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v1.1.14 aka v1.2 Full Harvest

2022-05-28T13:59:57Z New farming day has started. This savegame now has 1071hrs 11min on it, heh.

Last time played: 2022-01-02.

Today just moments ago after doing morning chores and days first meal, I started reading up on PMC Grande Gardens 16km local notes, went through them all (didn't read dev diary and this start from zero other than last page) because I want to release this terrain.

Release has been on my mind for weeks now but I'm suffering from editing and general computer usage staying home burnout, I need a vacation but its not currently possible, this is the reason I'm struggling with this (and any) release.

Decided that playing at least one planting/harvest season in Start From Zero savegame would fully bring me up to date and in release mind-set. I'm not eager to start some massive weeks long marathon game-play stretch, but couple of small to medium size soybeans harvest would be pretty nice.

So a recap of our savegame: 3 day seasons, 01/early-spring in-game 0941hrs, weather +5/+7C, our current budget 208.6m heh.

This is a brand new fresh savegame port for PMC Grande Gardens 16km v1.1.14 terrain upgrade. The planned release will be labeled v1.2 to keep it simple numbering, but I didn't do the change yet, I'm sort of feeling like restoring PDA mapview image to the original FS19 colors (it now uses experimental FS22 color scheme).

Was going to look at the old GIMP XCF image map field painting to see which fields I have already harvested, but of course I didn't have GIMP installed in my new 2022 windows 7 install heh, so had to jump to PMC DevSurf and take a look at there Smiley :)

I actually saved the image to smaller PNG so I can easily reference it on PMC Gaming computer.

2022-05-28T14:20:30Z I quickly realized what a mess this re-design of fields and already harvested fields list coordination will be. For example last time I actually played by harvesting fields... those field numbers do not exist anymore. That time we had fields up to 250 number range, now we only have 159 what I can see (cant find 160 on map).

This means I need to harvest fields just by visual map locations and not by numbers. Yes numbers are the easy definitive way to coordinate stuff, but right now I have no idea where the fields I previously harvested are or what their numbers are after the last re-design update.

Last time harvested fields: F245, F242, F240, F154, F155, F142, F141.

For example looking at F141 its now the far SE corner and I surely didn't harvest it yet, so yeah this whole thing is a one big mess.

Hmm Smiley :?

I think I need to just take an ESC mapview screenshot, then in GIMP paint black color or something like that over all the fields that I have harvested so far, just somehow make it easily recognizeable that this field has been harvested as using the field numbers is pretty much impossible at this point, you cant trust them anymore.

My seeding fleet is now parked next to F145 which is a very small field, this is a good starting point for our plating season.

Time accelerated over night, now we are in the soybeans plating season. 02/mid-spring in-game 0905hrs, weather +11/+11C and its raining.

Chose the second big bud 747 which has 120.3 engine hours and going to seed soybeans driving manually with GPS because the field is so narrow. Also I want to get just a little bit of "stick time" in FS19 again, there is plenty of time to use courseplay when we get into those bigger fields Smiley :)

The raining was bothering me so I time accelerated using 600 speed (I think, one CTRL-KEYPAD-PLUS) to 02/mid-spring in-game 1312hrs, weather +18C/+11C. Rain ended so lets start seeding soybeans.

This is exciting Smiley :)

2022-05-28T14:35:20Z Started seeding soybeans F145, manually with GPS.

This was a tiny field, just headland and two passes, done. Nice little starter field for me to get my feet wet Smiley :)

2022-05-28T14:45:33Z Finished seeding soybeans F145

That was a quick one, great start for this farming session Smiley :)

Decided to head just a bit towards E and do F89 next. This is moderately decent size field, long passes N-S direction, this is definitely all hands on deck field size, will probably give me a bit time to watch real life farming youtube videos while courseplay is seeding it. Requires seed refills too I bet.

Had to use pickup-truck 1978 to record a field outline for F89 as courseplay is configured not to scan fields automatically, I recall it hungs on F40 or one of the huge fields. No big deal to use fast pickup-truck to get it done.

