PMC Farming Simulator 22 Playing Guide Build Mode

Playing Guide Build Mode

2021-11-20T21:28:00Z updated. This page is SPECULATION until after 2021-11-21T23:00:00Z when we get to activate the game and try this info ourselves.

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Build Mode

Build mode is feature under which placeables, landscaping and all related items are listed. Activate build mode by bringing up the SHOP menu, then bottom of the left side tool bar there are three horizontal (level) lines icon which is "Others" menu, from others menu select "Construction" page/icon thingy.

In the build menu you see kind of bottom part of the screen turn into a menu, there you have tabs: buildings, production, animals, decoration and landscaping.

Mouse wheel moves camera forward and back, when you press and hold mouse wheel while moving mouse you can pan camera around. To move camera use normal first person shooter WASD keys.

In buildings tab are further selections for: sheds, silos, silo extensions, container, tools and farmhouses.

In production tab are further selections for: factories, selling points, greenhouses, orchards and generators.

In animals tab are further selections for: cows, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, bees and others.

In decoration tab are further selections for: fences, lights and others.

In landscaping tab are further selections for: sculpting, painting, trees and plants.

PMCTODO Unfortunately this subject is very difficult to document just by looking at twitch live streams so more indepth writing happens as mentioned above when game activates for us.