Animals Guide Getting Started - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Animals Guide Getting Started (FS22)

You just created a new FS22 savegame and are eager to get animal farm strated, so you jump right in and buy animal placeables with several animals... and here is where you go wrong, you should first make the animal feed/food before you even buy the first animal placeable barn/shed. Trust me on this one, you'll panic quickly when your animals start to grow and eat more and more food which you have to buy as bales and pallets from the vehicle shop aka dealership.

Basic minimum feed/food requirements for animals.

FS22 animal placeables have water in the animal barns/sheds except the smallest pastures.

Getting all that feed/food done for your animals especially if you buy all the animal types requires a lot of work with various field crop types, equipment and vehicles. Make no mistake, it is a lot of work, but in the end its very satisfying seeing your animals do well, breed and generate products for you.

Technically speaking bees are animals, but you don't really see them (some tiny pixels flying in and out of the hive) so they are quite gimmick. Bees have no requirements, at all, just have honey pallet spawner with bee hive and you're done for life.

Easiest and quickest scenario to get animals going is to buy a small/medium tractor, grass mower, baler and either bale fork or bale collecting trailer, then just mowe any grass you find anywhere in the terrain, by the side of the roads, pastures etc, or buy your own field and seed/plant grass there. Mowe the grass, bale it and then haul grass bales into sheep barn/shed feeding trigger. Once sheeps produce wool pallets you need some way to haul these pallets to selling point or production chains building.

The next easiest animal type is definitely chickens, all you need is basic grain farming capability, so field, small/medium size tractor, seeder/planter, combine harvester and a grain trailer. Harvest barley (its the best yield) and haul the grain into chicken barn/shed food trigger. Eggs are pallets and use some kind of trailer to haul those to selling point or production chain building.

Hmm actually chickens might be the easiest animals because a generic beginner farm has seeder/planter and combine harvester sooner than mowing equipment as its kind of special type of farming, or at least grain farming is the most common. Hmm but yeah it kind of depends what equipment you have, maybe grass handling equipment is actually cheaper than grain harvesting equipment.

With sheeps and chickens running (and maybe even those silly bees), you are on your way to animal farming. After those animal types come pigs and cattle/cows which require various new feed/food types with vehicles and equipment. Cattle, cows and pigs are not easiest getting started animals. No reason you shouldn't start with them but just know that its a whole new ballgame to tend cattle, cows and pigs.