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2024-01-21 Aftermath Of Diagonal Field Work Courses

2024-01-21T05:46:23Z New farming day has started, woke up, did the computer morning chores and ate days first meal, now its time to fire up FS19 and see the aftermath of yesterdays miserable failure of those diagonal courseplay field work courses.

This savegame now has 1114hrs 33min on it.

03/late-autumn in-game 1921hrs, weather +11C/+7C, overcast skies, forecast predicts overcast weather for tomorrow. Forecast also predicts first minimum temperature at -2C midnight 0000hrs tonight, so that should not freeze the ground yet, but tomorrow is definitely a big question mark do I already get withered crops then.

Plan now is to try to move vehicles near F156 and possibly even generate courseplay field work course (NON DIAGONAL!) to it, after all that is done then time accelerate carefully with 600 or 1200 speed until tomorrow morning when crop / soil moisture dissipates, assuming it will. Then begin harvesting F156 and just hoping that there is enough time and weather, to allow me to harvest all the other fields as well.

2024-01-21T06:01:43Z Drove claas lexion 8900s to F156 E side, then autodrive sent full semi-truck grain trailer to selling point 3 for unload / sell.

Actually now I'm looking at the environment, its almost pitch black dark, in-game 1935hrs, crop / soil is dry... so why not give it a try to generate courseplay field work course for F156 right now and start harvesting it, time is money with 3 day seasons and hundreds of hectares to farm, so yeah why not. Basically once harvesters are cutting, driving grain cart in the darkness is no big deal, its quite exciting actually. Of course if there are any issues like yesterdays diagonal collisions, well then those get emphasized in frustration and anger.

Seems like autodrive route for grain trailer dumping into selling point 3 is not working with road train configured tipper/6's. Semi-truck just stops at the selling point but doesn't unload, no idea why.

2024-01-21T06:12:24Z Okay all vehicles parked by side of F156, need to take a savegame and then try to generate non diagonal courseplay field work course.

Well I got the course generated for 4 tools, but its just a headland and one inner pass, guess this field is not big enough for more passes, dunno if that is a problem but need to give this course a try at least.

2024-01-21T06:19:43Z Started harvesting soybeans F156, courseplay, ETA 12min, 4x tools.

2024-01-21T06:35:52Z Finished harvesting soybeans F156.

Aayeah, another field done, in the darkness! Yes! Smiley :)

Then it was another savegame and restroom break.

2024-01-21T06:49:49Z Decided to still work on the darkness a bit more, try to see if I could manage migrating harvesting fleet to the next field including all the header trailer work etc. I doubt I have patience to do that in the dark, but going to give it a try, I am so mortally afraid of tomorrow that will the crop / soil be dry in the morning and do I have enough hours in the day to harvest all the fields I planted. As said I don't mind driving a grain cart in the darkness but its all the moving from field to field and setting up courses and autodrive routes before committing into the harvest that is a real bitch to get it right (in the darkness).

Drove claas lexion 8900s to the header trailers, unhooked midwest durus 18.2m headers into the trailers, hooked up corn headers and header trailers, then saved game.

Weather is still crop / soil dry, +10C/+7C, looking good so far.

Now begins a trek to the next field, that would be F148 in the far S edge of the terrain. Luckily this part was fairly easy, just used autodrive to send the whole fleet into F148 N target point.

2024-01-21T07:14:15Z Claas lexion 8900s arrived at F148 N. Now begins the unloading and header setting up process.

After did the header shuffle and opened combines up, they were good to go and then another savegame, don't want to lose any progress, its the least you can do to avoid frustration.

Generated courseplay field work course for 4 tools convoy, diesel refueled claas lexion 8900s and fendt 1050 varios, then saved game. Everything is good to go for F148 harvest.

2024-01-21T07:26:38Z Started harvesting soybeans F148, courseplay, ETA 47min, 4x tools.

Right on, night time harvest with 4 combines, this is cool Smiley :)

Gotta say... yesterday I learned hard lessons about courseplay diagonal field work courses, never ever do diagonal passes, I have now documented this and will never repeat the same mistake again. Today I feel very good, I am enjoying Farming Simulator 19 like I've always done, very motivated and excited about this harvest, yes night time harvest with all the logistics to go along with it is not my preferred choice due the simple fact that you cant see shit, but now that everything is running just fine, I am really enjoying my time, cannot wait to get this field done and then proceeding slowly towards the next one and tomorrow daylight Smiley :)

2024-01-21T08:10:09Z Autodrive with semi-truck grain trailers in road train mode does not work, its not unloading them to the selling point trigger, not sure why Smiley :(

2024-01-21T08:28:38Z Finished harvesting soybeans F148.

Another field done, great progress, I love it Smiley :)

Its now in-game 2200hrs, weather +6C/+7C, overcast, forecast predicts overcast until tomorrow but minimum temperature -2C at midnight, same as before. Will be very interesting to see how far I can push harvesting before weather shuts me down...

BTW when I was harvesting F148 it went well, except its S edge is diagonal, just a little bit... and that was enough to make combines making turns at the W side of the lands so wide they were well off in the boonies again, there was the train tracks for outer edge loop, but luckily the train is stopped so there was no collision danger. But still, courseplay does suck on those diagonal shape fields, I'm trying to figure out if several headlands would even fix that, its just simply a bug in courseplay as it doesn't respect "turn in field" setting.

Managed to generate courseplay field work course for F149, 2 headlands and it overall looks like it might stay in the field, but need to test to see how it works.

