigh Smiley :(

Sent topliner 4090h and fendt favorit 515c to F0022 E using autodrive, wondering what the hell am I doing here with these little girlie men vehicles on huge 20km terrain...

Oh well, this is truly now FS17 Cornbelt Start From Scratch alike starter setup Smiley :)

Putting all the bitching and moaning to the side... I'm actually really excited to start harvesting my purchased sorghum F22 Smiley :)

2022-12-29T11:59:00Z Sep 2nd in-game 1659hrs it started to rain, perfect, just as I was about to start harvesting.

Time accelerated to the next day morning light, sep 3rd in-game 0634hrs, weather forecast is raining again so need to start harvesting quickly to get off this sorghum crop!

2022-12-29T12:04:00Z Started harvesting sorghum F22, manually GPS. Edit: 2024-02-19, Start From Zero rules only mention field flipping as an rule breaking offence, but this kind of harvesting a crop from a field you just bought it extremely hand-wavey thing, I would say that this should be specified in the rules as offence, any kind of shady activity to make money is forbidden.

Here we go, harvesting our own field, finally. Well OK this is purchased crop from the previous land owner, but still its now our land Smiley :)

Wow this topliner 4090 hts is pathetic tiny harvester. Why am I using such vehicles in mega big terrain hehe. It gets the job done, that's whats important now.

2022-12-29T12:11:00Z Topliner 4090 hts combine grain tank full, first unload to grain trailer.

2022-12-29T12:16:00Z First 8k liters of sorghum dumped into farm bin silo Smiley ;)

Sep 3rd in-game 0659hrs it started to rain again, combine stopped. Alright this is my cue to go cook and eat some food.

2022-12-29T13:17:00Z Feeding time is over, okay lets see what the PMC Undefined Farms 20km weather is like. OK, still raining Smiley :)

Sep 3rd in-game 0922hrs it stopped raining, sorghum harvest continues.

2022-12-29T13:43:00Z Finished harvesting sorghum F22.

Dumped remaining 1.9k liters from combine into farm bin silo, its now got 41.9k liters of sorghum. Best market selling price is on january maybe february, quite close as we are now in september. I already setup sell price trigger mod to notify me when sorghum and soybeans highest selling price time arrives.

2022-12-29T14:07:00Z Started fertilizing F20, manually GPS.

Did headland first but then realized that this is such a little girlie men field size without any objects around the edges so there is no point of doing headland.

2022-12-29T14:10:00Z Finished fertilizing F20.

2022-12-29T14:11:00Z Started fertilizing F21, manually GPS.

Felt mighty fine fertilizing my own fields Smiley :)

2022-12-29T14:15:00Z Finished fertilizing F21.

2022-12-29T14:17:00Z Started fertilizing F22, manually GPS.

For efficiency these four fields should be plowed together as one bigger field, but I'm not interested of that right now, I just want to farm my own land.

2022-12-29T14:21:00Z Finished fertilizing F22.

2022-12-29T14:22:00Z Started fertilizing F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T14:26:00Z Finished fertilizing F23. All own fields fertilized now, F20 and F23 has the inner rows two stage fertilized, rest of the fields are one stage.

Purchased 8 big bags of seeds for 6.4k. Refilled kverneland optima rs planter with 2660 liters of seeds. Hopefully this lasts for these four fields, would be dumb to run this seeder to the dealership and back for refills many times.

Purchased a herbicide tank for 2.4k times 5. Refilled rubicon 9000 with herbicide, its now good to go for soybeans planting season.

When time accelerating through winter and early spring, wonder if I have patience to stay away from contracts menu, to do any "quick contracts" hehe. My plan is to stick with my own land, farm my own fields, there is plenty of things to do especially with these small equipment. Oh and in january we sell that little sorghum we have.

2022-12-29T14:50:00Z After recording some autodrive network waypoints it was point where time accelerating begins for jan sorghum selling.

Jan 3rd in-game 0836hrs, sorghum selling price in PMC Sell 04 is now 1627, its nice bright daylight I'll start to sell right now.

2022-12-29T15:08:00Z Picking up first sorghum 8k liter load from farm bin silo by the dealership. Heading to PMC Sell 04 selling point. Budget now 176.8k.

2022-12-29T15:14:00Z Sold first trailer load of 8k liters sorghum for 13k. I am not going to list play-by-plays on all these sales, there are 4 more hauls.

2022-12-29T16:12:00Z All sorghum has now been hauled and sold, budget now 245.2k.

Hooked kverneland planter into fendt favorit 515c, when unfolded it was sluggish, I bet this planter is too heavy for 515c to pull, but need to give it a try anyways. With our budget I should be able to buy decent horsepower tractor if needed be, especially after selling 515c off first.

Apr 1st in-game 0926hrs, soybeans planting season is here, lets get to work Smiley :)

2022-12-29T16:28:00Z Started seeding soybeans F20, manually GPS.

