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2022-07-14 Seeding Soybeans

2022-07-14T05:40:01Z New farming day has started, going to put together new savegame dir for autodrive in this Start From Zero.

Took savegame 7-zip backup, renamed it to "FS19.savegame1.only.2022-07-14T0540.GrandeGardensStartFromZero.DO.NOT.DELETE.7z" and copied into safety, this is now the last savegame without autodrive. The reason I'm so paranoid is that I don't trust autodrive not to fuckup my savegame or that it would actually work in actual huge terrain and savegame. I want to have revert savegame backup in safe place so I can restore it if something goes wrong.

Copied to C:\FS19.Mods\Start_From_Zero_PMC_Grande_Gardens_16km\ dir. Then copied from savegame14 dir AutoDrive_config.xml and AutoDriveUsersData.xml files into savegame1 dir. Now I should be set with autodrive and the routes I recorded earlier.

2022-07-14T05:47:11Z Loaded this savegame up, it now has 1080hrs 53min in it heh.

Autodrive seems to work, GUI shows up and Dealership etc are on the destination / target menu.

Now my problem is... I have no idea which field can I start to work on as the re-design causes me to lose any track which fields have been harvested so far. Obviously I remember some big fields that I have never harvested, but these new re-design fields have no recollection, guess you could say if I don't remember either way it most likely means "no" then heh.

I am now going to PMC DevSurf because PMC Gaming computer windows 7 2022 install doesn't have GIMP installed, going to take a screenshot of this v1.1.14 terrain PDA map and synchronize it with my existing "harvested fields" GIMP XCF image where I'm keeping track of progress.

Took a screenshot of current fields in growth menu, saved it under PMC-Grande-Gardens-Start-From-Zero-PDA-Map-2022-07-14T0555.png file name and moved to PMC DevSurf. Edit: 2024-02-07T14:03:00Z, well I cant find this PNG today, no idea where I might have moved it, at least its not in the usual screenshots directories.

2022-07-14T06:24:30Z Finished editing PDA map image of harvested fields in PMC DevSurf using GIMP. I was thinking about installing GIMP to PMC Gaming win7 but nah, it would get so little use why bother. Right now I took the new v1.1.14 terrain PDA map image and created new layer in GIMP XCF image called "Harvested", then painted green circles over all the fields I have harvested for sure, so far.

SCREENSHOT PMCTODO PMC-Grande-Gardens-16km-Start-From-Zero-Harvests.jpg

Tracking fields by the numbers is pointless because re-design caused havoc on the new fields, for example in this story I wrote above that I harvested soybeans from F242, well that F242 does not exist in v1.1.14 terrain anymore, my highest is 156 as far as I can see.

So I must track all harvested fields now simply by COORDINATES, I paint green circle over all fields that I have harvested. This is somewhat cumbersome job as when harvest finishes I have to switch to PMC DevSurf computer to use GIMP and paint over the XCF image. Of course you are not finishing harvests every five minutes so it should not be a problem Smiley :)

Alright enoug yabber, time to start preparing for the next planting season, I am going to choose F88 to harvest next. Technically I harvested this already but it was the four tiny fields, not its one big field in comparison. My vehicles are right next to that field so lets get it done.

2022-07-14T06:35:05Z Started OBS, going to record some videos while playing. Now I have Asus RTX 3060 TUF Gaming 12gb GPU so hopefully it can capture video OK.

Recap of savegame status: 02/mid-autumn in-game 1351hrs, weather +17/+13C, budget now 210.4 million, running 3 day seasons which is the minimum.

So starting to time accelerate now until soybeans planting season approaches which is mid spring I believe.

First 6000 speed time acceleration seasons "synching game after fast forward" went by quickly, but second took like few minutes which felt like forever. Was thinking of time accelerating using 3000 speed would make the sync dialog any faster, but dunno, its still the same amount of time skipped just a slower speed, I don't think it makes any difference for the syncing time, would be amazing if FS19 did much calculations during 3000 speed time acceleration. Now with 156 fields in this terrain, there is a lot of calculations to be done by seasons, so yeah it takes as long as it takes.

Annoying thing is that I don't have a second monitor now, so I cant watch real life farming videos while sync dialog is up, if I want to watch I need to ALT-TAB and then I don't know when the sync dialog disappears, losing valuable gaming time.

2022-07-14T06:59:44Z Reached 02/mid-spring but weather was too cold to plant soybeans so time accelerated 3000 speed (yep three thousand instead of six) until the next day.

03/late-spring in-game 0733hrs, weather +12C/+15C, in forecast I have even low as +5C minimum temperature several days from now. Its been so many months that I last time played with seasons that I cant remember how to avoid temperature crop withering, forecast shows on the last day in the calendar max +9C, mid +7C and min +5C temperatures, even if I get the max it would be below soybeans planting temperature... but what the other day after that will bring.

