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2024-01-28 HTML Editing And Soybeans Seeding For 17 Hours

2024-01-28T08:57:55Z New farming day has started, just woke up, completely ignored everything else and right away booted up PMC Gaming computer, EditPadPro, firefox and OBS. Its time to continue soybeans planting season, there is plenty of time to do all kinds of morning chores, eat, etc once bourgault air drills are on the fields Smiley :)

This savegame now has 1122hrs 18min on it.

Seed refilled bourgault 71300 air carts from semi-truck grain trailer tipper/6. Grain trailer now has only 1.8k liters of seeds left so autodrive sent it to railroad silo 10 pickup with orders to return to F68 N when full.

I think in the long run for these massive planting operations I have to get two semi-trucks with 70k grain trailer tipper/6's to run seeds from the silo, last thing I want to do is to have seeders on the field waiting for product.

2024-01-28T09:09:35Z Started seeding soybeans F69, courseplay, ETA 1h 40min, 2x tools.

Edit: one tipper/6 70k liter capacity seed hauling semi-truck is just fine for two bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drills with 71300 air carts in the same field, there is so much time between seed refills that even on large terrain semi-truck can drive to pickup seeds and back, no problem.

All right seeding another field with soybeans, excellent. Now its my time to start computer morning chores, then eat days first meal and then, maybe then its not that far off from this field being finished. Today I also want to do some HTML page text editing work, possibly even this Start From Zero splitting into individual pages for easier navigating and reading.

2024-01-28T09:14:11Z I'm off to do morning chores and eat.

2024-01-28T09:48:25Z Morning chores and feeding time is over, back to seeding.

Hmm actually no, there is still one HOUR left on this field work course, I'm going back to PMC DevSurf to begin splitting this Start From Zero story page into individual day pages...

2024-01-28T10:52:21Z Finished seeding soybeans F69.

Well it was actually earlier, not sure what minute, I just now turned PMC Gaming computer monitor on and I saw two big bud 747's in tug of war, they were facing head to head on the last inner pass, field was practically seeded at this point. I untangled them and finished the 5m stretch and then this field was done. On the background I was at PMC DevSurf computer splitting this Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km story text into sub pages, it will be glorious to read once finished.

Now a restroom break before proceeding to F68...

2024-01-28T11:03:27Z Used semi-truck grain trailer tipper/6 to refill bourgault 71300 air carts, then sent semi-truck using autodrive back to railroad silo 10 pickup and return to F68 N, its good to have her full of seeds when F68 is done, big bourgaults need their refill again.

Drove big bud 747s at F68 NE area, saved game and then it was time to generate courseplay field work course. Savegame is always important to protect progress when using courseplay, it can freeze FS19 on course generation and especially when starting a combines on a new course, so I'm taking precautions even with seeders. Not sure if there is any difference in these vehicle types, but combine harvester field work courses have been notorious to freeze FS19, so I'm not taking any chances of losing progress, my time is too valuable to be wasted with shitty software bugs.

Generated 2 headland course for two vehicles, drove big bud 747s to first waypoint and saved game once more, its go time.

2024-01-28T11:11:10Z Started seeding soybeans F68, courseplay, ETA 58min, 2x tools.

About an hour field work course, nice. Now I'll switch back to editing this original story page to smaller sub pages. Plan is to check courseplay progress every hmm maybe 15 or 20min so there are no issues. I already see from the course that last inner pass will have collision, but that is at the end.

2024-01-28T11:48:47Z Turned monitor back on and found big bud 747s tangled in one another, sigh. This happened at first inner pass, not sure what courseplay did but ending results speak volumes, again Smiley :(

Sorted everything out and send big bud 747s back on course. Hopefully they can get through the inner rows up until the last one where they will collide. I added now for the second vehicle a 500m convoy distance, hopefully that helps a bit.

Now I'm back to editing HTML files...

2024-01-28T12:24:48Z Checking in, big bud 747s were tangled up again, sigh Smiley :(

This was now on the last inner pass, so it was expected, but there is something fishy going on as looks like vehicle 2 did not finish its second headland properly. I need to do some manual fixing here.

