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2024-01-27 Seasons Config To 24 Days

2024-01-27T21:43:17Z New farming day has started, its now saturday night already quite late, my bed time alarm still has 4hrs 5min left on it, I don't know what else to do so its going to be back to PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame.

This savegame now has 1118hrs 38min on it.

So last time I ended playing when soybeans withered, I just didn't have the mental energy to restart the whole soybeans planting season, it was just too much repetitive stuff to do. Then I took several days break, cant even remember how many it was but it was last week definitely that I played the last time.

Plan now today when I only have mere 4hrs gaming time left (unless I go insomnia mode into late night) to change seasons mod into 24 day seasons, time accelerate a long time into soybeans planting season temperatures, get started seeding soybeans to hmm probably F151 first, I definitely cant get more done today most likely not even that field, but after that comes F68 and F69, once those are done then I'm in the same situation than in the end of previous planting season. I'm not going to record videos as its just repeating the same thing, also I'm going to keep this story very short and dry during this planting season, well I mean unless I have something to say of course. I wont be doing play-by-play copy-paste lines as those are already done. To be honest, I am extremely reluctant to get this soybeans planting done because "I already did these fields!" Smiley :)

Anyways, enough jargon, get to work.

03/late-winter in-game 0955hrs, weather -0C/-0C. This is the last day of 3 day season winter, tomorrows time acceleration switches season year to the next one. So right now I'm going to switch seasons mod config to 24 day seasons. Yikes, that will be SO MUCH time accelerating game is syncing dialog that ooh it pains me already Smiley :o

2024-01-27T21:51:23Z Done, its now 17/late-winter and rest are the same of course. So it now continues from the first day of the third part of winter, so 17th day and I need to time accelerate to 24th to get through this winter part, that is 7 days of time accelerating to get into 24th. Time to get accelerating Smiley :)

Since my last gaming session I researched FS19 Seasons mod and it was said somewhere that weather is not fully working with 3 day season, people recommend 9 day season or more depending on your needs. Well I need a lot of days just to give relaxed mood when going to the harvest season, I don't want to get rained or frozen out from my fields mid-season.

Now that I have the full 24 day seasons year to play around with, I'm going to seed a lot of fields and hectares, no specific plan on field numbers yet I go by the feel when getting started, but definitely it will be the south central fields, all of them. Not sure about the large field in SW corner, that might need more consideration.

Hmm I might skip the small fields and only do the large fields in S-SW region, that could be one option, make my return to this savegame with a huge field harvest Smiley :)

Hmm so maybe I'd re-plant the fields from last season, then continue doing F67, F152, F153 and maybe F130. That would sort of finish the south-central area. Then if situation feels like I could attack the biggest field in SW area, I could plant F60 which is absolutely massive field.

24/late-winter in-game 0941hrs, weather -2C/+0C, its now last day of the seasons calendar year. Next time acceleration day skip throws me to the next year, whee.

01/early-spring in-game 0930hrs, weather +5C/+1C, okay new year has started, now I got a long way to time accelerate until its soybeans planting season and temperatures Smiley :)

Well I mean 8 days of early-spring, then mid-spring begins which is soybeans planting season and what my memory serves me it will usually take a few days to reach warm enough soil temperatures so I can start planting. I'm sure I've said this many times before but PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame uses the official realismus US midwest GEO.

Time acceleration seasons game sync dialog is quite bad in 16.3km terrain sizes, it takes so long time that you get bored to death. This will become a real problem at the end of the planting season when you start to skip into harvest season beginning, it will be torture to get through summer which is 24 days to time accelerate, lets say if it truly takes 2min for seasons game sync dialog then that makes it 48min of spent time in game sync window plus all the extra time between time acceleration, oh man that is some sick amount of real life time spent on gaming "for nothing" so to speak Smiley :?

Now someone might think "what does this dude bitch about, just use 9 day or 12 day seasons, less days to skip!?", well sure that would work, but you cannot do even 8.1km terrains fields in 21 day season, on PMC Texas Rowena 8km terrain savegame my soybeans withered because I ran out of time, so with twice the size of that terrain its not really option to use such low number of season days, assuming you want to be fully relaxed when doing large harvests.

When I'm time accelerating now I wont stop for too long between each day, there are no fields growing currently so nothing could get out of sync, perhaps once I have seeded I start to take at least 30sec or so delay between each game sync dialog to give the game a bit more extra time to sort itself out. Or perhaps I monitor the actual crops too, not sure.

08/early-spring in-game 0919hrs, weather +2C/+4C, ground temperature is still quite low, not even half of soybeans required temperature.

09/mid-spring in-game 0933hrs, weather +9C/+5C, okay now its half way into soybeans planting season temperatures, this is kind of funny as in seasons calendar corn and soybeans planting season starts today. But guess its not meant to be 1:1 with temperatures, and that makes it so unpredictable and fun.

I recall back in the day time accelerating few days into the planting season to make sure weather forecast minimum temperature is above +10C, I don't want my precious american crops to fail because weather. Especially with maxed out 24 day seasons there is no reason to rush things.

Looks like ground temperature is increasing one degree per day now.

When I get almost to the planting temperatures I will start to prepare equipment, move them to F151, refill seeds and diesel refuel etc so they are good to go before last few time acceleration days, I want to be fully prepped once temperatures look good.