Hmm actually... I might reading the seasons calendar wrong, the days are "today", "tue" which is tomorrow, "wed", "thu", "fri", "sat" and the last day is "sun" when those cold temperatures hit... but arent that already in the HARVEST season then? Heh I cant fucking remember, I think they have to be, one of those days is one day in season calendar and one season is three days. So that sunday must be ... Hmm 03/late-august err or fall whatever its called heh.

Ah fuck, I just cant remember Smiley ;)

Lets just get it done, starting planting season now, starting to move big bud 747's with bourgault 3420-100 air drills towards F88 Smiley :)

Waiting for big boys to arrive...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Reached the field, then courseplay did not detect the field as I have field scanning turned off, so I had to record outline course using pickup truck 1978.

2022-07-14T07:26:51Z Started seeding soybeans F88, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 22min.

Here I go, first planting for this season and farming gaming session, good to be back in FS19 and PMC Grande Gardens 16km! Smiley :)

2022-07-14T07:38:33Z While big bud's are seeding I'm going to take my lunch break now...

When I came back from the kitchen... of course the leading big bud collided with a vehicle shed building, heh. Had to untangle those so I can eat in peace without stressing over wasting time while tractor is stuck in a building Smiley ;)

2022-07-14T08:05:09Z Finished seeding soybeans F88.

2022-07-14T08:12:16Z Feeding time over, back to grande gardens Smiley :)

While feeding I had to stop big bud's as courseplay set them on collision course on the last pass, I finished the last remaining streaks of unseeded ground manually using second big bud.

Felt good to have first field seeded. I was thinking that perhaps this field was too small for two bourgault air drills, it went okay-ish but if there was another similar size field nearby I should have put one air drill on each field to prevent these annoying courseplay field work course collisions.

Hmm more fields, this F88 was so small that definite more seeding, it takes so long to time accelerate through a season that makes no sense to do it with just one small field planted.

Next field in my brand new harvested fields image is F137 one hop away due north. There are bunch of small fields in the extreme east edge of the terrain, but going to seed F137 first.

Drove pickup 1978 truck over to F137 and created autodrive target "F137 W" over there.

2022-07-14T08:26:16Z Drove big bud's to F137 using autodrive, unfolded bourgault air drills, saved game and then was ready to start generating courseplay field work course.

2022-07-14T08:29:49Z Started seeding soybeans F137, 2x tools courseplay ETA 23min.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Great to be seeding another field in FS19 Smiley :)

This was going so great that now the extreme east edge fields are tempting me, F138-F140 could be done with a single bourgault air drill per field, hmm perhaps not F138 as its semi large, I'll see. After those fields were done it might be enough for this planting season, I'll have to see what time is it when they are done. One field at the time Smiley ;)

2022-07-14T08:54:28Z Finished seeding soybeans F137.

That was fast, heh lets do more Smiley ;)

Moving out towards the next field...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2022-07-14T09:18:48Z Big bud's driven into F138 west side, starting first one alone into this field.

2022-07-14T09:20:08Z Started seeding soybeans F138, courseplay ETA 1h 8min.

2022-07-14T09:22:58Z Started seeding soybeans F139, courseplay ETA 24min.

Well now I would need more bourgault air drills Smiley :)

As was written above, this savegame had four bourgault air drills previously but I faintly recall selling them because they were really not needed and I wanted to limit the number of vehicles my farm has because at the time I thought a great number of vehicles cause performance issues. Yeah it does drop FPS when you buy excessive amount of vehicles but I have to say that in this context... this savegames 30FPS rock solid performance has nothing to do with bourgault air drills number three and four, so yep there is that. Anyways I'll get these fields seeded just fine with two Smiley :)

Actually it was somehow relaxing to run single vehicle per field as there is no collision problems. Sure it takes twice as long as with two vehicles, but hey it does feel good to just let the vehicle go and not have to worry about anything. Doing these fields with two headlands so no problems with collisions on any objects around the field, which there are none, except railroad tracks.

2022-07-14T09:46:52Z Finished seeding soybeans F139.

2022-07-14T09:48:39Z Started seeding soybeans F140, courseplay ETA 28min.

Once F140 and F138 has been seeded I'll start the last big one in this SE region, F141 which definitely needs two vehicles to work on it, its that big.

2022-07-14T09:56:34Z Sent semi-truck with tipper/6 trailer to players farm 1 by F39, it will go pickup load of seeds and brings down here in SE region because with F141 I definitely need a seed refill, both bourgault air carts are now below 30% seed tank capacity.

2022-07-14T10:11:11Z Seeds picked up and rough autodrive route recorded for Farm 1 Bin Silo Dump and Pickup targets.