Took lead big bud 747 and manually drove the missed second headland track while trailer big bud 747 was finishing its last inner pass.

Oh right, its screenshot time. I might have to go back to previous days pages and capture best landscape and action shots from the captured 4k 60FPS videos.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T12:31:15Z Trailer big bud 747 finished its course, but there is still one streak of headland not yet done, going to finish it up with lead big bud 747 manually.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T12:36:46Z Finished seeding soybeans F68.

Finally heh.

A little bit of seed refilling operation.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Got both bourgault 71300 air carts loaded with seeds. Then it was time to move to the next field. Saved game then generated courseplay field work course, I could see from the minimap already that first inner pass has collision line, sigh.

Big boys setting up...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T12:46:06Z Started seeding soybeans F67, courseplay, ETA 34min, 2x tools.

Another field getting some soybeans, aayeah.

Then it was time to switch computers, back to editing HTML web pages for hmm short time, I'll just leave PMC Gaming monitor on, I can quickly glance over my shoulder to see if courseplay fucks up, after second headland there is that first inner row which has the collision, so my untangling efforts are required again...

2024-01-28T13:04:21Z Courseplay got second big bud 747 stuck reversing, tangled up in itself, ugh Smiley :(

Hmm seems like courseplay cannot fight itself out of a wet paper bag, when was the last field work course that it didn't screw up? I cant remember Smiley :?

Edit: 2024-02-19 my speculation today is that large air drill type pull behind implement backing up mess can be avoided by using: FS19 courseplay field work generation settings: "headland corners" setting of "round (turn radius)". This will generate eeeextreemely round headland corners which do leave a little bit missed spot in the other edge, but I rather take that (maybe fix it manually later) than have a automation tool FAIL by tractor tangling himself up on the tow behind implement equipment. What is the point of using automation tools that cannot complete a field work.

Coming up the second headland...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

This F67 got hilarious uphill, will be a lot of laughs to drive it up with fendt 1050 vario pulling full elmers haulmaster 2000 grain cart Smiley :rolleyes:

Top of the world, mum!

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Letting the big guy pass through...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Then had to manually drive second big bud 747 because courseplay didn't engage the correct waypoint spot on the headland and first inner pass, it wanted to grab the first inner pass even though it was far away beyond the headland, sigh. This is the same old shit year after year with courseplay, it never ends. Well obviously now that FS19 Courseplay development has ended, heck I think they are coming close to last equarter of FS22 Courseplay-GUI Garbage development as well, but anyways.

Getting it done, manually.

Oh BTW in PMC DevSurf computer I HTML edited up to page 20 now splitting up the original single page really long story page. Doing good progress, feels superb getting that / this page into more easily navigated and read format, cant wait Smiley :)

2024-01-28T13:25:11Z Finished seeding soybeans F67.

Okay another field done, had some problems but got through them. Planting season continues.

On the next field I had a problem with wind turbine, it was right at the N edge of the field but it was missing the roadway to the turbine leaving fields N edge now with extremely narrow spot where no way courseplay could generate anykind of working field work course with two not to mention four vehicles, so I have to take pickup truck 1978 and record courseplay outline for this field skipping that buggy wind turbine spot. Edit: wrote a bug report about it. You have got to document bugs always.

2024-01-28T13:36:14Z Courseplay F153 outline recorded. There still might be issue with the NE corner, it might get pretty tight with four midwest durus 18.2m headers.

Umm err, well guess I jumped the gun a little bit, F152 is next in line heh, oh well no biggie. Oh right and F152 is so tiny that two bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drills are too much for it, have to drive this one solo.

2024-01-28T13:41:14Z Started seeding soybeans F152, courseplay, ETA 26min.

Okay now quickly to edit few more HTML pages...

2024-01-28T13:59:47Z Okay another two pages split, now going to move second big bud to F153 already so its ready when first big bud finished seeding F152 in about six minutes.

Looking at beyond F153, next one after that is F130 which is tiny relatively speaking, hmm that might be so small and irregular shape that I might have to drive it manually with GPS, hmm remains to be seen when bourgault air drill arrives to the field itself to see the scale of everything. Sometimes ESC mapview is somewhat misleading with scale.