2022-05-28T15:00:39Z Started seeding soybeans F89, courseplay ETA 28min, 2x tools

Alright two big beasts are seeding soybeans, I love it Smiley :)

I was surfing farmsim news on the background, when I ALT-TABbed back second big bud had mangled himself trying to reverse on the last headland corner, no idea what courseplay was thinking there, maybe I should have used some "easier curves" setting or something, now it tried to back up and then make the turn, dunno. Oh well I have to keep an eye on these corners.

2022-05-28T15:30:09Z Finished seeding soybeans F89

These fields are getting done quickly! Or maybe its just me as starting this farming/gaming day and browsing web at the same time, just now getting around to check the new real life farming videos. But yeah I'm excited of the progress so lets attack another field if these are getting done so fast.

Big bud's do need refueling and seed refill, well diesel is about 50% so that will last a while but seeds are almost empty on the second air cart. Wonder if I even remember how to do diesel fuel and seed refill as its been so long time (and played bunch of FS22 garbage in between here) hehe.

Don't get me wrong, F89 is already decent size field, I cant see a small pickup-truck from the other end of the field its that long, so heh yeah it might take a few auger wagon loads in harvest time Smiley :)

And just to recap; this is "I don't give a shit" harvest style, soybeans without fertilizer, plowing, liming or herbicide spraying. All I want to do is to check the box on these fields that I have harvested them.

2022-05-28T15:35:35Z Parked big bud's with air cart refill auger "spoons" extended, ready for diesel refuel and seed refill.

Found one semi-truck tanker trailer with herbicide and another with diesel (93.9k liters 78% full tanks), so drove the diesel tanker to big bud's.

2022-05-28T15:40:36Z Refueled diesel tanks on big bud's. This was another quick task to accomplish. Next just need to figure out the seed situation.

Hmm I truly don't remember how I refilled seeds previously, there is two ways, either semi-truck tipper/6 trailer or fendt 1050 vario + elmers haulmaster, but man driving that tractor to where ever our seeds are and back to SE of the terrain is huge distance, plus taking the leftover seeds back as well, hmm.

Well I found the seeds, over 2 million liters in the original farm yard from beginning of this savegame, which is the central-north location, by F39 NE corner. That is a far far away.

Decided that there is no way around it, I just have to take semi-truck with tipper/6 and start hauling seeds. I recall bourgault 71300 air cart holds 25k liters so one 70k truck trailer should last for quite a while. I have all the money in the world so I could even buy a dedicated semi-truck trailer for seeds, but that feels a bit excessive to have it lag FS19 for no reason other than my laziness. I could buy just one extra semi-truck grain trailer and use one of my liquid tanker semi's to drive that trailer back and forth between F39 and whatever I'm seeing in the south now.

Hmm. Or I could simply use my existing grain trucks... but those would then need the extra trip after planting season is over to take leftover seeds back.


Nah I wont buy excessive stuff, I'll take the last used grain hauling truck and drive it up to north to pickup seeds... although as its "road-train" two trailers I cannot back it up to aircart auger, hmm heh its always something.

Decided to take the last used semi-truck, unhook dolly and go with one grain trailer only, 70k per load it should be enough for this planting season.

02/mid-spring in-game 1435hrs, weather +19C/+11C, just started raining. But its fine, wont affect our planting season, no working mud in FS19 Smiley ;)

Drove semi-truck grain trailer from F147 to F11 which is the farm yard 2 I believe, recorded courseplay course because I will be driving this at least once more. Stopped by the farm silo at farm yard 2 and picked up 7.7k liters of seeds, glad to have this farm bin silo empty now.

2022-05-28T16:09:53Z Arrived to farm 1 bin silo by F39 NE and refilled trailer full of 70k liters of seeds.

2022-05-28T16:24:38Z Arrived at big buds, started to refill bourgault air carts.

Once done semi-truck grain trailer had only 22.5k liters left, about half a tank per air cart if needing further refills.

Decided to plant soybeans to F143, its medium size but has nasty high voltage power tower in it which surely messes up courseplay course generation, especially for two vehicles.

