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2023-02-26 This Is The End, Beautiful Friend

Just finished reading this Start From Zero story and was really disappointed to discover I cheated here, not intentionally but because I honestly didn't remember the precise Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules, but I will not accept lame excuses, this savegame will be deleted today and new one created. It is almost horrible repeat of the same thing but I just cannot look myself in the mirror if I would be a cheating liar, I have to do things properly.

One thing I'm especially disappointed is that now I have yet another Start From Zero in PMC Iowa Garden City 8km, I honestly have lost count of how many of these "unofficial" ones I now have, but hey... its story telling, dunno if users on the internet find it confusing or "bad" to read several stories about the same thing, dunno.

All in all, I'll create new savegame and this time do things right, no cheating of anykind, also as a bonus I will capture 4k 60FPS video from the whole thing, create a big long series of episodes, it will be awesome.

The End.

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