2024-01-28T14:06:49Z Finished seeding soybeans F152.

Used the pickup truck 1978 recorded outline to generate good field work course for F153. Saved game and generated course, had to fiddle with settings but got it done just nicely, there might be a slight chance of collision on first inner row, but remains to be seen. Saved game once more and then it was go time.

2024-01-28T14:12:04Z Started seeding soybeans F153, courseplay, ETA 52min, 2x tools.

Not too bad field work duration, gives me nice amount of time to edit HTML pages, also lunch break is coming up soon I think Smiley ;)

Ready to go, boss.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T14:33:54Z Unfuckingbelievable, I turned on monitor as my lunch break alarm went off and first thing I see is Big Bud 747s with Bourgault 3420-100 Paralink Hoe Drills... MATING. Yes they were all tangled up in each other it looked dirty..., uuuh courseplay I HATE YOU! Smiley :(

Hmm what happened here is I believe second big bud on the second corner of headland got stuck on itself, it for some fucking reason tried to reverse with air drill which never works, got stuck there and then first big bud arrived and then they were mating as poor courseplay has zero collision detection. So now I need to figure out how the hell do I resolve this right side headland corner backing up vehicle issue, if that goes away then well maybe these field work courses actually start to work. Hmm maybe I'll try the round corners, assuming it was already option on FS19 Courseplay. Edit: there is, as "edited earlier".

2024-01-28T14:39:57Z Okay now second big bud running on the right side of the field work course got stuck on itself on the third headland corner, sigh, same thing all over again, this is driving me fucking nuts! Smiley :evil:

2024-01-28T14:41:03Z Okay now its great time to relieve buggy courseplay stress by taking that refreshing lunch break...

2024-01-28T14:45:51Z Just get back from kitchen and second big bud did its usual thing, SiGH Smiley :(

Big boys are pulling big drills...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T15:12:03Z Feeding time is over, back to seeding soybeans and fighting with courseplay.

Lead big bud already finished its field work course, it was so far ahead with that first headland corner tangle.

2024-01-28T15:15:44Z Seed refilled lead bourgault 71300 air cart, now more waiting for the trailer bourgault to finish its field work course, still 10min to go...

20/late-spring in-game 1537hrs, weather +22C/+11C with forecast predicting rain at midnight. This day has been going fast, its already afternoon time. Next field is going to be that F130 and darn here I am just sitting and waiting when I could have launched lead bid bud to work on it, dumb me Smiley :(

2024-01-28T15:25:40Z Finished seeding soybeans F153.

Next up is F130 and going to use trailer bid bug 747 for that as shes got less engine hours, also will drive it manually using GPS, the field is so irregular shape and small with all kinds of obstacles on the sides that I just don't want any more frustration.

2024-01-28T15:28:16Z Started seeding soybeans F130, manually GPS.

GPS baby.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Of course one bad thing about manual GPS driving is that you cannot take a restroom break, well unless you have a very large field with long passes that take several minutes to complete, this F130 one pass is less than a minute so no chance of quick restroom break, I mean, I'm not refueling a Formula One car here.

2024-01-28T15:50:40Z Finished seeding soybeans F130.

Saved game, then refilled seeds for second bourgault 71300 air cart. And now, its my restroom break...

2024-01-28T16:05:21Z Generated courseplay field work course for F60, with 2 headlands, but for some reason it only did one headland, also there was some bizarre loop at SE corner, makes no sense. I recall seeing this before, I might have encountered same issue with some previous fertilizing contracts or something, hmm.

Wrote a bug report about it. Then tried to generate field work course again with now using starting point at the N center of the field, no luck, same loop appears in SE corner and only one headland. Very very strange, but oh well what can you do, need to get seeding. But tried one more time, now I used "headland corners" setting of "round (turn radius)" and NOW it worked, 2 headlands done OK and no bizarre loop at the SE corner! Yes! Smiley :)

Big bud 747s were getting close to 50% diesel fuel remaining, so before starting this next field work course its time for a refuel. Sent semi-truck with liquid tanker trailer with diesel to F131 S, should be there within 10min. Also noticed that railroad silo 10 ran out of seeds, ugh have I really gotten already 251.7k liters of seeds from there, that is... crazy! Smiley :o

I need to send some semi-truck to the players farm yard 1 to pickup some more, this next / last field is a monster size and sucks so much seeds its not even funny. It needs grain trailer loads of seeds.