2024-01-21T08:44:18Z Started harvesting soybeans F149, courseplay, ETA 18min, 4x tools.

Wow this is a quick field work course, 18min.

2024-01-21T09:04:31Z Courseplay vehicle collision, 1st combine rear ended 4th combine, cant figure out why 4th is slowing down there. Guess this was still a bit problematic course on so many wide vehicles with two headlands on such "a small" field. Its always something...

2024-01-21T09:09:53Z Finished harvesting soybeans F149.

But I'll mop up the corner missed spots that courseplay left and I assume that 4th combines lane is not finished either as one part of the field still has one lane of crop to cut, so technically finished but not exactly in practice...

2024-01-21T09:15:19Z Finished, for real.

Then unloaded combines to grain cart and grain cart to semi-truck grain trailer. All clean setup again. Saved game when semi-truck was heading towards selling point 3. Okay whats next, well next field of course, this would be either F151 down in S edge or the big F69.

03/late-autumn in-game 2253hrs, weather +6C/+7C overcast, forecast predicts; unchanged (-2C at midnight minimum temperature).

These night time harvests are exciting when you're racing against the clock (weather), however I do yearn for daylight already, this feels a little bit claustrophobic or depressing to work at nights in the pitch black darkness.

Got still plenty of harvest to do, but if tomorrow daylight would not be ruined by crop / soil moisture, then it would be no problem. In fact I'm really surprised that its now in-game 2258hrs and soil is not moist yet, I had recollection that soon after it gets dark soil gets wet, hmm guess not then Smiley :?

2024-01-21T09:29:20Z Hah! In-game 2300hrs hour ticked and now GUI forecast shows soil is wet weather is coming next, so is this going to be 0000hrs midnight tick then? Hmm I doubt F151 gets done in one hour so if I have to leave the field unfinished when soil gets wet and need to time accelerate, its not guaranteed that tomorrow morning the soil will dry up, therefore leaves me with half harvested field for no benefit of this savegames progress.

Yeah I'm going to time accelerate until tomorrow, the last soybeans harvest day, if everything fails and soil is frozen or wet, then at least I don't lose any additional work I've put into the fields, other than current soybeans planting. I really hope that will not be the case but it looks pretty bad right now according to the forecast.

Hmm thinking about seasons some more, this 3 day seasons config while I thought its plenty of time to do this harvest, it kind of looks like its not. If tomorrow lets say in-game 1000hrs soil is dry when its go time, then yeah I can easily harvest F151, F68 and F69, however if there is a long delay on drying, then its not so sure and obviously if soil freezes over then its "game over, man!".

Actually cant wait to time accelerate and see what happens, will take savegame after semi-truck returns from selling point 3 trip, so maybe I can try few times just in case there would be some random weather difference, I doubt there is, that randomness goes beyond just tomorrow I believe, that what forecast says will happen, there is no savegame scumming yourself out of the forecasted data.

2024-01-21T09:42:54Z Unfortunately I was right... forecast was right, soil froze up during night time and temperatures were not above +0C to thaw it the next day, so I missed my harvesting opportunity, soil is frozen I cannot harvest anymore, my soybeans for F151, F68 and F69 will now wither! Smiley :(

Aww man that sucks! Smiley :(

But this is what I love about FS19 Seasons mod, there is the random chance of you running out of time because weather events, I mean didn't this harvest season begin late because rain, what if that rain didn't happen... I could have easily finished these soybeans fields harvest then. In FS22 you have the conzole peasant dumbed down trash "seasons" which is nothing but cosmetic crap, it has no moisture, no temperature, no crop rotation, no nothing. I am so glad FS19 Seasons mod is available for my farming enjoyment, I love it.

But yeah, it does indeed suck that now three large fields got wasted because weather. I remember the previous (first?) time that happened in this same savegame, was it one of the biggest fields in SE region that I could not harvest because ran out of time, was it 21 day seasons config or something, winter came with moisture first, then frost and then it was all over. Now pretty much the same happened, frost came and ruined the fun.

Hmm alright then, actually I am going to take a break now, I don't think it will be calling it quits for today, but cant be sure, I just don't have the motivational energy to attack new soybeans planting season right away, I have to google info about seasons days length that what people are saying about it online, I doubt there is anything useful for me to read into my savegame with fields this size, but perhaps I could take some best guesses. For example 3 day season now failed due weather, would 9 day season work better, what about maxed out 24 day season?

The thing about 9 or more day seasons is that because large terrains bring up the seasons mod game sync dialog up for SEVERAL MINUTES, it will take a huge toll on real life played minutes each gaming session when you have to get to planting season and from there to harvest season, its a lot of days with each taking several real life minutes of just waiting while staring game sync dialog.

Actually I need to read my own FS19 stories through, search for "seasons days" keywords, maybe I have my own references there. Edit: I have now documented this to my local notes, I wont be making this mistake ever again. Making dumb mistakes is perfectly fine... when you actually learn from them.

2024-01-21T09:52:15Z Time accelerated to 03/late-winter, soybeans are now withered, what an extremely sad sight to look the horizon of F151, F68 and F69 with just gray DEAD soybeans as far as eye can see Smiley :(

Alright going to save game here, shut down FS19 and PMC Gaming computer, need to do research and a new plan of action for the next season. Most likely I'll return with new knowledge (err refreshed knowledge?) and motivation to start a new planting season, hey maybe I'll crank up the heat with 24 day seasons config and do this whole SW region of the remaining fields in one go heh, big boy stuff Smiley ;)

But for now ...

2024-01-21T09:55:28Z Saved game and exited FS19, its break and research time.

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