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2022-07-14 After Months Break Some Autodrive

2022-07-14T05:08:29Z New farming day has started, I think... so couple of days ago I used autodrive to record initial routes for PMC Iowa Garden City 8km, then for PMC Grande Gardens 16km and today did few more routes for garden city. Now I loaded this Start From Zero savegame with autodrive including routes I did before. I am not sure if I want to continue playing this start from zero seriously now, but I would like to test autodrive "in action" so to speak.

So here I am, lets see what autodrive stuff I could do.

2022-07-14T05:29:19Z Drove new holland t8.320 and rubicon to the dealership using autodrive, seems to work good. Strange thing is that the route was recorded really close to asphalt road center line, I don't recall driving semi-truck that close to center line so perhaps the semi-truck somehow is aligned differently or is too wide or something, need to investigate. Not sure if the route waypoint vertice positioning will cause collisions yet, but yeah it is very much on the center.

At this point, I have no desire to actually concentrate playing Start From Zero, I got over 3 million in budget which means I should buy land for my own farm and if I go down that rabbit hole it takes frigging weeks of game-play heh.

I'm trying if I could muster some energy to play one harvest season and record some autodrive routes in PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero instead.

2022-07-14T05:38:33Z Saved game and shut down FS19.

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