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2024-01-29 Finished Off F60 Soybeans Planting

2024-01-29T07:37:09Z New farming day has started, just woke up, didn't do anything else except fired up PMC Gaming and FS19, plan now is to finish off F60 soybeans planting.

This savegame now has 1139hrs 16min on it.

2024-01-29T07:40:47Z Both big bud 747s pulling bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drills are back seeding soybeans into F60. Okay I'm in business.

Okay so today is monday morning, its going to be my real life chore day and I don't have much time but in FS19 my this years soybeans planting season was so close to finish last night that I just had to boot up FS19 and finish this today before my other stuff takes over.

BTW yesterday I played full uninterrupted 17hrs gaming day, yeah I spent a lot of time splitting this Start From Zero story HTML page up to sub pages, got 80 (yes, eighty) of them done last night, but also seeded many many fields in that time, most time was spent of course in this monster F60 which had what, 9hrs 40min courseplay duration or something crazy like that.

Unfortunately this week I'm not going to get much time to farm, it will be late saturday most likely before I get to return to this savegame if everything goes according to plan ie normal. However if things go sideways, if I get pissed off to my real life chores, then I could be returning to this savegame maybe wednesday or thursday already, cant say for sure, I hope that is not the case.

The soybeans harvest season that awaits me, after all that time accelerating obviously, is going to be a long one, I have my doubts if half a saturday and full 17hrs sunday would be enough time to finish harvesting all those fields with the included logistics like diesel refueling vehicles, setting up autodrive for semi-truck grain hauling etc.

Overall though I am hopeful that end of this week I have all these fields harvested and I can check them off from my "fields to harvest list", but yeah its still far off so not going to make further plans for that.


21/late-spring in-game 0228hrs, weather +13C/+12C and raining, weather forecast predicts rain for 0300hrs and then it ends on 0600hrs but by that time my F60 seeding is already over.

2024-01-29T07:51:55Z Bourgault 71300 air carts were running low, lead was 5% full and trailer was 14% so I decided to refill them now so I can start my computer morning chores while they finish this field off.

2024-01-29T07:57:02Z Big bud 747s are back seeding, lead vehicles ETA is now 22min. Okay I'll begin my morning computer chores now.

2024-01-29T08:28:30Z Finished seeding soybeans F60.

Soybeans planting season is done! Whoohooo! Smiley :D

And with that I saved game and exited FS19, rough estimation is that I'll return end of the week at late saturday, dunno... until then, cu.

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