Fendt favorit 515c was struggling, but still just barely pulling it as there was no uphill. Without front weight it was pushing like crazy, felt like front wheels are optional hehe.

I can get this planting season done with fendt favorit 515c but for the next season I need to buy powerful enough tractor for sure.

2022-12-29T16:45:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F20.

2022-12-29T16:49:00Z Started seeding soybeans F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T17:10:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F21.

2022-12-29T17:12:00Z Started seeding soybeans F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T17:20:00Z Aand out of seeds, need to go pickup some more at the dealership.

2022-12-29T17:29:00Z Back in the field and we are seeding soybeans.

2022-12-29T17:41:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F22. Now need to take a quick RSS news check break...

2022-12-29T17:55:00Z Started seeding soybeans F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T18:06:00Z Lunch break...

2022-12-29T18:30:00Z Feeding is done, back to seeding.

2022-12-29T18:38:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F23.

First ever soybeans planting season (in this savegame) is over! Smiley :)

2022-12-29T18:41:00Z Started spraying herbicide F20, manually GPS.

Spraying herbicide right after seeding was really tricky as you cannot see where you have already sprayed because field texture color shade does not change.

2022-12-29T18:45:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F20.

2022-12-29T18:45:00Z Started spraying herbicide F21, manually GPS. Can do F21 with the same GPS AB line as F20, nice.

2022-12-29T18:49:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F21.

2022-12-29T18:49:00Z Started spraying herbicide F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T18:53:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F22.

2022-12-29T18:53:00Z Started spraying herbicide F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T18:56:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F23.

Okay now only thing left to do in this soybeans planting season is to fertilize one more stage, not sure if it can be done now or have to wait until soybeans start to grow.

Did a quick test and solid fertilizer from DSX-W Geospread did stick to F23, okay lets get this done.

2022-12-29T18:59:00Z Started fertilizing F20, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T19:03:00Z Finished fertilizing F20.

2022-12-29T19:03:00Z Started fertilizing F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T19:07:00Z Finished fertilizing F21.

2022-12-29T19:08:00Z Started fertilizing F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T19:12:00Z Finished fertilizing F22.

2022-12-29T19:13:00Z Started fertilizing F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T19:16:00Z Finished fertilizing F23.

Aayeah unless I'm mistaken all the soybeans planting season work has been done now! Smiley :D

Saved game, just in case. Good to have backup save after all that work has been put into this savegame, well for this season.

May 1st in-game 0930hrs, soybeans are growing, green plants just sprung up. Nice, soon we'll have something to harvest Smiley :)

Time accelerating from planting to harvest season using 3 day seasons is not fun, in beginning of a savegame 1 day seasons would be much more practical, when you buy that many fields that you don't have time to harvest all of them, then you can crank up the season days number. After this harvest I'll turn it down to 1 again.

Oct 1st in-game 0935hrs, soybeans harvest season has arrived! Just have to wait a minute or two for field stages to update, and that happened before I managed to finish this sentence.

I'm going to harvest soybeans all four fields driving manually with GPS and let autodrive haul grain into the farm bin silo at the dealership. Dunno why, I just want to enjoy fruits of my labor in this first harvest of our very own crops Smiley :)

2022-12-29T19:55:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F20, manually GPS.

Just awesome to harvest your own planted and cared for soybeans crop, so cool! Smiley ;)

2022-12-29T20:41:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F20.

First field done heh. Now a restroom break and stretching my legs a bit, then we attack F21.

2022-12-29T20:45:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F21, manually GPS.

Before first grain cart unload I recorded few more autodrive network waypoints and target points.

2022-12-29T21:43:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F21.

Half way done Smiley :)

Its quite enjoyable and relaxing to harvest soybeans driving combine from the cab view, but this has taken a long time with this 6m header, I have pretty much lost track of time already. I've been just thinking about upcoming plans with everything etc (win8.1 support), been lost in deep thoughts, if I were just driving with "when its over" attitude this might have been torturously long, heh.

Once I upgrade combine to something more modern, dunno how money goes could I upgrade right away to midwest durus 18.2m header I doubt it, but yeah its going to be a very nice experience with upgraded combine in the near future.

2022-12-29T21:46:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T22:40:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F22.

2022-12-29T22:41:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-29T23:30:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F23.

Yeah buddy, first own land and fields soybeans harvest done! Farm grain bin silo has 125.3k liters Smiley :)

2022-12-29T23:33:00Z Lunch break...

2022-12-29T23:59:00Z Feeding time is over, now where were we? During feeding I sent Kubota M6-141 + DSX-W Geospread to the dealership, I want him refilled with solid fertilizer.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k. Refilled dsx-w then sent him back to F0020 S.

