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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-04-16 After Three Months Break 2021 And First Screenshot

2021-04-16T0949 Back at PMC Gaming after a break to this Start From Zero savegame Smiley :)

Brought in PMC Grande Gardens 16km v1.1.9 terrain upgrade. Just finished getting the savegame ported with that simple starting a new savegame and copying over all XML files. Looks like some of the train zoom out distance edits did not port over like this, but its fine I won't be doing much driving with trains anyways.

I am extremely burnt out for FS19 terrain editing, well actually burnt out for any computer stuff really including ArmA 3 editing etc, seems like no editing interests me. Only thing for which I find any motivation is playing FS19.

I wanted to work on some fields in this savegame to get a bit more progress to it, even though there is not enough good edits in yet which I promised on the above few months ago when I "parked" this savegame. I am not happy that I continued playing this savegame now, but if I'm so burnt out that I just waste my days by watching "cat videos from youtube", its better to play this savegame for sure.

Decided only to take a small bite out of the progress now, we have bunch of fields to do, not exactly half the terrain left but somewhat close. We got like whole SW section and also south central. I want to snip out fields in area coverage order so to speak, not to jump around in the terrain to find suitable fields.

Its kind of funny that when I return... my first set of fields are pretty massive monsters, F56 527.960 ha, F59 527.960 ha and F82 636.495 ha. That is huge amount of field work and gets pretty boring quick I know that from experience. But I rather do some productive savegame work while watching real life farming youtube videos instead of simply wasting time.

Since my last farming in this savegame I have moved into more realistic american farming equipment, no more four big bud 747s pulling biggest bourgault drills and I switched those unrealistic semi truck trailer end dump tipper/6 to realistic demco trailers. However now I'm faced dilemma should I finish this savegame using the existing equipment or switch to realistic stuff. Honestly... while it is cool to play with realistic stuff on small fields of PMC Iowa Garden City 8km... I think this savegame will be finished with these biggest and baddest equipment, it would just increase the playing time so much if we start to use smaller realistic equipment.

I'm probably going to bring in some equipment like john deere 4940 sprayer/spreader as its got that crazy 35 km/h speed which just shoots it through the field work. Also if I use landoll cultivator/plow I can skip my existing plow implement completely, saving time when switching implements.

But dunno, we'll see how this starts to run. Anyways.

Under those huge fields I mentioned there are smaller, quite small actually, F67, F68 and F69, however I think this time I wont rush it and just do these big fields now. Was thinking of putting soybeans for the biggest F82, canola to F59 and... corn to F56. That corn harvest will be just absolutely crazy if its anyway fertilized etc heh.

F82 is 33% fertilized. F59 needs lime but is 66% fertilized. F56 is 66% fertilized.

Dunno as I'm bored burnt out... maybe I'll just field work all these fields properly to max fertilization and lime that F59. I mean too much grind is not fun, but beats wasting time watching cat videos, right?

Started moving rubicons towards F59 and configured courseplay, it then froze whole game, nice start dude.

1043 Started fertilizing F59, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools

Well here we go first field work over one hour Smiley :)

Was surprised how nicely courseplay worked on this field work, vehicles respected convoy settings and everything was running smooth on the headland. Good to see four rubicons spraying, big operation. I was watching youtube real life farming video queue, luckily had three videos to watch.

After these videos have been watched... there is still a lot of fertilizing to do so we'll see how quickly I get bored here. But as I already stated, I can be bored by editing computer or here actually getting some progress done to this savegame. Kind of sad to play when I'm not 100% enthusiastic about it, but what can you do.

1135 Lead vehicle dry, okay fertilizer refill time
1211 Finished fertilizing F59

1212 Time for a break, need to cook a meal and eat...
1304 Lunch break over, lets get back to field work...

On lunch break I drove case puma 240 cvx tractors with bredal k165 spreaders filled with lime into F59.

1309 Started lime spreading F59, courseplay ETA 7h 34min, 2x tools

Oh wow what was I thinking... SEVEN HOURS field work duration!? Smiley :o

I'm going to add john deere 4940 sprayer/spreader mod and run lime using it, four of those with larger tank size, wider working width and higher working speed... yeah that sounds good to me. Also going to add real dirt color, silo displays, landoll 7450VT and updated additional field info mods.

1321 Savegame and FS19 shutdown for new mods...
1324 Back up, mods loaded, now going to buy some vehicles

Purchased two john deere 4940 sprayer/spreader for umm some thousands and two dry boxes. Drove them to F72 where lime buy point was and filled dry boxes up, then drove them to F59 NE ready to start spreading some lime. Generated new headland field work course.

1347 Restarted spreading lime with 4940s now, duration 3h 24min
1513 Was watching youtube/twitch and then started bredal k165 spreader with GPS driving from the end of courseplay course, because, why not

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1700 Sold two case pumas and bredal k165 as I have no used for them due JD 4940 being so great spreader
1715 Finished lime spreading F59

We have a new king on lime spreading equipment: John Deere 4940 with L3030G4 drybox holding 19,200 liters of lime/fertilizer. Working speed 35 km/h and width 24m.

Then it was time to call it a night even though I wasn't tired yet but it was getting late, cant get up at decent time tomorrow to see planned twitch live stream if I stay up much longer. Got some good work done for F59 today, kind of nice farming day.

1717 Shut down FS19, more farming tomorrow for sure...

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