2022-07-14T10:14:49Z Finished seeding soybeans F140.

2022-07-14T10:21:30Z Finished seeding soybeans F138.

2022-07-14T10:30:02Z Bourgault 71300 air cart's have been refilled, 25.5k liters each.

Drove big bud 747's with bourgault air drills to F141 N edge, then courseplay clicked calculate field edge or whatever it was... and it froze. First I thought that okay this is a big field so lets give it some time to process it, but it frozen for sure, it took over 3 minutes of thinking in frozen state when I typed this paragraph. Heh guess I don't want to use that feature for this field ever again, luckily I'm so paranoid with courseplay (or experienced?) that I'll do a savegame always before starting to generate new field work courses Smiley ;)

Still 5 min later it was in frozen state, if its still processing... heck I'd drive manual outline course for this field quicker with pickup truck 1978 than wait courseplay finish processing.

2022-07-14T10:36:20Z Killed FS19 task, lets restart and reload game, then drive manual outline course recording.

2022-07-14T10:46:22Z Courseplay outline recorded for F141 using pickup truck.

2022-07-14T10:49:00Z Started seeding soybeans F141, 2x tools courseplay ETA 1h 48min.

Uuh almost two hours field work course, hmm wonder if bourgault air cart's need a refill before that time is out, hmm. Wonder what am I going to do with that waiting time, hmm I could already setup combine harvesters by the first field, actually they are already parked right next to this field so I don't need to do anything Smiley :)

Hmm I must say, 1hrs 48min is quite tough order right about now, but guess I could continue watching real life farming videos while ALT-TABbed. I just really don't like when I don't see what my vehicles are doing, for example if there is some issue and its silly to ALT-TAB every 3min to check if things run OK. Hmm I need another monitor for PMC Gaming computer Smiley ;)

On the second corner second big bud got stuck backing up, I don't get it am I doing the course somehow wrong or why does it always happen at one corner in headland. I wrote this paragraph to this point and then the NEXT corner... same thing, but admittedly this corner was tighter than 90 degree so it was a nasty one. But yeah end result is the same, courseplay field work course needs manual help to complete, that is unacceptable. The whole point of courseplay is that you set tractor on a course and let it go, it doesn't need to be babysit all the time Smiley :(

After finishing the first headland I could not get courseplay to continue from the position I was, it jumped ahead one headland (difficult to explain), as usual. Pisses me the fuck off Smiley :(

2022-07-14T11:36:21Z And then vehicle collision on courses, probably due me being on the wrong "headland waypoint track", but yeah getting incredibly pissed off to courseplay again. This feels like if you want stress free operation just use one vehicle (without headlands) Smiley :(

Bored while bourgaults are seeding, watching some Elite Dangerous twitch live stream and chat about 2022 state of elite. Was also thinking that hmm there is still plenty to go in this field work but hmm maybe I would seed one more medium size field today so tomorrow would be dedicated to harvesting all day, hmm maybe. Took a look at the GIMP painted harvested fields image to see where my next field would be, hmm quite far away and also I started to remember couple of fields not listed as harvested which I did already do, F146, F147 I definitely did those and also F135 and F136 look very familiar, hmm. After this gaming session I have to thoroughly search through this story page (text above but to me at the moment of writing this its on PMC DevSurf computer heh).

Looks like second bourgault air drill indeed missed one headland part, there is now stupid un-seeded headland in south side of the field heh. Oh well have to go do those once field is complete.

2022-07-14T12:21:29Z Both bourgaulr air cart's are below 30% tank capacity, heh good thing I brougth full 70k trailer load of seeds Smiley ;)

2022-07-14T12:25:52Z Second big bud reached end of field work course, heh. Okay lets go finish up those missed spots Smiley :)

When driving across this field along the long edge, you really start to get the sense of how huge it is, will surely be a blast to harvest this with four combines, will definitely get your share of grain cart driving hehe.

2022-07-14T12:40:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F141.

Used semi-truck grain trailer with seeds to refill bourgault air carts, only got 17k and 18k liters refill as the trailer ran out of seeds, which is a good thing, don't have to drive the truck back to the farm 1 bin silo to dump leftover seeds.

2022-07-14T12:46:09Z And now, I have to admit that I'm not exactly bored... I technically could continue to another field, or start time accelerating until harvest season, but that dang Elite Dangerous twitch live stream got me excited about playing elite and do some exploration and mining heh.

Impeccable timing, its my lunch break.

2022-07-14T12:48:57Z Saved game and shut down FS19. Not sure what happens after lunch, I'm afraid it might be a bit Elite Dangerous...