That reminds me how my seed silos need some improvement, I didn't figure out yet if trains can bring the seed load from NW railroad depot into SW, I don't think they can but hmm maybe this planting season I'll find out. I want to haul a lot of seeds into railroad silo 10 and 11.

15/mid-spring in-game 0945hrs, weather +11C/+8C, still not ready for soybeans planting season, not even close Smiley :)

Saved game and will go check out if the railroad network would reach from NW to SW. Hopped into the SW train and started traveling towards north, its clockwise train track.

2024-01-27T23:00:55Z SW train reached railroad silo 1, it does connect to NW train and therefore to NE train as well. SW train then connects to SE train so the circle is complete Smiley :)

Refilled SW train with 251.7k liters of seeds, hopefully that is enough for all these hectares in S-SW region Smiley :)

2024-01-27T23:12:18Z Unloaded 251.7k liters of seeds into railroad silo 10. Okay now seeds have been moved, one step closer to get planting season started.

Had to do some quick landscaping so semi-truck grain trailers can properly reach railroad silo 10 vehicle entrance. Then time acceleration continues.

16/mid-spring in-game 0934hrs, weather +8C/+8C, still not warm enough for corn and soybeans.

17/late-spring in-game 0951hrs, weather +13C/+9C and raining. Not warm enough yet for soybeans.

18/late-spring in-game 1002hrs, weather +13C/+10C and raining, again. Its now soybeans planting temperature, but obviously I'm not going to start yet, need to check weather forecast for minimum temperatures, I would like them to be +11C into the future so there is no chance of soil temperature to drop below what soybeans require.

And not only forecasted minimum temperatures, but one more day time accelerating so the actual ground warms up to +11C. Right now forecasted minimum temperature for 0900hrs is +12C, after that its +13C tomorrow 0300hrs, so yeah its warm enough once soil hits +11C. Guess I could already start planting now as its required +10C, but I just want to be 100% sure there are no dips to +9C anymore.

Hopefully me being so careful with planting season wont affect harvest season when soybeans crop is ready to harvest, would be bad if that gets delayed far into the cold temperatures.

2024-01-27T23:33:48Z Its now 19/late-spring in-game 0924hrs, weather +14C/+10C, going to begin moving bourgault air drills to F151 and refill them with seeds. Actually they are already there, so all I have to do is to top up bourgault 71300 air carts.

Recorded autodrive network waypoint routes for railroad silo 10 dump and pickup target points.

2024-01-27T23:54:46Z Refilled bourgault 71300 air carts with seeds, all topped up now. Big bud 747s had decent amount of diesel fuel so I didn't bother bringing fuel tanker trailer here now.

Saved game and then time acceleration continues until soil temperature is safely +11C for my soybeans.

20/late-spring in-game 0748hrs, weather +13C/+11C, okay soybeans planting season has begun, fire up the air drills and get to work Smiley :)

Checked my timer, 1hrs 50min left before my bed time, just enough time for 2 tools under courseplay to finish seeding F151, this is going to be great finish for my day.

2024-01-28T00:05:08Z Started seeding soybeans F151, courseplay, ETA 1h 20min, 2x tools.

Aayeah, seeding soybeans, again, to this same field, this time with two vehicles Smiley ;)

Courseplay field work course was diagonal, that should not be a problem as there is nothing to collide with here, but I still don't like it, interesting to see how this course plays out.

So now I'm just waiting, if there are no collisions its 1hrs 20min of pure boredom, just watching vehicles go back and forth on the field. Hey when you started to create large terrains and especially playing them, you knew what you're getting yourself into so don't give any attitude about boredom Smiley :p

But yeah need to come up with something to do for myself, honestly I wont sit here and just watch bourgaults do their thing for a movie duration. I wish I had some movies in this computer, hmm maybe I could ALT-TAB to watch real life farming videos, or something to pass the time. But I'll start with a restroom break to kick things off.

2024-01-28T00:21:14Z Big bud 747s reached N edge of the field, oh man that middle part is so narrow with just one headland those seeded parts almost touch each other from S and N now, this field is the dumbest shape ever, I am never going to make this kind of irregular badly shaped fields anymore and need to fix this and others in my terrains. These are simply not fun to field work Smiley :(

2024-01-28T00:50:59Z First tired yawn came out, feels like I'm on the last leg of my day, its bed time quite soon. Big bud 747s still have 41min ETA on the field work course, so will be tough time to stay awake doing nothing but staring at the screen. I wanted to go edit some HTML pages but cant do it at this time anymore, way too tired for that, would just make too many mistakes. Just need to hang in there for this last part and then I get some sleep.

It just feels so frustrating of doing nothing, so funny to play a game where you do nothing but sit back and watch. Guess in many ways something like Cities Skylines is the same once you have build your city enough, there is not much to do other than watch and enjoy the city-scape.

Hmm I could go record some autodrive network waypoint routes, but I kind of feel too tired for that too, hmm guess I'm just going to watch bourgaults do runs in the field until this day is over...

2024-01-28T01:29:33Z Finished seeding soybeans F151.

Aah finally done, okay now I'll begin to shut things down and get ready for bed time...

2024-01-28T01:31:10Z Parked big bud 747s at F151 NE corner, saved game and exited FS19, good night.

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