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2022-04-30 Money Money Money

2022-04-30T09:05:23Z New farming day has started, back at farming, lets finish these fertilizing contracts and see how much money we'll end up! Smiley :)

This savegame now has 42hrs 56min.

Immediately upon loading into the game I was greeted with several finished contracts. Okay I have known about this FS19 bug for a long time, but guess now we can say definitively that this is a bug as it randomly happens all the time when you load into a savegame with active contracts.

There was so many contracts which finished that I am not even going to write then down, I'll just screenshot them

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Is it cheating if I'm accepting these contract rewards? Well it really depends from the point of view, I am not cheating anything I'm just playing the game as it allows me to, I took contracts and had to go to sleep and the next day load old savegame in which time many contracts completed without me doing nothing. Its not like I did some actions to achieve this bug to trigger. Edit: yes you did, you saved game and exited with dozens of fert/herb contracts which may trigger this bug, don't try to give lame excuses, PUNK! Always cancel all remaining contracts before saving game and exiting FS19.

So I'm going accept all the contracts now and continue playing farming the rest.

2022-04-30T09:15:02Z Finished fertilizing F50, contract, collected reward 1.6k.

2022-04-30T09:16:08Z Started fertilizing F49, contract, GPS.

2022-04-30T09:26:31Z Finished fertilizing F49, contract, collected reward 33.3k.

Drove new holland t8.320 + bredal k165 to the dealership and refilled it up.

Purchased ten 1k liter solid fertilizer pallets for 19.2k, then 3 more for 5.7k. Then 4 more for 7.6k.

Attempted to fertilize F84, F88, F96, F97, F142 but these gave me the access error, oh well cancel for this contracts then.

This looked like a pattern, every single field for bredal k165 had to be cancelled.

2022-04-30T09:46:44Z Started fertilizing F47, contract, manually GPS.

2022-04-30T10:03:00Z Finished fertilizing F47, contract, collected reward 28.1k.

Drove rubicon to the dealership as remaining contracts were mirror image other side of the terrain through dealership. And also only got 1.2k liters of fertilizer in the tank.

Purchased 1k liter fertilizer tank for 3.2k.

Last contracts were in around SE region, in a big group which was nice. I have my doubts how many of these actually work after the savegame load. I will probably never going to take all available contracts because it just doesn't work. I remember this from previous years when first multiple contracts mod's came out and I've have it several times with better contracts mod.

Getting "you have no access to this land" on F217, F223, F224, F221 and these had to be cancelled.

2022-04-30T10:15:19Z Saved game and restarted FS19, no other reason than... why not.

This savegame now has 44hrs 3min on it. Budget now 2.395m. Oh wow that is some serious cash to start your own farm with land and vehicles Smiley :)

When getting back to game, saw several fertilizing contracts, on rough estimate these look mostly the same as the ones which had to be just cancelled on previous gaming session. Lets try the closest one if taking it and trying to fertilize would actually work.

2022-04-30T10:20:51Z Accepted fertilizing contract F226. Tested this field/contract and it worked, so sent off bredal k165 to work on it.

2022-04-30T10:23:06Z Started fertilizing F226, contract, courseplay, ETA 1h 10min.

2022-04-30T10:24:23Z Accepted fertilizing contract F150.

2022-04-30T10:25:45Z Started fertilizing F150, contract, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2022-04-30T10:35:38Z Finished fertilizing F150, contract, collected reward 28.9k.

2022-04-30T10:36:38Z Accepted fertilizing contract F84.

2022-04-30T10:39:07Z Started fertilizing F84, contract, courseplay, ETA 36min.

Well, F84 seems to work fine now, so its nothing to do with terrain field definitions or cultivator_density, that is always reassuring to know. Dunno what bugs in multiple contracts type mod running, guess something just bugs up. Kind of shame though that one of the great features of better contracts mod, taking several contracts at once, is lost because of this random bug.

Oh right, budget now 2.424m heh.

2022-04-30T11:00:32Z Finished fertilizing F84, contract, collected reward 53.3k.

Dumb ass courseplay AI sent off new holland t8.320 + bredal into bogus direction for no reason, but the time I noticed it the tractor was about 2 kilometers NW from the field it was actually working on Smiley :(

2022-04-30T11:06:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F196.

Purchased ten 2k liters of liquid fertilizer tanks for 32k. Then refilled rubicon to the brim.

2022-04-30T11:11:38Z Started fertilizing F196, contract, courseplay, ETA 32min.

2022-04-30T11:32:51Z Finished fertilizing F226, contract, collected reward 98.5k.

2022-04-30T11:33:53Z Accepted fertilizing contract F133.

