Animals Guide Bees - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Animals Guide Bees (FS22)

Bee hives, these require NO maintenance whatsoever, these are completely self sufficient, just stamp the placeables down and off you go. You need the beehive itself and then honey spawner warning stripes. Do not place two large bee hives "back to back" and honey spawner next to them because then ESC mapview icon teleport will place you inside one of the bee hives and you cannot move. Two large bee hives generate honey in quite fast pace, you need to use skidsteer, telehandler, wheel loader, autoloading trailer etc to pickup the pallets, you cannot have honey automatically sent to production chains buildings.

Bee hives honey spawner is rather small, you should get the mod which increases the size so you don't have to baby sit the honey pallets so much.