In-game time is as I'm typing this 1633hrs, there is no way two bourgault air drills can finish seeding F60 before darkness, no way.

Saved game and then it was go time, this planting seasons largest field seeding begins now!

2024-01-28T16:23:19Z Started seeding soybeans F60, courseplay, ETA 9h 40min, 2x tools.

Buhahaha! 9 hours and 40 minutes!? Welcome to PMC Grande Gardens 16km, enjoy your stay and watch out for large fields! Smiley :D

Hahaha! Smiley ;)

Checked my alarms, bed time is at 9hrs 30min, so heh assuming that bourgault air drills would not have to stop for a refill then this field work course would end just around the time when I need, I mean, should, to go to bed. However I don't believe courseplay calculates turns on these ETAs and then all those seed refills I have to do, so ... if I'm cautious I have to judge that this field is not getting done today, especially as its overnight I don't want to do seed refills in middle of the night in pitch black darkness, so need to time accelerate to morning when darkness falls.

Yeah this seeding will be a lot of fun, I bet Smiley ;)

But for now, I'll leave monitor on and switch over to PMC DevSurf to edit HTML pages some more, need to split this story up...

2024-01-28T16:43:24Z Something bizarre is still going on, the field work course is nowhere near fields edge but lead big bud is... same for second big bud, also lead big bud stopped engine running, its just sitting there about half way through the S edge, uuhh I don't understand what is going on here.

So I disengaged courseplay on lead big bud, then used GPS to manually drive along side the S edge of F60. Not sure what would await for me in the other end, in the SW corner, but dunno what else to do.

I have to go through PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain source files with a microscope to spot any bugs, this is not acceptable to have such a great big field but buggy edge. But hell who knows, maybe its just some courseplay glitch, everything is possible.

Second big bud reached SW headland corner and turned OK in the right lane, so far so good. Now I just need to manually drive lead big bud to the same location so courseplay can find the field work course. Its bizarre as the course is visible HIGH UP IN THE AIR, makes absolutely no sense to me, I think that is some weird bug that there are waypoints missing and that is just direct blue line between two waypoints, one in SE region and another in SW, that is why its high up in the air because heightmap elevations are low in this middle of S edge area. Very odd indeed.

2024-01-28T16:55:27Z Okay lead big bud reached SW field work first waypoint and I engaged courseplay, its running now again. Very strange bug. Hopefully there are no more of these in F60.

Now back to editing HTML pages.

Just seedin'...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T17:21:42Z Second big bud 747 on the right lane reached SE headland corner on the err second headland, now it faces another missing waypoints issue on the courseplay field work course. Going to keep an close eye on both tractors how they do this time.

2024-01-28T17:35:46Z Lead big bud 747 was about 25% on its way from SE corner on second headland when it ran out of courseplay field work course waypoints and stopped, ZZZZUP. So I had to step in, disengage courseplay, engage GPS and roll in manually, ugh. Oh well gotta get it done, but this is getting old.

BTW just finished splitting this original story page up into its page 40. Still don't feel like its even half way done, I wonder if there will be over 100 pages in this story, if there arent... there sure will be when I'm done with remaining fields Smiley :p

In truth directory is getting messy, there are now the root page for this story and 40 sub pages with more to come, you web viewers / users don't have any idea about this, but me as I can see the server and localhost directories with those files, oh my its a spam fest for sure. And the catch is... this is just ONE story, what when I add all the other stories I've written so far and those that I have not published yet, oh my the /19/ root dir will be just thousand plus files there! Smiley :o

Hmm actually I might have to create sub dir like /19/stories/ where I put all these story root and sub pages, then I could also leave out the "stories-" prefix from the page file names. Hmm needs some more thought.