2022-04-30T11:34:56Z Started fertilizing F133, contract, courseplay, ETA 20min.

2022-04-30T11:47:01Z Finished fertilizing F196, contract, collected reward 85.9k.

Budget now 2.630m Smiley :)

2022-04-30T11:49:16Z Accepted fertilizing contract F241.

2022-04-30T11:52:59Z Finished fertilizing F133, contract, collected reward 28.9k.

2022-04-30T11:53:45Z Accepted fertilizing contract F247.

2022-04-30T11:57:25Z Started fertilizing F247, contract, courseplay, ETA 23min.

2022-04-30T11:58:54Z Started fertilizing F241, contract, manually GPS.

2022-04-30T12:07:50Z Finished fertilizing F241, contract, collected reward 34.8k.

2022-04-30T12:08:34Z Accepted fertilizing contract F261.

2022-04-30T12:11:11Z Finished fertilizing F247, contract, collected reward 21.3k.

2022-04-30T12:13:37Z Started fertilizing F261, contract, manually GPS.

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2022-04-30T12:16:52Z Finished fertilizing F261, contract, collected reward 12.5k.

Even though there are multiple contracts bug, I took 3 at once now, all the remaining ones. Lets see if any of them bug out.

2022-04-30T12:21:48Z Started fertilizing F164, contract, manually GPS.

2022-04-30T12:24:16Z Finished fertilizing F164, contract, collected reward 8.6k.

And now I was yawning like crazy because slept only a bit over 4hrs last night that is guaranteed for a daytime nap. I would hope to continue farming after the nap...

2022-04-30T12:25:35Z Saved game and exited FS19.

2022-04-30T16:43:09Z Back at this savegame, lets continue doing contracts. This savegame now has 46hrs 11min on it.

When game / save loaded, contract on F53 completed. Yeah do not save the game while contracts are running, its bugged.

And now I have another page full of new fertilizing contracts, hehe this is whack-a-mole, oh well free money, lets get to work Smiley :)

Accepted contract for F244... which had the access bug, so cancel.

2022-04-30T16:50:01Z Accepted fertilizing contract F233.

2022-04-30T16:50:14Z Started fertilizing F233, contract, manually GPS.

Was looking at ESC mapview and thought I'll do this tiny field quickly with GPS, but on the first pass I realized, this ain't no tiny field, at least not any one pass and done one minute job, oh well, lets get it done. This "tiny" field turned out to be about six over one minute passes heh.

As this "tiny" field got done, rubicon 9000 was just sitting and waiting where ever it was left on last savegame. Big mistake, felt like incredible waste of time to drive one vehicle manually while another one was just idling somewhere.

Always use courseplay if it field even looks like its more than 2 passes. If you can do headland, you can use courseplay.

2022-04-30T17:05:54Z Finished fertilizing F233, contract, collected reward 32.6k.

2022-04-30T17:07:24Z Accepted fertilizing contract F122.

2022-04-30T17:11:24Z Started fertilizing F122, contract, courseplay, ETA 5min.

2022-04-30T17:12:01Z Accepted fertilizing contract F167.

2022-04-30T17:13:06Z Started fertilizing F167, contract, courseplay, ETA 11min.

Uuh finally two vehicles running and I get to go grab some chow Smiley :)

While I was eating rubicon got stuck in a utility pole so had to untangle him, bredal k165 already finished minutes ago but I gotta eat, dude. And then rubicon 9000 ran out of fertilizer, heh perfect. Oh well back to my lunch Smiley ;)

2022-04-30T17:34:54Z Feeding time is over, back to finishing up this "contract season" Smiley :)

2022-04-30T17:35:22Z Finished fertilizing F122, contract, collected reward 5.1k.

Drove rubicon to the dealership and refilled it with fertilizer.

2022-04-30T17:41:50Z Finished fertilizing F167, contract, collected reward 27.5k.

Then it was a long drive to F14 which was almost in NE corner of the terrain and I was close to the west edge, heh.

With this drive and in general I get extremely frustrated when another vehicle is sitting idle while moving vehicle(s) from field to field.

2022-04-30T17:50:30Z Started fertilizing F14, contract, courseplay, ETA 38min.

2022-04-30T17:51:41Z Accepted fertilizing contract F144.

New holland t8.320 is about 25% fuel left, need to send it to the dealership for a top-up soon. Courseplay generated another "stupid diagonal" course for F144, sigh.

2022-04-30T17:55:08Z Started fertilizing F144, contract, courseplay, ETA 38min.

And with these contracts running it was another half an hour of waiting before anything needs my input, assuming neither vehicle gets tangled in geometry object.