2022-05-28T16:34:12Z Started seeding soybeans F143, courseplay ETA 47min

This field will be done with a single bourgault drill because the nasty high voltage power tower and also its not that big of a field, going to put second bourgault to the next field.

2022-05-28T16:42:13Z Started seeding soybeans F142, courseplay ETA 42min

Did the usual pickup-truck field outline recording, air drills started OK, we are seeding for a while now, so its now a good time to start watching real life farming youtube videos Smiley :)

2022-05-28T17:23:25Z Had a lunch break which just no finished, also finished seeding soybeans F143.

2022-05-28T17:26:45Z Finished seeding soybeans F142

2022-05-28T17:32:14Z And... then generated courseplay course for F144 outline, two vehicles, used drive course from the first waypoint... and FS19 froze, meaning courseplay froze. Beautiful. This is one of the things that I fucking hate farmsim as it freezes up like this Smiley :(

I did save game after recording the F144 outline course using pickup-truck, but driving first big bud 747 and generating course is now lost as I semi forgot to save game just before starting the course.

Never start a courseplay field work course without saving game just before, because there is a good chance that courseplay freezes FS19 when on large field with multiple tools.

Oh well, lets task manager kill FarmingSimulator2019Game.exe, reload the savegame and try again, this time taking another savegame just before starting courseplay course...

2022-05-28T17:39:14Z Same thing happened after reloading the game. Okay so this spot in the field/savegame with this specific tool is a re-produceable bug, too bad courseplay devs jumped ship into fs22 now. Okay lets try this the third time and now I'm going to generate course starting point to another edge of the field, now I tried NE corner area on E side, so lets make the starting point for middle of N side now.

I must emphasize that shit like this really annoys me, I don't want a game to freeze up on me, heh guess its dumb thing to say I mean who would enjoy a thing like that, but this is really so annoying I'm almost close to rage quitting and going to play ArmA 3 which runs 24/7 just fine.

2022-05-28T17:43:47Z Alright loaded savegame back up, generated 2 tool course with starting waypoint on N center edge, selected first big bud with "-left" huh minus left? side of the track and "start nearest waypoint".

2022-05-28T17:45:05Z Started seeding soybeans F144, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools

And now it worked, whee Smiley ;)

Then had to drive big bud number two to the field as well and send her on the way.

2022-05-28T17:56:37Z On grand scheme of things todays game-play session is nothing yet, however at this point I'm already feeling like yeah this F144 will be our last for this planting season, lets not get greedy and do massive amount of fields as there is always the fear with random weather conditions we might not be able to finish harvest in time.

Also I would really like to get to harvest on todays farming session. With 3 day seasons it takes very little time accelerating to get into harvest season, should be no problem getting it started today. Looking at the clock I still have 10hrs 31min left on today before bed time, so yeah I would think these fields get harvested just fine unless there are some surprise problems.

2022-05-28T18:05:06Z First bourgault air drill finished, I drove it to the side of the field, then refilled it with seeds from the semi-truck grain trailer while second big bud was still seeding.

2022-05-28T18:05:57Z Finished seeding soybeans F144

Was happy to be able to dump all the remaining seeds into the second bourgault air cart, no need to drive semi-truck back to north, nice.

Below are the fields I got seeded now. Doesn't look much, but that is definitely few hours worth of grain cart driving back and forth when harvest season comes Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Then started time accelerating towards soybeans harvest season. This will take a while with those extremely long seasons fast forward sync dialogs after each day has been skipped.

Whee soybeans are growing Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

01/early-autumn in-game 0723hrs, weather +14/+19C. Soybeans harvest season has started, but our soybeans are in the very small green plant stage, I think this might even be the smallest sprouts (or whatever its called), I am slightly worried about this, but then again its been so many months since I last played with FS19 seasons harvest err season that who knows maybe it works like this always.

Just a little scared that time accelerating 6000 speed had caused some under the hood code freezing and my crops are now lagging behind, lets hope that is not the case.