Anyways that is not really farming related in that sense, so going to get back to F60 soybeans seeding with big bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill's Smiley ;)

2024-01-28T17:41:15Z Second big bud 747 has now reached SW corner and has turned N bound, good.

So yeah even though I managed to fiddle courseplay settings that supposedly generated OK looking course in 2D minimap, its still not working, there is definitely something funky and stinky going on in F60 S edge and I have to investigate it when I get some free time and motivation.

Second big bud 747 with nice horizon landscape.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T17:50:49Z OK lead big bud 747 managed to turn in SW headland corner just fine, heading N bound now, so I'm going back to editing HTML files again, those sub pages arent creating themselves Smiley ;)

2024-01-28T17:59:54Z Looking over my shoulder I see red courseplay notification, came to check and uh oh second bourgault 71300 air cart has ran out of seeds, yikes! Smiley :o

2024-01-28T18:17:46Z Second big bud 747 turned into first inner row just fine. I assume lead does the same, OK back to splitting HTML page up.

2024-01-28T19:11:34Z Another check, inner rows seems to be going fine, now only thing is when seeds run out. Yeah I'm shutting PMC Gaming monitor off when I go edit HTML pages to save electricity, so its kind of... am I really playing FS19 when courseplay just runs seeders back on forth on inner rows, heh. But yeah well, this has been discussed many times, I have nothing to do here but watch and wait for when air cart runs out of seeds so I might as well use my time to something productive, like this story.

2024-01-28T19:42:50Z Okay switched computers, its almost my lunch break, but first... second bourgault 71300 air cart is out of seeds and first is only 2.9k liters left, guess its time to call up the semi-truck with grain trailer full of seeds.

2024-01-28T19:49:15Z Both bourgault 71300 air carts filled with seeds, semi-truck grain trailer tipper/6 only has 20.8k left so sending it back to players farm yard 1 silo to pick up some more. Long haul for semi-truck today.

2024-01-28T19:50:43Z And now finally its my lunch break ...

2024-01-28T20:10:24Z Feeding time is over, how are my bourgault's doing?

But now I'll go edit HTML files again.

2024-01-28T21:05:00Z Another set of HTML files edited, now its time to check air cart tanks, looks like 17% and 23%, still few moments of seeds left.

Saved game, just in case, been a long time seeding already, don't want to lose progress.

2024-01-28T21:23:14Z That is it, bourgault air cart is empty on lead vehicle. Refill time!

Spooky night time seed refill...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-01-28T21:28:04Z Bourgault 71300 air carts are full of seeds and I sent semi-truck grain trailer tipper/6 back to seed pickup loop using autodrive, all is good in the farm, its almost pitch black dark night, but seeding continues.

20/late-spring in-game 2139hrs, weather +19C/+11C with forecasted rain at midnight.

2024-01-28T23:08:46Z Took a shower and when I now came back lead bourgault air cart had ran out of seeds. Okay, another refill.

F60 is now just a bit more than 50% done.

Refilled seeds on bourgault 71300 air carts, sent semi-truck grain trailer tipper/6 back to players farm 1 silo for new seed pickup, then saved game. All is good in the farm, planting season continues.

21/late-spring in-game 0010hrs, weather +16C/+11C, icon appeared in the menu "next weather" spot and its raining, it can start to rain pretty soon now. Forecast shows 90% chance of rain from 0000hrs to 0300hrs. Of course that doesn't cause any issues with seeding. In real life you could not work field when its wet but in FS19 there is no such setup other than harvesting grain.

2024-01-29T00:48:21Z Lead bourgault 71300 air cart is empty, okay seed refill again.

2024-01-29T00:53:33Z Seed refill complete and it just started to rain when in-game clock hit 0103hrs.

Also at midnight field germinated on the parts that had already been seeded. This germination doesn't cause any issues in my field, but its kind of funky how parts of the field are already growing.

Diesel refueled semi-truck pulling tipper/6, then autodrive sent it to the same seed picking up loop. This field is maybe 70% done but definitely needs more seed refills.

2024-01-29T02:07:33Z Okay its time for me to call it a night, alarm went off some time ago that been up 17hrs, getting tired too, going to get some sleep, nites.

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