2022-04-30T18:18:23Z Finished fertilizing F14, contract, collected reward 87.9k.

2022-04-30T18:27:14Z Accepted fertilizing contract F66.

Oh dear this field is completely in the other side of the terrain again, haha. This is ridiculous to drive back and forth like this, but if you mass spam accept all contracts then you run into the no access bug. Kind of frustrating.

Also annoying that this is useless 6k reward field, almost not worth my time to drive all that way, but I just want to see if I can finish all fertilizing contracts.

2022-04-30T18:29:18Z Finished fertilizing F144, contract, collected reward 50.6k.

2022-04-30T18:29:53Z Accepted fertilizing contract F153.

Purchased ten 1k liter solid fertilizer pallets for 19.2k. Then four for 7.6k. Refilled bredal k165 up to the brim, then tried to refuel tractor with fuel, but the gas station trigger was not working, wrote a bug report about it Smiley :(

2022-04-30T18:38:02Z Started fertilizing F153, contract, courseplay, ETA ?min. Courseplay ETA counter said ONE HOUR 47min, err no, that is not correct, not even close.

02/mid-summer in-game 1253hrs, weather +23C/+19C and its raining, forecast predicts rain until 1800hrs.

2022-04-30T18:46:01Z Started fertilizing F66, contract, manually GPS.

2022-04-30T18:48:57Z Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected reward 6.2k.

2022-04-30T18:51:13Z Accepted fertilizing contract F179.

2022-04-30T18:54:37Z Started fertilizing F179, contract, manually, its a tiny field.

2022-04-30T18:56:13Z Finished fertilizing F179, at the same time F153 finished under couseplay. Unfortunately I used too fast keyboard controls to switch into the contracts and accept them... that I accidentally switched to one of the weird delivery contracts and accepted it, the bad thing is that when you cancel it... the contract will PENALIZE you for the price, so I ended up with -144k penalty Smiley :(

I immediately exited and loaded savegame. Luckily I nowadays always save the game before generating courseplay field work course because it often freezes on 16.3km terrains, so I did not loose too much work/time, yeah I fertilized both F66 and F153 but its only about 10min time waste.

Lets be careful when accepting contract rewards, in fact... I might disable that delivery contracts mod because I really do not use it and it just clutters contracts menu.

Its interesting to realize that PMC Iowa Garden City 8km has several odd shaped fields which are basically unusable for courseplay, for example the western F66 which is only a narrow strip of larger real world field. Now I'm thinking that such fields would be better leave undone, unless it would make a decent courseplay field, just don't cultivator_density paint it, why make annoying shaped and sized field.

2022-04-30T19:07:12Z F66 finished, again.

2022-04-30T19:10:04Z F153 finished, again.

2022-04-30T19:14:21Z F179 finished, again.

Saved game, now all lost time has been re-gained.

2022-04-30T19:14:59Z Accepted fertilizing contract F190.

2022-04-30T19:18:16Z Started fertilizing F190, contract, courseplay, ETA 44min.

2022-04-30T19:18:47Z Accepted fertilizing contract F91.

2022-04-30T19:23:20Z Started fertilizing F91, contract, manually its a tiny field.

2022-04-30T19:24:16Z Finished fertilizing F91, contract, collected reward 1.1k.

2022-04-30T19:24:45Z Accepted fertilizing contract F258.

Purchased 1k liters of solid fertilizer for 1.9k.

Looking at my budget and these last two fertilizing contracts, these will be my last contracts for todays gaming session, most likely for a long time, as well "how much money you really need?" heh.

2022-04-30T19:32:21Z Started fertilizing F258, contract, courseplay, ETA 30min.

2022-04-30T19:41:48Z Rubicon empty, heading to the dealership for a refill.

Purchased two 2k liter fertilizer tanks. Refilled rubicon 9000 full tank. Then headed back to SW to F190.

While I was in the toilet F258 finished.

2022-04-30T20:03:08Z Finished fertilizing F258, contract, collected reward 38.8k.

Parked New Holland T8.320 and Bredal K165 to a road, they are done for this gaming session. It actually feels like not necessarily The End of this savegame but I am certainly going to take a long break from this, I need to work on PMC Grande Gardens 16km release and the next ArmA 3 release before I'll return to PMC Iowa Garden City 8km. Not sure when that return means I would be playing this savegame, its too long into the future to predict.

2022-04-30T20:06:53Z Finished fertilizing F190, contract, collected reward 108.5k.

Parked Rubicon 9000 to a road and saved game, we are done here.

Just for fun I refreshed contracts... and just insane amounts of fertilizing contracts appeared, probably another million profits waiting there hehe.

2022-04-30T20:09:13Z Exited FS19, cu.

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