2022-12-30T00:07:00Z Started fertilizing F20, manually GPS. Was planning on using courseplay but then I thought on the last minute that nah its so slow, I'll do faster with GPS Smiley ;)

2022-12-30T00:11:00Z Finished fertilizing F20.

2022-12-30T00:13:00Z Started fertilizing F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T00:17:00Z Finished fertilizing F21.

2022-12-30T00:19:00Z Started fertilizing F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T00:23:00Z Finished fertilizing F22.

2022-12-30T00:23:00Z Started fertilizing F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T00:27:00Z Finished fertilizing F23.

Changed game settings seasons days to one (1), that three day seasons setup was taking way too long time accelerating and with these four small fields it doesnt even take 0900-1200hrs to harvest them all, so absolutely no need to such a long seasons setting.

Was looking our budget which is now 229.3k, I could buy new tractor so pulling planter would be easier, but then I would have no money for seeds heh. So decided to do one more planting season with this setup. Its tricky as after planting season but before harvest season we get to sell last years crop so that gives us plenty of money and most likely we get to buy new combine harvester then.

I have three hours of today left, wonder if I manage to plant soybeans and herbicide spray them before the day is over, hmm lets find out.

Took kverneland optima rs planter to the dealership and refilled seeds 2.6k, on planting season on these four fields it needs that one refill.

2022-12-30T00:48:00Z Parked fendt favorit 515c with kverneland optima rs planter F0020 NW corner and now we are ready to time accelerate until soybeans planting season begins. Did another savegame, just in case.

Apr in-game 0748hrs, lets start seeding some soybeans Smiley :)

2022-12-30T01:00:00Z Started seeding soybeans F20, manually GPS.

When I was planting, field stages changed for weeds, so weeds suddenly popped up, scared me heh.

2022-12-30T01:21:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F20. Hilarious to seed with fendt favorit 515c without front weight pulling that kverneland optima rs, tractor pushes and does wheelies so much Smiley ;)

2022-12-30T01:23:00Z Started seeding soybeans F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T01:50:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F21.

2022-12-30T01:50:00Z Started seeding soybeans F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T01:58:00Z Kverneland planter ran out of seeds, ugh. Okay off to the dealership we go.

Purchased agco 650kg weight for 700, fendt favorit 515c needs this badly heh. Purchased 2 big bags of seeds.

2022-12-30T02:06:00Z Back on F22 and planting soybeans. Front weight of 650kg was not heavy enough, tractor is still pushing a little bit, but its not too bad though.

Purchased four herbicide tanks and refilled rubicon.

2022-12-30T02:20:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F22.

2022-12-30T02:22:00Z Started seeding soybeans F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T02:40:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F23.

2022-12-30T02:43:00Z Started spraying herbicide F20, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T02:46:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F20.

2022-12-30T02:47:00Z Started spraying herbicide F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T02:51:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F21.

2022-12-30T02:51:00Z Started spraying herbicide F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T02:54:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F22.

2022-12-30T02:55:00Z Started spraying herbicide F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T02:58:00Z Finished spraying herbicide F23.

2022-12-30T03:00:00Z Started fertilizing F20, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T03:04:00Z Finished fertilizing F20.

2022-12-30T03:04:00Z Started fertilizing F21, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T03:08:00Z Finished fertilizing F21.

2022-12-30T03:09:00Z Started fertilizing F22, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T03:12:00Z Finished fertilizing F22.

2022-12-30T03:13:00Z Started fertilizing F23, manually GPS.

2022-12-30T03:17:00Z Finished fertilizing F23.

Uah another planting season is done! Smiley :D

Saved game just in case, don't want to lose good progress. Then sent fendt favorit 515c with welger grain trailer to farm bin silo in preparations of june when we start to sell our soybeans grain. Budget is 216.3k so I'm probably going to purchase new grain trailer because this 8k liter one is pathetic.

Sold grain trailer welger for 7.8k. Purchased claas carat 140 td with extension for 20k.

Jun in-game 1543hrs its soybeans highest market price day, lets sell some. Currently price is 3759 and hopefully it increases, but if I have to drive a autodrive network waypoints route in darkness... that could be a problem hmm, hopefully its a selling point which is already on autodrive network.

Time accelerated to 2337hrs and highest selling price is half across the terrain hehe, okay I'm going to record waypoints for PMC Sell 02 which is a good price and its relatively speaking very close.

Budget now 203.8k and we had 125.3k of soybeans. PMC Sell 02 market price is now 3719.

2022-12-30T03:54:00Z Alarm went off for being awake for 17hrs, pfft, I'll continue farming! Smiley ;)

2022-12-30T04:02:00Z Recorded autodrive network waypoints, sold 22.5k liters of soybeans for 83.6k.

2022-12-30T04:47:00Z Sold last load of soybeans (this was only 12k liters), budget now 669k.

2022-12-30T04:54:00Z Saved game and shutdown fs22, too tired cant keep eyes open, nites.

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