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2022-12-30 After Another Break Some More Autodrive

2022-12-30T20:47:28Z New farming day has started, long time no see hehe. Todays goal is... err I don't know, I just moments ago finished fs22 garbage playing and now getting back to FS19 is kind of "new again" heh. This savegame has now 49hrs 44min on it.

So a recap; its now 02/mid-summer in-game 1719hrs, weather +26/+19C, budget now 3.092m.

Its been so many months that I played this savegame the last time its hard to remember any plans I had here so dunno what to do now. Only vehicles we have are rubicon 9000 and new holland t8.320 with bredal k165 with extensions, but money is that mentioned crazy three million which allows us to buy anything we want vehicle wise.

Overall in my farming simulator life I'm grown tired of doing contracts, so in this savegame I would definitely want to buy land and start to work our own fields, in a long run its the most lucrative and enjoyable way to make money and well progress.

2022-12-30T20:58:39Z But uh oh, I was just standing by the dealership next to our vehicles, looking around, checking mapview and all seasons menus etc good stuff... and had no idea what to do next, I guess better description would be that had no desire to dig deep into some farming things, guess I went from enthusiastic to bored in few moments Smiley :(

2022-12-30T21:43:07Z Recorded autodrive network waypoints around the furthest road as circle around the terrain (difficult to explain), added bunch of target points along the line for biggest fields and animal dealer. Still not feeling the actual farming field work thing, not sure what to do next ...

2022-12-30T21:58:52Z Exited FS19, just dunno what to do next.

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