Animals Guide Food: Total Mixed Ration (TMR) - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Animals Guide Food: Total Mixed Ration (TMR) (FS22)

TMR mixing, approximate ratio to aim for with the Kuhn RA 142: 4,000 liters of hay, 4,000 liters of silage, 450 liters of mineral feed, fill with straw until full. (this was giants website copy paste, don't use mineral feed as it does nothing).

Cow total mixed ration (TMR) mixing. On Siloking TrailedLine Premium 2218 mixer wagons 22k liter capacity, drop in 2 * silage round bale (150cm) and 1 * hay square bale (220cm). PMCTODO I THINK, CONFIRM THESE CENTIMETER SIZE VALUES! Do not put in mineral feed as it does nothing (saw some page that prove mineral fees is doing nothing for animal health or productivity). Or manitou telehandler put in three buckets of 10.5k liters of silage, then bale fork dump 9k liters of hay and remaining with straw to fill trailedline 22k capacity.