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2022-07-15 Soybeans Harvest Irregular Shape F141

2022-07-15T03:16:33Z New farming day has started, woke up after good 7hrs+ sleep, did the morning chores, ate days first meal, now about to fire up FS19. First I took backup of savegame1 dir just in case.

Today I'll continue harvesting that big stupidly shaped long field, yeah I was thinking about it this morning and will have to re-design that field because it has so many things going wrong with it, I'll make it different shape, add dirt road on W-NW side of it, add some trees perhaps between railroad and the dirt road maybe. Like the field is on v1.1.14 courseplay just makes a crazy mess of any harvester "lands" course.

This savegame now has 1091hrs 33min on it, the hours just keep stacking up, heh.

2022-07-15T03:20:34Z Start From Zero savegame loaded, lets start harvesting Smiley :)

02/mid-autumn in-game 1132hrs, weather +15C/+13C, forecast clear.

2022-07-15T03:24:30Z All harvesters are cutting, semi-truck grain trailer is running under autodrive, grain cart tractor is up, I'm harvesting...

2022-07-15T04:26:33Z And of course once lead harvester reached end of the course, remaining harvesters did "empty tour" aka victory loop, a very long way without cutting anything, just wasting perfectly good farming time Smiley :(

I don't know man, just wanted to get some nice relaxing Start From Zero farming game-play but all this just makes me frustrated and angry when courseplay acts up and wastes my time. I'm seriously considering again to switch playing Elite Dangerous, at least there I know exactly what I'm getting when exploring and mining, flying around in Fleet Carrier 30k light years away from sol aka the shit hole.

There is still one full pass left on F141 harvest, but dunno... I think I'll switch to elite after this is done...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

We are done here.

2022-07-15T04:54:42Z Finished harvesting soybeans F141.

2022-07-15T04:55:47Z Saved game, shut down FS19, cu.

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