Animals Guide Food: Grass - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Animals Guide Food: Grass (FS22)

Once you seed grass it keeps growing every season you don't have to seed it ever again. All you have to do is to fertilize it when it needs fertilizer.

Move bales easily using telehandler (manitou MLT 840, that low rider type vehicle, not a forklift, not a wheel loader, but the middle sized one, telehandler I believe its called).

To make silage from grass: plant grass, use tractor attached mowers or dedicated mower vehicle to mowe the grass once its ready to harvest. Then windrow the grass for easier baling, then bale it. If your baler had a wrapper then baling is done, if not use a wrapper implement to wrap the bales. Then use bale collector trailer and pick them all up, transport to where you want to store them. Note that once grass is wrapped into plastic its fermenting, it does not turn immediately into silage, it takes some time to ferment. There are various ways to turn grass into silage, this was just basic mowing, baling and wrapping.

Mowing grass, if your field has leftover grass or hay from a previous harvest season, mowing grass will "clear out" those leftovers when you drive over them, not only that but they get automatically added into the newly cut grass piles. This is kind of a cheat, how does last years HAY turn into this years freshly cut GRASS, well real life doesn't work that way, but this is acceptable game-play function to keep farming enjoyable. And hey, why did you do sloppy work in last harvest season in the first place, clean up your leftover mess! Smiley :)