Soybeans are growing, I believe the next stage is the harvest ready.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

03/late-autumn in-game 0824hrs, weather +5/+7C and soybeans are still growing... ok in-game tomorrow is the last day of soybeans harvest season... now I am worried, definitely worried that something might be wrong. I'm already thinking back that when did I do last savegame because only thing that could cause this issue would be too fast time acceleration, it happened with FS19 precision farming and seasons, soybeans simply froze into green growth stage, I don't run precision farming now (well doh!) but maybe something in PMC Grande Gardens 16km v1.1.14 causes it, maybe the number of fields, we got 160 now which is much more than previously, well I mean back in the day when I did those big half a terrain harvest megalomania sessions, then there was no issue time accelerating with my (right) SHIFT-R which does 6000 normal time speed.

Would suck if I cant do this speed, next notch down would be 5000 which is the official giants farm house sleep option speed. But guess in theory, if soybeans become harvest ready in-game tomorrow morning... then I would just barely have time weather conditions allowing to harvest all these fields. But imagine if I had more fields to harvest, yeah it would be impossible, I'm already thinking if we start from in-game 0800hrs or so after nightly moist crop dries up, do we have enough hours before night fall to finish the harvest.

This is actually both really exciting and scary at the same time. But anyways I do have SOME savegame way back so if all fails then I can load it up and only do some peasant 1000 speed or so time acceleration.

Alright moment of truth, time accelerating to in-game tomorrow morning, do we get harvest started or is this a bust? ... Smiley ;)

01/early-winter in-game 0844hrs, weather -1C/+1C and soybeans are still growing. I'm going to let game run and settle down all the under the hood code processing while I visit restroom, but I have to say... this ain't looking good... Smiley :o

2022-05-28T18:49:09Z Well just returned and no change on growth stage, soybeans are still green growing plants. Yep, sad to say but this one is a bust.

Just to see what happens I'm going to time accelerate until in-game tomorrow morning, at that time harvest season is over and soybeans should wither, or dunno did the witherning actually come a bit later hmm no I recall it happened day after harvest season ended.


Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Well there you have it, 02/mid-winter in-game 1038hrs, weather +1/0C and soybeans still growing while harvest season ended yesterday.

I'm going to exit and reload the last savegame, it doesn't matter how far back it is... there is no other option to accept it. In the future when planting seasons are done I need to remember to savegame just before starting a long time acceleration process.

2022-05-28T18:57:22Z FS19 restarted and savegame loaded. I am extremely relieved that I did do a savegame just before starting to time accelerate. Its now 02/mid-spring in-game 1637hrs, weather +19/+11C and raining.

Okay starting to time accelerate, lets see maybe 1000 or 5000 which ever speed is available there. OK 3000 speed seems like a good compromise, it would be quite annoying if that would also freeze because doing it in any lower speed is quite brutal.

Second day time accelerating fast forward sync dialog took several minutes to finish, that is kind of scary too. Maybe I've forgotten how long it took as I recall it being one or two minutes max, but this now took extremely long time, I actually ALT-TABbed to watch Farmhand mike youtube video while it was syncing, I spent quite long time watching the video before ALT-TABbing back and sync dialog was still up. Doesn't feel normal to me.

Hey who knows, maybe I goofed up something in the 2021 big re-design phase on the field definitions or something.

Third day of time accelerating, sync dialog was up a long time and before it went away I saw that green plants are now sprouting up. Was thinking that maybe I should give it some time waiting between time accelerations, I usually just give it like 30sec or so, basically if I write paragraph or two into this story, if that is not enough after that seasons sync dialog, then dunno what is.

I really don't think it matters but previously I tried to stop time accelerating when in-game time hits 0900hrs instead of when the dawn breaks, now with 3000 speed I'm stopping when dawn breaks basically when its daylight enough to do field work comfortably.

03/late-summer in-game 0615hrs, weather +18/+22c and now the white flowers appeared on green plants. Soybeans harvest season starts in-game "tomorrow".

