Animals Guide Food: Silage - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Animals Guide Food: Silage (FS22)

Corn forage silage harvest, there is no yield difference between ready to harvest and "6/6 (forage)" stages apparently. Note that you have "5/6 (forage)" stage as well, its recommended to time your corn forage harvest into growth stage 6/6 which is the one before ready to harvest stage.

Silage bunkers, the smallest narrow long bunker "bunkersilo small 6m x 31m" is way WAY too small anything other than little girlie men terrain lover BRITISH MAPZ garbage, 3 * 55k liter trailer loads already gets it roughly full SO THAT YOU CANNOT DRIVE THROUGH IT ANYMORE, of course you have to then use silage blade and evenly level out the chaff hehe. Don't waste your time with "bunkersilo small 6m x 31m". Its very annoying to work on as your tractor can easily get stuck in it, twin wheels large tractor with holaras silage blade and it barely fits "in the slot". Avoid this smallest silage bunker at all cost.

Wheel loader silage fork; Albutt, capacity 8k liters, can pickup chaff, manure, silage, straw, grass and hay. Also this supposedly is good to move chaff around in silage bunker to level it.

Using Farming Simulator 22 with keyboard and mouse (no steering wheel, no analog game controller) without TrackIR5 is extremely difficult when driving a wheel loader which is articulated as they almost always are. When you press A and D keys to turn, the camera viewpoint moves with the front wheels very "violently", this over time is almost nausea inducing camera movement. Not sure if there are any game settings for steering, like that return steer or whatever its called which could be used to fix this issue, although then all other vehicles would be extremely annoying to drive and you'd end up shuffling those game settings back and forth every time you are moving some material with a wheel loader. I discovered this when doing larger sugar beet and silage loading using claas dunno which torion or something wheel loader and albutt 8k liter silage fork. I tried googling non articulated wheel loaders but nothing came up, so I ended up using just a simple telehandler vehicle then, keyboard WASD steering articulated wheel loader is that bad. BTW this was in-cab view.

Silage bunker emptying using conveyor belts. Get Lizard S-710 conveyor belt, this will be the belt that actually picks up the silage from the bunker, use tractor to pull it to the silage bunker as its own "enter vehicle" speed is only 5km/h, unfold the conveyor belt near the silage pile, now it begins to convey silage. Next buy Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum conveyor belt, you can hook this one up to Lizard S-710 from the bulkier end, then S-710 picks up the silage, dumps it to Grimmer SL 80-22 Quantum which lifts it up to semi/tractor silage trailer. Works pretty automatic, only thing is that... this method is slow, VERY slow, but its the price you have to pay for automation with autodrive, otherwise get a wheel loader, albutt 8k liter silage fork and get to work yourself. When conveyor belt is emptying silage reduces in size (well doh), from time to time you have to move Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum a bit to pick up more silage, there is this kind of "cone of coverage" what Lizard S-710 reaches, it doesn't work if you just set it at the mouth of the bunker and never move it. When you move Grimme, adjust the conveyor height and lenght to reach autodrive trailer loading point. This setup automatically uncovers bunker silo when it "digs out" silage.

Silage bunker stuck being unable to empty, how to get out last pieces of silage so you can put in new batch of corn chaff? This is a limitation or a bug in Farming Simulator 19 and FS22 games, it spands several game engines I believe, you can fix the issue by PAINTING in LANDSCAPE build mode, just a simple concrete or grass texture and use big brush to paint over the old silage stuck in the bunker edges / walls, once all of the silage has been cleared out, you see "Fill level Chaff: 0" and "Compacting 0%" appearing in the F1 help menu, that is your cue to know for sure that silage bunker is completely empty and ready to receive more corn chaff. Hey, blame giants, ask them to fix their broken game engine.

Can you open fully fermented silage bunker silo and add more chaff to it? NO, "this action cannot be performanced here!" or similar error comes up on the screen if you try. fill the bunker up, then cover it up, then empty it completely before starting it all over again.

Silage bunker, if I dump chaff there and leave it uncovered for "months", does it rot? No, it does not rot, its magic Smiley ;)