2022-07-14T13:23:40Z Well starting FS19 back up... wanted to play some elite, or rather felt somewhat exhausted of farmsim, but realized that I don't want to connect my HOTAS or learn how to use keyboard and mouse in elite, so lets just continue Start From Zero what I know to do. Hey it will be fun to harvest.

03/late-spring in-game 1307hrs, weather +23C/+15C and now I start to 3000 speed time accelerate until soybeans harvest season.

01/early-autumn in-game 0817hrs, weather +15/+19C and today is first day of soybeans harvest season. My soybeans are growing at the green plant with white flower stage, I believe there is one more all green stage and then it turns to ready to harvest.

02/mid-autumn in-game 0753hrs, weather +8C/+13C and soybeans are now ready to harvest, whoah nice.

2022-07-14T14:21:41Z Finally finished autodrive semi-truck grain trailer unloading route recording and setting up, took way too long, got frustrated how long it took Smiley :(

Setup combine harvester courseplay field work course, started it and ... FS19 froze, as usual. Oh man do I hate courseplay freezing shit Smiley :(

Oh well with experience I've learned always to save game before starting large courseplay course, so task manager kill farmsimgame and lets restart Smiley :(

2022-07-14T14:35:03Z Attempted to start harvesing, generated courseplay course, started it now with "first waypoint" option, still freezes. Okay so its the longest edge that fucks it up, I have to drive my fucken harvesters all the way to the short ends (north or south), sigh. Alright another task manager kill and restart, sigh... maybe I should have go to play some Elite Dangerous Smiley :(

Got the fucking course to work from south end.

2022-07-14T14:47:40Z Started harvesting soybeans F141, 4x tools courseplay ETA 3h 12min.

Funny 3hrs field work duration, plus all the time first combine must stop because I cant keep up with grain cart. And of course that estimate is without turns on each end of the field which is not counted, heh.

First unload to semi-truck grain trailer of this harvest...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Wait for me!

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2022-07-14T15:24:12Z Autodrive unloading to selling point 3 did not work with two tipper 70000/6 trailers in road train configuration, only the first trailer was unloaded. Hmm probably need to move the target point further out.

2022-07-14T16:15:43Z There is not a moments of calm that you could take your hands off from keyboard and mouse, I'm writing this timestamp when semi-truck is unloading grain trailer to SP3.

Four combines and bad soybeans yields so much grain that you have to constantly drive two grain cart tractors, in a long field I have set them up on each end of the field so one tractor doesn't have to drive all the way back and forth all the time, distance is split. But yeah its a mad house, constant driving back and forth not a moments of peace and down time.

Whats the alternative? Well maybe 2 combines, then you already get those down times when you wait for them to fill up, dunno if 3 would be a bit more manageable, I bet the down time might still be there with three. Four is doable, but it is extremely almost stress inducing busy, constant driving as said.

But yeah gets the job done, four midwest durus 18.2m headers cutting a field, good progress Smiley :)

2022-07-14T16:22:20Z What an irony, JUST as I finished writing the first paragraph... there is several minutes downtime when courseplay four harvesters go into the useless empty headland loop Smiley :)

Was watching Elite Dangerous twitch live stream while harvesters did that empty loop, it took over 10 minutes Smiley :(

2022-07-14T16:39:51Z Now finally first two combines are cutting again, sigh.

Hmm driving grain cart back and forth... I'm just now realizing that the fields longest edge is so long this field should have been split in half, meaning two outlines so harvesters wont drive huge distances north/south direction (longest edge). Heh.

2022-07-14T17:11:34Z Again harvesters do not respect courseplay "turn on field" setting, they loop around just crazy wide beyond the field edge. Dunno why that feature is not working either, sigh.

Its been a long day already, maybe I'm misjudging my mood but... yeah I'm so bored, exhausted of playing that my feeling is that definitely wont play in a while again, which is funny because today is the first day of farming in a long time heh. But yeah, its been a long day so maybe that just causes it. This field wont be completed tonight... hmm actually I'm going to call it a bit earlier than my bed time so I can chill and relax before sleep, I'll just wait until all harvesters are cutting crop so next time starting this savegame and courseplay course, there wont be any problems.

Oh man this field is kind of like triangle shape, so when combines turn at the end, they take unfuckingbelievable long detour outside the field, this is The Benny Hill Show type comedy, just cue in the benny hill music and off you go. But I have to wait until headers are on the crop so there will be some sanity when restarting FS19 the next time...

2022-07-14T17:26:57Z This shit is so slow that one human player with GPS would probably done the field this far quicker Smiley :(

It is just insane how long winded useless detours these harvesters do outside the field edges, they drive 10km/h and that speed cannot even be adjusted, just so fucking stupid Smiley :(

2022-07-14T17:30:28Z Fucking finally all headers in the crop, save game and EXIT. Nites.

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