01/early-autumn in-game 0653hrs, weather +14/+19C and soybeans are still at the same growth stage. Dunno man, but this really feels like... something is bugging heh, not sure if the first day of harvest season has ever been the day when crops are ready to harvest, but yeah ... if nothing happens in-game tomorrow then even 3000 speed is too fast for the engine.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Alright that did it, 3000 speed works. 02/mid-autumn in-game 0735hrs, weather +9C/+13C soybeans are ready to harvest! Lets get to work! Smiley :D


Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Drove the vehicles to F145 E side, this field looks so small I'm going with courseplay 2 tools. Recorded outline using pickup-truck and then generated field work course with claas lexion 8900 combine. Then saved game.

Drove combine to the field E edge, started field work course... and FS19 froze, ZZZZUP! Fuck.

Oh well here we go again with this bullshit, okay killing fs19 task, reloading savegame and now generating field work course so that starting point is on the long edge.

2022-05-28T19:40:03Z Started harvesting soybeans F145, courseplay ETA 12min, 2x tools

And of course the combines started the field work course after the first headland, I did take a look that it begins from waypoint 1 but guess it skipped ahead after it passed it or something. Fucking sucks and now it generates stupid field work with half a headland not done.

F145 harvest is kind of hilarious, looks like I can barely get a single grain cart out of it, heh waste of time to drive and record semi-truck grain hauling courseplay course for this field.

2022-05-28T20:10:09Z Finished harvesting soybeans F145

Yup, didn't even get a full grain cart out of this field.

2022-05-28T20:26:19Z Drove all vehicles to their positions, then generated harvester courseplay course... started it... and it fucking froze. Uuh.

I am telling ya man... my patience is running real thin right about now Smiley :(

Thinking about switching to play ArmA 3 pretty soon if these fucking freezes still continue.

Right now I generated 4 tool field work course starting at the longest edge, chose first combine and selected drive from first waypoint. So dunno guess its not the longest edge which works, maybe its just random fucking luck where if freezes. Sigh.

2022-05-28T20:30:32Z Started harvesting soybeans F89, courseplay ETA 52min, 4x tools

2022-05-28T21:35:49Z Finished harvesting soybeans F89

2022-05-28T21:37:43Z Started harvesting soybeans F143, courseplay ETA 47min, 4x tools

This fields shape and size was such that it would have been more like 2 combine work instead of 4, now it became a huge mess after one vehicle collision and then me having no idea which track the collided vehicle belongs to.

2022-05-28T22:44:33Z Finished harvesting soybeans F143

And with that, its my lunch time.

2022-05-28T23:09:05Z Feeding time is over, back to harvesting.

2022-05-28T23:10:50Z Started harvesting soybeans F142, courseplay ETA 42min, 4x tools

Just had a lunch and now got 5hrs 15min left on this day, assuming I would go to bed on my "bed time" aka been awake 17hrs. So until my mood takes a nose dive all of the sudden, this and the last field will get finished tonight, no problems.

This would be actually awesome result for today, tomorrow I could start to prepare PMC Grande Gardens 16km release, possibly even do the release and then move on to what I really want to do (again) is to edit and play ArmA 3.

2022-05-29T00:06:31Z Finished harvesting soybeans F142

2022-05-29T00:08:31Z Started harvesting soybeans F144, courseplay ETA 31min, 4x tools

2022-05-29T00:48:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F144

All fields that I seeded today just got harvested, unbelievable, didn't expect these to get finished tonight, just awesome! heh.

Now I'm satisfied for todays farming session and actually in v1.1.14 as well. After this I'm going to start preparations for the first official public release Smiley :)

Just dumped remaining soybeans from the auger wagon straight into selling point 3, budget now 210.4m.

Now I'm going to shut it down and chill rest of the night, possibly eyeball some of the release material for this terrain. I am very happy with this result but honestly I don't feel the drive/need to farm some more tomorrow or in the near future. So it is uncertain when I'll return to this savegame, time will tell.

2022-05-29T00:53:30Z Saved game and shut down FS19, time to chill Smiley :)

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